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Happy Friday: Goal Setting

August 22, 2008

I’m starting a new category on this site called Happy Friday. As I wrote here, Friday is typically the day when IBOs meet at a local hotel for their weekly group presentation and training session. Happy Friday asks IBOs to look at the status of their business over the past week.

Today’s topic is an expansion on what I wrote in an earlier post that the true indicator on the health of your business is the bottom line. Almost all Amway Motivational Organizations (AMO) talk about setting goals in the business. For instance, I remember having the following goals when I was an IBO:

  • Hand out 5 tapes this week
  • Get 3 people signed up by the next Major Function
  • Be in Platinum certification by the end of the year
  • Go Diamond in 3 years

Aside from the first one, I didn’t achieve any of other goals during my two and a half years in the business! Call me a failure in the business and I won’t argue with you. Call me a quitter, and I’ll say, “Darn right, I quit!” Since leaving, I’ve set other goals for myself and I’m happy to say that I’m achieving them one by one.

Goal setting is very critical to your business. You can hope and dream for the day when you’ll go Diamond, but until that day comes, it’s just that… a hope and a dream. Setting daily, weekly, monthly, and annual goals is key if you want to move on in your Amway Global business, your job and your relationships.

INA Diamond Dave Vanni once told me that he wrote on an index card the list of things that he needed to accomplish that day. If he didn’t complete all of his tasks, he wrote them on the next day’s index card. He went Diamond, and as far as I know, he’s still qualifying for bonuses in Amway. I suspect that he’s still writing and reviewing his tasks on a daily basis. You know why?

Cause, it’s a good thing to do!

There are many ways to keep track of your tasks and goals. You can get a stack of index cards like Vanni, input them onto your computer or even enter them on your cellphone. There are also free online web sites like Remember the Milk or Ta Da List that can remind you via SMS or email.

To IBOs in the business today, how are you tracking your progress and goals? Are you vigilant in completing your goals or do you find yourself rolling them over to the next day, month, or year? If you’ve been in the business for several years or are just getting started, are you any closer today to your goals than yesterday? At the end of the day, your ultimate goal in the business is to make sure enough PV/BV flow through your network to help you qualify for the pin level you desire. If that’s not happening, you’ve either got to set some new goals or think about doing something else with your time. Don’t waste it dilly-dallying with the business.

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  1. Mike permalink
    August 23, 2008 1:41 am

    Great advice.

    The other aspect of goal setting is to make the daily goals something that can be done..not something that you are planning to doing, but something that you will be doing.

    If your daily goals can not be meet, how can your long term goals be acheived?

    Of those long term goals, break them down to shorter term goals which will lead to completing the long term goal.

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