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Reader Report: Letter From Former Round Table Members Mark and Raquel Peters

January 29, 2012

We’ve read about how former Round Table members John and Melanie Morgan were screwed over by George “strategic default” Guzzardo and Orrin Woodward, now it’s time to read how the another set of former Round Table members, Mark and Raquel Peters, were given a similar raw deal.

This is a copy of a letter I received from a reader that was written in June 2009. It seems the Peters drafted it with the intention of sending it on to an attorney.

I’ve made some minor changes the formatting for clarity.


The Team according to Forbes online are making millions. We have been promised a residual,pipeline,b type business income from Team in public and on cd’s and dvd’s for years by millionaire Team Policy council and we expect it. Our team and income has been stripped from us based on lies and slander as you will see in the enclosed letters . We want our team Mr Guzzardo took and gave to Eric Blomdahl restored back to us and a public and written apology from all these people for all these vicious attacks on our character. We have brought thousands of customers to purchase Team materials, who continue to purchase weekly . We have worked 5-6 nights a week for years promoting the Team. We want to see the Team books publicly opened showing why ours and others incomes have dropped so dramatically, how we have been paid past,present and future. We would like copies of any contracts we have signed for the Team. We want past and projected future money owed and any due damages for pain and suffering and loss of income, false advertising etc because of the below reasons. We also want others like us protected from future assaults and them to receive all the above as well. And there are a lot. We would like the truth to be exposed so no other person will be deceived and suffer like we have.

Team provides leadership and training materials including cd’s, books, dvd’s, websites, open meetings and seminars. We sell their training materials to a community of people that we bring to them. I started with the team and Amway in January 2003. We get paid by the Team on materials(called tools) and tickets sold, team profit sharing and speaking engagements.

Amway/quixtar is a direct selling/mlm.(left sept 2007)

Mona Vie is a direct selling/mlm. (joined March 2008)

Details, following, sorry couldnt put in 2 paragraphs.

For 6 years we have been promised a passive, residual, ongoing, pipeline, willable income from the Team. Team teaches us to build numbers in their training system, they have recognition based on these numbers at there seminars. I built a community of people for the team that continues to grow, working 5-6 days a week for years, promoting the team. We spoke at engagements,at the team’s request, across the country for years. I achieved the Round Table / Turbo 100 level in the Team and the Sapphire level in Quixtar/Amway in 2007. We were making enough money with the Team and Amway to give up my photography business and for my husband to give up his plant manager position and pursue the Team business full time. Quixtar/Amway was not mentioned at any open meetings or seminars. Always it was implied the Team was the business that built communities and Amway was just the shopping portal we used. At one time all profit sharers were herded into a room at a Go-Diamond weekend and told we needed to sign a 25 page document to get paid from the Team. Raquel asked if she could take it home and mail they said no and when asked to get a copy was told no. I couldn’t get copies and was given 5 minutes to sign it, encircled by Team office workers. She trusted them and went against her uneasiness and signed it.

It was implied we (the Team) would be the Walmart of the Internet. Our income was presently 8000 to 12000 a month from the Team and 2000-3000 a month, from Amway/Quixtar. In spring of 2007, at Go Diamond Weekend, all the silvers and above were shown a document, on overhead,on how the Team paid us based on numbers of people using Team information. It was very inticing. It was removed quickly when some people took pictures of it, angering some policy council members. A few months later in August , Mr. Woodward and other Team Leaders chose to leave Amway/Quixtar. We knew if we didnt leave with the Team, our team would be gone. Also we were unhappy with the pricing of Quixtar so we trusted and followed,. We were told by the Guzzardo’s what date to resign from Quixtar and then told ” not all of us to do it on the same day.” We had a 6 month nocompete to fulfill. The Team told everyone to sell leadership materials during this time, as they continued with our seminars and tool sales.(our open meetings were shut down due to lawsuits) Our income dropped from 80,000 in 2007 to about $600 most months in 2008. My husband and I had no jobs and they knew it. Also the Morgans income and others dropped like that as well.Again no explanation and no other contracts signed. We have never seen how our pay is figured, except for seminar speaking where there was a flat fee based on our team levels. While others in our group appeared to make much more and also were offered to speak at seminars to keep their income up we were going broke.The tools were sold and changed frequently over these 6 months making them useless and profit sharers were made financially responsible for refunds. Many people quit because of the expenses incurred and the Team never followed through on Walmart of Internet which was promoted cd’s and resold.

When they demanded in March/April that we register people in Mona Vie, most that we were working with were not legally free of there 6 month contract. We had been told from stage no one would be left behind. For years these people that we loved and cared about had bought team and quixtar products that all the “leaders” got paid on. We had the paperwork for our smaller leg and decided to put a few in at a time, as they got free, because it was the right thing to do. We wanted people to be put in the same order as they gotten started on the team. Because for years we told them to hold their spot. We had @10 people free and hundred+ that were not. Mr Blomdahl recommended that we give away all our personals except three, to the Samuels.Our other team was already registered and we knew no one else had done that. Mona Vie’s pay plan was based on our personals. We decided to work with John Morgan who we trusted on our registration process.

This is when chaos began. Mark was threatened by mr blomdahl on a phone message ” if we didn’t give him our password” (to our private MonaVie website) “within a half an hour”, that Mr Blomdahl “was gonna give away the Samuels, to someone else”. ( the Samuels are our personals which would have drastically affected our pay. He also told us he was putting our personal, the Winklers in his Mona Vie business. Later the winklers profit sharing team was removed from our group to his group. We as well as some people on our team were harassed or threatened by the Samuels/Blomdahl’s, given phone calls all under the direction according to them of the Guzzardos/Woodwards. We also received a nasty phone call from Renee Oettinger. Mr Blomdahl accused me of not being a leader and Team player, all because we refused to cheat our downline out of their business and refused to give our personals away.Earlier, one of our personals, Gloria Klomsten was asked if she would be willing to wait a few weeks to get her spot so others who got in years before she was involved could keep their spot. She agreed. Than at 1130pm that same night, Mark received a call from her stating “if we didn’t put her in Mona Vie, tonight, she would be sponsored by someone else!”. We assume she had talked to the Samuels or Mr Bolmdahl that night. We did what she asked under distress because people had already been stolen. We were in shock that they would treat us like this after we had sacrificed to help them build their business with our time,energy and finances night after night. We called John Morgan and he eventually had a lot of these things changed back, and he wasn’t too happy with these unethical practices. It appears anyone that has and issue with us, has it only after they talk to Blomdahl’s, Guzzardos, Winklers, Samuels. (Note:Mrs Klomsten later apologized to Raquel for threatening us and not coming to us with her issues)

Because of all this, our credibility continued to be destroyed by Mr Blomdahl and Mr Guzzardo and the Samuels. More people quit, stopped coming to seminars and meetings. They were angry that the integrity of the line of sposorship wasn’t kept and some about the phone calls they recieved from the Samuels. All this created doubt confusion and upheaval in our team.This destroyed the unity of our group. When we went to our seminars some wouldnt talk to us.When people asked us what happened we did not deny the truth. Also they werent happy about the broken promises made by the Team Leadership.

Mr. Guzzardo had a secret meeting with blomdahls, Samuels, klomsten and gina Schaefer to talk about how they couldn’t work with us! They began to put people in wrong places and cause more destruction at the instruction of Mr. Guzzardo.I knew this was wrong and spoke thru email to Mr Woodward, Guzzardo’s superior. Mr woodward agreed this was wrong. (email documentation)

Through all this we still stayed and tried to build our Team and Mona Vie business attending all weekly and monthly meetings.

When we started in 2003 there approximately 25 total people attending open meetings in southeast wi . Through her hard work, Raquel had started the Madison Wi Open and the Madison Seminar system along with helping build the Milwaukee open to hundreds. When we left Amway she was speaking up to 4 tues a month, the opens had approximately 300 people attending at each the Milwaukee and Madison locations.We brought thousands to the Team over years of hard work and effort. There are witnesses and email documentation of these facts.After the registration chaos, we were black listed by Mr Guzzardo off the speaking circuit, taking away our credibility in our teams. We were not allowed to speak at ladies leadership or open meetings and others were speaking that clearly had smaller businesses than us. Our downline that was speaking, and others were asking why we weren’t speaking, knowing our business was bigger. Seeing this was unfair, Raquel drove 7 hours to talk to the Woodwards about all this. Mr Woodward just told her to go Ruby and than point out the discrepancies to Mr Guzzardo. And that Mr Blomdahl needed to be removed from our team because he was managing and not leading and that we could go black diamond and policy council over the next 2 years. Mr Blomdahl never was removed .On the way home, with witnesses the Team office finally squeduled us to speak and then. according to Mr Guzzzardo’s direction, changed it. The people i was traveling with, that had smaller business than us were requested to take that open meeting positions taking our ability to speak right away, It upset Mr Guzzardo that the Team squelduled us without his permission . Finally Angela Ragland at the Team office called a Guzzardo organization conference call and got us on the speaking circuit.We were invited to speak twice, than we were told by Mr Guzzardo we didn’t do a good job and they’d have to think about letting us speak again. He wasn’t there and for 5 years I had never received a complaint about my speaking, in fact that night we received high fives from people in room said we did awesome. Because of the stress these harassments had caused we decided for the benefit of Raquel’s health that it was neccesary to take ourselves out of speaking. Raquel was advised by 2 physicians that she should quit her business for her health.

At this same time her health was deteriorating more. She had been having breathing problems and lethargy for many months. From oct 2008 till Jan 2009 she was given anxiety medicine, prescribed depression medicine and on 4 rounds of antibiotics, eventually 4 months of steroid treatment, than finally figured out in Jan 2009 by a pulmonary specialist that she had chronic stress induced asthma and she has been suffering ever since. Her quality of life is not good most days and she doesnt think she could work full time again,as smells, chemicals and stress cause her to have asthma attatcks. She doesn’t think she will ever breathe normal again and cannot live without medication.

In nov 2008 the Morgans were checking out another, noncompeting business to do along side their mv business for extra income and had sent an email to their family and a few best friends on the Team. They said hey check this out. This other business was similar to the one Mr Guzzardo and Mr Woodward had promoted we would go to, all those months we were waiting and it never came. Our names were not included in this email. Mr Guzzardo got ahold of email and went around and slandered the Morgans and their friends, systematically destroyed their teams that gain them income and destroyed the Morgans credibility to thousands. Secret Meetings were called in all our groups as well as Morgans teams by Mr Blomdahl and Guzzardo. The Blomdahl’s, Guzzardo’s and Samuels then slandered us to our groups, upline and downline. Mr Guzzardo told Jammie Fisher we were implicated and told Ben Prescher we had moved on and quit our business.The Morgans joined a coupon cutting business, according to Jammie Luerquin. Our team name was changed and we were out. We had not joined any business, had not quit, Raquel was in and out of the emergency room and hospital at this time. Were still buying their materials and attending their seminars and getting paid from the Team.

Not Mr guzzardo, Blomdahl, Winklers, Samuels, Hawkins, woodwards, Oettinger, Team Office anyone who slandered us had called us or the Morgans before they pulled these stunts.At this time us and the Morgan’s decided to quit attending team functions as Raquel was very sick and we felt we could no longer associate with people like that. We kept buying their cd’s, and quit buying seminar tickets and waited to see if they would pay us our income we had earned. We have spent thousands of dollars on Team materials and events and thousands of hours of our personal time. We gave it all to serve the Team. We were crushed.

