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Orrin Woodward: Economist, Historian, Politician, Theologian

January 5, 2009

I’m getting a kick out of reading the Supreme TEAM Leader’s latest posts on politics, history, and religion. I’m having difficulty identifying what exactly Woodward is these days. Is he an economist teaching people on the finer points of his world economic view or is he a historian and politician, enlightening all with his conservative and vote Republican values? Maybe he’s a theologian, teaching us all the evils of Darwinism and the true meaning of life through Intelligent Design? Or, is he just someone teaching people how to make money selling juice?

He could be all these things and more. This mixing of business, religion and politics has been going on for a long, long time in the Amway/Quixtar business. Even supporters like IBOFB have taken certain Systems and their leaders to task for continuing to raise these topics from stage, a clear violation of the Amway Global Accreditation Guidelines. On IBOFB’s AmwayTalk forum, there’s a spirited debate amongst supporters on whether or not these topics belong in the business. When you have IBOs viciously debating and attacking each other, that’s a sign that something might be wrong in the way the Systems operate.

Can’t we all just get along?

Back to Woodward. By proselytizing from stage and bringing in speakers who share publicly very specific viewpoints on politics, finance, and religion, Woodward is actually doing himself a disservice. He’s excluding people who share different beliefs from participating in his business venture. Sure, there will be some who say, “Well, I disagree with him on the politics and religion thing, but I’m in it to make money, and he’s teaching me the way to do it, MonaVie-style!” Give those people a few years and see what they think after attending dozens of seminars, reading books, and listening to CDs tainted by Woodward’s world view.

For those that agree with Woodward on these substantive issues, they see him as a godly man, the veritable Supreme TEAM Leader who can do no wrong! This devotion quickly leads to idolatry, which ultimately does not lead to a good place. Watch what happens, however, when the money runs out to pay for his TEAM membership, book of the month, seminars, tools and CDs. “Sorry, you’re on your own!” will be the refrain they’ll hear from Woodward, “I’ve taught you all that you should know. If you can’t do it by now, it’s your own d*mn fault!” My question is can someone be close friends with Woodward without being in the MonaVie business or TEAM organization?

The solution, in my opinion, is to separate politics and religion from the business and focus solely on teaching people how to be better salespeople. After all, isn’t that what most people who got into Amway/Quixtar/MonaVie wanted to do, to make money? They didn’t sign up to go to the Church of Woodward or the Church of Amway/Quixtar/MonaVie, right?

Frankly, I’m more interested in seeing him teach his downline and followers how to sell $40 bottles of juice. All his politicking, religious sermonizing and history lessons aren’t going to mean a thing if they can’t make a profit each month selling MonaVie.

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  1. January 6, 2009 9:33 pm

    Orrin Woodward, true messiah to the MLM faithful, patriot saint to all the deluded and lost. From his tabernacle flows the purple elixir. The gold of the true believer is sacrificed at his behest!

  2. January 8, 2009 8:43 am

    He’s just sharing his opinions that he feels strongly about, just like you. I want to share my opinions on the hospitality industry because I was in it for 20yrs and I love, know a little about it, and am facinated by it. Isn’t that the same with you and him? And the great thing about blogging is that you appoint yourself the expert- just like you, him and me. And people can opt out when they think you, him or I can’t offer any real value to their lives. Simple.

  3. January 9, 2009 2:08 pm


    Most people opt out when they reenter reality.

  4. jane emanuel permalink
    March 20, 2012 3:44 am

    The biggest issue I have is that women are excluded from key leadership trainings. This is sexism at its best. In any other business, there would be a lawsuit over this issue. I thought we didn’t have to fight for equality any longer. This is totally an unfair business practice from the dark ages.

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