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Tool of the Day: LIFE January 2012 CD Pack

January 23, 2012

Here are details on the 4 CD’s coming from LIFE in January, as described by Chris Brady:

  1. Mark and Jen Paul – The Pauls talk about fitness. Is there any mention of MonaVie, the official supplier of Fitness products for LIFE? Brady didn’t mention the title, but could this be MVS 47: What Do You Want Out Of Life?
  2. Love, Respect and the M1 Tank by Bob McEwen: The former Republican Congressman from Ohio talks about marriage. The CD was previously known as LLR 172 and was part of TEAM’s TL 222 Marriage CD Pack. I have a sinking feeling that McEwen’s PIE talk is going to show up as a Freedom CD sometime around election time.
  3. The Ant and the Elephant by Orrin Woodward: Orrin talks about programming your mind for success. He’s written about the elephant charge and the ant nest before on his old blog. Clearly, he’s talking about Vince Poscente’s book instead of the Bill Peet’s children book of the same name. Orrin’s talk was previously published as TEAM 571 and was included in the TL50A TEAM Top 50 CD Pack.
  4. Nail Your Colors to the Mast by Laurie Woodward: A CD about friendships, the strength of relationships, and never surrendering.

I feel bad for those old-time TEAM members who have to purchase (yet again) recycled and re-branded TEAM CD’s. And for those new TEAM LIFE members, I see multiple copies of these CD’s in your future. Ex-TEAM members: How many copies of The Ant and the Elephant did you have?

Finally, Brady encourages people — even if they don’t like what they hear or agree with what’s said — to listen to the CD’s over and over again. Is that teaching or brainwashing? Guess it depends on your point of view.

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  1. No Team For Me permalink
    January 23, 2012 7:18 am

    Does anyone know for sure what the cost of that packet was? I’m thinking it was $50. $50! For CD’s that everyone already has. How many copies does everyone need?

    I’d be real interested to find out if the Mark & Jenn Paul talk is the same recording as before or an updated one. Either way, it’s the same info.

    I’d also be interested to find out how much MonaVie info is on that talk. Like Amthrax said, if MonaVie is the official company for the Fitness category, sure that CD would be packed full of info on MonaVie’s products. Surely they wouldn’t snub Dallin again by producing a CD on fitness without loading it with info on MV. Although skipping the official MonaVie 2.0 mega-function in Dallas was quite a snub.

  2. Speak Your Truth permalink
    January 23, 2012 9:34 am

    Hey I thought they promised the Lief Cd’s wouldn’t be ‘duplicates’, (they sold those as Team Cd’s prior, with maybe an exception of Laurie W. or maybe that is old one too). Everyone already knows it is the same company, same everything…they just split up the ‘topics’ and are selling these cd’s as the lief ones; as if that makes it totally ‘different’..Perhaps…to cover themselves…for legal reasons?

  3. Hershall permalink
    January 23, 2012 11:39 am

    “We don’t always get what we deserve. Thank the Good Lord for that!” (3:15)

    ‘Nnuff said

  4. Robin permalink
    January 23, 2012 9:08 pm

    I want to puke on the Paul’s. The awards Brady mentions are the ones they received by stealing multiple leaders’ teams and positioning them in their teams. They are scandalous!!!!

    Also I loved when they pushed tools at a seminar and your upline pushed more tool trunks and top 50’s knowing full well within a week they would be useless because they would change the line. First from TOD to Team, Loose the Q, Now just leadership, Now MV, Now Life. Yeah been there done that. Would love to have the money back on useless tools they knowingly sold and pushed that would be useless. Glad I could line their pockets more. Glad I have been out a few years.

    I do agree with the part about spending time on getting the RIGHT information. I can do that just fine now and still have the money in my pocket.

  5. Speak Your Truth permalink
    January 23, 2012 11:45 pm


    Very disturbing, what a phony and greedy world they live in. Knowing they are selling others on useless, re-branded tools to the same ole people. That is neither smart nor wise financial sense, and is why so many quit buying their garbage, before; as you mentioned.

