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August 14, 2009

Tonight from 8:00 pm to midnight, TEAM is holding its Each One Reach One meeting at the Austin Ridge Bible Church in Austin, Texas. Sometimes I wonder if the term EORO should be EOROTORO, or Each One Reach One To Replace One. In addition, there are several Men’s and Women’s Leaderships occurring in Wisconsin. The entrance fee for the EORO meeting is $10, and it’s undetermined how much it costs to attend the Leadership.

TEAM has been having quite a number of additional seminars and conferences this month. There was the Go Diamond event the first week of August, the monthly seminars the next week, and the EORO/Men’s/Women’s Leadership this week, not to mention the regular weekly Opens happening across the country every week. Finally, there’s this Power Player 2009 meeting on August 23! I really hope there isn’t someone attending all of these meetings just to be recognized as some hardcore and dedicated TEAM member; you’ll be losing out on a lot of money just from all of the travel-related costs!

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  1. Major Dave Stoner permalink
    August 19, 2009 4:37 pm

    The way TEAM is going they are Each One Reach a Dozen!! The team I belonged to has been nearly wiped out. Only a few hold-outs remain. I was informed by a friend of a “new” contacting script in which you pick a name from the phone book at random and ask them about Monavie. Supposedly this came down from the Great Deceiver Orrin Woodward. I hate telemarketers as much as the next guy and I would love for one of them to call me. I would probably tell them to #$%! off. I hope the Milwaukee Major is a Major joke like they all are.

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