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No One Pays For Mentorship in LIFE – George Guzzardo

August 19, 2011

I read George Guzzardo’s latest post on “Community and Life Coaching” and did a big double-take when I read this line:

Another big plus is that no one pays for mentorship in LIFE. I can’t think of any business that offers one on one mentorship or coaching that doesn’t charge for it.

Excuse me?!?

I can count dozens of ways you will pay for mentorship in LIFE:

  1. Pay for CDs produced by the TEAM leadership
  2. Pay for books selected by the TEAM leadership
  3. Pay for tools — created by the TEAM leadership — to use and hand out to prospects
  4. Pay for Open tickets to hear the teachings of TEAM leaders
  5. Pay for TEAM Casts to watch the teachings of TEAM leaders
  6. Pay for Major Function tickets to hear the TEAM leadership
  7. Pay for hotels — selected by the TEAM leadership — when you go to a Major Function in another city
  8. Pay for gas to drive everywhere while building your business.
  9. Pay with your time to attend all of these events
  10. Pay for food late at night during those Night Owl sessions at Denny’s with the TEAM leadership
  11. Pay with your mental faculties as you get brainwashed by TEAM/LIFE
  12. Pay $130 just to get started on your leadership journey — as directed by the TEAM leadership

Orrin Woodward himself says that you will pay in LIFE:

New members of LIFE can get started own their own business for under $150 which includes the first leadership materials. Through investing as little as $50 per month for personal development, he is fully qualified for bonuses.

According to Ex-TEAM members, you will pay dearly for all of these things in order to get “mentorship” from the leaders in TEAM/LIFE.

This post by Guzzardo is another reason why I feel that LIFE is a LIE.

Readers – What are other ways you will be made to pay for “mentorship” in TEAM/LIFE?

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  1. Steve (Peachy) permalink
    August 19, 2011 6:00 am

    Are they flipping kidding. What in the heck makes them or anybody else mentioned in that blog an expert on being a so called L.I.F.E. coach? Whatever that is supposed to mean. Let us all play along with the diversity community building mentorship angle. I can just see it now, the doctor and the cab driver sitting down having coffee at their mentorship meeting after the Tuesday Open, and the doctor who is downline from the cabbie asks, “I want to know how you balance your work and Team building L.I.F.E., with your L.I.F.E. at home? Because my wife says that I am not home enough to take care of the things around here.” And the cabbie answers, “Where I come from we have multiple wives, which one are you taking about?” Expert L.I.F.E. coaching at it’s finest. Can’t wait to mentor with my upline coach next time. Just sayin……

  2. Steve (Peachy) permalink
    August 19, 2011 6:11 am

    Sorry Amthrax I kinda went off topic there. It just burned my butt when I read that blog. It just the same crap repackaged. I guess the best I could say about that mentorship is that it is priceless. There are so many ways that kind of L.I.F.E.coaching will cost you.

  3. Samantha permalink
    August 19, 2011 6:25 am


    So who wants to file for bankruptcy? Get evicted from their home? Lose a $25 million lawsuit? Alienate friends (real friends) and family?

    These are the results that too many Round Table and Policy Council members have gotten over the past several years. They won’t volunteer this information, though. They will stand on stage and tell you they have the results you want, and you need to listen to them and follow them, blindly down that rabbit hole.


  4. I Quit ( and glad I Did) permalink
    August 19, 2011 8:01 am

    My experience with “mentorship” on the Team was this: If you aren’t getting consistent, forward progress with your numbers then you don’t “qualify” for time with your mentor. If you aren’t “movin’ on” then you obviously aren’t showing enough plans. Can you please explain to me George how I can show plans for free so I can get results so I can qualify to sit down and benefit from your vast store of knowledge in all things “life” so I can walk away with all my free information to succeed?

    I didn’t think so.