    It is flat out Greed… they re-sell this stuff over-n-over-n-over to the same people…without an ounce of financial consideration for those same people re-purchasing and throwing their money away; creating losses for them deliberately, for their (PC) personal financial gain and a little for the profit-sharer.

    The ill-gotten recognition is shameful at best and this video is extremely annoying. I couldn’t even gut the all too familiar voice…fast talkin…’program your mind’..Greasy sales pitch…with the fake smile at the end… was far too much for me to gut. I can’t believe I listened to that garbage and got ‘programmed’, continually for years!

    It is no wonder it takes years to ‘de-programmed,’ after cramming at least..2 cd’s per day over and over…glad I am choosing what I listen to now and am rid of the indoctrinating cds.

  6. not signed up yet permalink
    January 24, 2012 7:32 am

    There it is…Orrin used the word programming.

    In my Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy, John Maxwell, Tony Robbins and other real leaders hip books, I never read one word about “programming” Its true that to be successful and be a leader you do have to change your thinking, but you dont have to be programmed to do it.

    And notice how there is nothing about real success, real leadership, real relationships…its just buy a cd, book, or a seminar to a dog and pony show where instead of hearing about success, you will be ask or “programmed” to buy more cds, books and tickets.

    If you listen carefully to the cds there is no useful information in them, they are jsut commercial for opsn, more cds and book and seminar tickets.

    its just a matter of time before team life leaves the states sets up a compound in some banana republic and they pass out cool aid.

  7. littledufflebagboy permalink
    January 24, 2012 7:57 am

    thats all the team ever will be is just buying books, cds, seminars, and opens. they have rarely taught anything that would actually help a person in the real world. i still can remember jim martin telling me how i need to get the newest packs and cd’s because it was package different and wasn’t the TOD, TEAM, MV and probably now life even though i know a lot of us probably have mulitple copes of the same cds they probably still have for cd of the week that just has a different label on it now. its just sad. but we can change peoples lives and become “a life coach”. lol i still remember telling my sister and brother in law who i sponsored into team monavie about life lol, they wanted nothing to do with the team part of it just selling monavie since they have done tastefully simple and candle light. they were just looking to retail product which in my option is what mlm’s should be about. they got turned off the second my upline approached them with changing their lives and their thinking and being multi millionaires, come to seminar, come to the open meeting. all they were looking for was making an extra 500$ a month doing partys like they have been doing. LIFE sux lol

  8. Speak Your Truth permalink
    January 24, 2012 1:15 pm

    ***I found John Maxwell’s book: Put Your Dream To The Test…Best price, $7.oo on Amazon, the Kindle price is $9.99.

    So, if the minimum package for LieF, is 50 bucks; and even if you pay $9.99 for the book… That leaves 40.00 left to pay for the 4 Cd’s and (the case, will call it $4 bucks to be way generous, but they probably pay a buck; if that, anyone know ‘their cost’ of the case?…. leaving a whopping 36 bucks for the 4 cds?

    9 bucks a Cd?!!! Unless, I have missed something or my math is wrong….And… that is without shipping! Holy crap, what a RIP-OFF! That is the best prices in the industry..hahaha.

    The worst part is you have NO Choice (it is auto-shipped and they choose for you… ‘How you will program yourself’. Also, they choose, how it is ‘packaged,” to charge you more of course.

    Hello?…Most of those people already have that information, multiple Cd’s and listened to them multiple times; from paying for them when it was Team of Destiny/Amway, Team Quixtar, Team MV, Now Team Lief. I thought the objective is to get others the ‘information’ to change their lives…Nope, it is to get the masses to buy multiple cd’s…multiple times, listen to them multiple times to (brainwash you), so they make multiple millions off you.

