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Orrin Woodward (circa 2008) on Joining MonaVie

December 20, 2011

As Orrin Woodward pushes his LIFE barge full steam ahead, I’d like to take a moment to review his announcement when TEAM and MonaVie joined forces in February, 2008. While the article no longer exists on his old blog, I found an archive of it here1.

Orrin’s posts from 2008 help people connect the dots as to why he did what he did after getting kicked out of Amway/Quixtar.

The section in which he lists the 28 reasons why he, Laurie, Chris and Terry Brady, chose MonaVie is telling, especially because he forgot to list the 29th reason: A $3,000,000 “loan” from Dallin Larsen and MonaVie that Orrin didn’t have to pay back if he met certain recruiting goals.

Here is the post in its entirety, which the exception of two broken images.

MonaVie – The Beginning of Making the Vision a Reality

by Orrin Woodward on Fri 15 Feb 2008 10:12 PM EST

Here is the long awaited announcement from Chris and Terri and Laurie and I. Thank you to Chris Brady for his incredible servant leadership in writing the final article! This is the first step on our journey to our destiny! God Bless, Orrin Woodward

A Long Term Vision

Here is a bit of a vision for where we think the industry can, should, and must go! This won’t all happen tomorrow, but it is ripe for the picking, and we plan on doing it, when the timing is right!

The Hedgehog Concept of the Future

Author Jim Collins writes about what he calls a “Hedgehog Concept” in his book Good to Great. He represents this as the core competency at which an organization can become the best in the world. He said it would be the intersection of several other competencies. Using Collin’s model, let’s look at what could and should be done in this industry.

Collins asks three questions:

  1. What are you deeply passionate about?
  2. What can you be the best in the world at?
  3. What drives your economic engine?

Let’s dig into these questions.

Community Building

Community building has been our passion; building communities in order to make a difference in people’s lives. A business to us is about people, and it’s the lives of people we want to affect in a positive way. We want to figure out how to serve the most people possible to help them prosper and get what they want. To do this, we’ve had to think systematically. How could we make success more systematic for everyone? Michael Gerber in the book E-Myth wrote, “It is literally impossible to produce a consistent result in a business that depends upon extraordinary people. Develop a system that leverages your ordinary people to the point where they can produce extraordinary results over and over again.” That’s exactly what our community building philosophy is all about. Helping people earn, change, and grow internally is the key to helping them become effective externally.

Field Profit Only

It doesn’t get any better than a company that keeps NO profit for itself and instead puts it ALL back out to the field. Don’t get us wrong. There are many companies that have very fair compensation programs and share liberally with their business owners in the field. But the best, craziest scenario for the future would be to go all the way to the extreme and share ALL the profits with the field. Perhaps the company itself would simply be owned by the field. We’re not sure; it’s never been done. We call the concept “Field Profit Only,” because the field would be the only place where there would be Profits. Others have called this “Open Source,” drawing a parallel to free-access software that is better served by everybody having access and control of it rather than a company at the top. Whatever the name for it, the concept is one that should be attempted. As Sir Edmund Hillary said in response to the question of why he climbed Mount Everest: “Because it was there.”

Always Competitive Prices

A philosophy of competitive pricing means that an organization will be willing to make up in volume what they lack in margin. Instead of small sales with high margins, the model would require large sales with small margins, akin to the Wal-Mart philosophy. This, of course, would be enabled by the Field Profit Only component described above, where all “middle men” have been eliminated and there is more room to push prices lower. Think about it: prices are lowered because everyone wants a successful business and that has to be driven by customer sales. Since everyone is sharing in the profits, anyway, it makes total sense. The more competitive the pricing, the easier it is for the average business owner to make retail sales. The easier the retail sales: the higher the volume. The higher the volume: the higher the rewards to the business owners.

Continual market analysis could be used to keep product pricing on track and in line with market forces. This would eliminate “competitive drift,” where a product that was once competitive gets left behind by price decreases in the market.

