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Amway Global Transformation Phase Two

September 1, 2008

Amway Global takes top position over Quixtar

Today, phase two of a three step marketing rollout occurs, moving the Amway Global name in lead position over Quixtar. In May, 2009, the Quixtar name will disappear altogether, and the Amway Global name will take center stage.

I was present for the transition from Amway to Quixtar back on September 1, 1999. In INA, there was much discussion and communication over the name change. Everyone was excited for 9/1/99 thinking it would be the starting point for massive growth in our businesses. “The time has come for Amway to go from a $7 billion dollar business to a $100 billion dollar business!” a Diamond said on stage. We were taught that we were no longer in Amway, but in Quixtar, a ground-floor opportunity. They told us that Quixtar was a sister-company to Amway, and that it leveraged Amway’s distribution and manufacturing facilities with a brand-new business tailored for the Internet-age. As we all discovered over the past nine years, the business didn’t really change with the name switch. At the end of the day, it was still Amway with a different name.

Amway Global

When I joined, I had zero pre-conceived notions about Amway. Over the next two years, however, I learned quickly that the Amway name was like Lord Voldemort, or “he whose name should not be mentioned” to prospects. Still, I was always annoyed that we were taught not to mention the Amway name until the very end. After all, why should we hide behind the company that’s paying us the bonus checks? The whole, “No, we’re in INA, and Amway is one of the companies we work with,” response line reeked of obfuscation and spin and contributed to my eventual departure from the ranks of the IBOs.

Now, the parent company of Quixtar and Amway, Alticor (incidentally, another name created around the Quixtar launch timeframe) is dropping the Quixtar name and going back to Amway. Numerous web sites have pointed out that several Quixtar kingpins did not like idea of the name change and quit (if you believe them). Why is that? Is it because for years they told their IBOs that they weren’t in Amway anymore? Didn’t their IBOs know that outside of North America, the business was still called Amway?

I wonder how effective the current Amway Global/Quixtar marketing campaign has been. I’ve seen the ads on TV and read them in magazines. After September 1, Amway Global probably has a another round of Hello My Name Is ads queued up. IBOs, don’t get too use to the new logo, cause in a few months, you’ll be doing this all over again.

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