    We paid 6 bucks for those same cd’s and so did the majority of those people, who now will re-purchase…once Again…now will have to pay 3 bucks a piece more for them, are you serious?…Bad financial business,decision!

    I believe that they display; what is meant by; The Love of Money is the root of all evil, and how obvious the greed has consumed the PC, the 7 families at the top.

  9. Robin permalink
    January 24, 2012 3:02 pm


    Your right! I agree Orrin, Tim, and all others with the same integrity as they have that they are the epitome of “The Love of Money is the root of all evil”. Good people do good things with money and bad people do bad things with money. Remember that? Too bad they do the latter.

    The best time I had throwing tons of money out the door was when I threw all my cd’s and anything related to them straight in the garbage. WootWoot.

    I’ll choose my own listening material from here on out. Thanks! When I took their advice my finances went waaaay backwards. It has been quite sometime now and I am still digging my way back up. What is that they say, “Lesson repeated until lesson learned. 7 years. Gguess I was a slow learner. lol.

  10. Speak Your Truth permalink
    January 24, 2012 4:04 pm


    LoL! “The best time I had throwing tons of money out the door was when I threw all my cd’s and anything related to them straight in the garbage. WootWoot.”

    That is two fold, it is also the time we got to start keeping our own money and making our own choices!!!!

    I am with ya…even though I would love to get back all the cash their poor, greedy… ‘advice’ and undue ‘programming’….got us…There is absolutely… no comparison to the true FREEDOM of Mind you get when you dump the money sucking (mind-controlling)..’programming’ machine that keeps others in the ‘illusion;’ …’believing’ for years!

    “When I took their advice my finances went waaaay backwards.”

    So true, unfortunately for tens of thousands of others too! 7 years, I am sorry…….but if it is any consolation to you…You are a speedy learner.. compared to us.

  11. Finally permalink
    January 24, 2012 4:47 pm

    Right on Speak on the finances, after we QUIT, yes I said Quit, we got our life back financially. We have done sooooo many things worthwhile with our cash that we were not giving to our up lines via tool sales that it almost makes me physically ill. I have donated more, done more in our house, stressed out wayyy less and feel good and ready to move forward. The lies they tell to keep you fueling their income are innumerable.

    Little Dufflebagboy, I have befriended some of the former downlines to your up lines and the stories are crazy as to the lies and manipulations to keep you on system and buying extra tools. They are pathetic, seeing how they lost a large portion of their income and gone backwards over the last 8 years from what I am told. They are really good at blowing people out to I hear………..Can you say Ego!!!!

  12. littledufflebagboy permalink
    January 24, 2012 5:29 pm

    yea they have done a great job blowing my new people out lol. happen way too many times I was like wtf. glad to hear u got ur finances back in line. I’ll have all my debt payed off within the next few months. I can still remember when I signed up in TOD I was 20yrs old with a zero balance on $2000 worth of credit cards and no car payment. 8 years later ran a car all the way down, had about 13000$ in credit card debt and a car payment. great mentoring with the finances. I was told to sell my new car and get another junker I think not 🙂 down with life and team

  13. freedomhaha permalink
    January 24, 2012 6:10 pm

    I agree with all you guys the best part was throwing all the CD’s and Orrin and Chris’s books into the garbage. It was like I got my mind back instantly. I did keep some of the good books, but even they felt a little tainted by the slime of the greasy scam artist Orrin Woodward. Writing this I even feel sick about the money I spent that I didn’t really have. Since I was only in 8 months I guess I can chalk it up to a learning experience. However, I’m not a quitter and will keep doing everything I can until I see the PC in jail, or LIfE destroyed beyond recognition. Amthrax and the other contributors saved my life and I know they are doing the same for many, many more. Fight the good fight against the evil TEAM!!

