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Happy Friday: Telephone Game

September 12, 2008

Has the week gone by that quickly? It’s time for Happy Friday again. As you get ready to suit up and attend your weekly team meeting, think about the following question:

How are messages from the corporation communicated to you?

If you answered from my upline. Ask yourself this next question.

How did you upline hear about the news?

Your upline’s upline? Next question.

How did your upline’s upline hear about the news?

Your upline’s upline’s upline Diamond?

And so we go on. Does this sound familiar to you? It’s the standard way many corporate companies handle communication! From the CEO down to the vice presidents down to the managers and finally to the rank-and-file employees. And to think some IBOs and kingpins like to poo-poo working in a company.

That said, Amway Global is starting to communicate to all IBOs at the same time, either though email messages or on their web sites. I think this is a great way to flatten the organization structure and to reduce the adverse effects of the telephone game. For far too long, I felt that the upline kingpins wielded too much power in the information flow to the IBOs. It’s good to see Amway Global taking more ownership in communicating with its contracted sales force.

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