We have talked about three possible core competencies. Intersecting these three areas forms a new Venn diagram, as shown below:

Look at where the three competencies overlap. That area is what Collins calls the Hedgehog concept. He writes, “A hedgehog concept is not a goal to be the best, a strategy to be the best, an intention to be the best, a plan to be the best. It is an understanding of what you can be the best at. The distinction is absolutely crucial.”

In this case, where we believe the industry can, should, and must go is to a point where these three core competencies intersect and provide people with their absolute best shot at the life they’ve always wanted. As Victor Hugo said, “An invasion of armies can be resisted, but not an idea whose time has come.”

A Virtuous Cycle: The way this all works together is called a Virtuous Cycle. See the diagram below:

A virtuous cycle is basically a situation where things are done right, in the right way, for the right reasons, and because of this the cycle rotates faster and faster. When Sam Walton was running the Wal-Mart virtuous cycle, his limiting factor was multi-million dollar stores that had to be built. The only limit is one’s vision for a brighter future. Sight is seeing with the eyes, vision is seeing with the mind.

First Things First

Obviously, the question of what to do next in our lives has been a big one! The biggest visions still require a first step. Neither of us wanted to take any steps without careful consideration and considerable research. Our chief goal was to make sure our energies went into an activity that would be rewarding, fun, significant in the lives of others, and glorifying to God. We have been blessed, and it is heavy upon our hearts to use the gifts we have been given to do something worthwhile and positive.

Several possibilities were considered. Some involved creating something brand new, from scratch, and launching it when we were able. However, circumstances being what they are, and considering timing and quality of implementation, allegorically this would be a 100% opportunity with a 50% chance. Obviously, it would be much better to take an initial step with 100% chance as a first step in the direction of the overall vision. In turn, this would be a step upon which to build.

This line of thinking led to the idea of getting involved with something already existing. Orrin Woodward’s benchmarking experience came in handy, as we learned to consider the leadership, focus, timing, product, pay plan, and competitiveness of a wide variety of ventures. We wanted something duplicate-able, built on “b-type” business strategies, and with a heavy focus on people and sharing. We also wanted to take advantage of some of today’s biggest trends, such as the wellness industry.

Our Choice

After considering many, many fields, opportunities, and companies, we finally selected, as our choice for future personal involvement, a company called Mona Vie, ( which satisfies all the areas we were interested in. We have been very impressed with the company’s founders and leadership, and many other aspects of Mona Vie, including:

  1. their Binary pay plan is easy to understand, teach, duplicate
  2. their Binary pay plan is fair, rewards teamwork and “depth,” and leaves no one behind
  3. the levels of STAR and STARMAKER are extremely duplicate-able and easy to teach for everyone
  4. the compensation plan, including the 8 ways to make money, is the most exciting we could find in the industry
  5. 50% of the product revenue is paid back out to the distributors in the field. Not only is this one of the highest totals we could find in the entire industry, but it is an ACTUAL 50%, not a THEORETICAL 50%, this is because:
  6. there is no BREAKAGE in the pay plan (Breakage is where there is earned bonuses that don’t make it into the paychecks of the distributors, this can happen any number of ways, and most MLM pay plans have multiple layers of breakage that benefit the parent company). In part, this is made possible because:
  7. Any left over volume that doesn’t get figured into a distributor’s bonus in the current pay week, automatically gets applied to the next week.
  8. people are experiencing financial success with this pay plan
  9. the product is exactly in line with the wellness trends of today
  10. the product creates excitement of its own in the marketplace and has a tremendous following of individuals who have experienced benefits
  11. the product is being used successfully to contact others about the business itself
  12. the product tastes absolutely great!
  13. harvesting of the product protects trees in the rain forest and preserves the environment
  14. the marketing and integration of Mona Vie as a company are world class
  15. there is a plethora of brochures, magazines, and other such aids provided by the company that do a wonderful job of explaining their product and opportunity
  16. Mona Vie’s website is top notch and specifically designed to help distributors sell its product, including a free “personalized” website interface to be used with customers.
  17. there has been a lot of press about the product from famous business figures to professional, championship level professional athletes
  18. their policies and procedures are fair, honest, and understandable
  19. when sharing the business opportunity, Mona Vie mandates the display of their Income Disclosure Statement. This statement not only shows average incomes, but it shows them clearly at each level in their business. Further, it shows highs and lows at each level. And finally, it shows exactly how many individuals are currently qualified at each of those income levels. This amount of clarity and disclosure, as well as the success that it represents, is extremely exciting.
  20. their pay plan pays its distributors WEEKLY. We love this idea and think the average distributor can benefit a lot from an idea like this.
  21. weekly payment is credited to a ready-to-use Mastercard.
  22. qualification periods are either weekly or, for larger levels, monthly. This is nice for anyone setting goals to be able to reach them in a short, reasonable time-frame.
  23. there are incentive trips, lease luxury cars, jet travel time, diamond rings and pendants, money toward motor coaches, and conferences for achievers
  24. the product volume (PV) is easily calculated (100PV represents one case of four bottles) which makes the entire pay plan extremely easy to understand and teach
  25. there are bulk order discounts which allow for increased profits on retail sales
  26. there is an excellent Preferred Customer program
  27. the business can be built in many countries without any complicated procedures. In essence, volume is volume, no matter which participant country it is generated in
  28. the company founded and supports the MORE project dedicated to helping the orphaned children of South America.

