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Search Engine Terms of the Week: November, 2011

November 10, 2011

It’s been a week since the official launch of LIFE. What are people doing when they first hear about LIFE, TEAM, and Orrin Woodward? Why, they go to Google to search for additional information. Someone pointed out in a comment on this site that the first 24-48 hours are critical for the new person:

The first 24-48 hours after a new person sees the opportunity is the most critical to the overall success of growing the ‘business’. We live in a time where 95% of people google the opportunity within 24-48 hours of seeing the plan. IF they don’t read about the TRUTH… they think the opportunity ‘makes sense’ so they get in. If they read the TRUTH… they questions the person who showed them and this is the SAME reason why TEAM is called ‘Team’ and LIFE is called ‘Life’, to HIDE the TRUTH because both names are common everyday words. Tricky, yet a science. We could devote an entire post just to the first 24-48 hours…

This is without a doubt why Orrin Woodward, his Policy Council members, and the second-tier of TEAM leaders have been starting up their own “cheerleadership” blogs1. They want to drown out the facts revealed here that the LIFE business (and the MonaVie business before it) is a scam. They’ve done Google Bombing before, and they are doing it again.

Without further ado, here are some of the search terms from the past week:

team life scam and l.i.f.e. leadership pyramid scheme and life living intentionally for excellence scam

People’s scam senses are on high alert if one of the most searched for term are these. This must be people’s first thought when they hear the plan.

team life monavie and life team monavie

Soon, I think we’ll see the term “monavie” drop from the search results. Sorry (not really) Dallin, but those auto-ship numbers are going to trend downwards, not upwards, in the coming year.

orrin woodward scam and is orrin woodward’s team life a scam


Read this Forbes’ article to see what they think of Orrin Woodward. Personal finance blogger, LazyMan, thinks Orrin Woodward is a scammer. I think he’s a scammer. And dozens upon dozens of former TEAM members think he’s a scammer too.

joe darkangelo bankruptcy

Round Table members of TEAM in bankruptcy? Read the official documents and determine whether they should be teaching you about finances. While you’re at it, read about the strategic foreclosure that Policy Council member, George Guzzardo, attempted on his property in Arizona.

dan hawkins not diamond

Dan Hawkins isn’t a diamond… he’s a “leader!” Since Hawkins’ MonaVie business is likely to see a drop in numbers with the launch of LIFE, I doubt he’ll be a Diamond for much longer. In LIFE, Diamonds are called Leaders.

Some ex-TEAM members have commented that strings were pulled and groups were shifted around to give Dan and Lisa Hawkins a larger group than they should have had.

how does orrin woodward not get shut down by the government

Start the ball rolling by filing a report to the FTC.

orrin woodward life fraud

They forgot to add that “Fraud” to the 8F’s of LIFE.

is orrin woodward team a cult

I would categorize it as a financial or business cult. Learn more about these kinds of cults at Steve Hassan’s Freedom of Mind website.

1 Cheerleadership is a term frequent poster Vogel used to describe the parroting leadership blog clones of LIFE TEAM members. These blogs frequently do one of two things. First, they praise the almighty “Top 10 Leadership Guru” Orrin Woodward. Second, they say how wonderful the LIFE TEAM is.

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  1. Abbott permalink
    November 10, 2011 1:13 pm

    When I was in TEAM, my whole organization stressed the importance of the first 24-48 hours. That’s why they always encouraged us to book follow-up meetings with people in the next two days, because you want to hit them with part 2 of The Plan before they have time to come up with excuses.

  2. Speak Your Truth permalink
    November 10, 2011 4:50 pm

    EXCELLENT Post Amthrax!!!!

    That first 24-48 is quite the challenge for them, they have it all covered to lock them in to their totalitarian group cult think and regimne once the ink hits the paper of the Contract and P & P…the ball & chain and gagging devices are free of charge once you sign up!

    But I reckon they are going to have to get just a little more creative for that first 24-48 hours. Perhaps, there will be another one of those special contracts designed just for that; maybe they will lock-down the prospects computers and put a Big Red X..and sign that says NO AMTHRAX…hahaha…and maybe they will start making the prospects pay for those anckle braclets designed for home arrests, (comes in assorted colors for men & women), and of course they will have to surrender all electronic commicative devices for those first 24-48 hours…

    Now in all seriousness, their business DOESN’T produce the ‘fruit on the tree’ for anyone, except them!!! They (only them with the ‘data’) KNOW and have KNOWN for Years that the odds of out of Hundreds of Thousands the chances of anyone making a profit or going Diamond/ PC (without cheating)…is pretty much NONE. BUT they have been all always willing to take the risk, after all it was worth it for them to LIE to everyone for multi-millions in return…let’s think…for tens of millions..yea it’s worth lying to all those suckers… after all they spew that as what successful (criminal) people do is take risk… that are willing to take the risk of the FTC, DOJ, AG, FBI, IRS, etc…never coming after them.

    But as John Maxwell says when speaking on Business Ethics…they always get caught as all of us know this to be true….Think Bernie Madoff. 🙂

    So readers they already KNOW you won’t ever make a dime profit! Take your time more than 24-48 hours and Think, Read, and Research especially this site…it could save you hundreds of thousands and lot of heart ache in every are of YOUR LIFE!

    When will they ever walk their talk, be honest, have integrity, be hononarble?…Never…as long as the millions keep roll in and they can continue to get away with the LIES, hold their breath and cross their fingures…..but the clock keeps tickin! 🙂

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