As people came to us with these lies we told the truth. Most people, including Sharon Lesch ,who called us were discusted that those that talked of integrity, honesty and character from stage would do this to one of their own and not make even a call to confirm their assumptions. We knew we could never go back, to protect our integrity and our future team we could no longer with a clear concience promote our upline or the Team.We still had our Mona Vie team in place and decided after these events to seek out Mona Vie training in other places to save our investment. Mona Vie states we can use what ever training company we want.

We now have received this letter from the Samuels that is full of lies and 1/2 truths. The Samuels have only spoken to us face to face twice since spring 2008 and that was last summer 2008 and two weeks ago when Tim showed up at Raquels’ dad’s. He has never mentioned he had a problem or brought up the Team. Him and his wife made it very clear right from the start theydidnt want to work with Raquel and that they were working with Mr Blomdahl and didnt want the help which we have offered. It is normal for people to work with any upline they chose and it was always ok with us, like we have chosen to work with upline higher than Mr blomdahl , the Morgans. We believe that the Samuels have been put up to this letter to take away our income by Mr Guzzardo and Mr Blomdahl and the Team . Tim Samuels is my cousin and knows that we built most of his team for him and he inherited volume from all the hard work we did. Our team has been removed from our business management screen and given to Mr Blomdahl. Mr Blomdahl has noone personally sponsored in the Samuels organization that I’m aware of and He didn’t build our team, he did support it in a small way as is his job, and he already was getting paid for it.This appears to help Mr Blomdahl get a higher income.Because of this letter and action and Mr Guzzardo’s approval this has removed us from our profit sharing and took our future Team income away. Our total Team income was $80,000 in 2007 according to our 1099, $18,000 in 2008 and has been ave $600-800 a month this year and now is being taken away. The communities that we helped build, Including the Samuels and Hawkins groups have brought to the team approximately $70,000 in sales this month alone. These sales will continue as long as these teams continue to exist in the Team system. We sent an email stating these were lies and were told it was up to Mr. Guzzardo in the letter from the office. We have asked for contracts from the Team office we have signed and have had no reply.

Our family is in financial ruin as well as many others, that are too afraid to speak out . We have so many bills we cant pay, my husband has had to go back towork and is making 1/2 of what he made at his plant manager position and our Mona vie income is dropping because of this too. We feel we were misled for years and left our children for the Team. Now we are destroyed financially, our credibility in our community is destroyed and Raquel’s health is destroyed as well.. In 2007 we were debt free outside of our mortgage, now we may possibly be forced to file bankruptcy and lose our home, due to unpaid taxes and bills as well as. We can no longer even afford every day bills much less the things we need to continue to build our business. We are humiliated. There has been a lot of pain and suffering for all of us.”

Mark and Raquel Peters

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  1. Katie permalink
    January 29, 2012 3:50 pm

    WOW. Tim Samuels was the speaker at my first house plan that I hosted. I am ashamed that I ever trusted those people and let them into my home!! This is such a sad story and very clearly shows how shady this organization is. My heart goes out to the Peters family.

  2. webelieved permalink
    January 29, 2012 4:27 pm

    This letter is AMAZING and discuting at the same time! Thanks Amthrax and whoever sent it in! It only confirms what I have been saying these past few days! 🙂

    Katie- You said you were on the Samuels team, did you know the Peters?

    From what I hear this has put a wedge in Raquel’s family. Raquel’s dad, while dealing with a terminal illness, had to hear about all of this. He was very disheartened to hear that his own nephew did all this to his daughter.
    Isn’t it sad that people would believe the charlatans and do whatever they said, chosing teamers over their own family!
    I also heard that Tim admitted to Ben Presher (his largest leader) back in summer 2009, that he shouldn’t have sent the letter because he knew the Peters were going to be voted out of Profit Sharing by the PC soon anyway.
    I really do believe that the Peters would welcome Tim back with open arms, when he leaves the Team Cult and goes to them in true repentence….. I guess I shouldn’t talk for them, but we can only hope. 😦
    I posted a bunch of stuff on the Peters story yesterday, I will copy it to here.

  3. Finally permalink
    January 29, 2012 4:31 pm

    More truth about Orrin and company……..their time is coming……….what they did is immoral and quite possibly illegal………the real heroes are people like the Morgan’s, Peter’s and other’s that have come forward with the truth. Team held a seminar this past weekend spewing lies and attacking in a third person fashion, the people that have come forward with the truth about how they operate. The real cowards in all of this Orrin/Laurie Woodward, Chris/Terri Brady, Tim/Amy Marks, George/Jill Guzzardo and most of all Lisa/Dan Hawkins. I put Lisa first because we all know that She wears Dan’s genitalia around her neck. They regurgitate the same old lie’s seminar after seminar and the lemming’s, not heroes, as they would call them follow without question. I read a quote from Brady, that said “sour grapes makes people whine”. This coming from a guy that mentored a family into bankruptcy and a child into a nightmare…………..Then he get’s on stage, tells a few jokes, take a few shots and people call him a leader. If that is the case they fall into the same category as charles manson and other cult leaders that destroyed rather than added to someones life. And yes I chose manson because of the heinousness of his crimes. The end result of team is much wider and more destructive to many people. The acts themselves are different but the process of destruction is the same.

  4. webelieved permalink
    January 29, 2012 4:36 pm

    Here is a copy of comments posted January 27, 2012 1:46 pm I think it belongs under this post.

    Dan Hawkins, why don’t you tell your followers this weekend about your sponsor Raquel Peters and the rest of the story?

    How you know her upline PC (Guzzardo and Woodward) stole her income from her? Or what about how you wanted to shut her up from telling the truth about what happened to her, so you threatened to have what’s left of her MV income taken away from her? Or how about the fact you had meetings slandering the Morgan’s because you blindly followed George Guzzardo without making a phone call to the Morgans? How about the facts that your wife slandered Raquel telling others “she wants to get paid for work she didn’t do” when really the fact is that Raquel Peters built your taproot for you for years, and that you were originally her 2nd leg and she built Eric Blondahls second leg for him! Or how about the fact that you received huge amounts of teams and numbers in Team profit sharing, that were taken from Billy Florence’s group, when you were only at what Gold in MV? It only takes EBC to see it Dan and do you think people are not sharing information? So YOU are really the one who doesn’t mind getting paid for work you didn’t do, right Dan? Or what about the fact that you and others watched as George Guzzardo and Orrin Woodward blackballed Mark and Raquel Peters out of speaking at their home opens, Madison and Milwaukee,when they had been good enough to speak across the country as Team seminar speakers? Effectively taking away their credibility in their teams, after you and others know she was the one who built those 2 opens up from basically nothing for years! This was done at a time when clearly you and others in her downline who were speaking had much smaller businesses than she! But she had to go Ruby in MV according to Guzzardo and Woodward! Even though none of you in her downline including yourselves, the Luerquins, Grafs, Fishers, Preshers etc who speaking at the time were even close to Ruby! By the way she was legitimately one case away from Ruby Dan, did you know that? Funny how the Peters were already Sapphires on their way to Emerald and were Round Table members when they left Quixtar and their downlines including the Hawkins were only Platnims or below! Funny how the Peters didn’t need to volume load to hit the Ruby pin, unlike you and her downline! How about the fact that Guzzardo was doing special meetings for you in your third team, but not for others?
    How about the fact you never called Raquel or Mark to see why they weren’t around anymore? But you were willing to spread the lies you were told and make up the story of the day that you needed, weren’t you Dan? You participated and watched it all happen and than you have the audacity to threaten the Peters in a text message recently, you coward! Those were quite the messages, Dan. How do you sleep at night?

    How about this Dan, did you know the Peters’ upline was threatening them in the registration process into MV? Did you learn your threats from Eric Blomdahl and Renee Oettinger, or was it all coming from George Guzzardo’s play book? Duplication?

    Did you know that Raquel and Mark had their paperwork for their lesser leg and were having people stolen by their upline Eric Blomdahl and personals stolen by their downline? Did you know Raquel’s own cousin Tim Samuels was a part of stealing personals from the team she built for years for him? Did you know she was getting threats from people in her downline, because of some b.s. they were being told by her upline? Did you know that Eric Blomdahl tried to get her to give up all but three of her personals going into MV even though you Dan didn’t give up any personals?Did you know later in 2009 , after she could no longer take the hypocrisy of Team and all they had done, that her cousin was solicited by George Guzzardo to write a libelous letter so George could approve of the Team taking away her profit sharing leg and therefore her income? Did you know it was given to Eric Blomdahl, her upline profit sharer to count wherever he needed more numbers? This was before there was any such thing as a Directors contract. Did you know that Eric Blomdahl went diamond in MV when they lifted the requirements on needing personal star 500 legs, so it was all a facade? He was paraded across stage like he was rocking MV when in reality he had his teams built for him by others previously and just got the pin because the rules changed? I bet you knew that one. Did you know that because the Peters refused to screw over there teammates in the registration process, all these things happened? I suppose you did know some of it because you did some of the things in the registration process that Guzzardos they tried to get her to do? Like have people switch sponsors or register under the wrong names? Did you know Dan that her whole lesser leg was all but destroyed by the corruption in the registration process? Did you know Dan that she still went out and built her MV team business anyway? Watching all the corruption around her?

    What about your wife and others telling Raquel’s lady friends in the Team, to not come to a daytime Bible study she was doing with her pastor on a book Laurie Woodward told her to read? Wow your wife cares a lot about her creator and her downline’s spirituality doesn’t she?

    Or what about you and others telling people in the Peters own groups not to show up to opens she was told to host by George Guzzardo himself, during the break before MV? Or how about your upline, purposely turning people the Peters worked with/helped for years against them, with their lies? How about the fact that you and Lisa were being paid more that your uplines the Morgan’s and the Peters, who both had much bigger numbers and much a much better balance than you at the time? And when asked about it Lisa said to quote “call George”? Or how about the fact that later the Peters could see in their EBC that you secretly recieved part of Billy Florences team and never disclosed it from stage? was it @100 tickets/50 system counts or are there many more as has been quoted on Amthrax’s site? How about that the Peters could see you were secretly willing to take recognition and money for somethig you didn’t earn? Oh, I bet you did know that one. How about the fact that the Morgan’s and the Peters families were being starved financially by the Team, while it seemed you and other favorites with smaller teams in their downline were being “taken care of?” How about the fact that John Graf took one for the Team and “retired” at the request of George Guzzardo, so Teamers would believe, after NOT hitting his goal? How about lying in open meetings who your sponsor is? For years it was Raquel Peters which is the truth, than it was “my photographer” than it was “my sponsor, Eric Blomdahl”?
    Who is your sponsor now, Dan? Wonder who sponsored Dan into LIFE? Parasite marketers, right Orrin?

    Or what about the fact that you NEVER called the Peters for 3 years to find out why they were no longer around, but than you had the audacity to threaten and coerce them? Are these the leadership principles they teach on Team now? How does it make you feel knowing you have contributed to the sabatoging and ruining of the Peters and the Morgans businesses and reputations after they helped you for years by sacrificing time with their families? After Raquel Peters left her toddlers night after night for years and got you, the Luerquins and the Fishers and crossline, the Samuels, the Winklers and others to Silver in Quixtar so they all could go build their second teams and go Platnum and now you and others take all the financial rewards in MV and now LIFE, partially from their hard work and sacrifice and think nothing of what Team has done to the Peters and others? You go on and pretend you never knew her? Your not a leader my friend, you are a spineless follower who has sold his soul for money and false fame!

