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Xango Illusion – Stockpiling Your Garage

December 1, 2010

Saw this video link on Lazy Man’s MonaVie post. Scary!

Yup, that’s what I call stockpiling your garage with products. Is the same sort of thing happening with MonaVie and Amway? I never had a garage full of Amway products, but then again, I never reached any significant level in the business. I can, however, definitely see this happening with higher pins, especially in MonaVie.

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  1. December 1, 2010 10:55 am

    My God!

    That is just plain old tragic.

  2. switch permalink
    December 1, 2010 1:52 pm

    Very tragic! And “ILLUSION” is spot on for this biz!

    Stacks and stacks of this juice so people at the top can move up the ranks and keep taking your hard earned cash with this over priced fruit juice so they can enjoy just themselves on the wonderful beaches of Maui.

    How these people sleep at night is beyond me. They make me sick.

  3. December 1, 2010 3:26 pm

    I’d like to open the garage doors of some the high level pins in MonaVie to see if theirs looks like this. Then again, perhaps they are going through a middleman?

  4. December 1, 2010 7:16 pm

    At least he still had room in the garage to park his motorbike in there!

  5. December 4, 2010 6:37 pm

    Hi Amthrax, I have heard that these might be EMPTY cases. No effort was made in the video to show otherwise. Have you got any way to verify?

  6. December 4, 2010 9:59 pm

    Rykel – What does it matter if the cases are empty or not? If the cases are empty, they were once filled with juice. If they are still full, that’s a lot of excess stock. Fact is, that’s a lot of boxes period in the guy’s garage. Xango is no different from MonaVie (please spare us the argument of mangosteen versus acai), and if what the guy in the video is saying is true about Xango, we can infer the same is probably true about MonaVie. Big pins are buying cases to maintain their level and selling said cases through middlemen on eBay.

    If what he says is true, what do you have to say about that?

  7. switch permalink
    December 5, 2010 4:58 am

    once again, Rykel hates seeing the truth.

    Alot of them are taped shut! Oh wait, I’m sure you’ll say he went back through and taped all the boxes and decided to stack them again to stage this whole thing.

    Get a grip Rykel, when are you going to face the fact that you are part of a pyramid scheme?

  8. December 5, 2010 12:57 pm


    What level are you at?

  9. Vogel permalink
    December 6, 2010 12:47 pm

    Rykel is going to ride this tired old nag until it keels over and dies. Then he’ll hop on to the next MLM without ever missing a beat (or acknowledging his mistakes).

  10. Anonymous Aussie permalink
    December 6, 2010 3:21 pm

    Rykel isn’t interested in the truth. He’s only interested in having the beliefs he has validated. Big difference.

  11. December 6, 2010 4:06 pm

    Hi amthrax, Good questions! The reason why I respond to you and not the one clown reading this, is that you are relatively objective and not just making unfounded FUD or troll. Indeed, you have NEVER taken it upon yourself to presume who I am, what I do or predict where I will be. Those are just pure conjestures! I am NOT asking for fairy tales but simply EVIDENCE. Alright, back to your original comment… YES, amthrax, you have a point – the cases had to have come from somewhere/some people before. And honestly, like you, I have NO IDEA if those are “excess” stocks or just a collection of empty cartons. Truth is stranger than fiction sometimes and anything can be made to say anything when the video creator has an agenda. The fact of the matter is this – that a guy has a garage of cartons, and a storyline to go along with it. Until further proof is presented, it is nothing more, nothing less. btw, as for trying to prove that MonaVie and XanGo are “different” using the argument of mangosteen versus acai, to the best of my knowledge – I might be wrong here – I have never commented online and made any competitive comparison between mangosteen vs acai *smile*… you guessed it, I am not interested in doing that as it really does NOT matter to me whether it is XanGo, MonaVie or Coke. “Products don’t move people, people move products.” (although personally, I prefer MonaVie! hehe) Finally, you asked me what I think of big pins buying up and dumping their products through eBay (IF that is true), I would say that I wish they will not do it but then again, it is their money that they would like to burn, so who am I to criticise them?

    “Trust but verify!” Regards, Rykel

  12. December 7, 2010 1:24 pm

    Trust but verify eh Rykel?

    Perhaps you should verify the probability of success in Monavie with Orrin Woodward.

