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Featured Comment of the Week

July 13, 2011

This comment by Chuckles takes the prize as the featured comment of the week.

He shares his story of being in at the time of TEAM’s split from Amway/Quixtar. New TEAM members probably aren’t familiar with Orrin’s promises of the “Walmart of the Internet.” I wonder if Orrin would deny saying those things if asked today by a TEAM member. Would he categorize them as lies and falsehoods? Or would he say that TEAM is still on the path to providing a “Walmart of the Internet” business opportunity for its members?

I’m having trouble connecting the dots between MonaVie to L.I.F.E. to Walmart of the Internet. Sounds more like Orrin wants to position himself as Sam Walton so that he can earn most of the income.

Unlike my previous featured comments, comments are open on this post. Thanks to Chuckles for sharing his story.


Obviously you learn well. Your attitude and descriptions you use toward us are very familiar to me. I will address that after a littlle background.

You see, my upline and I were very tight. We were road warriors together. We strategized and socialized together. I was the leader in his second largest leg. We were on system and bought extra tickets to move downline. We reached Turbo 50 before the break and were headed toward building a third leg. Then the “War” begun. It was going to be “open and shut” according to my “friend”.

I was told within weeks we would have the ‘Walmart of the Internet’ up and running. I was even told we had a “major” oil company on board. We would be able to get gasoline cheaper than the general public. Energy drinks, toothpaste and anything else we could get at the store would be our with a click of a mouse and we would GET PAID for doing so and bringing others in.

Then we got Mona Vie. But, that was ok because it was just a stopping off point to gather our troops and organize our downline. My friend said, “in the front door and out the back.” Then the shopping portal would be there.

In the meantime others close to him were leaving for various reasons (including Orrin’s shenanigans). He would sit with me for more than one evening telling me what losers and cowards they were for not believing and staying true to the “vision”. He would say they were not strong and did not have what it took to be successful. Of course, as a faithful minion, I shook my head and agreed with what was being said.

As time went by I witnessed dwindling attendance and more people dropping off. After about 2 yrs of that I said enough. If this is meant to be a business I should be able to make a profit. I was bringing people in and systematizing them, but the money was still less than what I was spending.

When I called my friend (upline) about another business opportunity that was closer to what we were promised, he went ballistic. Accused me of being a traitor to the cause. I was told I lost my courage, many other hurtful things transpired, and I thought, “could this really be happening?” I was devastated. My wife cried over the lost friendships we had with others on TEAM. How foolish we were to think we could do something different and remain friends with these people. This man claimed to be a “Christian” it was just unbelievable how we were treated by him.

You know though, even after all that, we were so engrained in the “system”, we contemplated going back.

Then we talked with others who had left and were treated similarly. We realized we were not alone, there were others like us that were disillusioned. Some had big teams that were cranking, they spoke from stage and were edified by others including Orrin. Heck it took me 5 full months to break away from system. I had to do a little at a time, first tickets then one cd at a time.

You see Jason, you really are one of us. You want to leave, you are just afraid. I know this because when others left our group, as I mentioned, we talked of how they were loser and cowards, much like what you are saying about us.

I understand, I was afraid also. But, it will be alright, when you do some research, you will find that you are being deceived just like the rest of us, and rest assured, you will find friends here.

I apologize to all for being so wordy, but, this was on my mind.

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  1. Speak Your Truth permalink
    July 13, 2011 12:54 pm

    Team deception~ thanks for the link. 🙂

  2. July 31, 2012 1:10 am

    I have to laugh because you still don’t see where you went wrong. First its a business, its not a relationship. I have ran multiple businesses going on 20 years now. The market can change just ask Kodak film. You looked up to this guy as something more than just a man. You idolized him. You don’t do that in business. Maybe in corporate America where you must get others to like you in order to advance but not when you are building a business. This person was your business partner. He is going to be upset because you are bailing on his business. There may have been a better opportunity that was a better fit for you. Or maybe the business could not return the amount you were investing. As a business owner you always look at your profit statement. It will tell you if you are getting the needed return on investment. In your case you were not but didn’t realize it until late in the game. That is not anyones fault but your own. Its your business, know how to run it. Next, you do not have to purchase more to build your team. That requires a different skills set which involves prospecting and networking. The information you were able to get from life gave you the core principles to succeed. But not so much on the technique needed. There is a difference. You didn’t know how to maintain and grow your business while cutting cost. For example, trips you make to conventions those are tax right offs. But if you don’t have the income to write it off in taxes, then why did you go. I could see going in the begining but you should at some point learn enough to become independant and thus can grow your team with little help. But you kept spending, with less return. Instead of disecting your business model and makeing tweaks to improve the bottom line you did nothing. No matter what business you start you will have to learn this basic fact. As for your break up and the hurt you felt. I am sorry you had to experience that. But its part of the business, meaning some times an opportunity that is good one day may not be as great 4 years from now. I think you would have had a different out come if you stuck to your budget and understood your own puropose and dreams. If you wanted a Yacht, you always check to see when your business will give you that. That will lead to how much you would have to put in it to get it. Next time around if you decide to finally to try building a company again learn from you past mistakes and you will get better.