  5. Speak Your Truth permalink
    August 19, 2011 10:20 am

    This is a JOKE! Oh You Will Pay Dearly, in more ways than one, you can take that to the bank (their bank)! Just as Amthrax pointed out; for unqualified and in some cases illegally advised ‘mentorship’! They have some pretty and deep philosophical mentorship (lol) that can be summed up like this: “KEEP DOING WHAT YOU ARE DOING!”

    As webelieved pointed their advice is always to keep you in the performance commerical (cult) mode for THEM! That is it in a nut shell!
    Let us see; are they qualified?

    (F)aith~ NO!Definitely NOT, they tell people to leave church, and are NOT Pastors.

    (F)amily~ NO! Definitely NOT licensed counselors and you will spend all your time away from your family you reward will be regret!

    (F)itness~ Only if you can ‘afford it’ I guess that is all you need to know about fitness, LHOL

    (F)inace~ NO! Most Definitely not qualified or licensed financial advisors (see Samatha’s commets)

    (F)ollowing~ Yes,They are qualified in coercion and manipulation (but best to see a cult expert)

    (F)reedom~ No!The biggest LIE ever, you will become a SLAVE in both time & money
    (F)un~ Nope, You will drain your bank account for the PC to buy all kinds of material things to have fun and then they will coerce you with it. Also, if do you think going to a nice place and spending every waking moment in the thought reform meetings, where they force their ideology down your throat is fun? You also can pay a arm and a leg for their LIFE Scrapbook, that has all kinds of pictures for you to view their fun that they received by the 99% who went broke so they could coerce you with your own money that you gave them for their fun! You will get better mentorship from a child’s playground!

    (F)riends Yes, they are qualified to help you lose all your pre-existing ones, family included. They will become your ‘new found’ ones (cult family) and the only ones, but only in your line of sponsorship, because NO CROSS-LINING is ALLOWED, so those not on your team, You CANNOT be friends with, so it has its limitations! And you don’t get to choose them all either, some just show up on your team, without a background check and in some cases it could be needed, especially if they are anything like the PC you are getting your free ‘mentorship’ from! LOL

    In all seriousness, THEY ARE NOT QUALIFIED, but are master manipulators, deceivers and good posers so they will try and convince you there is NO ONE on the planet that you will better mentorship from and anyone who knows the TRUTH knows and run from their so called

  6. I Quit ( and glad I Did) permalink
    August 19, 2011 11:24 am

    You got it believed. As long as you perform you can get the time. But watch out if you stop getting results for WHATEVER reason, then you are ostracized from the “inner circle”. I experienced this firsthand.

  7. Lyk permalink
    August 19, 2011 12:46 pm

    All you need to do is enter and for 150$ get into the life business when it has Already launched, and buying more than 50$ of material of life Is a Option every month.. I don’t see why people need to get more stuff… and with the qualification area well at best I can say you guys surely saw the bad end of the spectrum and with the experience you can become so called edified and bashing everything just makes this blog look bad seriously..

  8. Speak Your Truth permalink
    August 19, 2011 11:00 pm


    If it all you need to do is pay $150 bucks to join the LIEF program and then it is ‘only’ $50 bucks a month (which is a lie) or do you not sell them seminar, major, or webinars that they have to pay the TEAM for using their own house, computer, electricty to invite prospects in. OH, did they get rid of their tool trunks too? but it is ‘OPTIONAL’ what would be the point in getting it at all, you could get it for FREE at the library that is ‘optional too. A no brainer but optional.

    That is just added in to soften the blow to the new cult prospect to feel at easy and not pressured, or do you use it to cover your but legally by tellin others it is ‘optional? Here’s the thing the TEAM already got their $150 bucks for joining! Wake up!

    You seriously have missed the whole point of this blog! Have you read the Qrush post yet?

  9. switch permalink
    August 20, 2011 3:23 am

    “Nobody pays for mentorship”

    LOL. …..may as well tell everyone you enjoy kicking people in wheelchairs, Guzzardo.

