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Here We Go Again: Promoting the Next Function

October 7, 2011

It’s October, which means it’s time for another round of Major Function promotion. Let’s recap what we’ve heard earlier this year from Mr. Strategic Default, George Guzzardo. Back in April, 2011, he was promoting the Spring Leadership:

I like fast answers and faster results. By going to Milwaukee and associating with the top leaders in the world today you will know if this is for real. I don’t think you can possibly see all those who will be recognized for making progress at this event and come away with doubt. Of course, you have to be serious about improving in a specific area. It takes ambition. There might be obstacles in the way of attending the convention like short notice, work schedule, or money for hotel or transportation. The one thing you will learn for sure is how to be an overcomer of the obstacles we know will be in your way. What do you think the power of associating with those type of people will have on where you will be in the next five years? Nathan Hale was to have said, “I regret that I only have one life to live for my country.” Don’t finish your life with any regrets. I hope to see you in Milwaukee.

So much for fast answers and fast results. What did we learn about LIFE? Not much, because you had to wait until July to get the real answers regarding the pre-launch of LIFE. Here’s what he said back in July, 2011:

Do not miss this! If you thought that ‘Apple’ or “Face Book’ has made an impact, you haven’t seen anything yet. Research has pointed to leadership time and time again as the answer to an ailing economy, family values, health, and the overall quality of life. Finally, after over a decade of preparation the state of the art leadership business called LIFE ( Living Intentionally For Excellence ) will be unrolled, bringing hope back to people who didn’t have answers to their problems and now will. Meet people from all walks of social economic backgrounds as they become passionate about purpose again.

Did one really learn all the details about LIFE at the Summer Convention? Not really, despite what the Policy Council leaders said about getting all the answers by attending the convention.

Now, we’re coming up towards the Fall 2011 event. What’s George saying this time?

… Enter the LIFE Business in to a society very ready to make those changes. Changes in their own lives and ready to pass them on AND the means to do it.

It will all start at the Major convention in Columbus, Ohio on Oct.21st through Oct. 23rd. Every one committed to making this difference will be there for the information, the teaching, the directions, the fun, the leadership, the sheer impact, and for the opportunity of what the future can hold for those who choose to make this difference and pass it on.

We may all be where we have been taught to be but we are about to learn where we are going from here!

Can one earn money in LIFE now? No, but you can pay TEAM LIFE money to “save your spot.” Remember, LIFE won’t launch until November 1, which is after the Major Convention in Columbus, Ohio.

Will Orrin Woodward and the Policy Council leaders finally reveal concrete details about LIFE’s compensation plan? I sure am not going to spend hundreds of dollars traveling to Columbus, Ohio, to find out!

The trick with tools companies like TEAM is that their leaders either (1) withhold just enough information to get you to attend the next Major Function or (2) promise that the next Major Function will be better than ever before. If you’re smart and step back for a moment, you may realize that you’re just chasing a mirage with TEAM LIFE.

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  1. October 7, 2011 4:38 am

    They rope you in with hype and emotions, barely ANY concrete facts even when I was in MV/TEAM. That was the only thing that kept me in – sounds stupid, I know, but the mind can be overpowering at times.

    LIFE exists only to keep the haunchos at TEAM afloat. Nothing more.

  2. Hershall permalink
    October 7, 2011 5:52 pm

    Tim Marks (a Team policy council member) said it often on stage. He spoke of his lifestyle drinking a morning mug of Mona Vie in his Florida driveway watching people going to work while he was in his house coat. He wondered if they wondered what he did for a living. Do they think he’s a drug dealer to pay for it? “I’m a dealer” he said, “a dealer of hope”.

    We all want to be somebody. We get into these meetings and they stroke our egos saying we can do it. We must be part of the minority meant for greatness since we showed up while others chose different pursuits. We see there is recognition of a few making progress. We might have earned a few dollars. We get belief.
    The question we have to ask is why are they there while we’re not. It might be the effort we gave. It might be some missing “nugget” of information. Probably not. It might be they’ve made deals we’re unaware of and they’ve promised things to each other that would make our skin crawl. But maybe not. It might be what they say it is. Or is it?
    Until we know all the stories yours and theirs – we don’t have the whole picture. Not having the whole picture is so, so, oh so troubling. The lack of transparency is damning.

