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July 3, 2011

As the owner of this blog, I get to see all of the comments that come into this site. Because there are so many posted during the day/week/month, they might be missed by readers. You have contributed so much to this site, and it’s only proper that I recognize some of your most insightful ones for others to read.

So, from time to time, I will be posting some of the best ones in this new section. Bookmark the Featured Comments category for future reference.

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@No Team For Me writes in MonaVie MVP – Training For International Distributors about how their CDs can be tailored to any MLM business. It never is about Amway, Quixtar or MonaVie; tools are always about serving TEAM’s interest above all others:

I could be wrong, but I’m not so sure MonaVie is fully behind Orrin’s LIFE project. Team CD 582 “A Business Like No Other” by Orrin, Chris & Tim which was released this past year gives a few clues to how loyal Team is to MonaVie.

The CD is a casual discussion between them while they are at Bora Bora (a trip paid for by MonaVie). However, conveniently, they never mention MonaVie by name. They talk repeatedly about ‘the community building industry’ which they are in. And they are in Bora Bora because one of the companies in the community building industry gave them a reward of the trip.

Why would someone not mention the name of a company who gave them a free trip to Bora Bora????

It really gives the impression that they were planning their exit at that time. They never mention MonaVie by name during the whole CD and at several points kind of give the impression that the company and the product really aren’t too important. What’s most important is the community of people you are in with.

I could be wrong, but I have a feeling that once LIFE gets rolling, Team members will gradually stop promoting MonaVie and focus on selling LIFE system products. Just my opinion.

@Not That Team shares a heartbreaking story of his best friend of 20 years who has become a stranger due to the influence of TEAM/MonaVie. Originally posted in the Ex-TEAM Members post:

First off thank you to everyone for posting your comments regarding TEAM, it re-enforced what I already believed and that is that I want nothing to do with TEAM or their snake oil fruit juice. Below is my personal story of how I cam to know about TEAM and the product they hawk that has led me to do my own on-line research.

My best friend of almost 20 years became involved in TEAM about a year ago and since then I have noticed quite a few changes in him, none of them positive.

It began with him beginning to constantly quote these “leadership” sayings and acronyms that he receives via text and twitter.

He treats his children as if they are a burden and frequently tells his teenage daughter she has failed a something if she doesn’t apply the TEAM principles that he is always quoting. He treats his wife as if she is a nuesance and tells her his lack of success is because of her lack of faith.

He started really bad mouthing his own Pastor and saying what a terrible leader he is and that he was learning leadership from some “guru’s” who could teach him a thing or two.

He has begun distancing himself from those of us who were once his friends and church family. He rarely comes to church anymore because he “sick” but has never missed a TEAM meeting or event. I, his best friend, haven’t talked to him, up until this last weekend, for almost 2 months.

We sat and talked during an anniversary party this past weekend he was telling me that he was done with all negativity in his life, then proceeded to tell me how stupid the party was and it was a waste of time and that he could be doing something much better with his time. (Very positive stuff). He then (after a little leading conversation on my part) told me that TEAM teaches that contact with anyone who isn’t “on board with community building” should be severly limited.

I then asked him what is TEAM. He broke out his “first day” packet of materials which consisted of 2 CDs and a propaganda book. He then got out his cheat sheet and began giving me the sales pitch for joining TEAM. During the conversation I stopped him and asked him to just explain it to me as his best friend not a recruit. He said he couldn’t talk about it any other way. He told me about the cash flow quadrant, which I was already familiar with, and then asked me about my “want circle” and tried to sell me on how much money I could make but that the money was secondary to building a community and bringing real leadership back to America through the teachings of Orrin Woodward.

I then asked how one makes money with TEAM and all he would say is by building community and using my own products. I pressed him and asked what TEAM sold and he said they sell nothing they only use their own juice products and build communities.

Now, I would like to stop here for a second and explain that my education is in accounting and for the life of me I couldn’t figure out how someone makes money by only buying products they sell to themselves, a person pays for the juice they drink, now mathmatically the juice company would have to send a person a commission check for an amount greater than what that person spent on the juice for them to make money by only using their own product. If I am incorrect please someone explain it to me.

To make a long story a little less long he finished his presentation and invited me to a meeting the following Tuesday. I began my exploration into TEAM, Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady that same evening.

I contend that TEAM is a scam, they sell people on the dream of being a buisness owner and not being an employee but, when you buy the juice product and use it the proceeds go up the line, when you recruit others their sign up fees and CD/Book purchase money goes up the line until you start your “second leg” and obtain a specific number of recruits (community) then you get a percentage but most of the money still goes up the line. The simple fact is you are still working for someone else, except that you are now working straight commission and you have to spend a lot of money on a consistent basis with a comparitively low ROI (Return on Investment).

Our final comment of the week comes from a discussion about how Orrin Woodward became Black Diamond in 3 months of his joining MonaVie. Was some re-arranging of the original Amway/Quixtar Line of Sponsorship (LOS) done to position Orrin Woodward at the top of the pyramid? You decide.

By @No Team For Me in the post We Aren’t Doctors, Financial Planners, or Counselers… We Just Pretend To Be Them On Stage.

Dorothy – When the switch was made from Quixtar to MV, many huge leaders were not in Orrin’s downline – Randy Haugen, Jerry Harteis, Billy Florence, Don Wilson, Chuck Goetschel, Claude Hamilton, Mark Crawford, John Sims, Bill Newton, Effie Reid, Roger Sitzler, Chris Mattis, and many more. Of the estimated 25,000 people who were at the big function Orrin had in Kentucky the year of the switch, I’d be surprised if anything over 1/3 were actually in Orrin’s original downline.

Once the switch to MonaVie was made, everyone was placed in strategic positions which happened to reward those who were in Orrin’s original downline and who were the most loyal during the switch.

All of the above leaders and their groups (who were not part of Orrin’s original downline) were sponsored into MonaVie in Orrin’s downline. Therefore all of the above leaders and their groups are now part of Orrin’s MonaVie business. and those who saw the light and left Team, found that many of their downline (while still downline in MonaVie) were solicited to stay with Team and therefore were transferred to other Team loyalists regarding the Team system income.

One of the biggest current growing Team leaders is Chris & Danea Mattis under Roger Sitzler who were placed under Tim Marks as they were not in Orrin’s Quixtar downline. Claude & Lana Hamilton, PC members were actually downline from Randy Haugen. Bill & Jan Newton and Jim & Kathy Paullin were Diamonds in a crossline Dexter group in Quixtar, but are now in Tim Marks downline.

When you look on the Team website, a good percentage of the groups from Canada, Pennsylvania, California, etc were not a part of Orrin’s downline in Quixtar.

And, does anyone else notice that the writing style of “Other Guy” is erily similar to that of Orrin, ie. in depth quotes from books, language, style etc. Hmmmmm I can tell you for a fact that Orrin regularly reads Amthrax and fumes about it on a regular basis.

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