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Xowii Evolves With Evolv

February 18, 2011

I missed this press release from a couple of weeks ago announcing the joining of forces between Xowii and Evolv. I’ve written about both companies in the past, mostly in reference to how former MonaVie Diamonds have left the purple juice concentrate MLM to sell a similar juice drink or bottle water.

In this article, there’s a list of the top Xowii money earners. Nearly 50% of them came from MonaVie. I can see how in the last few years — according to Dallin’s own words in the latest MonaVie On The Move newsletter — MonaVie hasn’t even gotten to the MLM playoffs, let alone with the MLM Super Bowl. Defections to other groups can have a deleterious effect on product sales and the flow of tools and function tickets to the Motivational Systems attached to an MLM (like TEAM or R3Global).

I wonder how successful this Evolv/Xowii business will be in the future. Will we see some kingpin shakeups and or defections in the near future? Time will tell! Perhaps some of these ex-MonaVie pins will move back to their former companies. Or maybe they’ll lure additional people to the Evolv/Xowii conglomerate. We’ll see!

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