    This major they need to provide charts that project expenses until a break even point and a possible time line to retirement. They need to include Mona Vie since every distributor’s agreement is with that company not Team. They need to provide contracts and terms and policies and procedures. Instead, they will start the new business without these things. They’ll tell you to get with your “movin’ on up line” (you have to qualify with work results or subscription minimums). They’ll invite you to more meetings that are one of a kinds for a price of admission. And it all adds up to Team revenue. The more it works, the more it needs to work.
    They’ve talked about the pay plan for L.I.F.E.. They’ve made promises about how fast things can go. An income disclosure statement is promised 6 months after 11-1-11. But that doesn’t go far enough to drown the doubts.
    They say it isn’t a “Will it work business”. They say it’s a “Will you work it?” business. They show the plan, they offer scripts and books. You can get pretty deep before you realize how deep you got.
    I don’t think Team leaders are as noble as they edify each other to be. And I don’t think they’re as villainous as they’re portrayed on these pages. I think they have to be completely transparent and open. Like other volunteer organizations they need to provide annual audited financial statements for Team and for L.I.F.E.. They need to be upfront and open about the past with Amway/Quixtar and the lawsuits and the disappearing leaders. If they’re “changing people’s lives” then people need the information to decide. They need to know that policy council families have banking woes. They need to know that diamonds file for bankruptcy. They need to know that some of the speakers at seminars and on recordings have just emerged from their own financial court proceedings.
    It might turn out that people can live with the history and the costs – they’ve been dealt hope.

  3. brent hansen permalink
    October 7, 2011 8:50 pm

    @Hershall, your right, but good luck seeking your “transparency”.

  4. John permalink
    October 7, 2011 9:46 pm

    Hershall, you said, “And I don’t think they’re as villainous as they’re portrayed on these pages.” Well, you made a lot of good points. But that one is full of the stuff I can’t repeat. These leaders(The top guys) know exactly how bad it is. They are deceivers, liars, guilt manipulators who take advantage of people for profit. They know what they are doing. They are not innocent. They are not fooling everybody. The problem is that there are too many people who know the truth about these con men but won’t speak out. More and more people are waking up. What everyone should do is to not merely post here on Amthrax but they should tell those they got into the Team the truth and warn them that they are being scammed by expert con artists.

  5. Speak Your Truth permalink
    October 8, 2011 8:05 am


    I agree..those who have experienced the dictators destruction..who have been up close and personal and have seen their true wicked side, know this to be true. Those who sit at a distance and hear nothing but idol worshipping from stage, continued ‘edification’ from every person in their upline, and the continued self-promotion… become disillusioned and believe they are who they say they are… and believe they are God fearing Christians.

    If all those unsuspecting people had a clue how malicious they are behind the scenes and how they have harrassed people with the gestapo and how they treat those who know the truth would blow their minds! Until they have had these example.. like going to any of the churches that they have created tremoudous division in..that many on here have shared about…they will continue to be fooled. The saddest part is many of these people will not believe it until they have to experiened it themselves and invest many years, effort and money before they wake up to the truth.

    They know exactly what they are doubt. Just continue to question them with some hard core critical questions that have been asked on here…disagree and go outside the contolled box with your team….you will quickly find out! And when you do.. take notes on their responses…you will begin to see it.

    They have to deceive and be fake in front of people at all times…their income and lifestyles depend on it! For the average person who doesn’t get up close will only ‘see’ and ‘hear’ ..what they intend for them to..but if they pay attention they will see and hear the mixed messages by the thousands.. They are cleverly sublte with their undue influence. It is a slow process of listening and observing the silent messages…and reading the words between the fluffery that soon you find out they are force feeding a bunch of indoctination and the only goal is to continue to ‘buy in’ to their money making scheme. When you have had this brush with their evil ways…you will know what we know.

  6. brent hansen permalink
    October 8, 2011 8:42 am

    It was brought to my attention through an email, that perhaps my previous statement directed at Hershall could be interpreted as a condoning attitude towards his position and belief when he said “I don’t think Team leaders are as noble as they edify each other to be. And I don’t think they’re as villainous as they’re portrayed on these pages.”
    I am uncertain as to whether the people who have been and are now currently affiliated with team are as villainous as portrayed, or whether they are victims of conditioning.