    God Bless

  14. January 24, 2012 8:06 pm

    Concerning the cd’s, Brady says (paraphrasing):

    “you may not agree with some of the cd’s, you may not believe everything they say, or you may not even need what’s in them…………BUT…… DO need to listen to them everyday, at least 2 a day to get good information in you…”

    Now if that’s not cognitive dissonance, I’m not sure what is…

  15. Freedomhaha permalink
    January 24, 2012 8:19 pm

    @Webelieved- I have not told my whole story on here, but I would be glad to do so in the near future. Thanks for everything you do, I really appreciate it.

  16. Vogel permalink
    January 24, 2012 10:06 pm

    Freedomhaha said: “I’m not a quitter and will keep doing everything I can until I see the PC in jail, or LIfE destroyed beyond recognition. Amthrax and the other contributors saved my life and I know they are doing the same for many, many more. Fight the good fight against the evil TEAM!! God Bless”

    Powerful words my friend. That really resonated with me. Righteous!

  17. I QUIT (and glad I did) permalink
    January 25, 2012 4:49 am

    I can relate with the feeling of being “freed” when I chucked all my tapes and cd’s. I felt a wave of renewal along with nausea at the thought of all that “invested” money. I kept all the books except any written by the con artists. I love reading, always have. I’ve re-read a lot of them since my ah-ha moment. But I can also agree with the comment earlier about the books being “tainted” slightly. Some of them bring back great memories, others conjure nightmares. I just try to remember that the author didn’t write it for the Team!

  18. Freedomhaha permalink
    January 25, 2012 11:05 am

    @QUIT- You make a great point that the author did not write them for TEAM.Just knowing the characters of the authors like Maxwell through their writing I assume they would be disgusted with the way TEAM twists their material. Not to mention what the Good Lord would feel about using the cross of Christ to being people into a scam.The books especially “The Magic of Thinking Big” left me with the realization that with my an expanded thinking I really can do more than I thought before.

    God Bless everyone on here in their pursuit of truth.

  19. Major Dave Stoner permalink
    January 26, 2012 3:43 pm

    Hey Chris, you forgot one of the most important f’s- F*#K YOU!!!! oh yah, FRAUD!

  20. Spooked permalink
    January 26, 2012 8:41 pm

    I just read on Facebook Mona Vie has a ringtone for your phone now…its called Right Here Right Now..Any way to keep people fired up..and sucked in..Its just wrong…

  21. Gordon Freeman permalink
    May 5, 2012 1:30 am

    Regarding his remark a minute and a half in: I’m not sure I should take Brady’s word that he can make me a millionaire (excuse me, “job-optional”) when he’s not even confident in his own ability to count to eight.

  22. Freedomhaha permalink
    May 5, 2012 8:04 am

    Gordon, when the dream is big enough the facts don’t count.

  23. billy permalink
    May 9, 2012 7:31 am

    I find it interesting that your link goes to a screenshot with Michael Collins’ name on. Are Mesha/Michael the same person posting as two to make it look like more people are commenting on this site?
    Also, if one were against what LIFE offers, why would they have wasted their money signing up for it?

  24. Freedomhaha permalink
    May 9, 2012 3:53 pm

    Billy- I don’t want to speak for myself, but I am not against what LIFE stands for. However, the good things about life integrity, free enterprise, and wealth principles ARE NOT FOUND IN LIEF. I love reading that books that the TEAM offers but from someone else where I can get them cheaper. John Maxwell is an awesome writer I just don’t want to use the skills I learn to trick people into a business they will fail in.

  25. Speak Your Truth permalink
    May 10, 2012 5:19 am


    You have been on here enough. Pretty sure you already have the answer to that question..but perhaps this comment I have (copied from Teamscam) will give you a clue:

