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Orrin Woodward’s Priceless New Book and Tweets

April 9, 2009

This just in today from the Supreme TEAM Leader’s Twitter stream:

Have you read Chris Brady and my new book?

Following the link above brings one to a Team shopping page for their new book, Leadership: Tidbits And Treasures. The book is described as offering a priceless education for $17.951. Without even reading it, I bet all the book is simply a collection of quotes from famous people over the years. After all, isn’t that what Orrin does best? Taking other people’s quotes and articles and using them to server his purpose? One thing about Orrin is certain; he is a master of copy and paste.

TEAM members no doubt don’t care what I write; they’ll happily purchase Leadership: Tidbits And Treasures for $17.95. I’m not sure how many TEAM members are left after the great split, but figure 10,000 would bring in $180,000 to Orrin’s coffers. This time, I don’t see any talk about donating the profits of this book to his charity, All Grace Outreach.

It’s pretty clear what I’m getting at. Orrin is milking his flock of all of their money, and the sad thing is, they enjoy having him do it. For all his attacks on the economy and our now “socialist government”, Orrin is acting like quite the totalitariat by not allowing much in the way of dissenting comments on his site.

Bad advice is free & available, good advice is rare & priceless. Pursue the priceless, not the free, for you pay once rather than for life.

Visit his website, and you’ll get plenty of free advice from the Supreme TEAM Leader. Want the good, priceless stuff? Well then, you’ve got to pay up each month for his wisdom: books, CDs, and meetings!

1 Why not save the environment and make an e-book out of Leadership: Tidbits And Treasures and pass the savings onto your customers. What, concerned about piracy? Don’t you trust your TEAM followers not to electronically distribute your PDF book? Where’s the TEAM Economic Stimulus Plan?

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  1. John permalink
    April 14, 2009 12:13 pm

    Add Team’s lawyer to the mix of rats jumping off the sinking ship. He put a “disclaimer” in his ebook where he said he was no longer working for the benevolent Woodward (page 41, Ha! I can hear it now..”Run, Run for your lives!” Does anyone know why he left? I wonder if it’s related to Haugen leaving.

  2. April 14, 2009 12:43 pm

    Judging from his website, he’s started his own practice and a web 2.0-ish startup for lawyers. Don’t know if you could categorize that as jumping off the sinking ship or just exploring different opportunities.


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