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MonaVie Free Enrollments Ends Today

January 5, 2010

MonaVie ends their free enrollment program today. New distributors will have to pay $39 to join. They waived enrollment and renewal fees back in April, 2009.

Today is also MonaVie’s 2010 Kickoff Webcast, where the company will be officially releasing MonaVie M(mun) to the world. I wonder how many Black Diamonds will be smiling on-stage, hand-in-hand with Dallin Larsen and his team. Did they all use their MonaVie Jet Credits to come to the event?

A couple of things Dallin and company won’t be mentioning in today’s webcast:

  1. The disappearance of Robert Dean and his purported defection to Evolv.
  2. The defection of Kelly Bangert’s frontline Diamonds to Xowii.
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