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TEAM Approach Volume

November 23, 2010

I read a comment on Lazy Man’s post today regarding a new method for building the business within TEAM called Team Approach Volume:

DeAnna says:
November 22, 2010 at 9:32 am

I recently left TEAM. I’m very very glad I did. It was an emotional and financial drain. Especially after the introduction of team approach volume. The way it works is the upline places large quantity orders through the person at the very bottom. The rest of the team buys the extra product. The upline gets the benefit of the bulk order points and the person at the bottom gets a little cash. I watched my upline go bronze by only placing bulk orders through themselves. They got the cash and the points leaving the rest of us SOL.

How is this approach being communicated as a benefit to the people in the middle? I know MLM proponents like to talk about cutting out the middlemen, but this doesn’t seem like a good approach at all for those distributors between the upline and bottom dude. In fact, these MLM middlemen are being turned into customers by having to purchase products from their upline/downline!

What kind of spin are the TEAM leaders giving to make this seem like a good idea?

Any current or ex-TEAM members care to clarify on the TEAM Approach Volume method of building the business?

Update: DeAnne explains in more detail this approach:

It’s supposed to help you go from nothing to ruby in 6 months. Orrin even came out with a special cd explaining it. I always get distracted. Half way through he starts to talk about leadership and kinda sounds like he’s ready to hump the audience…..It’s a bit scary.

The people in the middle get the extra pv from all the volume that’s going on at the bottom. By splitting up a bulk order the product is cheaper too. After you’ve done it successfully in one leg you’re supposed to duplicate the process in a second leg. By doing it in both legs you accumulate more pv faster thus moving quickly through the ranks. In addition to that you’re supposed to be going power player in order to fortify it. Power player is 10 in your taproot leg with 4 on system and 5 in your second leg with 2 on system.

In reality you’re just buying product that you don’t need in order to get points that most people can’t utilize. No matter how many bulk orders you put through in your taproot none of that counts towards making money. When you start to do it on your second leg you’re the only person that feels the benefit because you’re at the top. The benefit is minimal unless you have a large second leg with everyone doing at least 200 pv in autoship. The product isn’t actually cheaper unless you’re buying extreme amounts. Even then you only save on shipping. An actual bulk order cost around $1000 depending on what you buy. Someone has to shell out that much just to hope that others can buy the extra.

None of this extra buying counts toward you being active either. You still need to have 200 pv in personal autoship. Of course real leaders have 300 which puts them in the 300 club and qualifies them for extra meetings.

They say that not only do you help yourself but you’re also helping the person at the bottom as well as your upline. Together everyone achieves more! My head hurts just thinking about it.

My head hurts too. Doesn’t look like there are many outside customers purchasing the juice here.

Update #2: A response on LM’s site from Anonymous Aussie that explains how the Team Approach Volume method might be in violation of MonaVie’s own guidelines.

Tsk tsk, scammer – this practice isn’t allowed as confirmed in Monavie’s own policies and procedures:

6.2 Buying Rank Prohibited. Purchasing Product for the purpose of earning Bonuses or achieving rank is prohib¬ited. We retain the right to limit the amount of purchases you may make if we reasonably believe those purchases are being made solely for rank and other qualification purposes instead of for resale or business building. We may revoke a rank advancement if it was earned in viola¬tion of this policy.

7.4 Bonus Buying Prohibited. Bonus buying is strictly and absolutely prohibited. Bonus buying includes… purchasing Products on behalf of another Dis¬tributor or Customer, unless authorized herein, or through another Distributor’s or Customer’s ID number, to qualify for Bonuses; (5) purchasing excessive amounts of goods or services that cannot reasonably be used or resold in a month; and/or (6) any other mechanism or artifice to qualify for rank advancement, incentives, prizes, or Bonuses that is not driven by bona fide Product purchases by end user consumers.

How on earth you can remotely justify this practice as being either a legitimate or sustainable business practice – bearing in mind the transfer of funds moving through the team and company are primarily as a result of the investments and purchases of the sales force itself, is beyond any the understanding of any person with a remote amount of basic business sense.