    Should make you feel good Dan when you go buy your new cars, houses, etc. …… to think about what you and others have done to the Peters and the Morgan’s and I would guess others who bet their entire lives and futures on this lie of a business……

    You know in your heart of hearts Dan, that you, Orrin and the Team promised residual income for years, on the basis of building communties and while still benefiting from the Teams others built, Orrin and other PC took leaders’ residual incomes away! How would you answer to your creator on these things, Dan? And you claim you are following God? How do you sleep at night?

    I have friends now Dan, George and Orrin, that are willing to tell the truth and the rest of the story will come out! Too bad you and others sold out your integrity and honesty for your worthless silver! I pity you Dan. The real heros of America are the ones who left the Team and are standing up and telling the truth! I think you, Guzzardo, Woodward and others owe the Peters, the Morgan’s, and other leaders public apologies and a lot of money! God willing I hope they come and get it!

    ** The above comments are from my experiences from being involved with Team and Orrin Woodward and Co. for many years.

    Speak Your Truth permalink
    January 27, 2012 2:03 pm
    KABOOM!!!…Webelieved the truth in that post Rocks!!!!….Amthrax you should post this as another Story…Mark and Raquel Peters definitely got screwed by these dictators!!!! Years of work…I am sure there is way more to this story!!! How about this one…I heard that the Peters and Jamie Fisher were told they were “implicated” because they “associated” with their freaking upline mentors…how is that for some mafia tactics.

    Speak Your Truth permalink
    January 27, 2012 2:08 pm
    Wonder when the dictators will add this to their FAQ page….hmmm?

    Enough! permalink
    January 27, 2012 2:13 pm
    Wow! We Believed – every time I think things couldn’t get any worse with the Team I hear another story like this! I’ve been reading this blog for some time and I finally can’t hold back. The truth that is getting out on this blog is just amazing! You are all making a difference. Thanks for helping in my healing process as well.

    webelieved permalink
    January 27, 2012 3:15 pm
    Did you know Dan that the Peters got threating phone calls from Blomdahl and Oettinger, their uplines to give up their MV password or else or to call them back by a certain time? Did you know that John Morgan later had to come in and straighten out all the people, with the wrong sponsors, in the wrong order that mysteriously starting showing up on the Peters MV tree in their lesser leg one night? At the time the Peters had all their teammates paperwork in their possesion? Bet you didn’t know that one Dan! Did you know that the whole time after this while the Peters were trying to build their MV team business, that her downline were telling people not to work with her? Were you doing that also, Dan?
    Did you know after all of this and months of not being allowed to speak at the home opens Raquel Peters spoke at for years, she drove 8 hours to the Woodwards home for a Bible study, in an effort to talk to Orrin and Laurie? Did you know she poured her heart out to Laurie about what was going on? Did you know she had Beth Presher, Jammie Fisher and Penny Graf in the car on the way to Michigan and they all knew she was being treated unfairly? Did you know that on the way home the Team office contacted Mark about finally speaking in Madison, and he called her excited and than a few minutes later, at Guzzardos request, the Team office changed it so the Peters couldn’t speak, again? In the process of all of this, the office or George, contacted Raquel’s downline Beth Presher, and Penny Graf WHO WERE IN THE CAR WITH HER ( or right behind her) to reaarange speakers so the Peters couldn’t speak!

    Apparently George didn’t think the Peters were loyal enough to speak, and when Raquel told Orrin, he told her to “go Ruby” to point out indescrepancies to George! What kind of leader is that? It is pretty apparant that Orrin approved of and knew that George was being unfair in what he was doing and he did nothing. The team office than later told Raquel Peters that in order to speak, “George wants you to do an open with Dan Hawkins first.”

    She had to speak with you Dan, her downline, whose teams at the time were growing no faster than hers and she had done opens for years with no complaints? Wow do you think that is fair? Of course Dan you and other leaders in her downline knew this was unfair, and it would hurt her business, but you and others just watched her sit in the back of the room week after week, month after month.

    Did you know that when the team office finally in the fall let her speak in Madison, Guzzardo called her told her he was sorry her dad died! When in fact her dad hadn’t died! What a jerk! He than proceeded to tell her in the same phone call that “he had complaints about her speaking and he would have to decide if he would allow her to speak again.” Funny how she said she got many compliments that nignt and had never gotten a complaint before. Did you know she then called the Team office and told Angela to take her off of speaking after that? I find it funny that she wasn’t allowed to speak at opens and yet for 6 years straight, month after month and during this time her and her husband were on stage every month as stage hosts for the seminars!

    Did you know at the end of 2008, when the email fiasco happened with the Morgans and George Guzzardo was planning his secret meetings, he told Jammie that her and Raquel Peters were implicated in the whole mess, because “they were friends with Morgans!” Of course they were friends with their mentors,the Morgans. Did you know the Peters had nothing to do with that email? Of course not, because you and others didn’t ask, right? There’s some great conflict resolution and leadership there my friend. Did you know that not one PC and not one big leader called the Morgan’s or the Rodmans before slandering them in meetings? Of course you know you didn’t call the Peters or the Morgans before the secret meeting you held. Only one person called Raquel and it wasn’t Dan or a PC.Did you know that while all these meetings were going on secretly that the Morgan’s and the Peters knew it? Did you know both couples were mysteriously uninvited by the Team office to the their profit sharing meeting in the few days after these meetings? What great leadership you follow. You and your leaders know parts of these truths and pretend, don’t you? Shame on you all!

    I hope the Lord softens your hearts and you go to these people and repent for the parts each one of you have played.

    I will continue to play my part and tell more of what I am learning of what really happened to the Morgans, Peters, Rodmans’ and Brosts and maybe others.

  5. webelieved permalink
    January 29, 2012 4:41 pm

    webelieved permalink

    January 27, 2012 3:34 pm

    There is more to come, I just need a break as it is heartwrenching to see all the corruption in writing.


    webelieved permalink

    January 27, 2012 3:37 pm

    Enough!- Glad your here. Hope this site is making a difference. Some of the PC do not practice what they preach, do they?


    Finally permalink

    January 27, 2012 3:39 pm

    WOW we believed great stuff. Hawkins is a bonified W O O S Y, pathetic to the core and a wimp to boot. Taking blood money and false recognition……..some leader eh?????? His wife is just as pathetic and sorry. But, not half as sorry as the guy’s that gave him his income and teams……..

    Nice picture from Martin, they should save it because after the walls come tumbling down that is how the stadiums will look…….empty………Oh and according to his team Martin is another welfare recipient…….so is another guy on his team, Tim Jarvinen. Jarvinen has been back to work 3 times and lies about even having the job, according to him he is helping out he company.LOL Another woosy that can’t build a team so he has to take welfare just like Hawkins did……not to mention many many others. Yeah, it is a performance base business though……….They really are sad, but in a way I am so happy about the majors now……here is why…….it will not be too long when it all falls apart that we can quote them from this weekend, especially about this site and others cuz you know they will be mentioning it………

    Orrin on the radio????? Puleeeeeze………WHAT could he offer people?? How to lie cheat and steal in the name of GOD??


    webelieved permalink

    January 27, 2012 4:06 pm

    Some may not know the Peters history so I will share what I know.
    Raquel started attending the Milwaukee Open when there were @ 20 regulars going and there was no Madison open. She built up the Milwaukee open large enough to finally start the Madison open, which was closer for most of her team. Raquel built the business to Platnim/Team profit sharer by herself, turbo 50 maybe turbo 100, as a single lady before her husband came on board a few years later. Working together they were the only couple in southern WI to go Round Table by the spring of 2007. I believe at the time out of all the leaders in Guzzardos teams, only the Morgans, Edwards and Peters were promoted as round tables. The Peters had built one of the largest teams under the Morgan’s in Wisconsin and spoke across the country at Team seminars for quite a while. The last seminar they spoke at I believe was in April of 2008 in Escanaba MI, right after Team getting into MV. They built Erics Blomdahl’s second leg for him and were instrumental in taking their own second leg, the Hawkins team, and building it large enough to become Blomdahls and Guzzardo’s main taproot. They were well known in Wi, stage hosting at almost every Madison/Milwaukee seminar for years all the way up until Dec 2008 when apparantly all hell broke lose with what Team was doing to the Morgan’s, the Peters decided the could no longer promote their upline Guzzardo and Woodward and Co. and decided to stop attending Team events. A few months later they had one of their profit sharing teams taken by PC Guzzardo and Woodward and given to Blomdahl, the Peters upline, and friend of Guzzardo. I will tell that story in a bit.


    webelieved permalink

    January 27, 2012 4:21 pm

    Effectively this was a way to take the Peters profit sharing money without messing with Hawkins team under the Peters, lol! They really are crooks aren’t they? George somehow coerced Raquel’s cousin to write a letter asking for Blomdahl to be their profit sharer upline instead of Raquel. Blomdahl was already their upline, already benefiting from their teams, but the team was taken out of the Peters EBC list and put into Blomdahls EBC. It was missing from the Peters list so they called the Morgan’s, who looked in their EBC and sure enough Blomdahl had the Samuels listed as his seperate profit sharer! Nice! He had already been mentoring them, and now he could count their team in his third team where he needed growth and didn’t have much for years! How do we know that? When the Peters, his second leg went Round Table, all Blomdahl needed was a team of 25 for Round Table and he hadn’t made it happen! He wasn’t a round table and I am not sure if he ever was able to go Sapphire in Q/A before leaving them, but the Peters did. He also had Edwards a Emerald/ RT on his other leg. So not too hard to build 2500 PV or 25 people on system in a third team, is it? Wow did he get lucky!
    Anyway so there you have it, more deception. By the way I have seen proof of all of what I say, and there are witnesses. But in keeping with legalities, i will say all of my comments on this site are my experiences or opinions from being involved with Team for years.


    webelieved permalink

    January 27, 2012 4:27 pm

    Isn’t it sad Raquel’s own cousin Tim Samuels, never called her about any of this and they still don’t talk. He is still following Team, Blomdahl and Guzzardo, and has no idea the devastation their actions have caused her and her family. He blew out his biggest leader Ben Presher when Team took Raquel and Mark’s team and income, as Ben knew Mark and Raquel had done the work to build the team. He admitted to Ben that George told him to write the letter and he shouldn’t have as they were going to be voted out of profit sharing, and the new Director b.s. meeting. So sad what Team brainwashing does to families.
    I would place a million dollar bet when Tim quits Team and comes clean, Raquel would welcome him back with open arms, because I believe that is the person she is.


    Here is more

    webelieved permalink

    January 27, 2012 4:27 pm

    This was back in Aug of 2009
    webelieved permalink

    January 27, 2012 5:22 pm

    It should have read, “Samuels admitted to Presher that Guzzardo told him to write the letter and he (TIM) shouldn’t have written it, as the Peters were going to be voted out of profit sharing at the new Directors meeting in Ohio that was in a few weeks. In late summer 2009, Tim’s wife had the audacity to send a copy of the libelous letter to the Peters when she sent it in to the Team office! In the forward it pretty much shows the office was expecting the letter. It was all a set up! I would guess Orrin and George thought they would get away with it, because who would sue their own cousin? Little did they know the Peters knew they were behind the whole thing, and there are witnesses!

    The Peters contacted the Team office about the letter and the Samuels team being missing from their EBC, the office pushed them eventually to Woodward. In emails Orrin promised to send the Peters new Directors contracts and never did he also refused to give them copies of the contracts they had signed previously for team, saying “they were void anyway”. He eventually told them “they could go to the Team office in MI to view them!” About taking their teams, Orrin told the Peters paraphrase “he cannot control customers….the Peters were free to leave Team and the Samuels were free to leave the Peters…. you don’t own your customers, who owns you!” Can you believe it?