    In no way do I condone what they do, or what they stand for, but I believe that there are captors, and captives. I know many of you know OW better than I as I was affiliated with Team through the Legacy side, and was not as up close and personal as many of you. Do you really believe that he and the round table are pure evil, or do you believe that they have arrived where they are through cognitive dissonance combined with the stockholm syndrome?

    I would like to believe that many of those who continue living the lie are victims just as we are, and will change when their paradigm shifts. What do you all think?

  7. Speak Your Truth permalink
    October 8, 2011 8:47 am

    Their constant ‘promotions’ as Amthrax pointed out in this thread by George Guzzardo…proves the point…they just want you to get to that next inevitable, money sucking event that plays on your emotions…and gives you some temporary ‘motivation’…but leaves you with just and temporarily motiviated to go back and embarrass yourself and those around you begin to think you are brainwashed..because you are…you will tell everyone you will be rich, you are going to ‘retire’ from your J.O.B. that will never get you financial freedom…but lief’s prove, dublicatable loses of 99%… will change your will change your life alright…read the rest of the blog to find out how impactful this really is people’s lives.

    For those of you who go, looking for the ‘details’ to the LIEf program..good luck… that will be at the ‘next’ greatest will need to buy a top 50 to get isn’t going to happen. The business isn’t complex… just a few simple steps…what learning the skills to deceive!

    You will walk away feeling like you just came off an emotional high..just the way they intended you to ‘feel’..forget the ‘details’ or what this lief thing really have just became invinsible for a few days. When that wears off and you are left with frustration because you want details, and no one will give you answers other than ‘here is a CD for you to listen to!’

    You will find yourself trying to build something you have no clue what the ‘secrets’ are..or how or what you really do…well then it’s time for the ‘next’ amazing ‘meeting’…the vicious cycle repeats..then it progresses… you tell yourself to have to show more people..but you will fully given up your critical thinking, submit, and find yourself playing simon says.. and begin to watch the money completely dwindle from every source who have! You tell must be doing something isn’t working how they said it would…to infinity..the cycle repeats..

    Don’t worry you just haven’t listened enough, read enough, mentored enough…bought enough ‘tools’…it is imminent though and about to change your life and others.. so just believe in yourself …just keep getting to that…. ‘next’ greatest amazing (Dis)function that’s come up…Insanity!

  8. Speak Your Truth permalink
    October 8, 2011 9:02 am


    There is truth in both, they have been emersed in the same indoctrinating ‘system’ for many years and therefore are victims of that and I also believe they started out with good intentions, but then the greed and their power hungry ‘superior’ ego took over and then their evil ‘ways’ began to show through. ..only God knows their hearts if they are ‘pure evil’ but I believe their ‘actions’ are very manipulative, wicked and evil.

  9. Speak Your Truth permalink
    October 8, 2011 10:47 am


    Probably the most telling for us, of what I believe was their most dominant evil actions; the betrayal of so many of the so called friendships and people ‘they claimed to love and would never hurt their business’..for those others who took years to build and brought their community of friends in….what they did during the registration was the result of a strategic evil plan, in my opinion and probably most if you would ask them.. because the PC’s greed need to rank themselves..the greed took over.. and how vicious they treated others to accomplish this. They created division between leaders.. with this strategic plan.. they dictated and downright stole people’s business by placing them where ever they seen fit to serve them..then when those who didn’t comply..stood up to their stategic manipulation and destruction.. a whole slew of revengeful events occured.

    There was some downright wicked and devious betrayal and to me evil actions. I also think it had to do with the lawsuit that they were trying desperately to cover their tracks but that will never justify any of it. Try telling that to those people who no longer have those friendships and their businesses. They weren’t willing to do the right or honorable thing, they chose to do the polar opposite.

    At that time it didn’t matter about any individual person or their friendships of years that they had just destroyed… they were no longer human beings to them..they were objects to became and ends to their means. If You or anyone else would have experienced and witnessed the damaged hearts and the devastation this caused for all of those people and seen this play out…you would understand how horrific, and evil it was.