Furthermore, this is what is also referred to front end or inventory loading – a huge red flag when it comes to identifying an illegal pyramid scheme. Says the FTC:

“3. If a plan purports to sell a product or service, check to see whether its price is inflated, whether new members must buy costly inventory, or whether members make most “sales” to other members rather than the general public. If any of these conditions exist, the purported “sale” of the product or service may just mask a pyramid scheme that promotes an endless chain of recruiting and inventory loading.”

March 5, 2011: Here is another comment about the nature of TEAM Approach Volume from my popular More Ex-TEAM Members Commenting About Their Experiences post:

DID I ALSO HEAR TEAM LEADERS ARE BRIBING NEW PEOPLE TO GO ON SYSTEM?????offering them cash to buy their tools, cds,tickets, etc.??( So i believe people can be indoctrinated so they spend more time and money????) OH YES I DID HEAR THAT ONE FROM THE INSIDE. USING TEAM APPROACH VOLUME, CALLED STRETCH AND SECURE!!! Here is how it is done. Basically when leaders of Team get someone started in mv on the bottom, they ask them to commit to going on system and autoship of mv ie: buying standing order of cd’s and books and standing order seminar ticket, or called sot, and buying mv monthly. THEN THE LEADERS WILL PLACE A BULK ORDER UNDER THIS NEW PERSON OF SAY 12 CASES OF MV, 1000 pv
AND THEN THE LEADER WILL PAY OVER $100 cash TO THE NEW PROSPECT. The new prospect gets the money, is now on system so the leader can make money from profit sharing ( which is not disclosed) and the new guy also can now walk across stage at the seminar as new star 1000 on his team! A person who just got in and did nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then there will be false recognition to lead more people in Team…. Oh how disgustingly deceptive isn’t it. So it was said to me people are walking across stage for something they didn’t do or understand. The leaders in a leg pick the two weeks they will do this throughout the whole team so all the leaders with bigger teams will then get to a bigger level in MV for more recognition…and money. All the volume will come from the bottom up and THE LEADER will hit a new pin level that they wont hit for a long time after, but they will be edified for it profusely, and get recognition at the seminars, ultimately to get more people to believe !!!!!!!!! They also will then gain a bunch of unsuspecting, uninformed people to go on their system and tickets, to spend their money. So that the LEADER can then can get more money from the profit sharing pot because he now has a bunch more people on system!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The pot that noone knows about!!!! They will then walk across stage again for turbo 25, turbo 50, turbo 100 etc. They will pick the new guys who are serious about wanting to build the , throughout their legs pay them and put the bulk order under them. Oh and I almost forgot, then the LEADERS sell the mv juice, from the bulk orders, back to the distributors who are already on their team at a discount so that they can buy it for case amount which saves them a lot of money on juice!!!!!! So then this ultimately hurts mv because now you have people claiming they are diamonds and yet most weeks do not have diamond volume. Now the average diamond income that is on the ids will have to be brought down, then making the company numbers look worse, because these people are really no where near diamond volume!!! Besides this volume loading, being unethical and deceptive to say the least, it is against MV rules to buy pin levels!!! When i heard this I was utterly disgusted!!!! DECEPTION AT IT’S FINEST!!!!! Let me know if I left out anything??? If you don’t understand, ask as I know it is hard to understand the language.

Rykel – do you care to respond to this?

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  1. November 24, 2010 12:00 pm

    Hi, I am back (again) to help correct or clarify any MIS-information about TEAM here, and thank you Amthrax for providing this forum as I can see so many misinformation/allegations indeed! Sometimes, just helping people to be fair and moderate is a full-time job… and a thankless one.

    Case in point – if I kept on replying, then anti-Amway kingpins say that I am not STPing and wasting my time on the internet. If I am too busy STPing and hence have no time to keep posting replies, then in the same breath, they accuse me of running away. You cannot have your cake and eat it too.

