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MonaVie Black Diamond Becomes International Master Distributor and Trainer

September 3, 2009

Randy Schroeder, most recently a new Black Diamond, previously a high-level distributor at Agel, and childhood friend of Dallin Larsen, has voluntarily left his distributor position and accepted a new role as International Master Distributor and Trainer at MonaVie.

In close cooperation with Black Diamonds and above, I will work quickly to introduce an internationally accepted basic training program, while at the same time encourage distributors from each line of sponsorship to continue looking to their upline for additional in-depth training.

As an independent contractor, Randy will be “compensated based on the success of the international markets (excluding the US and Japan).” Think about this when you start buying MonaVie-branded training CDs and brochures or attend an international MonaVie corporate event. It’s well-known that the System or Tools Business can more lucrative than the actual MLM business. Why else would people like Brig Hart or Orrin Woodward devote so much time to promoting their latest books, brochures, CD, Major Functions and contests?

And so it begins with MonaVie; they want a share of the tools business too!

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  1. James permalink
    March 23, 2010 4:27 pm

    Training…training and more training…if I hear that one more time I will just scream! If something is supposed to be so good…why do distributors have to keep spending money and time to get “trained?” Trained to do what? To better “play doctor” with people’s health by convincing them they can “medicate” themselves with cooked fruit juice? To better learn the double-talk to convince them to spend 4 times as much on something that has not been scientifically proven to work? To better set them up for the placebo effect? Or, to reword disease claims for a nutritional supplement so they don’t sound like claims but get the intended message across…’if you don’t drink this you will be sick, etc.’? Do your homework…there are many unanswered questions and things that don’t add up.


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