    Until there is evidence that Woodward & Brady actually consistently create successful people as they seem to claim, then I guess they are just sayin’ stuff.

    Nothing more.

    Let us know what you find out!

  13. Burned Out With MV permalink
    December 9, 2010 10:43 am

    Looks like just another rule in he MV Corporate T’s & C’s that is ignored and never enforced.

  14. Vogel permalink
    December 9, 2010 11:44 am

    You realize of course Rykel that because of the kingpins dumping their inventory on EBay at or below wholesale cost,the ability of distributors to compete and earn a profit from sales is totally undermined. Why would any consumer bother buying it from a distrbutor when they get from E-Bay at or below the distributors’ cost and without having to make any kind of monthly commitment or sign any contracts?

    Givent that the E-Bay option is available, it would make sense to conclude that the most of the people buying the juice from the company are not customers but rather distributors who are buying it in order to get commission eligibility. This explains why distributors like the Xango guy have mountains of excess stock in their garages. It also justifies the accusations that Monavie is a product-based pyramid scheme. Non-distributors are simply not interested in buying the product. It’s merely used as a very expensive entry fee to participate in the pyramid scam.

  15. December 11, 2010 5:29 am

    Just a sidetrack… isn’t it also correct to ask, “Why would any consumer bother buying anything from the retail stores when they can get from E-Bay at or below the retail stores’ cost and without having to make any kind of trips or cash-and-carry themselves?”

    I would think the answer is the same I would give for Vogel’s question.

  16. December 11, 2010 5:38 am

    These same old, old, TIRED lying words… “Non-distributors are simply not interested in buying the product.” My refutation is simply this – where is the EVIDENCE for the statement?

    When the people all around me are majority PRODUCT USERS (without an interest in the Business), and then – without any evidence – you claim that there are “ABSOLUTELY NO consumers”, you look really foolish sprouting nonsense, you know? Have you even TRIED recruiting people for the business and then ending up with REAL product end-users?

    With such unfounded lies, do not expect rational people outside of you anti-Amway/MonaVie kingpins’ circles (that is, the rest of us in society) to believe you.

  17. December 11, 2010 9:03 am

    Still waiting for you to verify stuff you believe that Woodward says and insinuates.

    Does TEAM create MANY successful people.

    By successful, I mean in the business sense and that they make a lot of money through product volume.

    The evidence is all over sites like Ebay and Amazon. People can’t unload this overpriced crap once they’ve bought a schwack of it to attain a level.

    Verify that Woodward & Brady are creating wealthy people. Do it, or just hush because if you can’t verify that, nothing else matters.

  18. December 12, 2010 9:37 am

    Rykel. You have a big mouth that you can’t seem to back with any sort of facts.

    Please tell us all the number of people that Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady have coached who are now 100% completely financially free.

    I believe the answer to be zero. I’m assuming you have evidence to convince me otherwise? That’s all I’d like to hear about.

    No spin, and definitely no quotes from Orrin who likely borrowed those quotes from real successful business people.

    If you can’t demonstrate numerous success stories, then logic would dictate there aren’t any.

    Still waiting.

  19. December 12, 2010 12:14 pm

    Rykel – Rocket has a point and a question that has yet to be answered.

    The illusion of MonaVie and Amway is that you can walk away from your business and still have money flowing in. If this is the case, why is it that the policy council members of TEAM are always traveling to Opens and Super Opens? The truth of the matter is that they have traded in one type of job for another, one that they constantly misrepresent to the distributor masses.

  20. December 13, 2010 12:32 pm

    Rykel is following Orrin Woodward’s lead. For those who disagree with you, just pretend they don’t exist.

    That’s fine. Their lack of answers is quite telling. No different than David Steadson/IBOFB.

    I don’t know why those folks feel compelled to be mouthpieces for people and companies who really couldn’t care less about the affects they have on families and finances.

    Meh…Whatever. Sucks to be them. At least I have a brain which functions on its own and isn’t overrun with visions of grandeur in a rinky dink MLM business.

    Rykel & those like him are to be pitied more than anything.

  21. December 13, 2010 6:45 pm

    One difference between Orrin and Rykel is that Rykel stops by critical sites and leaves comments. Orrin prefers to attack the critics from the safety and comfort of his own web site and seminars.