    I just came back from a STP tonight where I met a prospect who was a bit against the idea of Commerce Through Community (CTC), and now he is sure that there are at least 2 community builders who are GOOD, and trying to professionalise the industry. (ie. his friend, my downline IBO, and me – and I give the glory to the Lord. God is in control.) Well, he is not going to be involved with CTC just yet simply because he has now met 2 good IBOs, but he informed his friend that he is OK now with trying out MonaVie Juice! As a RETAIL customer.

    Of course, all the anonymous Jokers will jump onto their keyboard and exclaim that this CANNOT be true – because “NOBODY would buy an overpriced juice as a retail customer!” This is so ridiculous that I laugh HAHAHA all the time (while I am making some good passive income here – hehe), because to go along their reasoning, then “ALL critics of TEAM/MonaVie/Amway are people who are mentally unsound!” Obviously NOT true – even though SOME of the anti-kingpins *might* be mentally unsound indeed.

    Anyway, to get back to topic, I believe DeAnn is again another SUSPICIOUS character. Because he/she seems to even contradict himself/herself with regards to “Team Approach To Volume” (TATV).

    Let me set the record straight:

    1. TATV is a great idea for a GROUP of IBO, from the same side of the Binary Leg, who needs to buy more products for resale to RETAIL/”Just User”-type of Customers OR for Personal Consumption** (eg. 12 cases needed by 12 IBOs);
    2. TATV means that this group will ask the last IBO at the bottom of their Binary Leg to purchase the 12 cases as a Bulk Pricing Order (CHEAPER);
    3. Each IBO then buys their 1 additional case from the 12);
    4. Each IBO then gets an additional 900PV credited to the Binary Leg above that last IBO; and
    5. As long as each of these IBO continues to move 100PV every 28 days, then the “extra” 900PV from the bottom will ALWAYS be there – ready to be cashed out the moment any of them matches another 900PV on the other Binary Leg.

    DeAnna said, “I watched my upline go bronze by only placing bulk orders THROUGH THEMSELVES (emphasis mine).” This DeAnna, unfortunately again, has shot himself/herself through the foot and I SUSPECT that he/she is NOT a true TEAM Member, because — if uplines are ordering products through themselves, rather than through the IBO at the bottom of the Binary Leg, then this is NOT Team Approach To Volume!!!

    YET, the WHOLE gist of DeAnna’s post is about TATV!!! Now, does it make sense to you or NO??

    As a parting note, I share a story I heard as a child… A centaur met a man. It was winter. They were both drinking a hot bowl of soup. The man blew the soup to cool it. Then, the man felt cold. He blew on his hands to warm them. The centaur stood up and said, “I am leaving! I cannot leave with a creature who blows BOTH HOT AND COLD with the same breath!”

    The story above is NOT meant for Amthrax.

    ** This is the LAST time I will say this — that YES, RETAIL AND JUST-USER-TYPE OF CUSTOMERS DO EXIST – AND THERE ARE LOTS OF THEM. Loud enough? Do you need me to take a photograph of them with juice on their teeth and have them sign a notary-stamped Letter of Authenticity with a Government letterhead before you Jokers will just accept this FACT??? (NOT you Amthrax, I am referring to the others – you know who you are)

  2. November 24, 2010 12:04 pm

    Pardon my grammar and typo errors… it is 4am here in Singapore and I am rushing to bed!

  3. CGC permalink
    November 24, 2010 4:12 pm

    Sure, someone would buy a ridiculously overpriced juice if told enough lies about it. But I doubt they would keep buying it for very long.

    TATV is the most convoluted and absurd process I’ve seen in a long time. Can’t you all just sell the stuff? Like, hello, can I buy a case of juice? Sure, go online and order it. MV seems to be throwing as many middlemen into the mix as possible, with the bulk of the waste going upward.

    And by the way, I’m typing this while levitating 3 feet off the ground. IT CAN BE DONE (though like you I don’t have any evidence for it).

  4. November 25, 2010 8:12 am

    Added in a partial comment from Anonymous Aussie on LM’s site about TATV being in violation of MonaVie’s own guidelines. Check it out above or here:

  5. Anonymous Aussie permalink
    November 28, 2010 2:52 pm

    Thanks for the update on your article, Amthrax.

