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Orrin really wants you to be Republican and Christian

November 19, 2008

The Supreme TEAM Leader, Orrin Woodward, has a new post on his site praising his buddy Bob McEwen, a former Republican Congressman from Ohio. McEwen was speaking at a recent MonaVie Team meeting in Louisville, Kentucky and has posted a few videos from the event. In the video, he explains that politics is as easy as PIE. Politics = Integrity + Economics.

I just watched the entire three-part series, and first I had the following response, “WTF?!?” Ah, but the Supreme TEAM Leaders tells me that I can’t learn if I’m offended:

It is very important in any discussion to be able to listen and reason with various opinions without immediately getting offended. It is hard to learn when the first response is offense.

Okay, let’s take a look at this talk a little more analytically. Here are some questions after watching the third video:

  1. Why is a former politician speaking at a meeting to sell MonaVie?
  2. How much did McEwen get paid to speak at this event?
  3. Why is so much of the talk spent bashing the Democrats and praising the Republicans? Was it being used to influence people’s vote before the election?

McEwen talks a bit about how one shouldn’t vote for politicians who lacked integrity. Perhaps he should know. According to his Wikipedia entry, McEwen was embroiled in a House Banking Scandal a decade ago:

McEwen was caught up in the House banking scandal, which had been seized upon by Newt Gingrich, a like-minded conservative House Republican, as an example of the corruption of Congress; members of the House had been allowed to write checks on their accounts, which were paid despite insufficient funds and without penalty. Martin Gottlieb of the Dayton Daily News said “McEwen was collateral damage” to Gingrich’s crusade. McEwen initially denied bouncing any checks. Later, he admitted he had bounced a few. Then when the full totals were released by Ethics Committee investigators, the number was revealed to have been 166 over thirty-nine months.Beware your sins will find you out. McEwen said that he always had funds available to cover the alleged overdrafts, pointing to the policy of the House sergeant at arms, who ran the House bank, paying checks on an overdrawn account if it would not exceed the sum of the Representative’s next paycheck. In 1991, McEwen had also been criticized for his use of the franking privilege and his frequent trips overseas at taxpayer expense, but McEwen defended the trips as part of his work on the Intelligence Committee and in building relationships with legislatures overseas.

Good job, McEwen, on the lack of integrity jabs! It takes one to know one, I guess! In addition, McEwen on several occasions injects some religious quote to help justify his arguments:

Beware your sins will find you out.

Again, what does this have to do with selling juice? Why was he using the meeting as a platform to sway people’s votes over to McCain instead of Obama? Why is he speaking about politics at this meeting in the first place?

This is exactly the kind of nonsense that I had to put up with during my time in the Amway/Quixtar business ten years ago. I don’t care if you’re Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, Green, whatever, this kind of stuff, along with the religious sermonizing, just doesn’t belong in and is irrelevant to the teaching and building of the business. Amway Global has instituted an accreditation program, which supposedly removes such politicking and prosleytizing from stage. It’s obvious that MonaVie nor Team has such restrictions.

Like I jokingly wrote wrote several months ago, “if you don’t love Jesus and vote Republican, Orrin will personally make sure you never succeed in this business.” Somehow I don’t think the Supreme TEAM Leader is physically able to separate his religion beliefs from his political beliefs from his business relationships.

Finally, let me reiterate again that religion and politics have no place on stage at these meetings.

Note: I posted a comment on Woodward’s original blog post about the place of religion and politics on stage. I wonder if he will approve the comment, let alone reply to it.

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  1. November 19, 2008 7:09 pm

    I wonder if Bob will be invited back to an Amway stage.

  2. November 20, 2008 5:02 am

    I don’t see any problem with Orrin wanting to appeal to Christian Republicans, that’s his right to operate his private business as he wants.

    Only Amway has rules against this sort of practice, as far as I know.

  3. November 20, 2008 9:27 am

    Tex – I’m going to post your comments, because they actually are substantive to the post.

    What if you’re in MonaVie but aren’t a Christian nor Republican? You have to sit through that presentation at a meeting or function where you’ve paid top dollar to attend. I’d imagine that you wouldn’t think you’re getting your money’s worth.

    Last time I checked, a MonaVie Team function isn’t being advertised as a Promise Keepers rally nor a Republican Party rally, so should attendees be subjected to that?

  4. Porkchopjim permalink
    November 20, 2008 10:24 am

    As with all the other ‘valuable training’ that IBOs get – it has very little to do with actually helping IBOs build their businesses and more to do with the leaders maintaining theirs.

    Having ‘guest speakers’ is only to lend the air of credibility to what is going on. Why would a former politician stand before us on behalf of our beloved leader if this wasn’t legit?

  5. Joecool permalink
    November 20, 2008 10:50 am

    It’s a subtle or perhaps not so subtle way for Orrin to push his own agenda. Speakers also did this at Amway functions.

    Vote republican because when you go diamond, the GOP philosophy will benefit you. Never mind if the vast majority will never reach diamond to reap those benefits. That’s ok, these folks didn’t work hard enough or didn’t follow instructions right?

    If the function is promoted as a business function, designed to teach you to succeed in business, sidetracking it with poltical rhetoric is just wrong.

    Being that poor old tex is always misguided, of course he doesn’t see anything wrong with this. This type of function is one of the “tools” that he swears it works. Just look at tex’s enormous quixtar business!