    After years of building the Samuels team for them working their asses off helping them go Silver (7500 in first leg) in Q/A and after they inherited the Peters 3rd team from Amway going into MV, the Samuels who were paid Profit Sharing maybe only one time over many many years, could effectively vote out an almost Ruby in MV/ Profit Sharer for years who was a Round Table when leaving Quixtar!! WOW…. talk about corruption, unfair business practices and torrtortious interference!

    I think Orrin also told the Peters something about, “MV was the residual income” they were promised for years! Talk about corrupt! Orrin was a smart alleck and rude in the emails and eventually refused to answer anymore emails and wanted the Peters to call him instead. The Peters wanted documentation of the conversation and did not call, why would they EVER trust any of them, after all they had done?

    I would guess the Peters have these emails in a secure place, just in case anyone would want to see them.
    What a leader Orrin isn’t! This really is discusting, they are opperating like the Maffia!

    I think I will go puke now!! Orrin and George, you are the MOST wretched exampes of discusting, unethical people, I have ever laid eyes on!
    I hope the Peters and the Morgans sue your asses!!


    Freedomhaha permalink

    January 27, 2012 5:52 pm

    Thanks for sharing the story of the WI TEAM. Its just totally sickening stuff! I knew when I left TEAM that they were a bunch of scum bags, but I had no idea the depth of everything only being in 8 months. I am thankful for this blog everyday of my life (not LIEf). Without it I know I would be in Ohio right now, or at home depressed that I wasn’t there and down on myself that I wasn’t a real leader. Instead I am having a great Friday night with friends and saving $250 (conservatively). The best part is I don’t have to buy these friends at all

    These are my experiences with TEAM. God Bless.


    webelieved permalink

    January 27, 2012 5:58 pm

    Oh lets talk about Dan and his downline. We will debunk some myths on that one. First off in MV their whole team appeared to be volume loading to hit new levels like Ruby, Ruby, Ruby and I would guess that is what made Hawkins Diamonds. Dan and Lisa Hawkins were originally shown the plan and sponsored into Q/A and than MV by Raquel Peters, their wedding photographer.

    Raquel is the one who also showed Jammie Fisher the plan while in Quixtar/Amway back in the day. Jammie had been contacted by her friend, a teacher, who had been shown the plan through another friend, who Raquel had originally contacted. All the people above Jammie, including the person Raquel contacted and the teacher, quit the business years ago while in Q/A way back in 03 or 04! So in effect Raquel became the Fishers sponsor in MV. This was done throughout all of teams, people were traced back to their original contact.

    The Luerquins were contacted by the Hawkins and were there personals, and the Fishers teams are under both couples. Raquel built huge amounts of depth with Jammie Fisher, under the Hawkins and the Luerquins effectively making them all silvers (7500 PV) all the way down to the Fishers originally. This allowed both couples to have years of time to build their second legs and no responsibility in building their taproot. After a few years, when the Hawkins had their their second leg growing and started digging depth in their taproot, Guzzardo essentially kicked Raquel out of her own taproot and basically treated her like she had no investment in building it!

    Nice guy huh, no leverage for her there I guess? I wonder if Guzzardo was looking for a Ken and Barbie in her team to mentor as it seems? She had built the business for years as a single woman and was kicking butt and wanted to work together with her leaders and build depth, but apparently George and maybe Dan didn’t like that? Mark and Raquel just went out and got Round Table and Sapphire done anyway, and got out of Dan Hawkins way. They were on their way to Emerald and had a whole pile of Platnums including the Hawkins under them, when they left Q/A in Fall of 2007.

    webelieved permalink

    January 27, 2012 7:16 pm

    Orrin himself had told the Peters to drive depth with their leaders in their taproot when the Peters were down in Florida with the Morgans in January of 2007. Apparantly George didn’t like it that Mark and Raquel were talking to Orrin, so he changed the plan. He kept them out of their team. Funny how the PC don’t follow their own teachings isn’t it?

    In hindsight it is evident, there was a plan to lift up the Hawkins to some idol like leader status. When the Peters hit Round Table right before Go Diamond Weekend in 07, they were skipped over for the supposed privledge of hosting PC, and yet the Hawkins and the Luerquins where chosen to do it when they were not even close to Round Tables! It became more evident when out of Amway, George Guzzardo started doing special meetings in the Hawkins 3rd team! What leader does that, in this industry, EVER? It was glaringly obvious in late 2008/early 2009 when the special deals/free teams given to the Hawkins from Billy Florences group came to light, to the Peters and the Morgans. They knew other leaders in that line of sponsorship had bigger businesses than the Hawkins, and yet the Hawkins were favored by Guzzardo and Woodward. They were given @ 50 system counts and @100 standing order tickets out of Billy Florence’s groups. I am not sure if they were given other people’s teams as reported on Amthrax’s site. The Morgans and Peters wanted no free teams and thought it was deceptive and wrong for anyone to recieve free teams from Billy or any other leader! Leaders were promised residual incomes, promised their spots and should be paid, period, as long as they have teams buying Team materials. Also the Peters started deducting the Hawkins free system count and ticket numbers when they were reporting their numbers upline. They wanted to be fair and honest and get paid for the work they did, not someone elses work.

    The Peters after deciding they could no longer in good conscience attend Team events or promote Team leaders and PC because of the b.s. they pulled on them and the Morgan’s, stayed on system and tried to build their MV business. After some time they began checking out other training information as they could see no one was growing fast in Team Monavie and it seemed Team changed to the idea of the week system of building. They wrote letters to MV telling them what these corrupt Team leaders did with absolutely no response from MV. In fact MV didn’t return their calls! Now we know why, Orrin owes MV money it seems.

    After building for years and making over $100,000 a year, their business was irreversibly damaged by the lies and registration b.s. of their upline and downline, and their unfair treatment by Guzzardo and Co. Eventually the rest of the Peters profit sharing income and teams were stolen by Team using the Samuels letter. They could no longer with a conscience build any MLM, and watched as the Team leaders lied and decieved prospects and followers. They watched volume loading in their teams by the Hawkins and other leaders. They watched Blomdahl go diamond two weeks after MV changed the rules and he no longer needed star 500 legs/personals,and they have watched Team raid their MV income and business into LIFE. Not one call from the Hawkins, Fishers, Samuels, Winklers, from none of them. But they all are being sponsored by someone else into LIFE who is not their sponsor. I wonder who?

    The Peters have had their lives destroyed, given up their photography business and customers, spent countless hours in tears and deppression, had most of their money stolen before registering into MV by Team it seems, and than the rest taken by the PC later. Had people that called themselves friends pretend they don’t know them. Had “friends” and PC smear them, lie about them, tell them they don’t deserve to get paid for the work they did for years, based on the promises that were made to them.They missed years away from their small children. Some of their so called friends who they built the business with for years, have told them “they would’ve handled this differently” and are no longer true friends. They’ve been beyond slandered in their own town, and now are struggling to make ends meet because Orrin and the Team machine in the past few months were allowed by MV to take thousands of dollars a month out of their kids mouths, by raiding the MV los into LIFE. All of this after everything else Team and their so called leaders have done to them! Pretty discusting! I think I will go puke again! By the way Raquel Peters also developed serious illness during and after her involvement with the Team. Go figure! She and Mark are very happy to be done with Team and it’s abuses. They would tell anyone to run if they are thinking about getting involved with anything Orrin and Co does. Most importantly I would guess they would say do not waste precious TIME away from your loved ones and children, time that can never be replaced and has no price tag!
    Speak Your Truth permalink

    January 27, 2012 7:17 pm

    Team Liberation…I second that..great comments!

    Webelieved…this is burning up the blog! These actions are criminal to me with all their so called mentorship and leadership. These guys are the farthest thing from any leadership unless you are looking at it from an angle of tyrannts and dictators. What these guys have done to numerous leaders…not to mention the multiple thousands and thousands that have bought into the bogus financial freedom, passive residual income, and you will get ‘all your time back’….all of it is flat out bold faced lies and deceptive tactics

    webelieved permalink

    January 27, 2012 7:37 pm

    Oh I forgot to tell you after Samuels, Blomdahl, Guzzardo and Co. tried to screw the Peters in the registration into MV, the Samuels then told downline in the Peter’s teams paraphrase, ” you are either working with me, George and Orrin , or with Raquel and John Morgan. If you go with the Peters and the Morgans, don’t come crying to me when your team isn’t growing”. Than it seems George had the audacity to secretly meet with Tim Samuels, Gloria and some of the Peters’ other downline without inviting them and Guzzardo proceeded to have Samuels register Raquel’s Uncle, his dad, in a another persons second leg in his taproot! Tim and others were supposedly going to build this as their new taproot!

    Holy Shit! What a coward after all of this shit, he couldn’t even call his own cousin? That is amazing to me. He really must be pretty brainwashed by Team and his upline apparently, when he takes their word and acts on it before he even calls his own family? Seems like the Team machine is pretty evil to me! Holy Crap, let me see what else I can find out!

  6. Brent Hansen permalink
    January 29, 2012 4:43 pm

    Amazing! Sadly enough, the story always stays the same, but the names change. This type of stuff happens every single day in the MLM world.

    It is too bad that the Peters had to be the scapegoats for George Guzzardo’s ego
    and attitude, my heart truly goes out to them, I can empathize because have a very similar story myself.

    Any structure that requires a 90% plus failure rate can only perpetuate so far then the people at the top begin to cannibalize their organizations to stay on top. Once the gig is up, it is truly up.

    Just as we are all subject to the law of gravity so too are we subject to the law of the harvest. We don’t have to worry about revenge it all comes full circle in due time.

    Thanks for posting this Amthrax, it is just another reason for me to stand up for what is right, popular or not.

  7. webelieved permalink
    January 29, 2012 4:50 pm

    webelieved permalink

    January 27, 2012 8:27 pm

    Jammie Fisher knows almost all of what happened to Raquel and Mark and yet continued to stay and promote her crooked upline for the past 3 years. Very sad to Raquel that her best friend turned on their friendship, after years together. At first Jammie admitted the integrity issues on Team with Guzzardo and Co. were real because she experienced them with Raquel. Originally she said she was going to stick in Team to get to the top and change things, so this would NEVER happen to others.

    Later, she told Raquel that what Raquel experienced was “subjective truth” and that she would’ve handle all of this differently. In 2009 after Raquel had her teams taken by PC, and the directors contract came into being, Jammie told her that she and Mark shouldn’t be getting paid by Team, because they were no longer around building. She also said that the reason Team changed the profit sharing to a vote in system, is because she “was told it was a pyramid scheme.”!!!! Her attitude changed on the whole subject after Jammie started getting attention from the Woodwards and the Hawkins, who convienently started paying attention to the Fishers, when for years they never had time for them!

    She said all of this after watching Mark and Raquel’s hard work be destroyed by Guzzardo and Co.; after attending secret meetings where the Morgan’s were slandered; hearing George slander Raquel; knowing the Peters and the Morgans were uninvited to their profit sharing meetings; watching Raquel and Mark not be able to speak for months after years of service to the Team knowing full well they had bigger business then she; watching them be kicked out of their own taproot strategically by Guzzardo after going Round Table; Lying about who sponsored her, right in her team bio; after Raquel helped Jammie build her team for years and they were inseperable!