Because of these reasons and many more, we have decided to become involved in the Mona Vie business, once we are free to do so. (A court injunction was recently extended 45 days which, to the best we can interpret, precludes our taking such a step at this time, and obviously, we disagree with this extension and our lawyers are filing paperwork to that effect).

We are extremely excited about our upcoming participation in the Mona Vie business. We can’t wait to build Mona Vie businesses that span the continent, and beyond. Our goal is to impress the excellent leaders at Mona Vie with our efforts, results, and contribution to their vision. And at the same time, we are keeping our eyes on a vision of the future that just might get a little crazy!

Update: I will give an analogy for all the people desiring to know the method to our madness. When Winston Churchill was in a battle with Nazi Germany, he did not bother to build new cities. One, it takes capital that was needed in the war effort. Two, why bother building something that will be blown apart by the enemy. Winston knew the logical thing to do was to feed the troops and defeat the enemy. When this is done, there will be plenty of time to build the dream city. Thanks, Orrin

Update II: In just over three years MonaVie has nearly matched what Quixtar/Amway has accomplished in almost 50 years in North America. There is a reason for this and when I can share the benchmarking study you will know why. I am not a gambling man and prefer safer incremental improvements – with an eye to the future, than a “Swing for the Fences” gamble that puts the vision at risk. We ALL want to be the “Walmart of the Internet” except a dozen lawyers at a competing company. Michael Dell said, “The community is the key to the internet.” Therefore; a leaders number one job is to keep his community alive so we can fight another day – this we have done! I have learned in leadership to play the hand you are dealt. Like the old saying goes, “If you knew what I knew, you would do what I do.” I believe in the product and leadership team at MonaVie and know they play a part in our long-term vision. I have put all on the line for this vision: my life, my fortune, and my sacred honor. You choose what you will put on the line for this vision. Thanks, Orrin

Update III: The beautiful thing about being on the Team Leadership Development system is that you do not have to join any MLM. Some will choose to join in Phase I, some in Phase II, or any other Phase as they are rolled out. Chris and I know the journey of a 1000 miles begins with taking the first step. We have taken the first step. What ever anyone else chooses to do is fine with me. My goal is to increase choices for people and give people the freedom to choose when and where. Thanks, Orrin

Update IV: Laurie and I & Chris and Terri have officially joined MonaVie and are excited about building a big business. Many people have signed up as customers to generic leadership material and they will continue to be served. I personally am excited about going into the living rooms of America and building a million people community! I believe this is the only way to stem the decline in our culture and revive the principles that made our country great in the first place. MonaVie provides the business opportunity and Team will provide my leadership and training needs. I would like to personally thank Dallin Larsen for being a man of character and conviction – Dallin’s vision will propel MonaVie to a 20 billion dollar company and I plan to help. I am excited about the jouney to a million people and praise God for the opportunity to compete in free enterprise!