    There’s a good post on the JuiceScam web site which goes into the mathematics of the MonaVie compensation plan. I would like to see a response from either of them regarding this.

  22. switch permalink
    December 14, 2010 8:34 am

    Great point! Wouldn’t you think the “honorable” thing for Rykel to do is address the problems at hand here? Afterall, according to Orrin on his blog, that’s what the “Team” is all about supposedly.

    It’s a simple question Rykel….

  23. aurora permalink
    December 21, 2010 8:12 am

    This commenter requested that her comments be removed from this site.

  24. Major Dave Stoner permalink
    December 21, 2010 5:46 pm

    Rykel is a misunderstood genius or maybe just one of the many brainwashed sheep. TEAM no longer exists in my part of Wisconsin because no one could afford the product or figured they had enough of trying to catch their Bullshit dreams. Rykel, Its all a damn lie!! Who is still the top leaders? Guzzardo? Woodhead? SkidMarks? Lemme Know all great Rykel.

  25. January 14, 2011 8:44 pm

    Xango is a great product, Me and my wife have been using xango for about 1 month and feel more energetic and have a better sense of well being. they also have the very best team marketing program you will find,We love Xango

  26. January 15, 2011 12:27 am

    So I assume you’re still buying into the Xango illusion, eh Jack?

  27. Mike Erskine permalink
    March 14, 2011 10:05 pm

    Yes the video is true and yes the cases are taped shut because they just came off a u haul truck from top pins and the UPS truck from the company. I sold over 1.5 million dollars in product in 3 years to keep top pins fat and happy. Look close and you will see boxes inside boxes. The guy who thinks there empty is smoking the good stuff!

  28. STEFANO permalink
    April 17, 2011 2:46 am


  29. STEFANO permalink
    April 17, 2011 2:55 am


  30. April 18, 2011 1:27 pm

    Though this blog is in English, the content is meant for everyone trapped in abusive motivational organizations and suspect MLMs.

  31. aurora permalink
    April 18, 2011 12:48 pm

    This commenter requested that her comments be removed from this site.

  32. April 18, 2011 5:58 pm

    I think it’s Italian and here’s the google translation:

    Sorry, but requires you WHO YOU BUY ALL THOSE BOXES??

  33. XangoTruth permalink
    March 6, 2013 11:57 am

    Dear MLM Affiliates and MLM Advocates,

    My wife and I had a high ranking MLM distributorship in Xango until we were terminated in the fall of 2010. When we became Xango distributors we perceived Xango as a highly credible company. The more we learned and experienced firsthand, the more we began to unravel the truth behind Xango. Very few distributors make a profit. There is no required or effective retailing of product. After Xango added all their fees, shipping etc. etc. the price per bottle was $2.00 less than Xango’s website retail price. We were treated unfairly because we chose not to comply with Xango’s policy that leaders should make large monthly product purchases.
    The way that we were terminated was unethical and lacked any opportunity for resolve. Xango refused to release the evidence that they said they had against us until after we were terminated and acquired legal representation. When you reach a higher level in Xango you begin to understand that the dream is not what they portray. Only the higher ranked distributors know the truth and unfortunately we became a target. Build your downline, then have it taken away with no evidence or right to object.
    Our confidence in the MLM industry remains strong, what has been difficult is to know if a company is legal and fair before becoming a distributor.
    Your Friend & Colleague

  34. Melanie Morgan permalink
    March 6, 2013 1:58 pm

    Xango Truth~

    I appreciate and respect your comments. I have zero confidence in the MLM industry (recruiting & required buying from yourself) and I think your story is way more common and more the rule than not but thankfully there are more and more people like you who are sharing the reality of behind the scenes, the truth. And it isn’t anything like most boast of!

    We too were “picked as targets” so I can empathize with your story and know the ramifications. They end up with all your business partners and years of effort and act as if they are entitled. It does reveal the TOP’s real character and their true colors. I don’t believe for a second your case, ours, and so many others are not isolated in the industry, and believe it is because of those stories the “industry” is being forced to change.

    I believe birds flock together. The good news is the truth of cases like yours are all over being told which it makes it much harder for the hype to be believed and the industry to hide, what I consider corrupt so that I am grateful for that.

    Good luck, I wish you the best and a big shout and Thanks for your honesty!