    WTH? With friends like this who needs enemies? So sad for the Peters who falsely believed they had real friends with character, in Jammie and Richard. But hey that is what the Team does to people I guess, it gets them to care more about money than the truth. The Hawkins, Luerquins and the Grafs basically pretend the Peters don’t exist and they all know much of this story and continue to promote the corrupt leaders they are following.

  8. January 29, 2012 4:50 pm

    Not surprising, but it is disturbing.

    Very similar to Eric Scheibler’s storey. Insane.

    Insane that people would read about this behaviour, yet remain in LIFE.

    **shakes head**

  9. webelieved permalink
    January 29, 2012 4:52 pm

    The rest of that thread can be read starting here- there is a lot more it seems.

    I will post any other comments specific to the Peters below from now on. Thanks Amthrax.

  10. webelieved permalink
    January 29, 2012 4:55 pm

    I agree with you Brent, I will NEVER do MLM again! These stories are disturbing and too familiar. It is sick that top leaders know this and just go from business to business……ruining families, relationships, finances etc. all to gain their buck!

  11. webelieved permalink
    January 29, 2012 5:03 pm

    ****A note to readers: Be sure to finish reading posts under the other thread I was copying and pasting. There is a story of a nice threat made to the Peters by Dan Hawkins this past summer to try and shut them up apparantly and information on how the Hawkins team was volume loading in MV to hit new levels. Pretty distrurbing stuff. ********

  12. Freedomhaha permalink
    January 29, 2012 5:29 pm

    Not at all surprised. Disgusting.

  13. webelieved permalink
    January 29, 2012 6:18 pm

    I wanted to add the Peters can no longer promote any MLM and say they would never again build a business they didn’t own. They feel there is too much coruption allowed in the stucture of MLMs, the Training companies and the Corporations themselves. It is important they went to Orrin several times with no help and a few years ago after being royally screwed they went to MV and they were all but ignored. No one cares about the small distributors in MLM, only the kingpins, the rest are replacable it seems.

  14. switch permalink
    January 29, 2012 6:25 pm


  15. webelieved permalink
    January 29, 2012 6:50 pm

    For a while the Peters thought that there was a chance Orrin didn’t know what George and the others were doing. Of course eventually they figured out Orrin was a part of the corruption/ coverup through his words and actions, and lack of actions concerning Guzzardo and later stealing their teams. While building the business they always wondered what they were doing wrong to be skipped over, or downright ignored when they were out getting results, but now they believe they were the target of b.s. tactics because they weren’t the Ken and Barbie couple it seemed George was looking for. Also after leaving Quixtar they believe now, George knew they wouldn’t follow him blindly into shady deals, like it seems others would, because the Peters started asking questions about what was going on .

    The Peters whole team knew they built the business, heard voice messages for years from Raquel on the plans she was showing, she spent a lot of time with her downline and yet almost none called her to see where she went when they dissapeared! This was really sad to her as she really loved and cared about the people she worked with. She knows now of course that she was slandered by her own team and upline. 😦

  16. webelieved permalink
    January 29, 2012 7:15 pm

    Raquel has lived with years of major deppression because of her oppression by Team and it’s so called leaders and her so called friends. She is thinking of moving away to start life over away from the community of LIEFers in her town.

    One winter she was snubbed and ignored by Jammie Luerquin at a kids wrestling practice, when Jammie walked away when Raquel was talking to her, and than sat in front of her for an hour and pretended Raquel wasn’t there.

    Recently Raquel and her husband left their church after years of singing/playing guitar on the worship team because their Pastor refused to tell the new Team recruit/church member the truth of what the pastor witnessed Team and it’s leaders do to the Peters. The pastor’s wife than proceeded to tell Raquel she couldn’t give her testimony of what God had done in her life if it included what happened withTeam. Why? Because there were two Team couples there that day! Instead the Pastor allowed the new couple to stand up week in and week out and give their testimony on mentorship! (Raquel believes they were trying to bait people to ask about their “business”). No longer willing to take abuse, Raquel got up and walked out and is currently looking for a new church that protects it’s flock from false prophets, idolatry and greed, regardless of the cost!

    It seems there are not many people willing to stand up for truth, sometimes not even Pastors. 😦

    Please pray for Raquel and her family as they start over from nothing. With God and truth on her side, who can be against her?


    *** all of the posts and comments I have made on Amthrax’s blog are from my opinion of and/or from mine and others experiences from years with Team and Orrin Woodward and co.

  17. webelieved permalink
    January 29, 2012 7:31 pm

    ****By the way there is a TON of evidence to back up the Peters story. That is why I am so confident in telling it! 🙂 Emails, planners, lists, text messages, letters,1099s,taxes, emails from Orrin upline and downline, emails to others, emails sent by others to Team and MV and lots of witnesses etc. So eat that Anti-Amthrax and company!*******

    Fear is from the devil, peace is from the Lord! May shining light and TRUTH on this fiasco finally set the Peters free!
    To HIM be ALL the glory! What the devil planned for evil, HE used for good! 🙂

  18. webelieved permalink
    January 29, 2012 10:49 pm

    I think the Peters story clearly shows how information control is used on Team. How the truth is not told. How people are talked about behind their backs in Team, in and out of the business. How they control the environment, up front it looks all happy and rosy, yet behind the scenes they are sick! How one is at the mercy of their uplines opinions of them. How people above you can wreck your business and reputation, by using the credibility they are given through trumped up edification and spinning things how they want. How clearly nothing you do or say is kept private in the Team heirarchy. How people are judged harshly and not under grace, only law. How Woodward and Guzzardo do not follow their own teachings. How they can preach from stage and do terrible, abusive things behind the scenes and than try to shame the person into being quiet about it. It really shows what good liars they are.
    It is just appalling. 😦

  19. webelieved permalink
    January 29, 2012 10:50 pm

    Switch- You are funny!

  20. webelieved permalink
    January 29, 2012 11:27 pm

    By the way, it seems many of the leaders involved with this b.s., Hawkins, Luerquins, Grafs, Fishers seem to be participating in the Team’s google bombing effort, and have in the past few months created websites to hide this site! Shame on them!
    Do they think the God they claim to know and follow isn’t watching them? Jeez it is exhausting watching all of this……..amazing how they claim to be Christians but they don’t follow the word of God, and then they do everything their religion teaches them not to do! How does one justify that to themselves?
    I mean I actually believed in the principles I talked about…..that’s why I had to leave at any cost!

  21. das permalink
    January 30, 2012 3:54 am

    webelieved “I wanted to add the Peters can no longer promote any MLM and say they would never again build a business they didn’t own.”

    Thank you for clearing that up because it sounded like they would go back to MV and Team if they made restitution. Their story is like many others and very sad. Sad that as humans we can be sucked into scams like this because we care about others. The real tragedy is that people can read stories like this and still register with Team…hoping these stories are wrong and we are all liars.

    I wonder how Orrin & Laurie, Chris & Terri, Tim & Amy, George & Jill sleep at night knowing about all the people who have been devastated by their actions. I mean really, how can they justify this? “The end justifies the means” or “A few must suffer for the good of many?”

    They are evil people no matter how much they claim to know God and do His will.

  22. free to live again! permalink
    January 30, 2012 5:57 am

    @Amthrax: you sure this is from the Peters? I don’t doubt the details of the story, but I do doubt it was a letter drafted by the Peters for an attorney. Not trying to start anything here, I don’t like the things team is doing as well, but I do believe we have to remain honest for this site to remain credible.

  23. webelieved permalink
    January 30, 2012 6:48 am

    After leaving Team, the Peters felt obligated to help their team mates who wanted to build MV but didn’t want anything to do with Team. Of course they were still indoctrinated to believe they had to, so they tried for a time, but couldn’t with a good conscience continue. They were heartbroken to later hear all the b.s. about MV.

    The Peters did get involved in some other things after leaving Team, to take advantage of the benefits of saving money on groceries for instance. But unlike what Team PC want others to believe, the Peters nor the Morgans EVER “raided” their downlines as was reported in slanderous meetings. They hadn’t joined anything when all those meetings occured and it is important to note, the Peters had nothing to do with the email George was showing everyone.

    Besides, logically why the hell would they raid their own business after working their asses off? Guzzardo and Co. are such paranoid idiots! Besides that the last time I checked, it was a free country and one could do whatever they wanted, join whatever they wanted? Can free people join things while in the Team and do both? Or do the team police come and take you to jail? Give me a break!

    Anyway, thank God after some time and healing, Raquel’s ability to critically think came back and they could see the con job they had been a part of. They were devasted when they realized they were a part of misleading people while in Team. They were lied to and therefore perpetuated the lies…. (just like many of us) and they will NEVER do MLM again!

    They believe based on their experiences and opinions that deception is many times used in the MLM world, there is no protection for distributors against the abuses perpetuated on them, and the numbers just don’t work. A big concern for the Peters, is that in their opinion companies like Team are really destructive groups/cults in discuise and are exploiting people mentally. In fact Raquel believes this so much so that she may start speaking and advocating against cults and their abuses. She may even write a book about her life and experiences with this destructive group someday. Pretty cool huh?

    The Peters hope to eventually build a legitimate business ie Construction, Consulting, Photography maybe and later make it into a real b-type business. A business they own and control so they can make sure it stays ethical, and trust me it will have NOTHING to do with MLMS!

    *** all my comments on this blog are from mine/others experiences with Team and/or are mine/others opinions of Team, Orrin Woodward and Co.

  24. webelieved permalink
    January 30, 2012 6:59 am

    Free to live again- I have seen that letter. It was written by the Peters and it is real. I believe it was written after speaking to an attorney back in 2009. They had been asked to explain this fiasco in writing in a summary, in a simple way that the attorney could understand. From what I understand, he didn’t understand the mlm language they had used. I think this letter mayonly be the rough draft. Raquel had given this letter to her family members who didn’t understand how MLM industry worked or the lingo, so she tried to explain in a simple way the basics of what had happened to them while in Team. As you can see it is still filled with Team loaded language.

  25. switch permalink
    January 30, 2012 7:00 am

    This thread is without a doubt the most lethal/powerful thread I’ve ever read about team and their actions, to date. What are they going to do? Ignore this whole story, and spew that this is some sort of “made up story or opinion”? Please….save it, team. You honestly think you and your followers can just keep getting away with this every few years? Keep dreamin’.

    “Making a difference in someone’s life” isn’t driving them to depression, medication, thoughts of hopelessness, or humiliation and THEN covering it up with your god awful lies. My god, YOU ARE disgusting!

    You tell me team, how does one just make up a story like this?…… One must have quite the imagination to say these sorts of details. They just don’t come out of no where.

    My thoughts and prayers go out to the Peters family.

  26. Speak Your Truth permalink
    January 30, 2012 8:36 am


    I agree with you, The Peters story is very sad and has been told; with the most detail. The PC and all those who have done these evil things to many will reap what they have sown, and if they are God fearing as they ‘claim’…. then they should be terrified of many and more details coming out.

    You can expect to see the backlash of the stories and details told from the Peters on here and denial from the defenders or “Anti-Amthrax Anonymous Blogger” to ‘try’ but fail to discredit or spin it that the Peter’s somehow are lying to try and cover up and discredit; just as the he has already failed miserably at.

    The PC and others have show no humility or remorse, just arrogance and pride… for the many lives they have destroyed; all because they refuse to do the right thing, because of fear they would ‘lose’ everything, and their money and false ‘fame’ is the most precious of their idols. But all those with true integrity are willing to give up everything and have!

    My prayer is these stories, wake up people from their slumber, encourage others, and get them to think about whom they are following and do not take them at face value; there are decades and a whole sea of details that haven’t been shared; concerning their evil deeds.

