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Masks and Identities

December 9, 2008

A couple of weeks ago, I submitted a comment on Orrin Woodward’s website about his post on Bob McEwen. My comment was never approved, and I think I know why, judging from a recent post, The Soul of Network Marketing:

If you won’t post under your real identity then why should I post your opinions?

What is real and what is fake when it comes to identity? We all wear various masks in our lives. How we interact with our co-workers is often very different from how we interact with our loved ones and friends. Even within these individual spheres of work, family, and friends, we often put on a different persona depending on who we are speaking with. For instance, you wouldn’t talk to your children like you would talk to your spouse. Nor would you speak to a subordinate in the same manner that you speak to your superior.

What’s more important than the mask you wear outwardly is the content of what you say. If you are not being deceptive nor lying, does it matter if you post behind a pseudonym? There was a common saying when I was in the Amway business (from where Orrin came from), “If your dream is big enough, the facts don’t matter!” I’m sorry to say but this quote really is a bunch of BS and should be rewritten as, “If your dream is big enough, the facts are really important!”

I have my reasons for not posting under my legal name, and unless Orrin’s comment policy has changed recently, there’s no requirement for entering a legal name.

If you would like to post contact information on your comment, please enter your information into the optional fields below:


So, if Orrin feels strongly about this, I suggest modifying his comments policy to reflect what he wants. Orrin has in the past posted comments from people using handles, such as IBOFightBack, so there is precedence.

What Orrin is doing on his site is exactly that which is claims to be against in his post: a totalitarian! This is entirely his right, since it’s his website, after all. Compare, however, his exhortations on individual choice, freedom and free enterprise with the comments on his site. Why is there little or no dissent there? Are such opinions being moderated and suppressed or does everyone just plain agree with him?

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  1. December 9, 2008 2:40 pm


    I posted a comment from Orrin on my blog if you recall. I believe he did use the anonymous check box but did identify who he was. Everyone knows who Steadson is.

    What is more fake, using an obvious handle like ‘Amthrax’ or ‘quixtarisacult’ or ‘Tex’ or using what appears to be a real name like John Ames, Jim Davis, or any other legitimate sounding real name, but is merely faked?

    Orrin is selling hope no matter where he goes. Selling hope where there is very little (if any) in MonaVie is no different than it is in Amway. It still amounts to Intent to Defraud and/or Conspiracy to Defraud.

  2. mike permalink
    December 9, 2008 3:58 pm

    As far as screennames go, I perfer to at least have one that idenifies a person as to their gender, and one that is at least easy to type unlike ones like Quixtarisacult or Ibofightsback which are rather long and the letter QIAC or IBOFB is a pain to type as well.

    Antrax is not too bad, but anyhoo.

    Orrin is using this as well as other IBO’s use whatever means they can use to avoid answering questions.

  3. December 9, 2008 4:32 pm


    I touch type, so the name is no problem for me. I notice a trend with MonaVie where distributors are trying to sell it on its supposed health benefits which are totally unproven bunk. (Snake oil sold in a pretty wine bottle.) What really sets it apart from all the other Accai berry drinks out there? Might a person buy a similar juice at Sam’s Club for well under half the price MonaVie demands? Doesn’t Amway also offer a similar overpriced sucker product?

    So many health claims have been debunked recently. Think about the billions of dollars people have spent taking vitamin E, and now studies have shown it to be ineffective at preventing many of the things it once was credited for–like preventing prostate cancer?

    Placebo has been shown to have beneficial health effects as well. Hmmmmm? I guess if you believe in the hokey product it might have some effect. I would surmise that people are sold more on the scam than on the product. I’ve seen people claim that it has cured diabetes and any number of other life threatening paralysis.

    The snake oil huckster is still alive in the modern world. MonaVie is a scam and Orrin Woodward is fleecing his current bunch of believers in the same fashion that he did when he was kingpining for Amway.

  4. December 10, 2008 4:34 pm

    I see that Orrin allows anonymous comments if they agree or pseudo worship him.

    Class act, that Woodward.

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