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Orrin’s A-TEAM Plan B

February 14, 2011

There was a tweet by Orrin Woodward several weeks ago that bears commenting on:

A Plan B is just an admission that you have surrendered Plan A.

There’s a certain ambiguity in some of Orrin’s tweets which make them interesting to deconstruct and analyze. In this case, the question begs to whom is the quoted directed? Is it to those people who are leaving or recently left TEAM? Is he criticizing them for leaving TEAM and giving up on their dreams and goals? If the increase in comments on this blog, JuiceScam and LazyMan are any indication, some people realizing that it’s better to quit and run away from TEAM’s Plan A since it’s a quantifiable disaster. Maybe they would tell Orrin to his face something like:

You’re right that my Plan B is an admission that I’ve surrendered your Plan A. That’s because your Plan A sucks big-time!

Maybe the tweet is a reflection on Orrin’s own shifting goals. He’s certainly had his fair share of Plan A, B, C, D, E and F over the years. You could say his time in Amway — yes I know Orrin doesn’t want you to know that he was in Amway — was the original Plan A. Or maybe it was Plan B, with Plan A being the old college and working thing1. Nevertheless, Plan C turned out to be creating the Walmart of the Internet. No, wasn’t it trying to start a bonafide leadership and training organization? If that’s Plan D, what was/is MonaVie? Plan E? What about the rumors that TEAM might be reducing its involvement in MonaVie in favor of… get this… a Leadership and Training MLM? Plan D comes back to become Plan F?

The truth of the matter is, Orrin is fine with having multiple plans for himself, but not for his distributor force. By encouraging his flock to solely focused on TEAM, he keeps them dependent on him, which means more guaranteed tool and function money each month.

Here’s the scary thing out of all this. If Orrin does in fact move away from MonaVie, he’s removing the large obstacle in his path that prevents him from saying TEAM builds success stories. Back in 2009, he made a speech wherein he talks about how TEAM helps you in these five areas of your life:

  1. Spiritual
  2. Social
  3. Economic
  4. Political
  5. Mental

In his speech, he says TEAM helps people in four of these five areas. Guess which one he excluded? That’s right, economic. That’s because he knows and we know that succeeding in MonaVie is a mathematically proven, losing proposition for the majority of distributors. Getting rid of the purple albatross allows Orrin to re-categorize success as being successful in your spiritual life, social life, economic life, political life or mental life.

It’ll no longer be bait and switch… the bait becomes, “Look how good a person you’ll become by being a part of TEAM.” Pay (monthly) for Orrin’s wisdom, and you will be better than you’ve ever been before.

Is this Orrin’s new plan? Will people fall for this? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below!

1 Orrin does like to thumb his nose at college and jobs, but it’s interesting to note that the first paragraph on his web site states, “Orrin has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Manufacturing Systems Engineering from GMI and Business Administration training from the University of Michigan. He holds four United States Patents and an exclusive National Benchmark Award for technical product analysis.” So much for education!

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  1. Ryan Seewald - Job Free Musician. permalink
    February 27, 2011 6:02 pm

    huh. i was helped in all five. =) Really was a great speech i remember this one. Loved it.

  2. Will permalink
    February 27, 2011 8:23 pm

    Ryan you are such a tool. You will wake up a few years from now BROKE, Drained and full or sorrow/pain.

    Good luck to you, MATE!!!

  3. Speak Your Truth permalink
    March 1, 2011 10:10 pm

    Amthrax, I think this might be from #3; plan A switched to plan B or possibly ‘THE SCREW YOU OVER, KEEP SOMETHING HIDDEN,#1 PLAN”
    Someday soon I am sure we could get these answers? Or perhaps an attorney would be able to explain this one? Do you know any?

    BTW- The CONTRACT; They wrote up the contract, tricked us into signing it, during a seminar by having staff come get people by rows when the speakers were on stage speaking, haled us into a room, gave us 5 minutes to sign (gave the impression they were in a hurry because they had to get everybody there to sign it or we wouldn’t get paid) and after signing we assumed they would send us a copy and when asked they told us no they wouldn’t and we asked in writing to get it they said ” they are exercising their rights” we could drive to view it though (many hours away but that is was their proprietary information),voided out the old contract, came up with a new one, then wanted us to drive several hours to a seminar to sign the new one, “because they were going to a “voting from peers, like a law firm based on Honor & Class” all after they STOLE our earned profit-sharing and gave to it to I suppose our Diamond,( thought they were for EARNING IT, LIARS, sounds socialistic to me) knowing this was our sole income that we were living on!
    So, I never stated as you said we never made any money. And that people, is exactly how you spend hundreds of thousands of dollars in tools because you have to supply thousands to sustain your team! ( and eat thousands because they become obsolete, repeatedly)
    There is no one policing them, they are a private LLC, and unless you are willing to send me ten grand (just to start), or you yourself would like to sue them yourself, feel free! But remember they are the ones with millions and don’t forget you will probably tie your life up for many more years!
    Yep, that is the “Orrin Woodward & Team Policy Council Profit-sharing!”
    That Honest, Honorable, Godly, Christian Men & Women, Pure of Heart, Character & Integrity, You know the number 1 best seller of “Leadership”, The Top 10 Guru, that (screwed over many big leaders) don’t forget “Have Fun, Make Money & Make a Difference!” Whom when he goes to heaven God is going to say “Well done my good and faithful servant!”(He has said that many times, insinuating that is what he wants to hear)
    Whom I fear God for them and their wife’s, because I wouldn’t want to answer for the wake of destruction and those lives he tried to destroy!
    So there digest that for awhile! But don’t ever try and dishonor my experience and ignore the facts!

    Any comments from the warriors?


  1. Plans A, B, C, and D: Comparing Tweets By Orrin Woodward (Circa Jan. 2011) and Orrin Woodward (circa Dec. 2011) « AMTHRAX

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