  35. March 6, 2013 8:45 pm


    I thank you for doing the right thing.

    You say you still believe in this “industry”. There’s none the different within it. Your situation is actually the norm in the puerile, predatory, pretend “MLM industry” and not an exception. Do your own due diligence: get a hold of IDS data from a cross section of MLM industry outfits. You will realize that 97% + of MLMers don’t make money and bleed it to those higher on ups all by design. In fact in most cases that number is 99%+ losing their hard earned dollars.

    In light of this I would like to passionately appeal to your conscience to do the right thing for all those that you led into this situation who deep down are still convicted and “believe the dream” of which you now know the real truth of it’s non existence. Why don’t you take one more step and become a whistleblower to make a difference for the benefit of your former downlines and the entire “industry”?

  36. Jana permalink
    August 26, 2013 10:59 am

    Is it true that Xango is filing bankruptcy and moving all of their distributors to a new company because of their lawsuits and the fact that they are under investigation for pyramid scheme, securities fraud?

    [Editor’s note: I have not been following Xango that closely. Perhaps other readers can shed some light. There was a news report at the end of July saying they were trimming their workforce by 20% (~50 people)]

  37. Alex permalink
    October 24, 2013 8:48 pm


    I would love to have more information regarding that investigation. Last I’ve heard, Xango released a new product: Xalo, which has its own compensation plan and recruitment scheme, which is the same as in traditional Xango, but with a different product.

    Again, I don’t know if you will see this, or if you can provide more data, but I’m interested.

    I made my own estimations: At least 95% of the people in Xango lose money. Actually, if you were in Xango, you might have heard of the Iuvare system. It blatantly is a pyramid scheme!

  38. March 26, 2015 6:22 pm

    [Editor’s Note: This commenter requested that I remove his comments.]

  39. March 26, 2015 6:32 pm

    [Editor’s Note: This commenter requested that I remove his comments.]

  40. Melanie Morgan permalink
    March 28, 2015 10:36 am

    William Cochran~

    “To blame the company for this individuals lack of character is disingenuous.
    In Xango’s short 12 year History they have created over 140 millionaires. They also have over 700 families earning 6 figures. XanGo has also helped 250,000 people earn an extra $500 per month and helped over 170,000 people earn an extra $1000 per month.”

    Where are you getting this income claims status of the companies earners? Do you have a list of these 140 millionaires, 700 families who earn 6 figures,,250,000 that earn an extra $500 per month and the !70,000 people earn an extra $1000 per month? XanGo created? Would you be including Lennon Ledbetter in one of the 140 millionaires “XanGo created?”

    Are they still millionaires, 6 income earners etc. still with XanGo, if not Why? And they all built it from scratch, in XanGo, pretty impressive. Is there other sources of income, non related to XanGo that perhaps isn’t being disclosed? And those 700 families, are they all currently earning (year after year?) that 6 figure income solely through XanGo? are they ALL still with XanGo??

    I know you don’t mention this but it is important, Did any of those 140 millionaires, 6 figure earners: get a backdoor deal, how many, and which ones? And if any, how much are they being bought to bring their downlines from other MLMs and is or has their been Any lawsuits in relation to it?

    Can you with a clear conscience, say this “lack of character”…inventory loading to rank, you accuse this individual of, is an isolated, or just an “individual” case? Perhaps you didn’t mean it that way but that is how it sounds.

    How long have you been a XanGo distributor, and were you ever involved in any other MLM(s) prior to XanGo, which one(s) and for how long?

    I am sure, I will have other questions, and look forward to your answers.

  41. Vogel permalink
    March 29, 2015 9:56 am

    Wiliam Cohcran said: “To blame the company for this individuals lack of character is disingenuous.”

    Yo bud, why so smug? You shouldn’t be so cavalier as to cast aspersions about other people being disingenuous, given that Xango has been running a pyramid scheme selling crap fraud tonic for over a decade, fleecing thousands of people in a scam that’s virtually identical to what Monavie was doing with their “expensive flavored water” (as described by the product’s formulator Ralph Carson).

    That you, a Xango shill (and glass house resident), of all people should talk about being “disingenuous” is enough to make me hurl up my pancake breakfast.

    Please remember to come back and feign umbrage about how offended you are that I should call your integrity into question for hawking worthless fruit juice as a cancer remedy.