    My prayers are with the Peters and all who have been taken to hell and back, and they will be held accountable for their evil deeds. They have 2 places they will be accountable; on earth and most certainly, the afterlife. The sacrificed childhoods, time with their families, all those family gatherings missed, family weddings and school events and most importantly ‘time’ with our aging parents and our children…all because their parents were deceived into believing in the lie and went out night after night and lost many precious moments, because of some bogus ‘meeting’ (making a difference at the meeting to make a difference at the meeting…Flat out bullsh*t) They left them for this LIE; it is immeasurable and the saddest of all. The destruction reaches far greater than one, this has caused a ripple effect in countless men, women, and children’s lives and has been the most destructive and regretful thing to the mind, body, and soul that I have ever seen or been involved with. But in the end; it has also been the most freeing to leave but the regrets continue to echo because you can’t make up lost time. You obviously can go forward and never, ever get involved with a MLM or cult environment and nasty evil self-serving people again.

  27. webelieved permalink
    January 30, 2012 8:46 am

    Switch- It gets even worse.
    In winter of 2009, after being starved financially by team for a long while, the Peters mortgage doubled, Mark was laid off for months and the Team was screwing them over all while Raquel was deathly sick. She couldn’t speak a full sentence without running out of air!They were so broke their kid had to leave their Christian school. At times they didn’t have enough money for groceries. No one knew how bad it was.

    One night when Raquel was very sick and had no money, God did a miracle! A friend from her team had been a part of a Christmas neighbors program in the community had driven 20 minutes out in the country to drop a box of left over food on the Peters doorstep!

    What is amazing is these friends had no idea how broke the Peters were at the time and they were an answer to prayer. The Peters had been on their way home that night and Raquel was worrying about how she was going to feed her kids the next day. They came home late to a box waiting for them on their doorstep! It was full of food, including ham, bread and mustard! Exactly what she needed in the morning for lunch for her kids! What an amazing God we have!

    The next night another miracle happened, someone left a Christmas tree and some groceries on their doorstep! This allowed the Peters to buy one gift for Christmas for their kids that year! (Raquel thinks it may have been Jammie Fisher because she was the only other person that knew how bad it was.)

    Raquel says those gifts meant the world to her and her family, as at the time it felt like their life was crashing in on them. Raquel eventually went to a bank and begged them to refinance her home so they wouldn’t lose it. Their credit was ruined and now they are in debt again, after being debt free outside their mortgage in 07.

    Raquel also ended up in the hospital because of chronic breathing problems from stress. She started having breathing problems I believe way back in July 2008. It got worse and worse until eventually she couldn’t speak a whole sentence without running out of breath! It became very hard to function, ie: folding laundry was exhausting, plain moving or talking was exhausting for her! She was treated for anxiety, infection several times to no avail. There were many nights she would try to stay up, her breathing was so labored, her body was so fatigued, she was afraid she would die if she went to sleep! She had awaken some nights feeling like she wasn’t breathing! Eventually in early 09 it got so bad, she lost her ability to speak. In Jan 09 doctors finally figured out is was due to stress induced asthma, acid from her stomach was burning her lungs and vocal chords! It took her over another full year to breath deeply again after getting the right treatment in Jan 2009.

    She still has stress induced asthma, just not chronically and can take medicine when it is needed. Her breathing never went back to the full capacity it was before all of this. She also gained weight from being forced into inactivity during this time.

    Raquel has spent many years after all of this crap in major deppression, to where sometimes her body would just have to go to sleep. She is currently seeking help from a trauma specialist to help her deal with the grief and mental trauma all of this has caused her and her family.

    The worst part for Raquel is all the years she lost with her children, the betrayal by so called friends, dealing with the after affects of cult indoctrination, and having to stuff and hide all of this for too long! 😦

    I wish her and her family well, I can empathize with her, but know truth is on her side!

    **Of course I have to say all of the comments above are mine and/or others opinions from years of experience dealing with team and Orrin Woodward and co.

  28. switch permalink
    January 30, 2012 9:31 am

    Has there been signs of any improvement whatsoever with their family?

  29. webelieved permalink
    January 30, 2012 11:11 am

    Switch- They are moving forward, but are feeling some BIG financial losses due to the Team shennanigans. The asthma is stablized but the deppression is deep physically and mentally. I am sure the trauma counselor we be able to help her move on from all of this. 🙂

  30. January 30, 2012 11:13 am

    @free to live again! – While the letter was a bit rambling in nature, I do not doubt its legitimacy.

  31. webelieved permalink
    January 30, 2012 11:34 am

    We will see if antiamthrax, or Orrin and Co. call the Peters losers for having accepted help in their time of need! I would say if they do they are ruthless losers!
    It has been very hard for Raquel and Mark to accept help as they have been independent and on their own their whole lives! It also has been very devastating to Raquel to be limited due to her previous God given go getter nature. Pardon the pun.

  32. Finally permalink
    January 30, 2012 11:36 am

    Dolores and I will be there down in front introducing our new people to the leaders on the Team and giving them the belief that everyone in the Life Team is real people, what makes them special is the character and integrity that they have in serving the Team. We hope to see you there, and we can’t wait to hear your story from a Team stage.

    God Bless,


    This was taken from Martins blog………..Read the above story to see how much character and integrity the team actually has…………You be the judge. You have a followers perspective, Jim’s, and a leaders perspective, the Peters…….You be the judge. Saying someone has character and integrity doesn’t make it so….their actions do. The Peter’s story is sad and not the only one. You could go into any team on the team and hear a similar story. They do not have character, they do not have integrity and the only difference they make is when you are lining their pockets with your money that you have or do not have…….either way you are the last thing they care about. Again, look at their actions not their words. Ask Jim what happened to the Wrobleski’s?? You will get the usual team spin, but it will not be the truth. One day the whole truth will come out…….I personally think it will be in the form of testimony…….sworn testimony that is. And like Webelieved said, their is PLENTY of evidence as to the things that are said in the letter..PLENTY.

  33. Speak Your Truth permalink
    January 30, 2012 11:57 am


    Great comments and I agree the whole truth under a ‘sworn testimony’…exactly! It is predicatable the lies that would be told by those who don’t believe that being ‘under oath’ is sacred; but we all know the evidence and ‘sworn testimonies’…would show differently. 🙂

  34. January 30, 2012 12:35 pm

    @Finally – At the end of the day, prospects will have to decide in whom they believe more, the proponents or critics of TEAM LIFE.

    As a critic of TEAM LIFE, I encourage prospects to look at both the good and the bad. Go ahead and read the TEAM blogs. Read this blog. Read LazyMan’s blogs. Read the lawsuits, the bankruptcies, and the legal documents. Read the stories, both pro and con. Ask questions, get answers, and decide for themselves what the best course of action for them is.

    Proponents, on the other hand, want to suppress the critical information about their business and their leaders. They only want to present their side of the story and dismiss critics as whiners and/or sore losers.

  35. webelieved permalink
    January 30, 2012 12:42 pm

    I agree Amthrax- Let prospects and followers read it ALL and than decide for themselves what’s in their best interest!
    A legitimate group would encourage research of ALL information and give people plenty of time to decide.

  36. das permalink
    January 30, 2012 2:22 pm

    Obviously one of the main ingredients for integrity with Team is that you must be willing to lie under oath to protect Orrin and the Team. The end justifies the means in their minds. Isn’t that right Jim Martin?

  37. das permalink
    January 30, 2012 2:47 pm

    Excellent post above Amthrax. If people decide to join Team after reading this site it’s on them…we tried. The sad part is that Team is typical of any cult and forbids it’s members from reading or posting to sites where former members write about their experience with Team. The Jehovah Witness would call this apostasy and members are forbidden to read apostate material and are shunned if they do.

    On the other hand, we want prospects to be informed and get their questions answered before they join.

  38. webelieved permalink
    January 30, 2012 3:24 pm

    Great post Das! 🙂

  39. webelieved permalink
    January 30, 2012 3:24 pm

    Where the heck is Vogel?

  40. Finally permalink
    January 30, 2012 5:12 pm

    If the team had nothing to hide they would encourage the reading of this site. If for nothing else to show all the new prospects how “crazy” and what “whiners” we all are…..The truth should never be hidden, only encouraged, at least if you have character an integrity it should. If only the team leaders were as hard on their current cronies about character and integrity then they might not have had all the bankruptcies and other “atrocities” perpetrated on innocent men, women and yes children. They can spin, lie and bend the truth all they want. But it doesn’t make what they say anymore true or what people on here say any less true. One lesson we learned in team is to pound the propaganda over and over and over again. Did you ever wonder why they encouraged so many Cd’s? The sole purpose is to indoctrinate you to their way of thinking. Yet they claim they teach you to think for yourself. The minute you think for yourself they accuse you of thinking you’re smarter than “Orrin”. The anti wussie blogger even said that, about peeps on here. They may be “smart” but so are serial killers, they may be clever but so are criminals, they may have a following but so did Hitler. None of these things make them righteous or right. They talk about helping people, how many have they hurt? I can tell you with all the confidence in the world that they have hurt many many more than they have ever helped. They give non biblical advice when it comes to people spending their hard earned money on the team. They take advantage of the mentor menthe relationship and use that against families and friends. They should be ashamed to call themselves Christians and leaders…….But I am not fooled to think they ever will admit this. They are narcisisst of the worst kind. The only thing that they will eve learn from is when it is all taken away. They operate like a criminal organization and are banking on the fact that the government does not have the resources to take action on them. They feel the risk is worth the return on all the money they have hid and taken from others……….and like all other’s of the same mind set their pride and arrogance will be their down fall. Of that I am sure. More people need to share their story or the stories of other’s they know……….their is power in numbers.

  41. webelieved permalink
    January 30, 2012 5:21 pm

    Finally- great post and oh so true! The mixed messages, say one thing do another.
    I am also hoping more people with share the stories of others they know……there IS power in numbers………….and the truth.

  42. Robin permalink
    January 30, 2012 6:09 pm

    The more I follow the sicker I get. This obviously is a practice the team pc’s and others do across the board. It happened to us at a smaller level and from what I read it has happened to many, many others. Very sad and sickening. I will keep following this sight and have since I found it last year. I cannot wait for this implorable, unethical, and totally disgraceful business to implode. And implode it will. A saying I always taught my kids to live by “Everything done in the dark eventually comes to the light”. I just hope they are financially responsible for all the lives they ruined as well as being exposed for the frauds, scammers, low lifes, doing everything under the disguise of Christ, pukes that they are.

  43. Robin permalink
    January 30, 2012 6:14 pm

    I am trying to get my upline friend to tell her story on here as well. She was affected at a much higher level than we were. They robbed her entire business as well. I sent her the link on the video on prospecting over on the side and she said she laughed and her husband cried. I still laugh hysterically watching that. If I didn’t I would cry too because that is exactly how we all looked. Glad I puked up the “kool-aid”! It helps to puke it up when they take your entire business you spent years building for their greed.

    The crazy thing on the taking the businesses I just can’t understand is this: From our experience and from the others I have read on here is that when they do they actually end up destroying some of their own in the process. How can they not see when you tear someone’s entire teams apart, there are many people who quit from the destruction. I don’t get it.

  44. webelieved permalink
    January 30, 2012 7:16 pm

    Robin- I asked the same question, the only thing I can think to say is
    They aren’t as smart as they claim they are! In fact they really are idiots!

  45. Vogel permalink
    January 30, 2012 8:21 pm

    I’m still here buddy! Just trying to absorb it all. Amazing! …and sad.

