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TEAM Family Radio

May 23, 2011

I watched with amusement the news reports this weekend of the disillusionment, confusion, and steadfast belief by followers of Family Radio leader Harold Camping. The Rapture didn’t happen as he predicted (twice) on May 21, 2011. Life went on, and no cataclysmic event happened that plunged the world into darkness, save for an Icelandic volcano exploding.

Some of his followers devoted significant amounts of time, money and faith into Camping’s false prediction. Now they are left with mounting bills, no jobs, no savings or worse yet, no hope. From an LA Times article:

Keith Bauer, a 38-year-old tractor-trailer driver from Westminster, Md., took last week off from work, packed his wife, young son and a relative in their SUV and crossed the country.

If it was his last week on Earth, he wanted to see parts of it he’d always heard about but missed, such as the Grand Canyon. With maxed-out credit cards and a growing mountain of bills, he said, the rapture would have been a relief.

Bauer said he was not bitter. “Worst-case scenario for me, I got to see the country,” he said. “If I should be angry at anybody, it should be me.”

In my opinion, Bauer’s should be bitter or angry because he’s been brainwashed by a cult leader. What I find to be incredulous is that some people still believe in Camping despite obvious evidence to the contrary. Here’s a quote from another Family Radio’s follower:

“You can imagine we’re pretty disappointed, but the word of God is still true,” he said. “We obviously went too far, and that’s something we need to learn from.”

Despite the failure of Camping’s prediction, however, he said he might continue working for him.

“As bad as it appears—and there’s no getting around it, it is bad, flat-out—I have not found anything close to the faithfulness of Family Radio,” he said.

Does this sound familiar? MLM Motivation Organizations like Orrin Woodward’s TEAM do a fantastic job of making people feel like it was they who failed as opposed to the MLM being fundamentally flawed. Stop me if you’ve heard quotes like this before:

Oh, we didn’t succeed in MLM because we just follow the System enough. The System works for those who work it, 100% of the time.

Yeah, they kinda lied to us about not making money on the tools, but I’m such a better person because of them. I don’t mind giving them the money to motivate me and turn me into a leader.

TEAM is truth. I would never, ever, ever leave Orrin Woodward and his godly organization.

No, no, no. People have been hoodwinked, snookered and brainwashed into believing all of this! These MLM Leaders have taken advantage over their flock, and caused them to give them or their organization significant amounts of their time, money and faith. What do these followers get in return? Brainflushed brains that, when the gig is up, THANK the leaders for brainwashing them! The leaders wield such influence that they get off virtually scot-free in the end when their scamming schemes are revealed to the public. Stop apologizing for THEM and start demanding apologies and restitution. People like Orrin Woodward talk big about being accountable. Yet at the first accusation, he’ll start deflecting and blaming the blamer. “Oh it’s not my fault, it’s yours.”


In my opinion, Orrin Woodward, R3Global’s Brig Hart, and others are no different from Harold Camping. They’ve been scamming people of their money, time and faith for decades now. This blog and others are revealing the truth about their snake-oil ways for the public to see. They may have devoted followers, but they can’t stop the truth from being revealed.

The final point from the article:

“Harold Camping will never hand out poisoned Kool-Aid,” Bynum said. “It’s not that kind of a cult. But he has set up a system that will destroy some people’s lives.”

Sadly, the financial and emotional Kool-Aid has already been handed out.

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  1. May 23, 2011 10:35 am

    Read Matthew 24:36

  2. Dorothy permalink
    May 23, 2011 12:00 pm

    This commenter requested that her comments be removed from this site.

  3. Burned Out With MV permalink
    May 24, 2011 3:17 am

    The shoe fits,

    Camping would do well in the MLM game as now he is saying ” Oops my calcuations were off, it’s now 10/21/11, my bad”

    Anybody else see the patern here?

  4. Speak Your Truth permalink
    May 24, 2011 2:44 pm

    Great points! Once you have seen and experienced one con artist and cult leader you pretty much have seen them all! It just seems so obvious now how they USE God to get what they want! This shyter managed to collect 18.3 million dollars in donations and has 104 million in assets, and when asked about all those ‘victims’ that bought his message, gave up everything and now have nothing left, I even read where people had put their animals to sleep. The sick con had the audacity to say well times are tough in this ecconomy that all those who lost everything, basically need to find famliy or someone to help them (paraphrased)! He isn’t willig to give anything up! A true con and cult mis-leader!
    This is way too eerie and wouldn’t be surprised if he isn’t related to some other heartless con’s I have known. They all play from the same play book so it is hard to tell them apart!

  5. Huperdeim permalink
    May 24, 2011 3:25 pm

    Luke 19:8 also comes to mind.

    It really is a sad situation. It would be so easy to mock, but really I just feel sad. What a tragedy for those who will lose their faith because it was misplaced.

    Interestingly, just as Amway and/or TEAM seem to have some ties to Mormonism (or am I mistaken?), the man who predicted the end of the world this month also based his prophecies (so I’ve heard, but haven’t yet confirmed for myself) on Mormon literature.

    But like I said, it’s hard for me to make light of it because I can’t see that it’s good in any way. Lives, relationships, even pets destroyed? Ouch! It hurts the heart.

  6. Speak Your Truth permalink
    May 24, 2011 4:31 pm

    Here is some quotes from the Pittsburgh Tribune;

    “Camping, who heads the Family Radio network of Christian radio stations, could not be found when reporters sought his reaction. His last doomsday prediction was in 1994.”