  10. I Quit ( and glad I Did) permalink
    August 22, 2011 6:47 am

    Lyk- You obviously aren’t interested in qualifying power player. Following your input would assure no PP thus keeping you out of “the inner circle of leaders”, thus resulting in no qualification of time with the bigger “leaders” which you need to receive any edification so your group actually believes you know what you’re doing and will then listen. You’re on your way to big things buddy!!

  11. Speak Your Truth permalink
    August 22, 2011 9:00 am

    Switch~ LHOL

    IQ~ Yep!

    Lyk~ Did they get rid of the Power Player Program too? LOL

  12. not signed up yet permalink
    August 23, 2011 10:51 pm

    I have seen in my experience with team that you pay for everything…opens, webcasts, monthlies, seminars, tools, books, trips to Orrin’s house, and it seems that even friendship and mentor ship has to be bought also. It would surprise me if TEAM charged you for the air you breathe at the majors.

    [Editor’s Note: You may be interested in the Humor: MonaVie Air post I wrote back in June, 2009]

  13. Steve (Peachy) permalink
    August 24, 2011 5:22 am

    Not Signed Up Yet;

    They built that into the price of the ticket, hense the high price. Lol Don’t think that would be on any disclosure statement, do you?

  14. Speak Your Truth permalink
    August 24, 2011 7:00 am

    If they could find a way to charge for the ‘air you breath’….. they would! LHOL

    [Editor’s Note: You may be interested in the Humor: MonaVie Air post I wrote back in June, 2009]

    In my opinion and experience (mentorship) ‘serving the upline’ Cost dearly, not just monetarily. Our upline was overpaid for ‘their’ mentorship, and we had to EARN it; they are still getting PAID for our efforts.Pretty good deal for them! They thought they owned you and as time went on the bigger your numbers, the more demands they placed on you and they acted worst than a dictating boss!

    They Demanded our loyalty, time and edification (Idol worship), And as it turned out the demanded edification, apparently gave them permission in their minds (ego) to destroy and de-edify us to our teams! We were expected to be a servant to them (I mean slave)at all costs. in my opinion and in our case, we had to be their conscience and continually doing damage control, because of their so called ‘mentorship’, more like tyranny. Control Freaks beyond anything I have ever experienced, prior or after.

    They make it sound so innocent, “edification” is just talking nice about someone but we know, it was way more than that and it cost us over a decade of effort in building relationships, time, and money, to have it all stolen! That is a pretty high price to pay, for their so called ‘mentorship’ with a lot of wreckage left in the wake!

    Our PC and a couple leaders from a cross-line team de-edified us in the worst way,(many times) and was told to us by (2 totally different) brand new cross-line people that were their prospects, at the open, we were speaking at! While shacking the hands of these new prospects, it came right ‘out of the mouth of babes’; We were EDIFYING their potentionally ‘new upline’ the same one who de-edified us; talk about awkward!

    They didn’t ‘know’ any better and when brought up to Orrin & Laurie (she was discusted but of course didn’t stand up for the wrong), but guess who got the blame for ‘bringing’ it up? Nice culture, they brag about creating, NOT. This wasn’t just a little de-edification, Orrin was jacked we even brought it up and said; YOU can always find something ‘good’ to say about your PC? Are you freaking crazy? How did this all of a sudden become our problem? Very sick and twisted, in my opinion. No one needs that abuse!

    Interesting this is how it works in cults, YOU DO NOT QUESTION, ANYTHING; the ideology, the authority/ dictator, period! You are suppose to edify at any cost! It is just criminal, in my opinion.

  15. not signed up yet permalink
    August 24, 2011 8:27 am

    That’s why I wouldnt be great on TEAM. I would question everything and make everyone back up what they are saying. I have even tried that with my sponsor and his uplines, and when I ask questions they don’t want to answer I get the run around or some great deflection. In fact I have not gotten a straight up front honest answer from anyone on the TEAM.

