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MonaVie Black Diamond Rick Gutman Leaves For Visalus

July 7, 2011

This news broke about a week ago. I read that Black Diamond Rick Gutman has left For Visalus after five years in MonaVie on The MLM Attorney (written by the former legal counsel to TEAM). In this YouTube video, he cites MonaVie’s retention rate is 5-10% while Visalus is 20%. He also talks about a more balanced profit plan between the top, bottom and middle (give it a few years and it will look just like MonaVie).

Rick Gutman joins another former Black Diamond, Robert Dean. There’s another rumor that Brian and Jill Cattano have left MonaVie for Visalus as well.

What I remember most of Rick Gutman was his video on the MonaVie Media website “prospecting” people in the parking lot of a strip mall. No surprise, but this video is nowhere to be found on MonaVie’s website anymore. My suspicions about the sketchiness of the video were confirmed when I came across this link in which Michael Cheryl writes:

We are the people in this videoRick Gutman set the whole thing up. You should take this down. We did not give permission to put this on line. Do you really think Rick is that Good.

Some random things from watching the video and reading the comments on this Business For Home blog post:

  • Rick says that he wasn’t paid to join Visalus.
  • Rick used to be part of Brig Hart’s R3Global, but apparently was kicked out.
  • Some comments point out that Rick hasn’t qualified Black Diamond for some time.
  • Watch the body language with his hands. Did he think the camera would crop that out?

The comments on this are especially interesting to read. There’s a lot of backstabbing going on between Rick supporters and detractors. One from Lance Smith, Blue Diamond Executive in MonaVie, though stands out from the crowd:

I don’t know you personally but I know your situation very well. I have been full time in the industry for over 22 years and I have seen many people in your spot change companies. We will miss you over here at Monavie and hope you do well… just do it with class.
There are two roads you can choose here;
First, You can let people know that you didn’t have much of a group left, hadn’t really built the business in a year or so, then go contact some new people and go knock it out of the park. If this is what you do, I will be cheering for you along with many others.
It will be great for you as a person, great for Visalus, and great for our industry.

However, If you act like you left Monavie as a qualified Black Diamond, then try to recruit everyone you have met crossline and downline as though you never stopped building, then bad mouth the company that paid you over a million dollars back in the day when you were actually working it, you should have a hard time looking in the mirror.
One of the easiest things to do when you lose your entire group is to jump into another company and try to use the credibility you received from your crossline friends to rape their group. I pray that is not the case here.

Visalus is a good company with some great people at the corporate level and in the field. Blake Mallen is someone I respect and my wife’s cousin is a three star ambassador.
I do wish you and the company success… just do it the right way.
Karma is alive and well in this industry and what you sow is what you will reap.


Lance Smith
Monavie Blue Diamond Executive

This is another good comment from the same blog post. I’ve added some paragraph breaks for easier reading:

The TRUTH July 5, 2011 at 7:15 am

JFK – MVP- NOTAFAN are probably Todd Hartog, Joe Licciardi or these other Black Diamond idiots who can never and will never be able to build a downline again in their lives. Dont all of you get it?? Monavie was simply the perfect storm…a 2 year storm that caused only a handful of people to make a ton of money. And those handful of people caused false hope in thousands that to this day think ” I just have to sponsor one good one” or now the story has changed since the US is dead and the story is ” BUILD INTERNATIONAL” when none of these poor people have any ability to build a downline here in the US let alone internationally.

Rick Gutman is not the first black diamond to leave nor will he be the last as 80% of them DONT MAKE ANY REAL MONEY ANYMORE!!! Their downlines are gone!!!!!! Do you really think all these black diamonds actually still qualify as black Diamonds? Oh did you think they qualify to go on these trips? NO!!! The company has to pay for them to go to cancun take pictures smile and give the same story as always “someday you can be here too”.

If the company doesnt do this then the reality sets in…..that monavie is dead in the US, and pretty soon will be dead internationally. Notice they dont make an income disclosure statement anymore? Notice all of a sudden Brig isnt at the top of the income earners list on business for home?

The thing is a sinking ship! You really think the new Black diamond actually made it??? Come on now that was a gift from Uncle Steve. Rick just basically stopped drinking the cool aid, and in all honesty hes going to go ride the visalus cool aid for a little bit as soon that will die down too.


Want proof, I dare you to grow some _____ and go walk to your black diamond right now and ask them to open up their back office and SHOW THEM THEIR PAY CHECK. GO Ahead, but only do it unless you are ready to finally stop drinking the kool aid, and wasting your life chasing a fake dream that was created during the perfect storm of the US economic meltdown between 2006-2008. Are you ready for the truth? Ask to see any Black Diamonds money history in the last 12-35 months…….and get ready for the truth.

Who do you believe? Is the truth somewhere in-between? Could everyone be telling the parts of the truth?

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  1. aurora permalink
    July 8, 2011 4:10 am

    Don’t know about mona vie, but it seems this is a snapshot of mlms today. So glad I’m out.

  2. Speak Your Truth permalink
    July 10, 2011 10:59 pm

    Amthrax~ This is a great article and very interesting, I too read all the comments on the Business From Home Blog. It reminds me of what Vogel had said on a post quite a while ago when he put up a link to a picture of a snake eating it’s own tail and if my memory is serving me, he made the comment about how they would turn on each other.