1 The Wayback Machine has an archive of several posts that are now missing from Orrin’s original blog. In the interest of preserving the historical record, I suggest readers download for themselves copies of these articles from the Internet Archive.

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  1. What the??? permalink
    December 20, 2011 6:55 am

    Ok, I’m an outsider here, but “competitive prices”? Doesn’t this juice cost something like $40 a bottle. Uh, how is that “competitive”? He says “The easier the retail sales: the higher the volume” That’s pretty unbelievable to me. How is it going to be easy to sell $40 a bottle juice? Did someone actually believe that?

  2. webelieved permalink
    December 20, 2011 7:35 am

    No one believed the price was great, in fact a lot of people quit. But hey we were told Orrin benchmarked the company and the pay plan and the product was amazing.
    I find it funny he took us from the frying pan to the fire on overpriced products, add a crappy economy, and it ended in disaster for Team! Through all of this his leaders were buying pins to produce much needed fake results for their credibility.What a great benchmarker Orrin was!?
    Actually he benchmarked 3 million dollars! What a liar!

  3. webelieved permalink
    December 20, 2011 7:55 am

    Funny Orrin is going to help Monavie all right…..he is raiding monavie lines of sponsorship as we speak!
    What a joker! He needs green hair, a white face and a big red smiley painted on his face!
    It makes me want to puke thinking about how many years I blindly followed this clown and bought into his lies! He changes his loyalty and statements based on his current needs, he has no integrity.

  4. Vogel permalink
    December 20, 2011 7:58 am

    Wow! So much BS. Easy to understand compensation plan? Dallin is a man of character and conviction? 20 billion dollar company? The MORE Project supported by the company?

    And what kind of idiot mentions Hitler in a sales pitch? OW should have been slapped upside the head for playing the “Hitler bad…Monavie good” card.

    But he’d say anything to get that 3 mil check right?

  5. webelieved permalink
    December 20, 2011 8:14 am

    Yeah Vogel he likes to compare himself with great histrorical figures like Churchill. Too bad people cannot see he is using their credibility as his own. He is a con man in my opinion.

  6. webelieved permalink
    December 20, 2011 8:21 am

    Funny he doesn’t mention that he had a company that had regular, everyday usable products he could’ve gotten started with. Apparently they didn’t offer him enough cash? Maybe someone else can comment on this little pesky fact!
    I am sure Orrin knew how much volume his own teams and the teams he solicited coming out of Amway could produce so I am sure he knew when he looked at the comp plan, he could get the $60,000 a week he was reported to be earning from the get go in Monavie. I am sure he knew that fact too. Money talks…….b.s. walks.

  7. I QUIT (and glad I did) permalink
    December 20, 2011 8:29 am

    I remember all this crap. Overpriced miracle juice. Thats what I told my upline it was. Then include the wretched economy at the time and it spelled a recipe for failure. I didn’t want to be a juice salesman. Thats why I quit. Hence the name I use. Sure is funny… most of my downline is gone too. Guess I made a great decision huh? Owen, you are such a putz. So are any Teamers who still follow this clown.

  8. webelieved permalink
    December 20, 2011 8:44 am

    Awwww……..come on Quit… didn’t want to follow Owen’s teachings….. buying pin levels, decieving prospects and people in the audience, taking special deals in profit sharing?
    Where’s the fun in that, you quitter! 🙂

  9. Speak Your Truth permalink
    December 20, 2011 9:06 am

    Here is ‘Orrin’s’ real and most important message:

    “MonaVie provides the business opportunity and Team will provide my leadership and training needs”

    The “business opportunity” is the 3 million dollar check ‘I’ (orrin) get along with the millions they will be paying ‘me’ and jet credits that he gets to fly on the companies exspense to do meetings to promote only HIS cd’s, books, and seminars, that will make him ten’s of millions more, along with all the other perks he got.

    And it is proven in the last half of the statement;

    “Team will provide MY leadership and training needs”

    Greedy, Selfish.

    “Every experiment, by multitudes or by individuals, that has a sensual and selfish aim, will fail.”~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

  10. Speak Your Truth permalink
    December 20, 2011 9:09 am

    Great find and Article Amthrax!

