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Robert Dean to Evolv… or Where Have All The Diamonds Gone?

December 23, 2009

Update: It’s official. Robert Dean joins Evolv.

Is Robert Dean still surfing the MonaVie waves?

I looked back on an old post of mine and noted that three of the MonaVie Diamonds are now in another MLM called XOWii1:

  • Rudy De Leon: Once reached MonaVie Hawaiian Blue Diamond Executive in less than 7 months.
  • Jeff Creamer: Once reached MonaVie Hawaiian Blue Diamond Executive in less than 7 months.
  • Bryan Mataya: Once reached Blue Diamond in less than 6 months.

These individuals were all downline from Kelly Bangert, the same person who was recently lambasted from stage by R3Global’s leader Brig Hart. Now, this explains why Kelly and Brig had a falling out; Kelly’s downline probably introduced him to XOWii, and he must have seriously considered joining them… all without informing Brig. Once Brig heard of this, he effectively excommunicated Kelly from R3Global.

Fortunately for Kelly, he’s still listed as a Black Diamond in MonaVie’s Field Leaders page. The same cannot be said of for Robert Dean, who joined MonaVie to much fanfare back in May, 2009. He used to have his own Black Diamond Documentary video, but it’s no longer available2.

Check out the image gallery below from the MonaVie On The Move Quarterly Magazine. Note that Dean first appears in the April to July 2009 recognition period, but does not appear in the latest August to November 2009 period.

There used to be a life styles podcast between Robert and Dallin, but the link has disappeared. They spoke for the April 2009 podcast, but the latest one shown is February 2009 with Angel Matos. Thanks to the power of Google — and the fact that MonaVie Corporate hasn’t deleted the MP3 yet — you can hear them speak right here. You can also see a photo of Dean at the Dallas Regional earlier this year on the MonaVie Photos Web Site; so, they haven’t fully gotten rid of all references to him quite yet.

Robert Dean on the MonaVie Web Site Back in May 2009

All of this begs the question, where is Robert now, and what is his current level? Will he be following Randy Schroeder’s example and become an International Distributor Ambassador? Is that the end goal of all Diamonds whose business centers and legs have collapsed? This is doubtful as virtually all references to him have disappeared from the MonaVie corporate web sites. Why did MonaVie do this?

Update: As stated at the beginning of this post, Robert Dean joined EvolvHealth at the beginning of January, 2010.

Or, will he go quietly into the night, join another MLM, and proclaim in his new prospecting video that — like Bryan Mataya in this video3 — he’s never done MLM until now? Mataya and De Leon (not sure about Creamer) both had videos on Kelly Bangert’s web site about their MonaVie experiences. You can still find them here for now. I suspect they, like Robert Dean’s video, will soon disappear, erased from ever existing off the pages of MonaVie history.

1 If you didn’t guess it by now, XOWii is another miracle juice MLM company.

2 Dean’s Black Diamond Documentary is still available on YouTube here.

3 Actually, the video that Bryan uses to prospect people to XOWii is the exact same he used for MonaVie, except for the fact that all MonaVie references have been cut. So, technically, when he said, “I’ve never done MLM before,” he may have been telling the truth!

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  1. NoMoreQ* permalink
    December 23, 2009 8:45 am

    An MV distributor needs to look long and hard at this and think about why all these “Diamonds” are jumping around to other MLM companies. Especially juice MLMs.

    Isn’t this kind of “boys club” activity the kind of thing MLMers rail about in the corporate world?

  2. December 31, 2009 10:59 am

    Google still has some cached results of Dean’s Black Diamond announcement page.

    His Top Gun MonaVie web site is still live, so I’m really curious to understand why he’s disappeared from the MV web sites.

  3. January 4, 2010 3:03 pm

    I just found some reports that indicate Robert Dean has left MonaVie to join an MLM bottled water company called Evolv. Here we go again.

  4. January 10, 2010 3:41 pm

    It’s official. Robert Dean has joined Evolv. How will MonaVie spin this one?

  5. Vogel permalink
    April 20, 2011 9:19 pm

    Does Dean ever stay at an MLM company for more than a year? His latest venture is hawking Limu juice for Gary Raser. Raser is the guy who, as CEO, was responsible for the demise of notorious Dynamic Essentials/Royal Tongan Limu under his watch — shut down and fined millions by the FDA, DOJ, and FTC. And as you all know, Raser’s right hand man at Dynamic Essentials was Monavie CEO/King Blowhard Dallin Larceny. Dean must really be desperate.

  6. April 21, 2011 9:29 am

    Great find. Post about this here: Robert Dean, Former Tahitian Noni, MonaVie and Evolv Distributor, Joins LIMU


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