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What Really Happened to Kelly Bangert vis-a-vis Xowii and MonaVie

June 21, 2010

September 10, 2012 Update: Kelly Bangert resigned from MonaVie and is now at Jeunesse Global.

I’ve been enjoying my free time away from the MonaVie and Amway world; like I said in my previous post, there hasn’t appeared to be too much happening in either worlds lately. Riley, an aspiring Amway IBO, has deactivated her blog after going silent for several months; I take it to mean that she is no longer actively building her Amway business? The TheMonaVieTEAM Twitter account, which I had assumed was the official mouthpiece of Orrin Woodward’s TEAM is also gone. Maybe Orrin will start counting the phantom/spam followers in his personal Twitter account as members of TEAM, as I don’t see him any closer to his 1,000,000 member figure.

Back in December, Brig Hart’s on-stage criticism of fellow Black Diamond Kelly Bangert was something that has vexed me until last week. I came across this lawsuit from Xowii against MonaVie on LazyMan’s MonaVie web page. The documents explain in detail what really went down. I wrote at the end of 2009 how members of Bangert’s organization left MonaVie to join Xowii, and I knew that Bangert had flirted with joining Xowii as well. He’s still listed as a Royal Black Diamond on MonaVie’s Field Leaders page, but in the docs, he’s got some pretty purple handcuffs on his business (see Exhibit B).

Here’s the kicker though. Read the following from Exhibit A (his resignation letter to MonaVie when he tried to leave for Xowii):

From July 2008 – January 2009 my MonaVie business fell back around 40%. It stabalized [sic] from January through May. In June of this year to current my business has gone backwards consistently every single week an additional 30%. I watched my Blue Diamonds [sic] house get Foreclosed on, another Blue Diamonds car was repossessed. No one on my team including me was qualifying rank. At our Hotel events, I was calling up all the Blue Diamonds, Hawaiian Blue Diamonds and Black Diamonds and no one was making anywhere close to the income disclosure statement. None of my top leaders could even pay there [sic] bills, they gave up everything to work for MonaVie full time.

If you didn’t believe the critics when they say the MonaVie business isn’t doing so hot, here’s it straight from the mouth of a purported/former Royal Black Diamond!

MonaVie’s big convention of the year is this weekend, and it’s titled, “Vision.” Dallin and Brig Hart will be no doubt be on-stage, exhorting the virtues of MonaVie and saying that the business has never been better. Will Kelly and Jill Bangert be on-stage as well, hand-in-hand with the two? Somehow I doubt it, just like I doubt R3Global’s Diamond Run will be ultimately successful.

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  1. Kelly Bangert's SLAP Actual Contract Attached permalink
    September 7, 2011 7:04 am

    Kelly Bangert’s SLAP Actual Contract Attached September 7, 2011 at 3:18 pm
    For all of you people who think Monavie is great… Here is the ACTUAL contract Kelly and Jill Bangert were FORCED to sign by Dallin & Monavie… Notice how they treat him like a little boy holding his money, They are so afffraid of people leaving that they have to make people sign contracts or they take your money, Is that really a company you want to be with??? Wake Up, Dallin Thinks he is the Mormon Prophet…

    [Editor’s note: Removed link because the contract is contained in the original linked document (Exhibit B) above.]

  2. MexLady permalink
    November 15, 2011 10:22 pm

    These people need to get real jobs. MLM are a get-rich quick scams, only the person on top makes any money. No different from a Ponzi scheme.


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