  11. I QUIT (and glad I did) permalink
    December 20, 2011 9:20 am

    @ webelieved How did that saying go? I can’t hear what you’re saying because I’m too busy watching what you’re doing. I just applied that to my PC “leaders” and things came up short. It was quite simple really.

  12. Speak Your Truth permalink
    December 20, 2011 9:41 am

    Regardless of their BS ‘servant self-proclaimed’ leadership ‘guru’, they care so much.. It has always been about me, me, me, mine, mine,mine…Orrin’s motto and the rest PC follow..jokers.

  13. December 20, 2011 9:43 am

    Definitely go to the archive of the post here and read the comments from the then-TEAM members. I wonder how many of them are still with TEAM and how many have left.

  14. webelieved permalink
    December 20, 2011 10:27 am

    Amthrax I just gutted those comments on Orrin’s blog….. it was amazing most just blindly kept following, isn’t it? I find it funny there wasn’t one Team leader commenting under that major announcement. Commenters were low level distributors or anonymous.
    I believe most leaders felt sucker punched when this was announced. It wasn’t even close to what Orrin had been promising us for months! After hanging on all that time, what a major dissapointment!

  15. webelieved permalink
    December 20, 2011 10:28 am

    I am actually suprised Orrin allowed the disenters comment on his blog. Must’ve been a mistake or had strategic use for him.

  16. Mike Collins permalink
    December 20, 2011 10:36 am

    Since I have mastered this particular “lack of compensation plan” I thought I would weigh in on several of the points that “o” list here in his deception of all the people in Team in trying to persuade them to follow him to MV.

    1.” their Binary pay plan is fair, rewards teamwork and “depth,” and leaves no one behind”

    The only thing true in this statement is that it rewards “teamwork” LOL and depth. It does reward depth. Most compensation plans do to some degree but thanks for pointing out the painfully obvious “o”. It is hardly fair. In fact, with a 1 in 31 break even ratio it is one of the worst compensation plans I can think of. As far as leaving no one behind, this is an outright lie. I don’t know how someone with “o’s intelligence can make a claim like this unless he did it on purpose. The facts argue against this. I had 4000 people in my organization. There are now less than 1500. Only 35 of them on autoship. The rest of the people left on the tree just haven’t been “pruned” yet.

    4.” the compensation plan, including the 8 ways to make money, is the most exciting we could find in the industry”

    Then you must have not looked very hard “o”. I think that you got excited because maybe you got paid to go over there. Oh wait! The court has already established that you DID in fact get paid. That IS exciting!

    And there are actually 10 ways to get paid. The problem is that lees than 1% will ever realize those 10 ways. 99% will only get paid on 3 of them. 1. Retail profit..yeah right. Nobody is buying this shit retail. 2. Fast start bonus. 3. Team commissions. The other 7 start at Bronze. In mid 2009 there were roughly 2,268,000 distributors in MV. Only 1,168 were getting paid on a weekly basis as a bronze. That’s 0.05% of the distributor force getting any “check matching bonuses” (which happens to be 5% of 5%. A pittance.) The real money starts at the Blue Diamond pool. There were only 76 of those during the time I question.

    5.” 50% of the product revenue is paid back out to the distributors in the field. Not only is this one of the highest totals we could find in the entire industry, but it is an ACTUAL 50%, not a THEORETICAL 50%, this is because:”

    This is patently FALSE! That means: it is an outright lie. 50% of the product revenue DOES NOT get paid back out. Pay ATTENTION “o”. UP TO 50% of commissionable volume gets paid out. NOT Actually. Not even theoretically. In REALITY it’s “up to” GET IT?

    6.” there is no BREAKAGE in the pay plan (Breakage is where there is earned bonuses that don’t make it into the paychecks of the distributors, this can happen any number of ways, and most MLM pay plans have multiple layers of breakage that benefit the parent company). In part, this is made possible because:”

    I can quickly point out 2 breakage mechanisms in this “lack of compensation plan”

    1. 1 case is 100 pv. 1 case costs $139.00 this is by definition, breakage. It is the difference in the pv/bv ratio. MV has an immediate built in 39% profit margin over and above what the pay out in points. This fact is made even more egregious when you take in to consideration that the rumored cost of production is around $2 a bottle!