    When anyone is willing to sacrifice people for personal gain and ask people to sell out their best friends, create division between leaders, have vindictive stategic ‘secret’ meetings to de-edify and send the ‘message you are for them or us’, ‘you will follow us or them’ without a phone call to those leadrs and sacrifice people’s years of blood, sweat, and tears, of building..that is downright evil to most and then to have Orrin himself tell you he doesn’t ‘give a shit who follows’…it becomes blantantly clear…they knew exactly what they were doing.

    I don’t care… who believes it…we don’t need to ‘convince anyone’..all of us know.. they know.. and God certainly knows.. and I don’t care, if they spend the rest of their lives in denial.. trying to concoct a spin, and lying to themselves to justify it.. they damaged many many lives, that is a fact..what is their postition.. they attact, lie, defend and deceive themselves.. they knew exactly what they were doing and executed it. Orrin and the PC were willing to sell out anyone and everyone who didn’t follow their dictated plan.

    Something snapped in them and no one was going to stop their wicked strategic plan, now they have to live with the silent truth within themselves of many great people who want nothing.. ever to do with any of them again..who will go on to their real purposes..use this experience for greater things in life and they will suffer the consequences of all those lives that they choose to call losers, quitters, haters and internet flamers who they think no longer matter..

  10. Speak Your Truth permalink
    October 8, 2011 2:40 pm

    oops…I mean to say it was the means to their end…I must becoming dyslexic or haven’t completed the cleansing process of the indoctrination…I find myself saying things backwards…hope that goes away soon. 🙂

  11. Speak Your Truth permalink
    October 8, 2011 5:56 pm

    Just curious Brent who would emai you…… and draw that conclusion from what you said:..”@Hershall, your right, but good luck seeking your “transparency”.”

    They are NOT transparent but I am not following.. perhaps it is someone trying to control your beliefs?

  12. brent hansen permalink
    October 8, 2011 6:54 pm

    Speak it doesn’t matter who it was that emailed me, I just want to make it clear that I do not sympathize with nor condone the actions or words of anyone in the industry, but I believe that it is a very slippery slope because I have been there before. I was once part of the problem. I wasn’t black and white nor “transparent”, I brought hundreds and hundreds of people into my group, not by lying, but by not telling the whole truth. You see I was not guilty by commission, but guilty by ommission. It is a crazy merry-go-round to be on, always hoping that the next person you bring in may lead you to success, and never fully understanding that mathematics will never allow you to succeed. Twelve years came and went in a heartbeat, and although I built large teams, financial freedom was always elusive.

    Like I said on the Qrush thread, when I finally started looking from the bottom up, and really being concerned about bringing my friends into profit, my eyes were opened to the atrocities in the industry. I tell you all this to make my position clear, although I think they are all full of hypocrisy, many are victims of the institution, and I know they do not know what they do not know. Therefore, my first tendency is to attack the institution, and not the individual. It was either yourself or Amthrax that asked me to extend grace towards someone else on this blog, and I feel like we should extend that grace to everyone, whether they know and accept the truth, or not.

    Like you said Speak, we do not know their hearts, and it can become very easy to judge someone now, because we know what we know. So instead of judging and condemning I believe extending grace backed by facts is a more appropriate gesture. After all, I see many here thanking you guys for this blog, for helping them know and understand prior to taking the plunge. It reminds me of the starfish story, you cannot save them all from the hell they will go through, but every one who is helped by this blog is one less who has to pay the price we have all payed.


  13. Speak Your Truth permalink
    October 8, 2011 8:28 pm


    I understand your point and was just asking how someone would draw that conclusion by what you said.

    I have empathy for most…Almost everyone is blinded with a few exceptions, including Orrin and the PC who do KNOW exactly what they have done, are doing, and know they also KNOW the mathematics. And there is a difference there have been many things that a lot of those who stayed know and what they did was wrong..they know who they are. Orrin sat back on his thrown making poor decisions for those they say are independant and own their own business have put many people’s business at legal risk and asked many people to do things they knew were wrong..people just blindly followed the guru. etc. They continue to intentionally leave out the facts..deceive.. the masses so they can continue to rake in their profits. They deserve zero sympathy nor empathy.

    They know what it will take to right there wrongs..but they won’t.. and I highly doubt anyone on here will be holding their breath. You are right..about the starfish story and even though you know which starfish in that story you help and also like some on here who have vocalized this…I also believe there are many we will never know about. It is the reason why we are here and am very grateful when people can see through it. I don’t think anyone who has any compassion would want someone to live through the illusion form hell as we have.