    “No one answered the phone at the radio station’s Oakland, Calif., headquarters, but a message offered callers an opportunity to buy products mentioned on the air or leave a message for employees working on Monday.”

    The second paragraph which all the callers could do was ‘BUY PRODUCTS MENTION ON THE AIR’ or ‘leave a message.’
    What kind of PRODUCTS, were for sale? Was it the usual paid advertising or did Camping have his own?

    Yes, the saddest part just as I have seen on the Team. The Team ‘mis-leaders’ are prideful when telling others they are ‘leading people to the truth,’ when in reality, because a lot of leaders have witnessed that the Team ‘leaders’ don’t follow what they preach, others have questioned their faith and in some cases they almost lost their faith.
    That is sad and disheartening.
    The same in Camping case, this most likely has crushed some people’s belief in their faith.
    What a shame.

  7. Burned Out With MV permalink
    May 25, 2011 3:44 am


    I see a similarity,

    MV to Amway, kinda like Camping to the Millerites of the 19th century.

  8. aurora permalink
    May 26, 2011 5:13 am

    This commenter requested that her comments be removed from this site.

  9. Speak Your Truth permalink
    May 29, 2011 3:20 pm

    Camping takes no responsiblity for his message, money taken from those followers but yet he continued and continues to tell them things to keep them believing in HIS false, message? He has no remorse, ‘apologized’ only because he was asked, but then took it back when he said, he doesn’t ‘feel bad’ about it. What would he do if they all tell him he is a fraud, expect their money back and every last one walk away? Everyone QUITS listening to him and his radio station, QUITS paying for advertisements and his radio station goes bankrupt, the best thing that could happen. What a sad state of affairs for all those ‘believers’ who now, some will probably be ‘looking’ (open they don’t run into any team recruiter) for something or someone to rescue them and will begin the vicious cult cycle all over again or lose their faith all together. Just like some from team, sad but true. Humiliated pointed this out, it is because people are looking to belong. It’s the same reason most join gangs. Hope there is some kind of earthly justice that gets served.

  10. Speak Your Truth permalink
    May 30, 2011 8:17 am

    Do you think Camping and those who stay w/him, will call those people, QUITTERS, LOSERS, & HATERS, who will Quit following him and his message?

  11. Burned Out With MV permalink
    May 31, 2011 4:04 am

    Probably Campo refers to the one’s that quit his cult as heritics and non believers, can’t help but wonder if any were left over from the last vision of the “Plastic Jesus riding on the dash board of his car” of the 90’s movement when again, nothing happened.

    Kinda like dumping Amway back in the 80’s and joining MV in the 2000’s thinking something changed, have to admit I fell for that one (Kicks self in ass), too bad they were no blogs like this one back then.

  12. Speak Your Truth permalink
    May 31, 2011 10:00 am

    Yes, sounds all too familiar.
    Any sane person, would call those who Quit (Winners & Survivors), leaving any destructive cult and false prophet who’s message rakes in ‘profit’ from that message.

    Orrin especially and others like him, try and use their little guilt trip/manipulation tactic, (that doesn’t work) by calling people who exposé the truth; victims, quitters, cowards, losers and haters.

    Quite the contrary! We have never met a bigger coward and hater, rather than go directly to the person (which they ‘preach’) he and his fall guys do not practice this, they go around people to others, he and others think they can manipulate,( thru threats in some cases) because he doesn’t have the guts to face people that know who he really is behind that fake mask or give him the power he thinks he has.
    We have seen this continually, through his cowardly message from his ‘blind followers’, blogs, and his ‘tweets.’

    They also do this through their ‘messages’ and speaking topics from stage and in the higher qualified, ‘leadership’ meetings where they bash people for what they ‘hear’ from those who report on people (cult tactics). This keeps them in the authoritarian, cult position.
    They try and humiliate, manipulate and guilt people through these messages.
    Can’t tell you how many times people would say; I felt like they were talking about or directly to me. Yep, that is exactly what they wanted you to think because they were! LOL people thought their ‘ all knowing’ information came from some ‘higher power’ that only they had access to. They got that information about you’ not conforming’, deviating from the cult system, through others who told on you like little grade school kids tattling.
    This is the information they tattle on you to their ‘upline’ when ‘counseling’ lol about their groups!
    Talk about gutless cowards, why didn’t they just tell you people were reporting on you and confront you to your face? Cowards didn’t have the guts to tell you to your face.

    The only ones falling for this manipulation are those who stayed, and continue to be controlled by Orrin and the PC. It is pretty delusional, their false sense of power over people.
    What have they proven, they can sue people. Whop tee do, Is this conflict resolution?
    His opinion doesn’t mean squat. Doesn’t matter how big he thinks he is on his throne of dictatorship, most of us know the real truth.

    There are many who agree about Amthax’s blog and many others who have the courage to reveal the truth about the facts & corruption. All these people with almost identical stories can’t all be lying and are certainly not cowards, losers or even haters. More people need to share their stories. When Eric Schreiber’s website was up there was hundreds and hundreds of stories from all over the world who shared the same stories about the destructive ‘system abuses’ that dates back decades.

  13. I Quit ( and glad I Did) permalink
    May 31, 2011 10:52 am

    Quitting is cool. Thats why we did it. Bite me Orrin.

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