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Former TEAM Member Eats Crow

July 20, 2010

On Purple Horror, here’s a comment purportedly from a former TEAM/Amway/MonaVie member:

I will have to eat crow and say I thought that we could make money in MV after the break up between Team and Amway. I have a whole new perspective after seeing 90%+ fall out of my downline dropout and a 100% in my own leg.Yes Orrin would tell me this is my fault….so be it.This is such a straight down business with very few people actually putting 1 person in there own B leg.

Posted by: fruit man | July 17, 2010 10:38 PM

Compare this with a comment left on my site yesterday from a former Amway/WWDB distributor and still-Greg Duncan supporter (bold emphasis mine):

I spent some time with Greg, his downline, and others in the WWDB organization. I have nothing to gain by what I am about to write.

My failure in business in the WWDB organization had everything to do with me, the amount of time I did or did not put into it, and my commitment to growing my business. Not all business ventures are going to succeed, but it even more evident that if you are looking to get rich fast….without effort…..or with minimal effort relatively speaking, then you are only fooling yourself. Some who fail are inclined to blame others.

It’s obvious that at least one blogger here wants to blame WWDB, AMWAY, the Duncan’s and anyone else but himself for his failure in business. He ought to recognize that he treated it as a hobby, didn’t take it seriously as a business, and get on with doing something productive rather than making absurd comments about a business he really knows nothing about.

Being involved in the business a year or two, doing nothing, and then pretending that you were a serious business builder is insulting to the intelligence of the serious.

It’s often been said from stage, in meetings, and in web forums that if you don’t succeed in this business (i.e. MLM), it’s your own fault. This is a myth that’s perpetuated by the Systems and kingpins. The statistics show that an extremely high percentage of people (over 90%) do not succeed in the business. Is it due to lack of effort? For many people, the answer is no. One could make the solid argument that kingpins like Woodward and Hart are the real failures — a failure of true leadership — seeing that such a high number in their organizations eventually quit. It’s their fault they have to constantly rebuild their groups like sandcastles at the beach.

I encourage those who have tried, failed and quit to devote their energies into other projects aside from MLMs. Start an online business that sells real goods at fair prices. See if you can turn a hobby into a profitable business. Learn better ways to be more efficient and productive in your careers. There’s a wealth of opportunities beyond MLMs that are available to those here in the United States. Take advantage of them, even in this down economy!

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