  46. Freedomhaha permalink
    January 30, 2012 8:51 pm

    @Robin- You are right on! I am also waiting to watch this scam crumble, and I am so appreciative of everyone that has shared. I won’t stop fighting until we save the lives of those in the scam called TEAM/LIEf. Like others have said it is so sickening that it is done under the banner of Christ. I really feel for a couple good friends that are setting themselves up to fail in TEAM.

    @Amthrax- Great point about allowing people to read both sides. We have nothing to hide here. Read both sides then make up your mind. Since the TEAM is hiding the truth no wonder they don’t want you to read both sides.

    God bless.

  47. webelieved permalink
    January 30, 2012 9:19 pm

    Vogel- Thought you went missing- good to see ya!

  48. Itsapauling permalink
    January 30, 2012 10:01 pm

    Ok….@Robin, I couldn’t hold back any longer. Thanks for being here. You inspired me! While reading your very first posts here on Amthrax, my husband actually thought it was written by your upline. I didn’t, but knew you had to be very connected. I’m praying she will share here someday, too. I know she doesn’t like to look back but sharing to help warn others may also help the healing process.

    I, too, have truth to share here. Nothing like you or your upline or the Peters tragedy as far as businesses stolen though. We never got much past Booger Pin in the 8 yrs we “invested” (and that, of course, was because we hadn’t earned it yet, right?….just needed to do more….get better! We just didn’t deserve it yet. We weren’t good enough yet to be Team leaders. blah blah blah…Listen to more Cds (never went off FULL LLR system till we left), read more, attend more…although that wasn’t possible since we never missed ANYTHING! We would go Power player, showed 15 plans, top 50s, buy the latest tool trunk that had the latest dated, reused, repurposed, recycled materials (I know “vintage” is in now but SERIOUSLY??!), calling sessions, house plans, dream building, leadership meetings, Opens, seminars, Majors, (We never missed!), volunteering to work at seminars and majors (for a few old Cds you already have and a seat in the Power player section that you didn’t earn)…to help keep the costs down for everyone, of course;->, Each 1 Reach 1 ticket push, CD listening contests, PV parties, book clubs, even spending days at Grand Rapids courthouse to “show support for the Team” gurus during the Amway/Quixtar monkey trials, special Bible studies you had to qualify to attend, then SUPER opens were added (cuz you may have had a few precious moments left in your month for some loved ones and family time!…oh yeah…I forgot, We’d “get all the time we’d ever want to spend with loved ones once were were free” and now I can honestly say how great freedom feels! I think we should all have a Freedom party!!! Limos and all.

    To everyone contributing here, THANKS! When we made the very emotional decision to leave Team I was scared and unsure. Dependant and broken. I felt very isolated, defeated, depressed, guilty, ashamed and sad. It was killing us financially plus there were things the Lord was revieling to us that really resonated in our hearts and we couldn’t continue sharing Team with others any longer. I still felt like a loser, quitter and was letting my team down though. Musta heard that on a CD somewhere, huh? I have read here so many similar feelings straight from the heart. I appreciate everyone here! I will leave with a final positive thought for tonight. I love Romans 8:28! The Lord did use Team to bring many wonderful people now in my life!! and you are included:-)

  49. das permalink
    January 31, 2012 1:32 am

    Welcome Itsapauling…that was our story exactly, just not as many wasted years. It’s a very tough decision to leave Team but we feel so free today. Thank you so much for sharing!

  50. TruthSeeker permalink
    January 31, 2012 4:52 am


    Thank you so much for sharing, I understand and empathize for your losses both financial and emotional. Having the courage to break free shows me that you really are a “LEADER”.
    Standing up for truth is never comfortable nor easy, you are my HERO.

  51. switch permalink
    January 31, 2012 5:39 am

    Hell yeah! Welcome, Itsapauling!

  52. webelieved permalink
    January 31, 2012 6:13 am

    I agree- A REAL LEADER!

    Welcome Itsapauling! Glad your here!
    Thanks for sharing, I can relate on so many levels to your story.
    I especially hit me when you said they added the Super Open …”cuz you may have had a few precious moments left in your month for some loved ones and family time!…oh yeah…I forgot, We’d “get all the time we’d ever want to spend with loved ones once were were free” and now I can honestly say how great freedom feels!”

    Oh man, all that lost time. Freedom is amazing, but when I first came out of it, I was messed up. Team b.s. doctrine was so deep in me. I remember feeling guilty for watching tv, or listening to the radio in the car, even when I was listening to Christian music! Isn’t that ridiculous! Oh and then there were Tues nights, sitting at home, wow that was disturbing and wonderful at the same time!

    Cognitive Dissonance saved me, I knew I couldn’t promote them, yet I felt guilt and shame for having to leave, because of indoctrination. Did anyone else feel that way?

  53. webelieved permalink
    January 31, 2012 6:35 am

    “When we made the very emotional decision to leave Team I was scared and unsure. Dependant and broken. I felt very isolated, defeated, depressed, guilty, ashamed and sad. It was killing us financially plus there were things the Lord was revieling to us that really resonated in our hearts and we couldn’t continue sharing Team with others any longer. I still felt like a loser, quitter and was letting my team down though. Musta heard that on a CD somewhere, huh?”- Itsapauling

    I bet most can say they felt EXACTLY the same way! That is the gig of destructive groups, make you dependent on them so these feelings keep you locked in when you start questioning what is going on. That way we will keep spending your moola and time working essentially for the top.

    When I left, I too felt like I was letting my team down, but in reality, the team LET ME DOWN, over and over! Of course that is more doctrine we were fed, that it could never be anything wrong with the company or the PC, it always has to be our fault. There is always something wrong with the distributor, never the industry. What a joke!

    The isolation is terrible to go through! When we left it was like we didn’t fit in the outside world, they were made by Team to be ignorant, unenlightened, people without a dream, essentially the enemy if they didn’t get in, and we couldn’t stay with the Team zombies on the inside! No one but a few could truly understand the war we had went through, and the losses we incured spriritually, financially, emotionally, time with loved ones, friendships etc. Unfortunatly for some, they have no one to talk to that is in the same boat.

    On top of it we have all these secrets of the group abuses that we feel forced to keep, out of fear! And we know where fear comes from, and it isn’t God. That is why I LOVE this site! Now we can all come together to support eachother and know we are not alone in the truth we know, and feel.

    I for one am no longer afraid!

    I will tell all the secrets I know, they can kiss my rear!

    I am giving those con men scumbags the middle finger!

  54. webelieved permalink
    January 31, 2012 7:02 am

    Beating down the Team’s supposed justification for what they did to the Morgans, Peters, and Romans I will clarify some things. The Morgans, Peters, and Rodmans had not joined ANYTHING when George and others sladered them in secret meetings.

    Do they have secret meetings when one gets a job to take care of their family, like some leaders who seem to secretly have went back to work?

    Did they slander themselves when Orrin and Company including George, raided teams out of Amway into MV or how about when they recently raided teams in MV into LIFE? Did they have slanderous meetings about themselves?

    Did they slander themselves when they raided Pastor Dickies church?

    Or how about when their supposed life coaches get on stage and were defaulting on their loan, or filed bankruptcy? Did they slander them or take away their income? What hypocrites!!

    Did they tell anyone, how it seems they illegally intercepted personal emails at the Team office, and passed it along to George?

    An email was sent from Julie Rodman requesting her good friend to check something out. This was sent to her friends who claim they never recieved it. Interesting their email address was part of the Team EBC. Somehow Guzzardo mysteriously showed up with an email that seems to have belonged to these people. It seems Guzzardo showed it around to the Morgan’s leaders, including some in the Hawkins group while he was slandering the Morgans. The letter was referenced by many, and used to discredit the Morgans.

    Chris Park, Kyle and Kylie Stabel (not Stadel of Billy Florence team, given to Hawkins) joined up with George Guzzardo in calling slanderous meetings against the Morgans and Rodmans in their lesser leg, which destroy the Morgans and the Rodmans credibility, teams and income. They had discussions on changing the Chivalry and Defend the Shield name as well as slandered the Morgan’s and the Rodmans. It was reported when a man stood up in the meeting and defended the Morgans, saying something to the effect of ” you know the Morgan’s would never do anything to hurt their groups”, Park abruptly ended the meeting. Guzzardo promised these teams he would help them, but they aren’t growing, in fact they are majorly going backwards. Maybe they were given spots somewhere else, or doubled registered, we will never know?

    Funny shortly before these secret meetings were held that Chris participated in , Chris Park went to stay with the Morgans to discuss how to make extra income, outside of Team, and the possibility of doing a business partnership with John Morgan ! Wow, that is pretty hypocritical!

    The Peters also visited the Morgan’s in the Fall one weekend for moral support and friendship because they were having a hard time dealing with all the b.s. that was going on around them. Somehow in George’s revengeful mind he used this to implicate them, in I’m not sure what !

    Does Guzzardo think he owns people! I guess they needed to ask permission from their upline and earn their way there, what were they thinking? LOL!

    It was said at the meetings the Hawkins held that “the Morgan’s will never speak from a Team stage again.” Funny, the Morgans had already decided they would not speak on a team stage, because it was not honorable!

    Jammie Fisher was told by Guzzardo that she and Raquel were implicated because she was friends with the Morgans and they had visited the Morgans! Jammie told George she had nothing to do with it, and went to the secret meeting to see what they were saying.

    Eric Blomdahl held secret meetings in the Peters lesser leg as well.

    Orrin knew all this crap was going on and yet he never called the Morgans, Peters or the Rodmans to hear their side of the story. A few days later Orrin had the Team office send the Peters and the Morgan’s a letter saying the profit sharing meeting was canceled and going to be resqueduled, and held it anyway with a different number. Funny he thinks they don’t know this!

    He finally sent an email after all the destruction was done, implying John was unbiblical and a coward! Than he goes on to write a book Resolve on relationships and conflict resolution? Jeez….

    Orrin was made aware by John and Raquel all along the unethical things that George was doing and orchestrating and yet he never stopped it. It appears he was a part of what George had been doing all along, possibly mentoring him to do it?

    Did leaders look at other ways of making money? Of course!

    Was there a contract that said they could never make money outside of Team? NO. Does Orrin OWN them? NO!
    (But he does own some leaders 😉 LOL! )

    Under the PC and Orrin’s own thought process, Orrin shouldn’t be involved in other businesses outside his Team business!

    Who polices the PC? Who takes their money away for their corruption?

    Who keeps them accountable? Who Votes them out? Why do they live by different rules than the leaders that built their teams for them?

    Some Team leaders definitly needed to earn extra income to pay their bills, after being starved financially by Team. Of course a smart leader would want multiple income streams after being told for years to put all their eggs in one basket and than having the basket stolen by their PC it seems!
    Of course they were looking after years of abuse and sabatoging by Guzzardo, Woodward and company.

    However they NEVER raided their downline teams into another mlm and had no intention of doing so! Why would they destroy their own Mv and Team residual income after killing themselves night after night? Jeez…..people need to think.

    Looking back, maybe they should’ve duplicated their upline, and raided their team to something else!!?

    What a bunch of hypocrites the PC are!! In hindsight they know they blew out some of their best, loyal, honest leaders and it shows because the teams they were building aren’t growing! Idiots!

    Wow that is some Christian leadership there! Maybe Orrin and George need to read and apply a few more books, like their Bibles!

    ** all my comments are based on mine and others years of experiences and opinions of and with Team, Orrin Woodward and anyone involved with Team.