    And yeah, the worship thing was frightening to me. At the webcasts the team bots get up and clap and cheer for people who are not in the room, they are on a tv screen in Michigan.

    The one way edification bothered me too, it goes up but doesn’t go down. I swear its like these people have computer chips implanted in them and they get activated just before the opens or webinars start. I dont wanna sound to out there, but I really wonder if there is some thing in the juice or something subliminal in the Cds that changes these people.

    Mr Bartholomew (John Housemans corporate leader character) from the film Rollerball had a very chilling line that seems very fitting to team. He said “Everything will be taken care of….as long as you don’t interfere with the system.”

  16. Speak Your Truth permalink
    August 24, 2011 11:11 am

    webelieved~YOU nailed it!

  17. Milan K permalink
    August 27, 2011 8:52 pm

    You guys are pretty “pathetic” and not to mention, way off on your facts; Just for the record, get your numbers right please. I have been a Member of TEAM for some months now; It cost $123.95 to become a Distributor, that includes the Mona Vie portion as well, not the inflated number you posted earlier, so you are wrong; On the Basic System, I spend $54.00 per month on the CDs and $15.00 for the book of the month. When I add all that stuff up, that comes to $89.00 per month or $1,068 a year. This does include the $20 per month to maintain THREE websites, the Mona Vie Back office, your personal Distributor website AND the TEAM website which is a vast resource center. I go to the Tuesday meetings twice a month and these are $5.00 a meeting to help offset the room charges. Remember, all of these costs are also tax deductible for your business, I deduct them all. As far as ordering Mona Vie, you have inflated the cost again, You can be “active” for $147.00 a month and that is what I order for my wife and I. I use the pulse and guess what, I NO longer need to purchase my statin drugs that a Doctor prescribed me because when I went off them and drank Pulse for 2 months, my numbers were perfect. My Doctor was shocked and guess what again: HE IS DRINKING THE JUICE NOW> I should also mention that as a entrepenaur, We were spending about $80 dollars a month on vitamin supplements which we have replaced with the mona Vie with better results. We have shared the positive results with others and our friends love it also and guess what, we get paid a commission and our clients are happy! I would occasionally purchase self help and personal growth materials from barnes and Noble……they have yet to send me a commission check. Now I purchase my material from TEAM. I did compare with and they are similiarly priced so I am not sure where you are shopping. I am still trying to figure out your $500 per month or $6,000 dollars a year???? Makes no senses and I am in it almost a year now and no where near that investment????/ On the Majors, the tickets are $125 for a three day event. Look up some of the so called “leaders” like Tony Robbins who charges $1800 for a three day retreat on Leadership? So far I have reduced the amount of soda my family drinks and buy the EMV Energy drink, I have replaced my vitamins with natural juices, I purchase my motivational and educational materials from one central source who maintains all three of my websites,…..sounds pretty good to me. You guys act like you get no products in return and fail to point out the entire “Community” and “commerce” portion, you fail to take into account Money that people already spend on things anyways and by revising your buying habits you can buy these items from YOUR OWN business. Keep up the attacks as we go to a million people and beyond. Nice try though but your argument is full of holes and mistruths.

  18. Speak Your Truth permalink
    August 28, 2011 1:54 am

    Milan K~

    And you FAIL to add up all the cost it takes to be a REAL leader~ you aren’t even on the leadership package, NO? Basic, Yes, LOL good luck getting your business built that way!

    Also, I like the way you FAIL to continue to add all the other costs in as you go, you keep giving more exspenses but never add it to your original costs, along with all your other mumbo-jumbo you try and distract with.

    We aren’t talking about Tony Robbins, go find another website to talk about him, the comparison is an insult to him and has nothing to do with this topic.