  42. Melanie Morgan permalink
    March 30, 2015 1:56 am


    “Virtually identical to Monavie, oh so true! I hadn’t spent any time reading anything about XanGo, except the Wikipedia link and heard it sells around 40 a bottle, and knew it was an MLM. I didn’t confirm this cost because I have no doubt it would be far to overpriced.

    Seems much the cookie cutter to the other MLMs, and their laundry list of standard MLM practices straight out of the MLM play book..fraudulent and unfair business practices, cut throat lawsuits with quite the thug behavior, false and dangerous medical claims, tax issues, U.S FDA warning ect..all the same… ad nauseam.

    It takes very little effort to recognize the MLM play book at work, and if I wanted to waste sometime digging, into XanGo, I have no doubt that I would find the same old MLM garbage.

    But Thanks to many people sharing the truth about all different MLMs, it helps me and I am always learning more and is more of the same, but those exposing the facts, and dedicated to helping others make informed decisions, is helpful and awesome.

    I see at least some progress! The truth is gaining momentum. Doesn’t matter the name of the company or product, they are all so very predictable. If you have seen one you have seen them all. This is only one link but it provided me with enough about XanGo, to make me disgusted and is a clear picture of what I believe you will find in most, if not all MLMs.

    William are you aware of this information? I would recommend reading it.

    “Mismanagement allegations” Reading this is just disturbing.

    Matches up perfectly with the thug behavior, hypocrisy and should be a real eye opener. You will find some serious allegations but again I see this as standard, just like every lawsuit I have read, they settle out of court to protect the real truth, and keep documents from public view, it then perpetuates their dirty little secrets:

    It is a perfect picture of the dirty thug like tactics, from the MLM play book. If Prospects or readers compare MLM’s while doing their due diligence and particularly pay attention to these lawsuits and allegations found and brought against each other by the owners, Top Distributors, it should leave no doubt who and what you will be associating with, and if that does set off the alarms, then perhaps ask a fifth grader for help.

    I have not doubt if I was to do more research on XanGo, I would find all the same rhetoric, false promises, income claims, deception, complex comp plan, praise and worship of the Top ‘leaders’ etc..etc etc. I would find it is.not any different from the other MLMs.

    Every lawsuit… Mlm Company vs MLM Company or Company vs Distributor, or vise versa that leaks or otherwise the public views, Imo, moves them closer to their own demise. Just as Vogel’s pointed out with the quote from Ralph Carson; “expensive flavored water”!?

    . I don’t see these lawsuits within the MLM world stopping anytime soon, likely they will continue to be more, whether it be class actions, Distributor vs. MLM Company, MlM Company vs. MLM Company, is self destructing and for sure isn’t helping their industry..

    I am reminded; “A house divided against itself, will fall”

  43. Melanie Morgan permalink
    March 30, 2015 8:57 am

    I wonder if William has heard of the convicted criminal, Sherman Unkefer?

    Who also made a fortune in XanGo, holy *&^% ! You don’t have to look far to see the sordid
    stories and serious criminal behavior of some from XanGo scam.

    The more you dig the uglier it gets! Classic!

  44. Vogel permalink
    March 30, 2015 7:01 pm

    Yeah the Unkefer story is mindbogglingly bad — and yet at this point in our education, not even a little bit surprising right? Par for the course. Spend 15 minutes digging into any one of these MLMs and the same kind of ghosts come tumbling out of the closet. Scam cults run by serially-offending megalomaniac con artists, and products that are utterly worthless.

  45. March 30, 2015 7:56 pm

    [Editor’s Note: This commenter requested that I remove his comments.]

  46. Vogel permalink
    March 31, 2015 7:38 am

    William Cohcran said: “you will notice XanGo had nothing to do with Mr Unkefers legal battle.”

    No, what I noticed was Xango’s attorney denying that they had nothing to do with Unkefers legal battle. Unkefer is emblematic of the kind of con artists who get involved in selling worthless snakeoil and pyramid schemes.

    William Cohcran said: “The main ingredient in XanGo is the whole fruit of the mangosteen. If you want to see what researchers are learning about the mangosteen you can go to PUBMED.GOV and search mangosteen. No health claims are made…”

    Nah, I’ll visit the FDA’s website instead and see evidence of how Xango was illegally marketing their BS fraud tonic as a disease remedy.