  3. Mike Collins permalink
    August 1, 2012 9:23 am

    That’s great stuff jason!! Thanks for the belly laugh!!!! Please continue to check in here as your real education in MLM continues……….we’ll be here to help you sort out what went wrong. Until then………

  4. Brent Hansen permalink
    August 1, 2012 7:16 pm

    @Jason, I follow your train of thought, you think people here are way to emotionally attached to their situations, correct? My personal belief lies somewhere in between where many people here stand, and where you stand. Although I detest top-heavy, breakage laden, legalized money grabs, and those who perpetuate them, I take responsibility for my decisions. After all, no one held a gun to my head, and forced me to join.

    Take the emotions out of it and you have a model created to enrich a few. Failure by design is the name of the game. And for someone to “make tweaks” or “stick to their budget” really has nothing to do with it at all. When a plan is designed for 96% of participants to fail, that is a powerful force to be reckoned with.

    One thing that pro-mlm people fail to recognize is the difference between statistical evidence and designed mathematical failure, do you know the difference?

    Its a very thin line between your hypothesis and reality, only legislation bought and payed for by the DSA keeps it all together. Please explain your stance and thoughts about a legal pyramid, and an illegal one. What is the difference, and what makes you believe the way you do?

    If your entire theory were true, you could say the same for Madoff victims, couldn’t you?Mathematically speaking, I will bet more people received payouts or earned from the Madoff scheme than from MLM. He kept paying early investors until the bottom got so wide it couldn’t be managed anymore. Theoretically, is there any difference?

  5. MustHaveBeenTerribleMother permalink
    August 17, 2012 5:21 pm

    Back on July 31, 2012, Jason Walson said: “You looked up to this guy as something more than just a man. You idolized him. You don’t do that in business. Maybe in corporate America where you must get others to like you in order to advance but not when you are building a business.”

    Jason, honestly, are you about 22-25 yrs old or something? 18?

    Have you bothered to look at the 8/11/2011 video on Utube with Woodward up on the stage yelling the equivalent oft

    NO MLM will EVER be as great as this new LIFE one, because….we (LIFE) have Mr. Chris Brady!!” (among other various and sundry claims on how LIFE methodology will be the end education for an America they take back, and how Woodward’s own ancestral stroll to the new continent have produced our new “god”, etc.)

    If I need to explain the ramifications of what is in that video, just prior to the launch of LIFE, I have some warm pablum and some Sensitive Similac Formula left at grandma’s house for you after your diapers get changed.

    If that doesn’t get you at least awake enough to be pissed off at grandma here….I’d at least like to know your definition of the differences between “Corporate America” and “building a business.” You mean sub-contracted, bottom-dweller poopyliners must now discern what IS and WHAT IS NOT “corporate” about the the ORIGINATORS of Type-B, hidden dual-pyramidal scams which are all but guaranteed to eventually end in failure—when at the same time, these false idols do EVERY TRICK they’ve ever learned to do JUST that, i.e., draw you in and get you to idolize them?

    The tactics they use should be as illegal as crystal meth infused into you without your realizing it. What they do is an invisible, long-term date-rape drugging, and they confabulate, obfuscate and speak in gibberish “tongues” about how ANY failure on your part, is, of course, your own damn fault..

    AGAIN, in Jason, we see SCHIZOPHRENIC TENDANCIES INSTILLED, PER CONVOLUTED PLAN BY THE WASPS OF WOODYLAND (White Anglo-Saxon Protestants Schizophrenia—to understand this old moniker involving the development of a work ethic–which should be WASP, but I added the last “S”, check your history book)

    (I agree with Brent re: Bernie Madoff–LOL!!)

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