    2. You must have 500pv left and 500pv right to get ANY team commissions. This means that if you sponsor 2 and they each sponsor 1 who sponsors 1 who sponsors 1 you would have only 400 pv left and 400pv right. Sorry! You didn’t quite make it. But you say “but the points get banked! There’s always next month” What if they all quit “o”? Then your people would have been responsible for 9 cases at $139 each = $1251 in total sale and NO team commissions got paid out. But you say “that’s a highly unlikely scenario” NO IT ISN’T! Happens all the time. Just look at your tree. I did…

    8. People are experiencing financial success with this pay plan

    Of course they are! A few always do in a wealth transfer mechanism like this! See product based pyramid or my analysis of MV’s IDS!/photo.php?fbid=1830900383765&set=a.1058656118141.10506.1578053256&type=3&theater

    11. The product is being used successfully to contact others about the business itself

    What you don’t say here “o” is that the distributor is going to pay monavie for the right to market their product. How awesome is that? Drink it, feel it, SHARE IT! I love to share. How about you? MV was built on the backs of its distributors who were front loaded with product and taught to give it away. This is the oldest MLM trick in the book and it was perpetrated by industry pros who knew EXACTLY what they were doing.

    19. When sharing the business opportunity, Mona Vie mandates the display of their Income Disclosure Statement. This statement not only shows average incomes, but it shows them clearly at each level in their business. Further, it shows highs and lows at each level. And finally, it shows exactly how many individuals are currently qualified at each of those income levels. This amount of clarity and disclosure, as well as the success that it represents, is extremely exciting.

    Dallin is apparently no longer interested in transparency. Here is a link to the 2009 IDS:

    And here is the new 2010 IDS

    Do you see what’s missing? The first column. It is impossible to interpret the data without that first column “o”. So much for integrity huh? Read my link above in point 8 for a complete analysis of the data.

    23. There are incentive trips, lease luxury cars, jet travel time, diamond rings and pendants, money toward motor coaches, and conferences for achievers

    This is for less than 1% of people in the company. Fully 97% of the people who sign up in this scam have virtually NO CHANCE of getting any of these things.

    24. The product volume (PV) is easily calculated (100PV represents one case of four bottles) which makes the entire pay plan extremely easy to understand and teach

    This is true. Though you left out the most important part “o”. 1 case costs $139

    25. There are bulk order discounts which allow for increased profits on retail sales

    Great enticement for front loading people.

    So in closing, I have said all that to say this: Are you F-ing retarded or are you just the smarmy douche bag that these folks imply you are?

    [editor’s note: blockquotes added for better readability]

  17. webelieved permalink
    December 20, 2011 12:15 pm

    Mike- LMAO! Don’t forget the breakage when one comes in building massive depth in a taproot and helps his downline for years and has a lopsided business, no pay there. They can keep rolling points over until the cows come home and they will never have to pay on that leg, because the other one will NEVER catch up. Oh that is right only good leaders helped their teams that much! 🙂

    If life is a binary as well, how many favorites were given teams to fix this lopsidedness unbeknownst to others? I would bet it happened for a few FAVORITES, so they could maximise their payout on LIEf. Another lie they are trying to hide I am sure.
    No wonder PC were trying to get others to steal teams going into MV , just like I am sure they did for themselves? What slime!
    Thanks for the analysis Mike……..another breath of fresh air…..the truth.

  18. Mike Collins permalink
    December 20, 2011 12:46 pm

    Webelieved: Actually, Lief is not a binary. It is a stair step breakaway that is really nothing more than a copy of Amways comp plan with a twist. It has a better break even ratio than MV but it’s still a horrible comp plan/wealth transfer mechanism.