    The TATV approach as we’ve identified is not only in breach of Monavie’s own policies and procedures, it’s also what’s referred to as inventory loading – something the FTC frown upon greatly.

    The strategy is NOT driven by genuine consumer demand and we have seen DeAnna confirm how this practice of inventory loading has left distributors with stockpiles of product which are unable to be re-sold (again, because the purchases were not made based on genuine consumer demand).

    If Monavie/TEAM were in the business of selling juice, they would look at strategies addressing sales targets specifically and ways to market the product to more consumers – NOT manipulating the system internally themselves and placing the burden on the middle man (which as you have pointed out forces the distributor to then become the customer) and the man at the bottom who no doubt can least likely afford a bulk purchase.

    The extent of manipulation by TEAM confirms firstly their experience in pyramid scams and secondly, that they are knowingly participating in, promoting and profiting from a product-based pyramid scheme.

  6. Burned Out with Mona Vie permalink
    November 29, 2010 2:45 pm

    Seen this happen too many times unfortunately, violation of a ton of MLM policy’s, yup sure is, have to ask, how many times has MV or any MLM for that matter really enforced it. It’s either a “wink and a nod” or “Don’t you ever do that again or we’ll get really, really, really mad at you”.

    How do you think the top guys can sell MV on e-bay thru a third party for $99 a case with free shipping? When you do the math factoring in the BOB, TC, ECM and Blue / Black Diamond pool, they make chump change in the real world on that kind of buy, HOWEVER, it “fires up” the downline to go crazy dumping folks to the inside leg or doing the same bulk buying to balance their profit leg for their TC, which of course only further benefits the top of the food chain.

    TEAM is nothing new, before TEAM got into the act the “Inner Circle” was telling the “Future Diamonds” or my favorite “Diamonds in The Rough” ( That one still makes me want to barf) to do the same damn thing 5 years ago.

  7. CGreen permalink
    December 1, 2010 2:29 pm

    What I want to know is how many points equals how much money once you’re able to make the money (ie. have two people you brought in on system and one person on your other leg on system). If there’s no exact could you estimate or round out?

  8. Burned Out With MV permalink
    December 14, 2010 7:25 am

    We’ll say you did what your sponsor said a did a first order of a 3 case bulk order and a 2 case autoship and they did the same, I’ll skip the mumbo jumbo and cut to the chase.

    You will spend about $400 to make $180 for signing them up and have a $10 monthly residual income paid out every 5 months you will have to spend a mimimum of $150 a month to qualify for. I rounded it but it’s not far off the real world.

  9. March 5, 2011 9:49 pm

    Rykel, the RESULT is sfill the same, as the guys at the very bottom do get higher ranks in the process. People are inadvertly buying bonuses by purchasing large volumes. TEAM is making it LO0K like it’s helping the bottom guys but you know just as well as we do that TEAM is falling down. Too many people are leaving TEAM and you that. (since you work closely with Woodward)

  10. March 5, 2011 9:50 pm

    oops – “you know that”

  11. webelieved permalink
    March 6, 2011 5:07 am

    Team Approach Volume

    March 5, 2011 7:00 am

    So I also forgot if I am doing the math correctly, If I were a Ruby at 10,000 points in volume and I wanted to go diamond at is it 20,000 ? I would only need to bribe 10 people to put a case on the bottom, for a few weeks and I would magically go from Ruby to Diamond. 10 cases = 10,000 points. LOL. Oh boy is that unethical.. So I am sure there are people that are wondering how others are “growing” so fast??? and what is wrong with them??? This may be the reason!

  12. webelieved permalink
    March 6, 2011 5:10 am

    Copied over from ex-team comments
    Speak Your Truth permalink
    March 5, 2011 8:32 am

    OMG~ They have become so desperate and need to stoop to this,they have to pay someone to get on system and we know they have been breaking the rules buying 12 cases which cost $1000? Is this what they call incentive?? Hmm…..No suprise though, just another “trick” for their bag!
    JUSTICE that they pretend to honor, really needs to be served quick and swiftly!