    Steve Jobs said many inspiring things in his speech, to the college graduates and all of it applies to our lives. I found his whole speech resinated with me. He said you need to connect the dots and the only way you can do that is to look back and see them. He also said those critical times were when he became the most creative. I am just now getting that back because the ‘system’ strips you of it. For many of us we will take this experience and use it for our true and genuine purpose.

    And I believe his best advice to all is; to follow your heart and intuition because it already knows what you are supposed to do, it was the one thing he contributed his life to.

    We are grateful to be free and don’t miss it; from the control and lie we were trapped in for too long. It would save a lot of new people if they would truly listen to their instincts, I cannot tell you how many people that left that told us “I knew there was something wrong, I just couldn’t figure it out because they kept your mind filled with their agenda.”

    The mathematics cannot be denied, why don’t they teach this…well they do in reverse. They tell people.. if you are going to be a ‘superstar’ and you are going to be in the top 1% income earners in the world but fail to tell the real story. Another stop thinking technique. But the stronghold is they capture and keep people with guilt and false emotional hope. Just so grateful to be rid of it all..out of our lives. 🙂

  14. not signed up yet permalink
    October 9, 2011 11:10 am

    I also heard Tim Marks say on stage with his very own mouth when he was working as an engineer he was making 80 grand a year and spending 120, and he was pissed at the company for that. why? That seems irresponsible on his part.

    In its simplest form Team/Life is nothing more than a seminar/ CD/books sales organization.

    But they don’t pitch it to you that way or promote it that way….it was pitched to me as a leadership development organization it didn’t take long for em to find out that was not the case.

    As far as the next major, it will be the same ol stuff….do what ti takes to get there, get there and not get any information they tell you or give you little bits to get you to the next one.

  15. Burned Out With MV permalink
    October 13, 2011 6:48 am

    Who does he think he is ……… the goverment? 🙂

  16. knowsbetter permalink
    October 13, 2011 7:44 am

    TEAM/LIFE has always been and always will be an “IF-COME” sale. The problem is that it never COMES. There has always been the overriding necessity to attend the next function because there is always something ‘New’ without there ever really being anything ‘New’.
    The need for these functions and the attendance is 100% driven by the neeed to generate Tool sales. TEAM survives 100% on these sales and so do its leaders… especially with the dwindling Mona Vie profits and shrinking ‘communties of people’ discovering this truth the hard way.
    No one can hear the truth until they become ready to hear it. This takes some longer than others and still others outright ignore the truth altogether wanting so badly to be accepted into the realm of Orrin Woodward, Chris Brady & Tim Marks (and their wives).
    TEAM/LIFE was created this way. It’s amazing how all logic, reason and factual data is disregarded or completely ignored in search of this false approval that lasts only as long as your economic commitment lasts. This false freindship disappears when your support and monetary commitment disappears. Just ask those closest to Orrin Woodward, Chris Brady & Tim Marks- ask Don Freeze, Mike Raatz, Mike Jones, Jim Martin’s whole team, Bobby Dickie, Pastor Robert Dickie. There were none closer to these guys than those who now want nothing to do with any of these men let alone their manufactured TEAM/LIFE ‘business’.
    People need to simply step back and ask themselves, as objectively as possible, why they are involved.
    What is it they are seeking to get out of it.
    What is the potential Return On Investment and how likely is it to be achieved and how long to achieve it. [many have been involved for well over 5 years… “but NOW, this is the thing to get me where I want to be]… No, It’s not.]
    Is the business a working model [ASIDE FROM THE HYPE AND MARKETING ATTRACTION].
    Unfortunatley, TEAM/LIFE is an economically losing proposition that cannot operate on a profitable level without the fabricated sales to its own participants.
    This is without even contemplating the complete lack of standing these ‘leaders’ have to teach anything about character, integrity, faith, friends, family, finances, etc. Their character & integrity have been sold in defense fo their reputation and income. Their faith and ‘friends’- serving only as far as it continues to generate their income. And as for family, wow, talk about some disfunctional people. Their kids hate them and their business and so do their extended relatives.
    Think before you jeopardize your life, your money and your relationships. You will ultimately pay the price in all areas of your life.


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