    After I read the blog, it became very evident that those in ‘the industry’ are bashing and mostly clearly are turning on each other.

    I do not know Rick Gutman in anyway, never heard him speak, don’t really care what company he is with but obviously others do.(except him on video) It is very telling when people from MV and other MLM’s rip on him and then some praise him for leaving.

    Thought they were about encouraging their fellow cross-line buddies and protecting the ‘image of MLM industry?’ Apparently, NOT. So they aren’t as positive or caring and loving as they PRETEND to be, just as I stated in another post or different from the rest of the world? One comment in particular said something to the effect about this video; he is saying the same thing that he said not long ago, like 2 months when promoting MV. No kidding? They all have.

    Well, that would be the most blantant hypocrical statement of all in the industry, isn’t that what they have all done? Clearly the comments on their is doing nothing positive for THE ONLINE REPUTATION! Remember, what the leader does so follows the followers.

    Orrin likes to blame the ‘negative truth’ on the internet, it is evident that MV confirs with their Online Management of the Reputation Memo. I really couldn’t believe someone said that, isn’t this what all the top leaders in MV are doing? Didn’t they all come from another MLM they promoted before MV? I don’t know every single one of those in the high ranks, but there are plenty of them that came from other MLMs, way before MV was around.
    The ones from the Team and Brig all came from Q/Amway and did the exact same thing, did they not? Amway was the ‘best business bar none’, according to Orrin and promoted it for decades, I have also seen Brig speak on an Amway stage, then on to MV where that is the is the best and now onto L.I.F.E? There is absolutely NO DIFFIFERENCE, they have all promoted whatever business they are apart of at the time and all have been an at least 1 other and sounds like some have had multiple ones.

    If I were them I would quit worring about the Online Repuation being affected by the ‘negative truth sites’, why manage them when the problem is internal. Sounds to me like they better figure out a way to lead the herd of cats in their own leadership and industry; based on those comments they are taking themselves out.

    This is flipping amazing to me, they claim to ‘teach these leadership principles’ and doesn’t look like any of their comments were all that encouraging and most were down right dissenting. A house divided against it self will fall! Looks like it is well on its way!
    Can’t blame us, we aren’t buying it, they are doing it to themselves. That is not my goal but they can’t be blamers, leaders lead.

    So looks like Vogel is right; they are turning on themselves. It is obvious some of them turned on this guy and very evident MV is becoming divided, one even called him a ‘TRADER!’ I would bet there were a few more that wanted to say it too.

    This is exactly how Orrin responds to those who leave the Team. So looks like it is pretty standard and looks to me like there is trouble in paradise and hope they never blame the truth tellers again!

    It is obviously getting ugly in the industry; not stable within and it is showing up; without! The industry breeds some outrageous, out of control egos, and time will reveal what ‘the price’ that will be paid for this! Sounds like they have surpased all the bashing they have done to the corporations that are just so terribly negative. 🙂

    After reading Lance’s comments, I think I might need Matt to ‘read between those lines’ just saying. 🙂


  3. Speak Your Truth permalink
    July 10, 2011 11:06 pm

    BTW , this is some good advice what TRUTH says:

    ” Want proof, I dare you to grow some _____ and go walk to your black diamond right now and ask them to open up their back office and SHOW THEM THEIR PAY CHECK. GO Ahead, but only do it unless you are ready to finally stop drinking the kool aid, and wasting your life chasing a fake dream that was created during the perfect storm of the US economic meltdown between 2006-2008.”

  4. July 22, 2011 9:40 am

    Dear Mr. Rick Gutman,

    I respect your decision to find a new home with ViSalus. In my personal opinion this video is not appropriate. As you know our industry has bad reputation to a lot of people. They accused as Pyramid Scam. This video will not help our industry. I respect all legit Networking company because they give us opportunity to achieve our hopes and dreams. There are no 100% perfect companies but I am confident most of the Networking Company are looking for the goodness of their distributor. People are the back bone of Networking Companies. Our Company ViSalus has a great leader and we don’t want a bad reputation. I hope you just promote yourself w/o the expense of your previous home. Even we are different networking company we need to think we are just one industry. We have the same mindset to help people achieve their hopes and dreams. I hope 5 years from now you still with ViSalus. If ever you found a better company, I hope you have a good start and praise ViSalus for the time you spend with the Company. People will respect you more and join your team. We are leaders so we need to set example. English is my second language and I apologized for grammatical error.

    Jonathan Ferrer
    Bodybyvi Promoter

    Affiliate Marketing of FOREX Trader

  5. CGC permalink
    April 20, 2012 5:04 pm

    Now Joe Licciardi is going to ACN.

    He obviously has mastered the art of saying nothing of substance.

  6. Billy permalink
    April 30, 2016 6:00 pm

    Rick Gutman, get it right people his name is Eric Gutman. Don’t believe his BS this guy is a snake oil salesman. Now with John Dvries another Sociopath bi poplar clown. Lets se how many lives then can ruin. Ever seen the inside of Ricks house? He hasn’t either, he pretty much ripped off all our friends and if anyone ever came forward he would have a lot of paying back. I could go on but look at the facts.


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