  6. Gina permalink
    November 20, 2008 10:52 am

    The is no room in business for politics and religion…unless of course that IS your business. It leaves an opportunity for a nice lawsuit from someone who has different views and takes offense and aside from the legal threat it really is inconsiderate. They are always harking how they have your best intentions at heart, but clearly that is not the case. But of course, no one in the “TEAM” group will question their almighty leader.

  7. Joecool permalink
    November 20, 2008 10:52 am

    One more comment for tex. Orrin can run his private business how he wants.

    Yes, but aren’t the the attendees independent private business owners in their own right attending what was pormoted as a seminar vital to the success of their business?

    I’m pretty sure they didn’t pay to attend a political function.

  8. Dennis permalink
    November 21, 2008 9:04 am

    Whoever is running this post should get their facts straight if you are going to attack someone. First Orrin is no longer in the Amway/quixtar business he has not been for almost a year. Team is a seperate private company that Orrin founded and if he wants to talk about religion and politics that is his business and you have the right to criticize him. The last thing is the tickets clearly state you can get a refund, and you can get up and leave if you disagreed the doors are not locked

  9. November 21, 2008 9:40 am

    Dennis – I, as well as long-time readers of this blog, are well aware of what MLM business Orrin is now a part of. He was, however, a part of Amway/Quixtar for many years, which — apparently like MonaVie does today — turned a blind eye as to what was said on stage. As I have pointed out, Amway Global has instituted an accreditation program which is supposed to restrict such discussion from stage. There must be a reason why they have done this, and I suspect MonaVie will realize it too sooner or later.

  10. November 22, 2008 10:37 am

    Orrin is absolutely nothing more than what he left in Amway.

    He just wants to keep financially raping people and closing out dissenting opinions unabated.

    Orrin Woodward is NOBODY to be preaching about keeping an open mind, by the way. He’s simply a hypocrite.

    If he valued 2 way communication, he wouldn’t censor comments.

    He’s not a leader. He’s a controller.

  11. omaha joe permalink
    December 22, 2008 11:53 am

    I was in amway/Quixtar years ago and polictics/religion is what makes any real bussiness become successful. so why would you reject what could be your deciding edge. Never heard of orrin but seems he knows what makes a bussiness succeed. joe in omaha.

  12. Gordon Freeman permalink
    May 5, 2012 1:22 am

    Omaha Joe: if the Amway/Quixtar model of blending religion and politics with business is so successful, why are you (like the crushing majority of people who have joined Amway/Quixtar over the years) no longer with them?

  13. MustHaveBeenTerribleMother permalink
    August 16, 2012 5:27 am

    In the initial posting, I read what someone in the biz preached: “Beware your sins will find you out ”

    The first thing I yelled out to my poor, beleaguered computer was: what the hell does this statement have to do with selling ANYTHING!!?….

    and then, happily, I read the next commentary that states:

    “Again, what does this have to do with selling juice?”

    I realize now, it doesn’t matter which of the businesses the top “dons” started–the message is the same, eh?

    But I’m a little confused (not really, just being silly here), because if the biggie wiggies actually anthropomorphized sins by saying that “they”, the sins, are sitting there, waiting for you to create them (which is how it reads on the surface like George Orwell’s Doublespeak), I’m going to have to go buy a comic book and try to get one of those 1950’s decoder rings to use as my LIFE-gripped son’s brain-wash antidote.

  14. MustHaveBeenTerribleMother permalink
    August 16, 2012 9:29 am

    @webelieved: oh, yeah, I hear ya, as they say. It’s already been hurled at me (paraphrased and with an infusion of ol’ goodtime religion): “THIS IS HELPING ME TO SAVE MY MARRIAGE!!! HOW CAN YOU BE AGAINST IT!!!?”

    Oiy, now I”m sorry I had him in Catholic grade school….but I figured he’d eventually make up his own mind if he wanted to always have to fight his inner self over guilt, sins, purgatory, hellfire and brimstone, limbo, the saints, the bastardization of the Bible, the human-made algorithymic changes of the Vatican such as what happened during the Council of Nicea, etc., the utterly horrible legacy of someone like Mother Theresa and her abject neglect of thousands as convents got built and she took money from cruel dictators, and the overt hypocrisy found in religious dogmas, etc. AND THEN be able to weigh it against the good things many good people of different faiths might have done and still do with their religion, etc, and choose what to believe/how to live by… for himself..

    Well, my answer to him was: “how can you possibly want to get into something that takes the bread out of peoples’ mouths that may be sorely needed for their family”? And I’m just a lowly Catholic-Turned-Atheist who’d never do that “unto others.”!! ( Heck, I’ve even had an old highschool friend hurl this at me, when she finally realized I was Atheist: “How can you possibly love your grandchildren!!” It’s ugly out here with hypocrisy, and now there’s TEAM/LIFE right in the fray, too.

    Biblical tenets are now being bastardized once again by LIFE……

    If he’d think about it: maybe I am wanting to save him from potential divorce, enormous support payments, severe depression, and homelessness, and those he might become the Poohbah of (but I doubt he’ll get that far–no money).

    But it’s just not possible right now to even speak kindly or rationally….he’s into it harder than I could ever describe, just like he’s been into the worst conspiracy theories. To him, these people are the knights and saints of the 21st Century.

    Now, finally, someone seems to care about him—it’s like a sex high in a Nevada whorehouse.

    What about us? There hasn’t been a day in my life go by that I haven’t worried about his well-being. But suddenly, I’m a common cow pie in a local pasture. A mediocre cow pie at that.


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