    It is just a matter of time! Then as Will says;
    This is serious actions that they are putting the brand new person(poor souls) in so much risk including all those other people. Because we know the mis-leaders are the one’s taking the orders from people like “Ryan”
    ( the real ryan is probably a good guy,wonder how he has ignored his conscience on this one!)
    Oh anything goes for that worthless piece of silver right? And they are ‘changing the world, right…. for the worse!)
    Anything can be spun to their twisted view but this would be manipulation and deception to add to their countless other unethical practices.

    Then you have people that come on here to defend this BS and try and preach to people saying nothing they do is unethical? Great and mighty decievers they are, they are not Honest, Godly, and have spotless Integrity!

    THIS IS EASY ENOUGH TO DETECT AND SEE, and if any of them choose to turn a blind eye,hmm… do you think, how do these people sleep at night?!!!

    Thank God the Team did to us what they did, by so cleverly stealing our profit-sharing, but I would rather live in a cardboard box than sell my soul!
    webelieved permalink
    March 6, 2011 5:04 am

    More interesting facts on the effects of Team Approach Volume. If the leader places the bulk order/12 case/ 1000 points order under Normie newbie then the person above who “sponsored” Normie, gets a $75 bulk order bonus… therefore taking $75 away from the person who sponsored the Leader, the person who should really be getting it if it was legitimate. Now that TEAM are sponsoring one to next, and this bonus would go to the one above Normie, does anyone know if the leaders go to the guy who got the bonus and get $75 back somehow????
    But if Normie was sponsored by Leader, then the Leader himself would get the $75 back……by ordering 1000 points under a guy he sposored… I would believe this has also been done….taking it away from the person who sponsored the leader…… wow.

    webelieved permalink
    March 5, 2011 7:26 am

    So basically the new guy is going to get $100+ and buy system, cds, tickets, books, mv juice on autoship and buy some of the bulk order juice from his upline who is making money from all of this. And I wonder do they then call this customer volume????

    Speak Your Truth permalink
    March 5, 2011 9:15 am

    Oh my! Such a deal!
    Remember recognition: “Men die for it and babies cry for it”
    Oh the desperation!
    I am considering going back for this one.. ya right!

  13. webelieved permalink
    March 6, 2011 5:12 am

    Copied from More ex-team commenting

    I Quit ( and glad I did) permalink
    March 5, 2011 8:33 am

    HOLY FRIGGIN FRAGGIN CRAP ON A STICK!!!!!!!!!!!! Folks I am literally in shock! I’m sitting here reading eating my breakfast and I’m now nnnaaawwwssshhuuuuussssss! (misspelled on purpose Teambot. HEE HEE) We bailed out before any of this was implemented so this is all new to me!
    TEAMBOT, THINK… You are injecting money at the bottom, creating “false success”. Normie new guy has no idea what just happened. All he’s got is a major case of confusion. Thats a good thing? After creating all this “volume” flow everybody up the leg is getting paid. Hopefully you did your homework and put the volume in the exact, perfect spot in the leg so the investor(s) oh I’m sorry LEADER(S) can recoup their volume (investment). Then a whole bunch of people hit a new pin level and feel great about being kick-ass biz builders! (How did I do that? Oh well, whatever! Lets do it again!! Woo Hoo!) Repeat process several times and depth forces investor oh damn! Sorry! leader to be working with new Normie new guy and old Normie new guy is left high and dry still not knowing WTF is going on. “But its growin’! he says. But he’s a little ticked because he can’t get answers to his questions. I would bet that this “proprietary information” is not available on a cd, brochure, book or covered at any seminar!!! I wonder why? Anyway so now the “system” can’t be of much help which is what is supposed to be the overall goal right? B type biz, system doing the work for you not you doing the work remember?
    Anyway back to the volume thing. Basically what you’ve got is an unsustainable house of cards income. As long as the volume is pumping in or ” loading” you’ll be ok. What happens when enough people realize the structuring being used benefits others (investors) (Damn there I go again, leaders) more than themselves? What happens when the funds being injected stop? Answer: CRASH AND BURN!!! Think the whole process thru and it comes up PYRAMID!! How can you not see it? Holy crap am I glad I QUIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Speak Your Truth permalink
    March 5, 2011 8:47 am