    Typical liefer~ come back in about a decade, if you are a RT or above, then we may listen, until then keep convincing yourself, you are spending money and funny you don’t mention anywhere in your post on what your making? Hmm…. Because you aren’t, you are only blowing your money with no return! How many bona-fide customers do you have, let me guess….none!

    Good luck we will probably see you back before your decade (RT, doubt you ever hit it, at least not the way we had to, lowered the bar?) but you will probably back to join us in sharing the TRUTH.

  19. One time Fly that sat at the Team Conference Table permalink
    August 28, 2011 5:37 am

    Milan K – Welcome to the blog that not only has Orrin in a tizzy, but, judging from the LIfErs that are jumping in with their parrot talk, the rest of TEAM as well!

    I challenge you to come back on here with solid profit/loss numbers, add up all your expenses, include not only your cost for system, but also cost in gas, food, hotel, etc. Also, since you’re dropping several TEAMisms, in every sentance I challenge you to also put your critical thinking cap on and stop sounding like what you are, someone completely taken over by the Cult that is TEAM.

    I serioulsy ask that you simply read everything on this blog, read the comments by former Round Table members and understand what people are really saying. This is not YOUR business, it is Orrin’s.

  20. August 28, 2011 6:59 am

    @Milan K – Thank you for the infomercial! Great stuff, however please go back and READ what was stated. I had hundreds of people on my Team like you! I’m not talking about the bare bones…just do the minimum (and not even that) program you just described! Do you even listen to the CD’s you’re paying for? I’m guessing you’ve missed the parts about 4 Tuesdays and a Saturday a month (open meeting once a week and a Saturday Seminar). “Power Player” a term you’ve heard from stage or on CD? Check the qualifications out on that bad boy! Also you probably missed the “Recommended” amount of Monavie you should be consuming! It works out to about 4 bottles PER PERSON per month. You described sharing 4 bottles with your wife! Keep doing what your doing….your upline loves it! One thing I would imagine you’re not doing is “Walking across the Team stage” for “Recognition”! LOL. Here is the test for you….take the argument you just gave… your Turbo 100 or above upline. Ask them if you’re “doing it right”, and ask them what you need to do to “move on”. Check back with us and let us know how it goes!

  21. switch permalink
    August 28, 2011 7:30 am

    …..but George said there’s no cost to mentorship. You should really follow Guzzardo’s commands and rules before flying off the handle.

    and who gives a frog’s fat ass about your doctor guzzling the juice either….. now all of a sudden that puts the “pulse” on a some kind of fucking pedestal?

    ….another walking lie to make a shallow buck over fronting a fruit punch and a revamped package design on his inspirational tool scheme called life.

  22. Speak Your Truth permalink
    August 28, 2011 7:42 am

    Milan states:

    “I use the pulse and guess what, I NO longer need to purchase my statin drugs that a Doctor prescribed me because when I went off them and drank Pulse for 2 months, my numbers were perfect. My Doctor was shocked and guess what again: HE IS DRINKING THE JUICE NOW>”

    Isn’t illegal to make any medical claims? Yes Milan it is.

  23. switch permalink
    August 28, 2011 10:11 am

    You bet your money hungry A$$, Milan it’s ILLEGAL to make any kind of medical claims whatsoever to spread your juice along to make a profit.

    Milan says~
    “I NO longer need to purchase my statin drugs that a Doctor prescribed me because when I went off them and drank Pulse for 2 months, my numbers were perfect.”

    …..listen to this yourself just for a couple of minutes, Milan. You’re in favor of FRUIT PUNCH over your everyday perscribed medications because you’ve fallen for the lies, false hopes of a FRUIT PUNCH being this wonder cure.

    Dallin LARCENY knew exactly what he was doing when he launched M.V. Can you give us the run down on what exactly happened with his previous company called Royal Tongan Limu?

    Here’s a little background from wiki’s page.