    Don’t you have an ambulance to chase somewhere?

  47. Melanie Morgan permalink
    March 31, 2015 1:31 pm

    William Cochran~

    “Notice of the 3 immediate responses to my posts completely fail to refute my information but redirect the conversation to attack the company.”

    Refute what, That the video was taken down? Haha, Really?

    And your information and allegations on the distributor? I am sure there is information to refute it, you just won’t provide it, you are expecting us to take your word for it, you will be disappointed? Don’t expect it. But perhaps you know “Mt Erskine” (did you mean Mr.) personally, or could provide a link where he verifies or refutes your story, that is if he hasn’t been gagged?

    I don’t doubt the company terminated him, but when was it, before or after he put the video up? How long had he been in and placing large orders, enough to get a garage full, before they noticed? Would they have terminated him, had he not put the video up? Hmm…There are many unanswered questions.

    I have hunch you have repeated what you have been told.

    You are using, damage control, MLM 101. Give just enough information to Blame distributor, then paint Xango as the pillar of integrity. And then hope and pray people take you on your word.

    Btw~I did notice you didn’t answer my questions, why not? Perhaps you were too busy looking for someone to refute the video and it became an oversight?

    William says: “In Xango’s short 12 year History they have created over 140 millionaires. They also have over 700 families earning 6 figures. XanGo has also helped 250,000 people earn an extra $500 per month and helped over 170,000 people earn an extra $1000 per month.”

    William, Again, Please provide the facts, documents, names of the 140 millionaires, 700 families earning 6 figures and the rest of the income earners.

  48. Melanie Morgan permalink
    March 31, 2015 2:11 pm

    “All large companies (MLM or otherwise) are always caught in constant litigation and malcontents allegations. Allegations are just that, allegations.”

    Are you referring to the allegations from Co-founders, lawsuits? Well, I guess we will never know if those allegations were just allegations. Common sense, William, those serious allegations were coming from one of the owners, do you honestly believe the owner made that &^%$ up?

    Perhaps that is exactly what inspires most if not all MLM to have that little arbitration agreement? They then can keep ‘allegations just allegations’. No doubt a mandatory necessity for MLMs, these settlements stay top secret and the records kept under lock and key, Perfect!

    Do you suppose this happened in the lawsuit against the Top Co-founders Xango? And so it forever gives you and the rest of Xango an out, doesn’t it? Then you can keep blowing it off as just “allegations” and going back to doing “business as usual”. then no one will ever be able to see what is truth and what is “allegations.”

  49. Melanie Morgan permalink
    March 31, 2015 5:57 pm

    William Cochran~

    Would this be the Erskines, the distributors who created the video to discredit & retaliate against Xango?

  50. April 1, 2015 12:49 pm

    I am requesting to remove my comments from this thread. Thank you

    [Editor’s Note: I generally abide by commenter’s requests to remove their comments from the site. That said, if other people quoted the original commenter in their own comments, I will leave them as-is.]

  51. switch permalink
    April 1, 2015 2:10 pm

    So William here, has the truth spelled out for him about his juice, then he tucks his tail and leaves??? If it were my site, I’d leave William’s comments up to show people what classic MLM’ers truly stand for. Why remove the comments, William, if you seem to stand so strong behind them?

    ….remind me to never go anywhere near Billerica, MA…. (looks like this is where William loves hawking his juice)

  52. April 1, 2015 3:35 pm

    I have removed William Cochran’s comments from this discussion. It’s my general rule to abide by commenter’s requests to remove his or her comments from this site. That said, if other people quoted the original commenter in their own comments, I will leave them as-is.

  53. freedomhaha permalink
    April 2, 2015 4:59 am

    He will just let time prove him right 😉

  54. Former distributors permalink
    July 1, 2016 6:05 pm

    We appreciate those that have supported Mr. Erskine and our feedback. Xango is currently under investigation. If any of you have been taken advantage contact other distributors that have experienced the same go straight to the FBI and the SEC show them your evidence, if you can try to meet them in person. if you have had to purchase product each month keep your records. We have suffered $600k in loss and over $200k in legal fees, all parties including our attorneys conspired our case. Keep your eyes and ears open our story and those guilty of criminal activity will be exposed in the national and international media. Thanks for all your support😊

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