    179.JM Says:
    April 20th, 2012 at 6:24 pm
    I was involved in Team for a short while and then in the “LIFE Business” shortly after is started up. I will say that SOME of the info in the books and cd’s is quality, helpful info. However, the whole LIFE bit WILL drain your money. It took me just a few months to realize this. Not to mention, it is hard to make much money from it. An distant friend of mine got me into it, stating that with us all working together, I should easily be able to quit my job within a year or so. This person happened to be one of the leaders in the local LIFE group. After a little while, I began to realize that I was spending quite a bit of money in this “business”, and not really getting much in return. I had an open mind, but began to see the bigger picture. Certain things began to surface the longer I was involved. Things that I wasn’t originally told about, such as the details of the income part and the customer requirements required to continue to get payment. I also was later told that it would be more realistic that it might take more like 5-6 years before I could quit my job, not within the 1 year like I had been told previously. I realized that between the required monthly subscription, weekly meetings that also cost, and the seminars and out-of-state conventions, I would soon be dishing out THOUSANDS of dollars in just a few years. It was at that time, that I quickly got out of the whole thing. Shortly after, I found out that two others in my group had also quit, apparently realizing that it was indeed a money racket as well. I am all for improving myself, but not at such a cost. Please consider staying away from the LIFE Team!

  26. switch permalink
    May 10, 2012 6:24 pm

    “A little off topic, but apparently there is also a youth CD series called ‘The Edge’ that just came out in March. I feel slightly sick.”

    Preying on children to pass along an “inspirational” tool scheme…wow. And in return, probably some high hopes of curiosity from the adults/parents and teachers to check out the rest of o’s revamped BULL$HIT?

    It’s like “The Limbo”….. “How low can team go?”

    A classic “Tool of the Day” alright.


  27. Mike Collins permalink
    May 10, 2012 9:06 pm

    I’m running my own special on “tool” of the day.

    My current tool of the day is orrin himself. Y’all can have as much of him as you like……on the house.

  28. MustHaveBeenTerribleMother permalink
    August 16, 2012 5:42 am

    A little levity from grandma: I have a new piece of educational material for children subjected to their parents being in LIFE. Now, keep in mind, many of our childhood ditties and rhymes stemmed out of horrible times like death, war, etc.

    When you sing this rhyme to anyone, it comes from “One, Two, Buckle My Shoe”…you must also perform as you do this with a big grin, holding the hand of a child…do a Nazi goose-step and/or march slowly and definitively– like the Willy Wonka midgets or if you are older, how about the flying monkeys from the Wizard of Oz.

    Here we go, in a staccato, singsong voice, as we skip down a public sidewalk with the children who may have lost their homes and don’t know where their next supper is coming from because their parents bought the lie, alienated family and parents (who actually DO have jobs and may now have to bail them out):






    Copyright (LOL!!): the terrible mother who fears for what will happen to her grandchildren if their daddy does not get deprogrammed soon

  29. MustHaveBeenTerribleMother permalink
    August 16, 2012 9:47 am

    webelieved: thank you—I need to be intermittently hilarious in order to keep sane after the TEAM/LIFE Chernobyl fallout and desertion experienced 6 days ago.

    But: what the sad part is: on our end, they were already hard up for money….hence the vulnerability for the scheme dream, I’m sure.

    Tell me more on how a typical scenario could work…I’ve already figured out how much the CDs/books, monthly subscription, big meetings cost, etc., but what else is there, besides getting paid $2.50/person brought in (until you reach the next percentage leve)? Do they find other ways to get more out of the lowest toadies on the rung of downlines?

    Am just trying to anticipate the financial blood-letting he might be facing in the first 6 months.. The frightening thing is: is this addiction so bad that one might give mo’ money to LIFE instead of when one of the grandkids actually needs something like diapers or formula? Is it like being on meth or heroin or an incense designer drug?

  30. freedomhaha permalink
    August 16, 2012 10:30 am

    TerribleMother- You also have to count in the gas used to go show the plans along with the fast food when on the road. The increased driving also leads to car repairs in most cases. Not to mention the cult members job performance in their real job (you know the one that pays them money) often suffers to the point that they get fired.

  31. Vogel permalink
    August 16, 2012 2:20 pm

    And aren’t they also told that the only good excuse for missing an event/meeting is for one’s own funeral?

