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What’s New? Not Much Apparently.

January 22, 2009

What’s new in the world of Amway/Quixtar and MonaVie? Not much apparently. I haven’t seen many updates lately on distributor websites and forums. On the same token, there haven’t been too many updates on the critics side either.

One thing that I wonder about IBOs is if they truly are happy building their respective businesses. Is the business simply a means to an end? Is the goal to build a successful Amway or MonaVie business or is the goal to achieve the lifestyle that supposedly comes from building such a business? I’d like to think for most people, it’s the latter. This then begs the question of how many IBOs are really on track to realizing those goals and how many are simply spinning their wheels?

Though there hasn’t been much activity on both ends of the debate, here are some quick thoughts on things that have been happening:

Joecool has a good post on the cost of being CORE. By his calculations, being an IBO affiliated with a System could cost one $670/month. For me, my monthly expenses were a just tad bit lower. I can see how a couple building the business could spend even more each month.

Orrin Woodward is hiding in his hole now that Barack Obama is our new President. Somehow I think that if McCain had won the Presidency, we would not have seen the same amount of people showing up at our nation’s capitol to witness Obama’s inauguration.

IBO Bill on his website should have returned from his System’s Winter Conference. I’m curious to read what his thoughts are from the experience. He doesn’t seem to be taking his upline’s word as gospel and is asking the right questions as he builds his business.

Reissman has a good post on Webraw Quixtar forum about what it means to “make the decision” or “flip the switch” within the context of the System.

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