  19. Mike Collins permalink
    December 20, 2011 1:05 pm

    And Yes Webelieved, it is clear that “o” was given a postion by Ken Porter who reportedly has about 15 of those “positions” under him (the fact that he has “several positions” under him was confirmed by Troy Dooly in a telephone conversation that I had with him) that was completely blown out on one side.
    “o” then proceeded to “stack” his amway organization down one leg under him in a manner that profited a few handpicked people and himself. This is why he went Presidential in record time. This bringds to mind another deal that was given to Robert Dean (formerly of Noni) that enabled him to hit Black Diamond in 4 months.

    This is the secret to success. Learn the business. Grow personally. Become a leader. Rub elbows with other leaders. Figure out the fix is usually in. Then “position” yourself accordingly. The final step?……..Learn to become a lying scumbag like the rest of them.

  20. Speak Your Truth permalink
    December 20, 2011 3:24 pm

    Mike Collins~

    That is flipping hilarious! Thanks for pointing out the truth! Something these guys certainly don’t know how to do. They went to the school of propaganda, fluff, hype, downright lies & deceptive techniques to try and fool the masses! The school of MLM ; Deception & Lies. Sorry to say I got a master’s without knowing it and believing I was going to the ‘best’ private…parochial school!

    This article was nothing but the final message to the masses (publically) to let the people know, it is time to ‘move’ and where to go! Little ‘o’…. had been prepping and preparing himself and the entire masses for YEARS that this was coming…”Thee Walmart of the Internet.”…the ”What if”..Game to the leaders and masses publically and behind the secret scenes… we could get prices lower than Walmart..blah blah blah repeated a million times over! This was NOT an overnight job!

    Years of him scheming… behind the scenes working ‘his’ game plan and sending the hidden little messages. The dirtbag was studying and following the “48 laws of Power” (to conquer ‘the enemy or any enemy that got in his way, which now is us!) and soliciting and enticing the ‘outside’ numbers and Big Pins in Amway to complete his game plan against the ‘enemy.’

    Here is one of his latest gems.. recent ‘tweet’; ” Leaders work on the biggest challenge until they kill it or it kills them.” Yep that is what Amthrax, JS/LM, and many other web host and these leaders on here are doing….lol.

    Another major tactic I heard was…Along with all the other little tactics that had to fall into place… hording, collecting, and stashing money (which would make sense with the hundreds of bogus LLC ‘s; out of Nevada) to pull off the grand finale against the ‘enemy’!

    So needless to say when the announcement of the long awaited “Walmart of the Internet” was “We are going to MV” a company with $ 40 a crack for 1 bottle of juice, with one basic product (after leaving an “illegal pyramid scheme, with hopeless over priced products!!!”?).. according to the fake ‘guru’ himself…Are you freaking kidding?

    O and a few others were obviously the only ones ‘extremely excited’ about such an amazing company, product, and pay plan…Obviously a 3 million dollar handout.. was enough to make it real exciting and thee best company out there!….But all the others including the leaders were;.. Are you freaking kidding, has he lost it?…and hundreds more jumped ship!

    Their true character(greedy) just shines through…doesn’t it….especially with hindsight!!!!

    Thanks Mike for all your knowledge and humor (truth)! Keep it coming!

  21. brent hansen permalink
    December 20, 2011 8:37 pm

    Nice Michael!

  22. Hershall permalink
    December 22, 2011 6:33 am

    A lot of the same things are said about L.I.F.E. Not much has been said about the hedgehog concept for a long time. But, the bits about core competency being community building and best payouts are repeated now. Funny that field profit ONLY didn’t quite work out for the new business. Funny that the transparency Orrin says he admired in Mona Vie never made it over to Team. What a difference that would make! What a difference for so many.

  23. ConnieF permalink
    December 22, 2011 6:58 pm

    @ I QUIT….the phrase goes “Your actions speak so loudly I can’t hear your words”….or so my mother used to say.
    Another good one is “Time will either promote you or expose you”. I’d say time has exposed Orrin and Mona Vie for what they are!

  24. Freedomhaha permalink
    December 23, 2011 8:23 pm

    1. I can’t believe Orrin let them comment.

    2. It is interesting that people were already looking towards the LIFE model back then.

    God bless!


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