    I Quit

    webelieved permalink
    March 5, 2011 8:42 am

    So I just did some math. If it takes
    Diamond 20,000
    Emerald 15,000
    Ruby 10,000
    Gold 5,000
    Siver 3,000
    Bronze 2,000

    So lets say you have a group with leaders in depth that look like this. mind you there are a lot of little guys in the middle paying for this.

    Ruby at 10,000
    Gold at 5,000
    Silver at 5,000
    Silver at 3,000
    Bronze at 2,000

    Bronze on the bottom buys a bulk order/1,000 in the bottom. 1,000 + his 2,000 =3,000 Silver now you broke a new silver.

    Silver buys a bulk order 1,000/12 case order somewhere in the bottom of his second leg breaks another star 1000. He is a silver and has 3,000 points so add 2,000/ 2 bulk orders total that were bought and he goes Gold. So now the former Silver now went Gold.

    Silver number 2 starts at 3,000 points and adds the 2,000 from the silver and bronze below that bought bulk orders and now former Silver is a Gold.

    Gold on the list above, starts at 5,000 points and buys 3 bulk orders/3,000 under him in his second leg to break new star 1,000′s. Now he goes RUBY. 5,000 plus 2,000 added from previous bulk orders , plus 3 new bulk orders/3,000 he placed = 10,000 points and now he is a Ruby

    Ruby at the top, he starts at 10,000 points and gets added from the bottom, 5 bulk orders/5,000 points and guess what now he is a EMERALD at 15,000!!!

    So now this is what your group will look like (but only for a few weeks to qualify then it will drop back down).

    Emerald 15,000
    Ruby 10,000
    Gold 5,000
    Gold 5,000
    Silver 3,000

    So there are a lot of new star 1,000 that didn’t do anything except, accept a bribe of 100 dollars to help there upline hit the next level to look good. Because this bribe helps build numbers in the system, you will also could get more recognition in team profit sharing, ie.. turbo 25, turbo 50, triple 100 etc.And it helped leaders make more money on the juice and Team profit sharing from the sales of cds, books, and seminar tickets!!! Now people believe the business is growing faster than it really is…. and imagine what ranking and money your upline black diamonds are making from all this added together????????? This will be done for a few weeks chosen by your upline and then said upline Leaders will not be hitting weekly, the volume that you think they are at….. DECEPTION
    AT IT’S FINEST DON’T YOU THINK. And I thought we were taught to do shady things in Amway!!! Not even close to this crap!!!

    webelieved permalink
    March 5, 2011 8:46 am

    So now you are sitting at a seminar seeing all these people go across stage hitting new fake levels. That they paid for… in some way…….This is discusting!!! And guess what you helped pay for it!!!!!!!
    Dorothy permalink
    March 5, 2011 9:41 am

    wait, I am kind of slow then does this mean that when diamonds, rubies etc hit pin levels in mv..walk across the other organizationals stage as success stories, really they only hold the name of that level but not really the income of that level? So like if I went ruby, gold, silver, diamond, it was because of strategically placing huge orders through the lower parts of the business? Would that mean that is highly likely it is likely that after those TWO weeks of SECURING purchases through out the teams, these folks are only making the income of perhaps a level or two below what they say they are?

    Wow…interesting concept. I bet just that could easily be tracked through the product system. Just for the sake of proof. hmmm..
    Speak Your Truth permalink
    March 5, 2011 10:48 am

    That would be exactly what that would mean,unstainable while people are going broke for God’s sake, as I quit & webelieved explained.

    Now you can see why “cross-lining” and why they have so many “secrets” that they try to protect and is so important to them!

