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Beans, Beans, Beans

February 5, 2009

There’s a new thread on AmwayTalk from a brand-new IBO called Beans:

I’m a new IBO. I just joined about three weeks ago, and every time I get with my upline and everything I get totally pumped about the business, but then I come home and google it and read all the negative stuff all over and it’s a real downer. I get to wondering if I made the right decision. I see how I can make money, but then I wonder if by I’m causing other people to lose money by bringing them into the business. It’s just difficult. I have noticed though that most negative blogs and things aren’t very recent, so that helps a bit. I’m not totally sure where I’m going with this but basically I’m just looking for some encouragement as I start out. Also, could I get some slight clarification on the whole “Diamonds make most of their money on selling books and tapes” :confused: ordeal because that seems to be one of the most popular arguments. Thank you very much. 🙂

Who should Beans listen to? Critics or supporters? I found myself in this exact same situation the day after I signed up. I went onto the Internet and found a few sites critical of the Amway business. Distraught over this information, I spoke with my uplines, and they convinced me not to believe everything that I read about the corporation on the Internet. And so I stuck it out, rarely going back to anti-Amway web sites until after I had quit.

This was a clearly a mistake on my part. Looking back, I should have listened to what I was reading and left the business immediately. It would have saved me two and a half productive years of my life.

When people quit the business, there’s a period of time where they want to have absolutely, positively, nothing to do with the business. They don’t want to hear about the name Amway/Quixtar, they don’t want to see any product (i.e. they throw everything away) and they more certainly don’t want to listen to any tape or CD (which they also throw away). This is why many critics seem to be from 5-10 years ago. It takes time for many critics to recover and be able to speak about their experiences.

Speaking for North American IBOs, there’s a reason why critics exists, and it’s to provide a cautionary tale for those who find themselves being prospected for or in the Amway/Quixtar business. My advice to Beans is to read up all you can about the positive and negative about the business and make your own decision. Start with the goal in mind and determine if Amway… or some other business opportunity… will help you achieve your goal.

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  1. Joecool permalink
    February 5, 2009 12:10 pm

    An IBO can believe whoever he/she wants. But keep this in mind. Upline makes money from their downline IBOs. Critics do not. Only the critics have any credible evidence in this particular case. Seems to me that all former diamonds and big pins said quite clearly that they made most of their money, up to 90% of their income from tools (tapes/books/seminars) and also the voicemail system. Even a diamond who did not come forward had a former employee expose the scam in her book
    (Amway Motivational Organizations – Behind the Smoke and Mirrors – By Ruth Carter) This particular diamond made about 70% of their income from tools.

    We also know that diamonds at one time, completely lied to their downline and sworethat NPBODY made money on tools. Now that the lie was exposed, they admit some money is made but they do not disclose any information.

    To this day, not a single currently qualified diamond has come forward with transparency to disclose their tools income. If you ask someone upline, they will show you a copy of a check perhaps, or tell you it’s not your business.

    You know, a couple of diamonds opening their books would silence the critics but not one of them has, and they won’t.

    So it’s a matter of who you believe. BTW, a final point, some critics arguments may be dated, but what has changed about Amway and their “plan” in the last 12 years? Not much except for the name change and online ordering.

  2. mike permalink
    February 5, 2009 3:14 pm

    Regardless of tools or no tools, or if someone is making more from tool than Amway, that is not the main issue

    The main issue that a person needs to ask themselves, is what are they doing with the business, are they selling soap or tools..

  3. MichMan permalink
    February 5, 2009 3:41 pm

    *** We also know that diamonds at one time, completely lied to their downline and swore that NOBODY made money on tools. ***

    I’m sure that what they meant to say was that the TOOL COMPANY made no money…. in other words, the Diamonds took all of the money out at the end of the year and the company itself did not show a profit.

    That way, it was only a white lie… a diversionary tactic.

    The tool company did not make money, only the diamonds did.

  4. Joecool permalink
    February 6, 2009 11:11 am

    Michman, they lied. At least to me they lied. I was told that “NOBODY” made a profit from tools. The line was that the profit was channeled back to future functions to make them cheaper. Strange, from my observation, functions only got more expensive over the years.

    We were even told at one time, that WWDB was a non profit company, which was another lie.

    Of course then, many – a – WWDB – diamond said they paid for everything in cash, including their mansions. We know that story turned out. LOL

    But you are right, they spin and tell half truths to entice people to join. That has not changed over the years.

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