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Happy Friday: The Time Has Come

March 20, 2009

The Quixtar name is less than two months away from going away. The final step of the three-phase transition from Quixtar to Amway Global is almost complete. Tonight, many IBOs are getting ready for their weekly team meetings. How are they communicating what business they are in? How many are still clinging to the Quixtar name? How many are representing themselves as Amway Global IBOs? How do they respond to questions from prospects about the different names?

Ten years ago, a similar transition occurred. There was excitement in IBO circles when the name Quixtar was announced. 9/1/99 was going to change everything! The corporation had licensed the song, “The Time Has Come” from the Chambers Brothers as part of the marketing rollout of Quixtar. Even my System, INA, got into the act by hiring the band to sing at one of its Major Functions. To this day, whenever I hear “The Time Has Come” I think back on my time as an Amway and Quixtar IBO. INA taught us being in Quixtar meant we were no longer in Amway. Diamonds on stage were saying how glad they were of the name change; Amway had so much baggage and Quixtar was like a breath of fresh air. It didn’t matter that Quixtar sold exactly the same products as Amway and the same compensation plan as Amway. “Amway? That door-to-door business? This is Quixtar! This is e-commerce!”

Ah, the youthful naivete of the early Internet days! At the end of the day and ten years later, the name change meant nothing. Quixtar was just Amway with a different name. Come May, 2009, the time will have come for the Quixtar name to go away, replaced by Amway Global. And one day, will the “Global” disappear in favor of simply Amway?

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  1. March 21, 2009 3:57 pm

    It is interesting to learn that Amway Global would be in throwing out Quixtar. We in India are not aware of it. One has to wait and see what they would do in India. It is Amway India Enterprises in Inida. Whatever be the name the crooks or crooks and their fraudulent activities never come to end.

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