    “MonaVie CEO and founder Dallin Larsen was previously a senior executive with an MLM company that sold a similar juice product prior to being shut down by the FDA for illegal business practices. According to Newsweek correspondent Dokupil, Larsen, who was “a 20-year-veteran of the multi-level marketing industry”, “left a senior post at another juice company in 2002, a year before the FDA destroyed the company’s ‘bogus products’ that were being falsely promoted to treat ‘cancer, arthritis and attention deficit disorder’.” The company in question, Dynamic Essentials, distributed an MLM juice product known as Royal Tongan Limu juice.[7][8] According to the U.S. Federal Trade Commission Dynamic Essentials, from 2001 to 2003, had illegally advertised that Royal Tongan Limu ””was clinically proven to cure, prevent, or treat a range of diseases and disorders such as allergies, diabetes, cancer, and Alzheimer’s disease.”[9]

    Can you tell me if this sounds familiar, Milan?

  24. August 29, 2011 3:22 pm


    But don’t worry Milan, Orrin loves you!

    As long as you are buying his unproven and seemingly ineffective motivation.

  25. das permalink
    September 5, 2011 8:31 am

    I have watched the video where Orrin is showing the new LIFE plan. I feel sorry for those people in the audience and pause the video every time it panned to the crowd to see if I recognized any friends or family. Yes, I would warn the today.

    What really got me is this new approach that if you can’t afford the $50 sign up fee all you need to do is refer 3 other people and yours if free. That’s how they suck them in these days?

    If a person can’t afford $50 I wonder if the 3 friends will be able to afford the $50? Take your 10 best friends, average their wages, and you will probably make about the same.

    My experience; the next thing they will do is hand you some cds and a book to read. They are good books and the cds get you excited because they were hand picked for your personality. Then they will tell you, if you liked those, here’s a couple tickets to the next seminar, “you will love this!”. They will give them to you because you can’t afford them, but if you like it you can pay them later for the tickets. You go and get caught up in all the excitement and tell yourself, “all these people can’t be wrong”. You start to believe, you go on system, start running the roads and showing the plan. All you need to do is get people to the Tuesday night opens.

    Tell me I am wrong!

    Pretty soon that $50 that you couldn’t afford is nothing, you have racked up a huge credit card bill at the major event where they pushed the tool trunk if you want to be successful.

    And now for mentorship, the only way to get close to that guy that wouldn’t leave you alone in the beginning is to qualify for his time. It’s based on how many people you have at seminars and it takes a lot of money to have the success to qualify for mentorship. What a lie to say it is free!

    You have to qualify for movie night, picnics, and those special meetings with your upline’s upline. There is no fun time with the team, it’s all business and work. What a picnic that phase of my life was. It’s an awesome feeling to be FREE today.

    One more thing for Orrin. Yes, I imagine it is a lot of work to keep the business going these days. You are the biggest slave to this mess you have created. You don’t do it for the money, you do it because you have to do it and you probably earn every penny you get. But is it worth all the people you hurt every day? The truth will set you free!

  26. Speak Your Truth permalink
    September 5, 2011 9:35 am


    Excellent description of the (trickery) process, of getting you to forget that you already told them you can’t afford it! It is called ‘handling objections!’ Your explanation and experience is a perfect example of that process.

    ” Take your 10 best friends, average their wages, and you will probably make about the same.”

    Part of the rhetoric that they have stolen from a book and twisted to meet their agenda, as with Everything they do: This they USE to manipulate (persuade/convince) YOU and tell others to add this up in their own lives, and then tell them YOU will never make more than the those friends you hang around! Very effective.

    In my opinion and from experience, I do believe Orrin does it for money and always has, but their is something just as important as oxygen to him, and that his to feed his Power/ EGO with the demands of constant edification of himself, ( he demands, so it isn’t freely given from others, it is forced) and the self-proclaimed guru BS-status, he needs attention and worship, like he needs air.

    I agree, the TRUTH has set us Free!