    They are ruthless and God willing; JUSTICE NEEDS TO BE SERVED!
    Speak Your Truth permalink
    March 5, 2011 3:00 pm

    Hmm….. Holy Crap!
    Think we should go back to this illegitimate scam, AND GET RICH, just think and get all that TEMPORARY /FAKE recognition,OH BOY!
    The more “intoxication” with the “fired up folks” ~ Oh how believable, NOT!!!

  14. webelieved permalink
    March 6, 2011 5:15 am

    webelieved permalink
    March 6, 2011 5:04 am

    More interesting facts on the effects of Team Approach Volume. If the leader places the bulk order/12 case/ 1000 points order under Normie newbie then the person above who “sponsored” Normie, gets a $75 bulk order bonus… therefore taking $75 away from the person who sponsored the Leader, the person who should really be getting it if it was legitimate. Now that TEAM are sponsoring one to next, and this bonus would go to the one above Normie, does anyone know if the leaders go to the guy who got the bonus and get $75 back somehow????
    But if Normie was sponsored by Leader, then the Leader himself would get the $75 back……by ordering 1000 points under a guy he sposored… I would believe this has also been done….taking it away from the person who sponsored the leader…… wow.

  15. webelieved permalink
    March 6, 2011 5:25 am

    Unfortunately in TEAM the new guy has no idea by giving away all their personals, they give up bonuses from bulk orders, and also future executive check matching bonus,which are based on personals. Because now they only claim 2 personals in each team. In other words Team has the new guy be the sponsor for one guy on each leg of his business, and anyone else NEW GUY brings to Team gets given away to someone else that doesn’t even know him. And because the new person has no idea how this all works, he has no idea this is happening !!!! It is sold as we don’t want to build the spider ball effect, it doesn’t work and is too hard. If you do not comply they will not help you as you do not question the system. By the way we were not doing this when we came in from Quixtar, so all the leaders have all their personals and are making executive check matches, and bonuses, while they are forcing the new guy to give them up!!!!!

  16. March 6, 2011 8:22 am

    I’m sure there is the odd retail customer. I would wager it’s more to accomplish 1 of 2 things:

    1. Ease the sting of telling a Monavier “No”.

    2. Try it out and if it works as it’s purported to, then great!

    Heck, even *I* was a retail customer in Monavie for a month. When it became clear that there was nothing special about Monavie, it simply confirmed my suspicions.

    Rykel, how many people have purchased a bottle a week for over a year? You can even just isolate it to your own organization.

    Very few, I believe.

  17. webelieved permalink
    March 7, 2011 6:32 pm

    Here is a free copy of Merchants of Deception, happy Reading! Download Merchants of Deception Book free

  18. webelieved permalink
    March 8, 2011 8:24 am

    Also I forgot to add, in the example provided above, the overall volume at the top could be a lot more if each of the leaders has leaders below them that are placing bulk orders in mv, in turn making the top leaders advance more, and make more. I have also heard there is a TEAM video explaining this process??? does anyone have that? I would love to see that. I still cannot believe it. How does one write the $100 + off on their taxes. I don’t think bribes count as a tax write off. Can anyone answer this question???? Can anyone confirm this and the above statements? I would assume this is only taught to the leaders, this stretch and secure volume loading crap?

  19. webelieved permalink
    March 8, 2011 8:39 am

    Looks like Monavie has changed their star 500 requirements, dropped them for Emeralds and above all together . So after I believe it to be Ruby level/10,000 pts in volume, you do not need extra star 500 legs/personals. So, that is why someone who came in from Quixtar as a Ruby with lets say with only a few personals but with large volume from the work of his downline, he who couldn’t advance to diamond before , now can suddenly go Diamond with not much work? Because the star 500 leg/personal sponsoring work requirements were dropped for the levels higher than Ruby. Folks if you don’t have personals with star 500 legs that means you didn’t do the work, or you gave away all your personals, like they are telling people to do now. Anyone know that what I stated is how it works or am I missing something???I wonder if CB being on the board has anything to do with these changes in mv pay plan?? Appreciate the feedback.


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