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EarthFruits and MonaVie: What’s the Connection?

March 19, 2010

MonaVie Black Diamond Onyx Coale wearing an EarthFruits lab coat in Brazil

I saw photos of a company named EarthFruits while looking at the photos of MonaVie Black Diamonds in Brazil. For instance, the photo to the right is of MonaVie Black Diamond Onyx Coale, who is wearing an EarthFruits lab coat in Brazil.

According to the web site, EarthFruits supplies exotic superfruits and superfoods from the Amazon to the world. I have long wondered who supplies the raw acai berry materials to MonaVie, and now I’m wondering if it’s not EarthFruits. The company was founded in South Jordan, Utah, which just happens to be the home base of MonaVie too. The company is also involved with the MORE Project, which as we all know, is was founded by the executive officers of MonaVie. EarthFruits supports the MORE Project “as part of its socially responsible efforts in Brazil.”

There are plenty of links to a product called Perfect Acai, whose primary ingredients are acai from EarthFruits. Many web sites hawking Perfect Acai diss MonaVie, which statements such as:

* One serving of Perfect Acai is 2 capsules and there are 120 capsules in a bottle. One bottle is $39.95 and if you buy 3 bottles the price drops down to $29.95 a bottle. One serving of Perfect Acai will cost between 50 and 67 cents.

* Compare this to another popular product, MonaVie™ Juice. One bottle of Monavie juice is 25.35 ounces and cost about $45. One serving is 2 ounces. The cost per serving of the Monavie juice is about $3.55.

Some questions to ponder:

  1. Is EarthFruits the supplier of Amazonian berries for MonaVie?
  2. How can MonaVie justify the cost of its juice when compared to significantly lower-priced acai products that use the exact same source?
  3. Is there anything more than a business relationship between EarthFruits and MonaVie?
  4. If MonaVie is working with EarthFruits, why doesn’t it talk more about its support of Fair Trade?

The photos from President and COO Devin Thorpe are raising a number of questions about MonaVie. People who are critical of the MonaVie product and opportunity owe a debt of gratitude that such a high-level executive would give us so much talk about! Sarcasm aside, leave a comment and continue the discussion!

Update March 21, 2010: Lazy Man has posted a new post about EarthFruits and MonaVie on his Juice Scam web site. Check it out.

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  1. Irv permalink
    March 20, 2010 3:55 pm

    Ah yes, the MORE Project…and these ridiculous extravagant “expeditions” to Brazil where the executives fly on a private jet and stay at 5-star hotels, popping out to pat a few poor Brazilian kids on the head while snapping pictures that they’ll later to use to plug Monavie and coerce donations from their already-broke distributors. It’s unconscionable. Why don’t they just stay home instead and take the money that they would have wasted on private jets and other luxuries, and donate it directly to those Brazilian kids. But that kind of quite, noble charity would never occur to these Monavie whores. They exploit this faux-charity as a distraction; hoping that people won’t notice all of the company’s unethical and illegal activities.

  2. Irv permalink
    March 20, 2010 4:02 pm

    BTW, it would appear that EarthFruits and Monavie are one in the same company. The EarthFruits website lists the contact address as Monavie HQ in South Jordan, UT.

  3. March 20, 2010 10:33 pm

    Thanks. I left a comment on Lazy Man’s site, but they haven’t been showing up yet. Maybe they are in the moderation queue right now.

  4. March 21, 2010 1:29 pm

    For some reason, comments from you go straight to my spam and don’t even e-mail me like other people. I think it’s because you put in deep link to your website in the URL section. I went back and retrieved them. Sorry about that. Damn Akismett.

  5. Burned Out with Mona Vie permalink
    March 21, 2010 4:34 pm

    The MORE project again, makes me feel so warm and fuzzy inside I want to barf in my hat, totally agree with Irv’s post’s on it and the ties back to good ole’ MV HQ.

    That is probably the worst picture of Onyx I have ever seen, looks like she just did a guest appearance on NCIS assisting Ducky in the autopsy room as opposed to assisting Dallin in the BS room, aka “Open Meeting”.

  6. Irv permalink
    April 25, 2010 6:24 pm

    How interesting. Ten days after you wrote this article, Monavie’s lawyers filed an application to trademark application the name “Earthfruits”. It looks like they were going to keep the connection a secret until you outed them.

  7. September 19, 2010 10:16 am

    Nice info on the connection between EarthFruits and Monavie. Sure looks like they are the same company but why in the world they would trash Monavie in the quoted paragraph is beyond me. Strange stuff.

  8. Jack Owen permalink
    November 22, 2010 10:37 am

    I will answer your question in a very matter of the fact manner. Yes, EarthFruits is the supplier of Mona Vie. They office in the same building in South Jordan Utah. EarthFruits owned by Kevin Busby, is the sole supplier of Acai for Mona Vie. The Mona Vie relationship makes EarthFruits the largest Acai imported in the world. The relationship goes beyond contract.

    Kevin Busby has recently dropped the EarthFruits brand and introduced themselves as ECO Fruit. Their website is up in Brazil but still under construction in the US.

    I happen to know Mr. Busby, and find him to be quiet a business man and as far as I know he has done nothing illegal in supplying Mona Vie. If people are willing to pay those prices, then I see nothing wrong with it. I always say vote with your wallet. If you don’t want to pay the Mona Vie price, there are many very good alternatives out there.

  9. Vogel permalink
    November 22, 2010 12:46 pm

    Jack, we already know what Earthfruits is; we already know that they operate out of Monavie’s Utah HQ; we already know that Busby is President. Do you think we’re incapable of reading the information on this page or following a link to the company’s website to find this out? Earthfruits is not a “supplier”; they are a broker/middleman and they are not independent of Monavie. We already know where Monavie got their acai; from standard commercial suppliers in Brazil like – Bela Acai, Liotechnica, and Bony Acai. They now just have the shipping waybills made out to “Earthfruits” instead of “Monavie”, but it’s still the same suppliers and the same delivery location.

    If you want your claim that Earthfruits is the “largest supplier of acai in the world” to be taken seriously, then you’ll have to offer some proof. I can’t see how this could possibly be true.

    Earthfruits is not an independent entity from Monavie; this is evidenced by the fact that, aside from operating out of Monavie’s office, Earthfruits’ trademark is owned by Monavie Inc.

    It means nothing that you claim to know Busby; but your claim that “as far as I know, he has done nothing illegal in supplying Monavie”…well that’s just retarded. First, no one said that he had done anything illegal. Secondly, how does it matter if you aren’t aware that he’s engaged in illegal activity? Is this somehow supposed to serve as a character reference? Who the F are you that your seal of approval (based on absence of evidence) should carry any weight?

    “If people are willing to pay those prices, then I see nothing wrong with it.”

    (1) I don’t see much evidence that many people are willing to pay those prices; (2) What if that person made the choice to buy after they were lied to about the product or buisness? That’s the reality of Monavie’s scam. Misleading consumers in commercial transactions is against the law. You’re entitled to proclaim that you feel no sympathy for the victims of scams, but that would make you a bit of a dick IMO. You may as well argue that a victim of rape isn’t a victim at all if they didn’t struggle hard enough against their attacker — guess that makes it consensual then right?

    If you actually know anything that we don’t already know, I’d like to hear it, but this drivel you are trumpeting is revealing nothing at all.


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