  27. das permalink
    September 5, 2011 11:13 am


    Yes, the THRUTH did set of free. Once they get you emotionaly the money flows freely from your bank account to theirs. That is; until you want to spend your money on something for yourself or your family. Then you have to set goals and ask your mentor’s permission to spend YOUR money. Do you remember that? It’s like you quit thinking for yourself and give up all your rights to another human being. I thank God that I am free of the mind control today.

  28. Speak Your Truth permalink
    September 5, 2011 4:12 pm


    It really is amazing how refined the process of stripping people of their autonomy; creating dependency on the ‘system’ and the ‘upline-guru’s’ (through edification), without fully recognizing what is happening to you.

    This has been very painful; but an effective lesson. We won’t fall for it ever again, nor will we EVER get involved with another self-consumption MLM business, which is illegal by definition.

    The laws are made for the lawless….if others wouldn’t ‘break’ the law; then it wouldn’t it be necessary to have them.

    These are just a few things I have personally learned and experienced about the Team system and (mis) Leaders:

    They strip you of your autonomy; (self-directing freedom and especially moral independence)
    They stifle your creativity.
    They create dependency on the system & ‘mentors-upline-guru’s.’
    There is NO freedom of time, money or decisions; without permission either directly or through pressure.
    They HYPE Everything!
    It takes a lot of time, money, and heart to build the lie.
    There is NO passive, residual, ongoing, willable be type business.
    You OWN NOTHING, nor have control of any of it, it controls you.
    They lie to and deceive the masses for their specific gains.
    They use deceptive recruiting techniques, and income claims that they don’t back up.
    They have many secrets, and you learn to keep them through watching them model it.
    The business, ruins, destroys and rocks peoples, friendships, families, finances, and faith.
    They pin people against each other.
    They demand respect and to be treated like some god but never give the respect.
    They use and treat people like garbage, when you don’t score ‘high’ on the loyalty meter.
    They could give a rip less about your personal life and issues, they are pretenders, manipulators, and cons.
    They only care if you are performing and spending your money on the system.
    It’s a ‘good ole boys club.’
    They report on people to their ‘uplines’
    They have favorites, and appear to pay them and give teams accordingly.
    They steal people’s profit-sharing legs and money; without a notice.
    They refuse to give, let you or your attorney read the contracts they expect people to be bound too.
    They don’t answer questions, and teach to answer with asking a question; if they do it is with another question or half-truths/lies.
    They intentionally leave out information for the new person, how much time & money it takes to build a ‘successful’ business and what they EXPECT you to buy etc.
    They claim to be Christian, have a religious and political agenda.
    They don’t practice what they preach.
    They use and abuse trust, other people’s money and time.
    They betray.
    Their ‘friendships’ are surface only and fake.
    They operate like; and are a cult.
    They use thought reform, undue influence, and high pressure modeling.
    There is a ‘waking-up’, fog clearly and lifting that takes place once you have unplugged from the system.
    99% never will make a profit.
    The masses will lose more than they ever make and will then… quit.
    The attrition rate is horrendous; it is a build and replace business.
    They don’t teach how to run a real business; profit/lose, budget etc.
    They don’t take responsibility for anything nor the damages to thousands they have caused.
    They use real leadership principles (from real leaders), the bible, and other respected people’s information to fulfill their agenda.
    They don’t mean what they say, and say things they don’t do themselves.
    They game the systems of getting their books in the #1 slot and other ways to hype up their reputation, then live on and promote that ‘status,’ to make it appear they earned it organically.
    Orrin was behind the anonymous blogging campaigns and is Qrush.
    Once they ‘have you;’ they expect you to become a ‘liefer.’
    They destroyed teams and people’s businesses in the registration process to MV for personal ranking of specific people themselves; for status and financial gain.
    They tear down everything that is not of them, and think they are smarter than anyone in the world.
    They don’t teach nor do 97 % (estimate, in some cases worse) ever have bona-fide customers.
    They only self-consume and teach others to do the same.
    The PC is self-serving leaders.
    They will stoop to just about anything to protect their reputation, power and money.
    There is idol worshipping.
    The information and ‘orders’ ALWAYS come from the TOP/Orrin.
    They de-edify, slander, and lie about the leaders that leave.
    They have done things illegally, immorally, and unethically.
    They are hypocrites.
    And many, many, more….
    All this of course, is just my opinion and just some of what I have learned; based on my experience.