    Expect that he will have the screws put to him to be a good soldier and tend to his laundry list of trifling obligations to the TEAM, and will probably miss many important family events as a result. Sadly, that seems to be a pretty common story from former members.

  32. MustHaveBeenTerribleMother permalink
    August 16, 2012 2:34 pm

    Vogel: yes, that’s what I read somewhere, too, re: miss only for your own funeral. This, for us, might be the saving factor with my kid….sometimes he has a hard time getting up and being on time. So, I hope this “tenet” is taught :))))))

  33. Speak Your Truth permalink
    August 16, 2012 2:59 pm

    Don’t forget there will be expected tithing to ‘their church’ on Sundays at those “Big” meetings. And since your son is showing all the signs of his mind being ‘hostage’ he will be an easy sell and expected to go Powerplayer or be “elite of the elite” as George Guzzardo loved to call it. He will also easy sell to be an “all in committed,leader” then meet all those Powerplayer, ‘costly’ exspenses; (i.e. everything they have as standing order subscription(s) possibly a certain number of cases of ‘juice’ (is he buying juice?) and what ever else they now have for the Powerplayer qualifications.). Sitters for 5-6 days per week, and one weekend per month for seminars, raised to $30, every other Tue. meeting raised to $10 per person) and all the other “special meetings” like “super opens” I believe are $25 (nothing more than pushing the Big meeting $125 Tickets) “Men’s & Ladies Leadership” meetings, used to be $10 per person.

    They “promote” and use “edification” (idol worship) in a highly pressured enviroment, (cult tactics).They use all kinds of belittling of the outside world, have black & white thinking and dress it as humor, like calling your “in-laws>.outlaws.” They bombard these messages for hours, and through every media source they have, along with creating sleep deprivation. This is their prime time to bash everyone “outside” as mediocre, everyone else justs want to stay ‘broke’ all their lives and want handouts) J.O.Bee’s, Bosses and government are there to steal the American Dream away from you and keep you a slave. There are so many costs they never tell you will be there. The game is get them to the next step…subtly.

    Speaking of their messages of a slave….Funny that is exactly what I felt like in the Team environment. Hypocrites.

  34. MustHaveBeenTerribleMother permalink
    August 16, 2012 3:46 pm

    @Speak: well, you’ve just confirmed my worst fears, because the indoctrination was so rapid, so profound. I’ll say it a third time in posts: This man, nearing 40, now believes that TEAM/LIFE has given him the answers to the mysteries of the universe. I’m scared, because I have grandkids involved. I just, so desperately, do not want to see their Daddy fail or fall so low when the deception is revealed and the party’s over. It could lead to suicidal feelings. To your knowledge, has an ex-member ever resorted to suicide?

  35. No Team For Me permalink
    August 16, 2012 5:17 pm

    musthavebeenterriblemother – this is way we need your continued help. and why we do this. Every once in a while people post on here asking why we do this, why we don’t just move on with our lives?

    Because there continue to be families ripped apart and lives ruined by these scammers. Somewhere out there tonight is a loving family unit who are about to have their family life shattered – no more family nights together (meetings every night). No more special weekends (seminars or go show the plan). No more ballgames and possibly missing your own child’s graduation (listed to Claude & Lana Hamilton brag about how their sponsor missed his own son’s high school graduation as validictorian to go out of town and do a meeting for Claude & Lana).

    They will begin to shell out $3,000, then $5,000 and eventually the potential of $10-15,000 a year chasing this scam – only to realize that money could have been put in a college fund, spent on some memory building family vacations or paying off the credit card debt they have now racked up.

    And by the time they realize what has happened, the kids are now 18 and all those potential memories are gone forever.

    That’s why we are on here. We need more people to stand in the gap and say “not on my watch”. we will not stand idly by and continue to watch thousands and thousands of people being hurt so a handful of people can enjoy a lifestyle.

    We need to take it to the next level and start to really get this word out.


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