    We have many regrets for bringing others in, are not perfect, fell for a lot of the cult fake friendship, and believed in the false hope and dream for way too many years ; But One thing is for sure this has confirmed to us; Not what we signed up for, was promised or what we EVER WANT TO BECOME.

  29. Speak Your Truth permalink
    September 5, 2011 4:31 pm

    Another thing, it is the worst business to build ever and is not like any real legitimate ‘sales’ business (even though you are not a ‘sales business’; “you are in a people business” so when they say ‘it is not like any conventional business’ yep~ You have to ‘compete’ with your ‘upline’, cross-line’ and even ‘down-line’- for personals; neighbors, teachers, church congregation, postal service people, gas station attendants, grocery store people, high school buddies, even family memebers lol, hotel people (where you hold the opens), PTA, PTO, CEO, lol etc………it is a free for all, first come first serve, and some will even steal others!

    How did we or anyone else have this oversight….. it is ‘chasing the dream’; ‘the facts don’t count’ mixed messages by the thousands,…. it is the power of thought reform.

  30. September 26, 2011 6:32 am

    All of this is so amazingly baffling to me, and I am disgusted with the fact that someone wants to profit off of people’s desire to find happiness in life. I think it’s safe to say that we are all striving for the same thing here. Well, maybe not. But, it seems that we’re just trying to fill that hole that’s a result of spiritual emptiness and the lack of a relationship with God. And guess what? No one has to pay for that. Wow! Now I understand why the guy who was talking to me got so quiet about what he was really all about. Must have felt some conviction about it.

    I have been involved in recovery for several years now. Giving back, by helping others find their way, is how I can manage to keep what I freely received. What a shame that this person is still so stuck in idolatry (greed) that they feel that they can package the freedom that Christ already died for and sell it as a MLM!

  31. September 26, 2011 6:52 am

    One thing comes to mind when I think about what is going here. The righteous indignation that occurred when Christ drove the moneylenders out of the temple.

  32. Speak Your Truth permalink
    September 27, 2011 5:50 am

    Cheryl Sievers~

    You have pegged it…very well said.

    You said; “Giving back, by helping others find their way, is how I can manage to keep what I freely received. ”

    That statement I know is the golden key to all healing. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  33. Vogel permalink
    September 27, 2011 9:29 am

    Cheryl, how right you are. Matthew 21:12 sums it up perfectly. TEAM and Monavie represent the antithesis of Christian values.

  34. Interesting Words permalink
    September 30, 2011 7:35 am

    From my time in TEAM, been out 3 months now and back to living in TRUE FREEDOM, I learned they REALLY like acronyms. After reading this blog and several others, I have formed one of my own for LIFE (Living Intentionally For Extortion).

    Extortion is a criminal offense which occurs when a person unlawfully obtains either money, property or services from a person(s), entity, or institution, through coercion.

    My favorite thing I found when studying extortion was this “Extortion is commonly practiced by organized crime groups.”

    Anyway, gotta get back to work. Great to see all of you still fighting to let the TRUTH be known.

    God bless!!

  35. Speak Your Truth permalink
    September 30, 2011 11:22 am

    Interesting Words~

    That most definitely is fitting. Glad you are truly Free!

  36. Brent Hansen permalink
    September 30, 2011 5:03 pm

    Cheryl, that is what makes MLM so despicable is because the thieves are playing on people’s basic emotions and desires to be free. God put that desire in every single person that is alive, and MLM plays it to the hilt.

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