  55. webelieved permalink
    January 31, 2012 7:04 am

    Last time I checked, we live in the United States of America, A FREE COUNTRY!

  56. I QUIT (and glad I did) permalink
    January 31, 2012 7:53 am

    Right on Believed! Slap those bastards upside the head with more truth!! Yes the U.S. is still free, but if you read the Lief P&P you’ll see you sign all that freedom away! To keep your Lief you need to be a suckass plain and simple. Thats nothing new. It was always that way. Thats one of the biggest reasons we quit… neither one of us can do that. I can’t fathom how these Teamers can’t see all the truth thru the smoke and bullshit!

  57. Vogel permalink
    January 31, 2012 8:44 am

    Hi and welcome Itsapauling. Glad you found us. Here, you will find true camaraderie — the kind you don’t have to pay for. Let the healing begin.

  58. webelieved permalink
    January 31, 2012 9:01 am

    “Funny shortly before these secret meetings were held that Chris participated in , Chris Park went to stay with the Morgans to discuss how to make extra income, outside of Team, and the possibility of doing a business partnership with John Morgan ! Wow, that is pretty hypocritical!” Should read……
    Wow that is pretty hypocritical, Chris! For you to be a part of meetings against the Morgans!
    In no way am implying John Morgan is a hypocrite. In fact from what I know of the Peters story, John Morgan is a HERO. A guy who stood up for the truth, confronted Orrin, George, Oettinger …. and the rest about the bullshit tactics they used on the Peters. From what I hear Blomdahl was chicken shit and didn’t answer his phone or call John back.

    Through 2008 John tried to help his leaders who were being starved by the PC, even while he had to take care of everything and everyone at home because his wife was mysteriously very ill, sleeping 18 hours a day! He even traveled hours away from his family to Ironwood MI to a meeting/picnic Guzzardo was having in summer 2008. He had to watch as Guzzardo went gaga, edifying the people who followed him blindly in the registration process/fiasco, knowing full well what many of them had secretly done to the Peters in the registration, and that Guzzardo was at the time blackballing the Peters. John had fixed most of the registration mess, but now there was a HUGE divide in the team and a lot of deception and unethical things going on.

    The Peters were there watching as well and were sick. That night George called a meeting at the Guzzardo home down the road, and George invited the Peters downlines and never invited the Peters. Apparantly he knew this would not look good, after everyone else had come to his house, he went over to the hotel and personally invited the Peters over, possibly at the urging of Jammie Fisher. It was around that fire, talking about leadership and puffing up egos, George said @ ” I don’t want to sound like Hitler but we have superior knowledge!” He also discouraged some leaders from attending bible studies at their church! When asked about it, he said something to the effect “he didn’t need to go to church, he could read the Bible on his own and he had Pastor Dickie and Orrin! ”
    The Peters didn’t want to go to the meeting in the first place and watching all of this made the Peters sick, so they excused themselves and left the fire.

    ** all my comments are from my and/or others experiences and opinions of team and Orrin Woodward, Guzzardo and the rest of the team followers.***

  59. switch permalink
    January 31, 2012 9:18 am

    I think we’ve all just witnessed webelieved becoming UNLEASHED! 😯

  60. webelieved permalink
    January 31, 2012 9:33 am

    Switch- lmao! How do you make the smiley have big eyes? That is funnier than …..

  61. webelieved permalink
    January 31, 2012 9:36 am

    Quit- How did you like that truth? You kill me! You guys make me laugh and it feels so good!!!

  62. switch permalink
    January 31, 2012 11:08 am

    In order to get the “shocked look”, there’s an html code that must be entered/typed in. The one for the shocked look is the word “shock” with one colon at the beginning of the word and one at the end of the word.

    I could try some different ones here but they may not work. Depends on if Amthrax’s site will read them….. you should see the vomit one….actually shows the smiley with a blue face, puffed out cheeks, and hurling to the side. It would be quite hysterical and fitting for the team threads here.

    Glad we can make you laugh, bud!

  63. Speak Your Truth permalink
    January 31, 2012 11:38 am


    Thank You for sharing and I hope you continue.. I am sorry and feel your pain but this site and all on here as you have witnessed the sincerity, love, and those who care, allow you to be you, relate, and have walked in your shoes, please know we support you..

    It really is healing when the fogs clears, you tell the truth, and pay it forward. Sadly, we all relate to those feelings you have felt and described, and it is very evident and tragic the emotional, mental, and financial damage that this ‘culture’ perpetuates and we can together change that for many hurting or at least are making a difference.

    Thanks To All and Amthrax!
    Welcome to this site, and what I refer to as the Veritas Revolution; I hope you keep sharing your story, and allow your healing to begin!

  64. Robin permalink
    January 31, 2012 6:13 pm

    Welcome Itsapauling! I am glad that I could help you in some way with my posting. That is what has helped me tremendously. Reading others story I was like you. When I found this site I read every single post. And finally, like you, I couldn’t take it any longer and shared my story.

    I too felt all of those emotions. I had alot of anger and hurt to overcome too. I feel so much better now that I am truly free. And like @webelieved said, the team indoctrination ran deep. It took along time to feel comfortable actually enjoying my freedom and not feeling awkward or guilty.

    And I too am thankful for the friends I would never of had if I had not been in Team. The one you know became my best friend and still is to this day.

    I am glad to see you got out and are enjoying life. I hope you the very best in life. And I am glad to have known you in the team. I got a pretty good idea who you may be and you deserve to be free of all the guilt and unnecessary feelings and baggage that business has left us all with.

  65. Robin permalink
    January 31, 2012 7:19 pm

    PS. Love your sign in name “Itsapauling”. That it is.

  66. Never Again permalink
    January 31, 2012 7:37 pm

    We too were involved in the Amway/Quixtar MonaVie Team (whatever they call it these days) scam. I know for a fact that the info webelieved has been sharing is the total truth.

    I’m not sure how much I want to get in to here. I have stayed away from all of this since we left. I was so hurt and angry about the way we were treated by our upline that I had to go cold turkey away from this.

    Now that webelieved has shared the truth I just wanted to show my support for everything that has been said by him.

  67. webelieved permalink
    February 1, 2012 6:52 pm

    Never Again- Welcome! Glad your here. Thanks for sharing. There are a lot of great people here sharing the truth. I hope this site brings you healing and laughter!

  68. No Team For Me permalink
    February 3, 2012 5:30 pm

    Never Again – I understand how you feel. But I just wonder how many other innocent people will be scammed if we don’t stand up and tell the truth about what really goes on behind the scenes. Please pray about it and if you feel so led, please share your story so others could benefit.

    How many tens of thousands of people are being scammed because no enough people are sharing the truth.

    But very thankful for you and that you were able to see the truth and get away from that mess.

  69. Freedomhaha permalink
    February 3, 2012 6:44 pm

    Itsapauling- I just wanted to say thanks again from the bottom of my heart for sharing your story. Just sharing it on here will help to compound the truth that has been going on in this blog for years, but really seems to be heating up recently. Thanks again and God Bless!

  70. samantha permalink
    February 3, 2012 9:11 pm

    I have read so much horror about team life it makes me sick to my stomach. Fortunately for me I have never been involved. How do you tell a close friend that is so wrapped up in team life what the truth is? She has tried to get me involved but I explained to her that was not going to happen. I dont have the money and after all the research I have done there is too much negative feedback about it. Ever since then she treats me so differently and she definitely has not brought it up again.

  71. Itsapauling permalink
    February 3, 2012 10:10 pm

    Thanks everyone for all the sincere encouragement here! I have much more I want to share so I’m gearing up, praying and sorting out the timeline. We all have our own unique, individual perspectives even though we drank the same Team CULT Koolaid, X/S, EMV or whatever the drink at the time was. They accuse the “95%” of being brainwashed by TV, radio, newspapers, books, basically any and all information that you didn’t buy through Team system. And yet they were the ones that had brainwashing down to a benchmarked science. We’d hear in the plan over and over…and over again that other MLMs were just “spinning plates”. “That’s not what WE do!” they would say. Team genius created a better team approach to fix all that. I would think to myself….hmmmm….That’s so weird cuz it sure FEELS like we’re spinning a LOT of plates…many fall and shatter:-( It must be our fault though.

    Crosslining. More ways to control. There’s sure some stories to tell there. Terri Brady’s “Business Ethics” Cd never set well with us. Are you kidding me??! If we truely respect our upline and want to be a loyal Team leader someday, we must not talk or have fellowship with anyone in Team that’s not on our team?? That means at church, too??!! “The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly. I am the good shepherd: the good shepherd giveth his life for the sheep.” (John 10:10-11) I was chewed up and spit out, verbally blasted by my mentor upline RT (and “basket 1” friend, I thought) several times for innocent conversations and church friendships. I’ll be back…..

  72. webelieved permalink
    February 4, 2012 8:29 am

    Itsapauling- I cannot wait to hear your story! Great comments thanks for contributing!

  73. webelieved permalink
    February 4, 2012 8:43 am

    samantha- I hope you can help your friend. I would reccomend the thread below that has advice on how to help a loved one get out. Also I would recommend a book called Combatting Cult Mind Control, as you are dealing with a person under thought reform in my opinion.

  74. webelieved permalink
    February 4, 2012 8:44 am

    samantha- I also would love to hear your thoughts on how your friend has changed, good and bad. I think you could help a lot of people by sharing.

  75. Gordon Freeman permalink
    May 5, 2012 12:29 am

    In a post titled “Which Stories Do You Identify with: Success or Failure?” and dated March 11, 2012, the website Amthrax Amway Review said, “The Peters’ story is told in a letter supposedly written by the Peters, but submitted by someone else. In cases like these, one must remember that there are always two sides to every story (or three, if you include the truth), but of course AMTHRAX always posts one side only.”

    Leaving aside the utterly unsubstantiated claim that Amthrax is dishonest, the sneering condescension with which they dismiss the Peters’ tale of woe speaks volumes about their character, and the character of the organization for which they make such callous excuses.

  76. Gordon Freeman permalink
    May 5, 2012 12:43 am

    Also, it’s deeply ironic that so many people who are feeling ambivalent about their own MLM memberships come here to complain about anonymous or pseudonymous postings, when the author of the Amthrax Amway Review website is himself (herself?) anonymous, going only by “admin.”

    Furthermore, the arrogant dismissal of Occupy Wall Street as “a small minority of apparently unemployed or unemployable people wasting time & energy complaining about the success or achievements of fellow Americans who have paid a price for success” hardly does credit to admin’s knowledge of current events, logical coherence, or even basic math, in light of Occupy demonstrations springing up “across America.” How do I know such movements sprang up “across America”? Admin herself (himself?) said so in the “About Me” section of her (his?) blog, just two sentences before characterizing them as “a small minority.” Such a fundamental contradiction in admin’s own argument hardly inspires confidence in his (her?) critiques of other people’s arguments.

  77. webelieved permalink
    May 7, 2012 11:59 pm

    Gordon- you are a great writer, I have been following all your comments on this blog. I agree the Amthrax Amway review is hilariously contradictary. Of course Orrin wants his ignorant followers to believe we are paid Amway workers. LOL!
    Anyone who actually reads this site knows that isn’t true. But what else can they say when they break thier own teachings and rules……. if any part of the Peters, Morgans, Raatz etc stories are true, which we know they are, the PC are shown to be hypocrites and liars!
    Welcome to the site!

  78. webelieved permalink
    May 8, 2012 12:27 am

    Update on Raquel Peters. She is doing much better. She feels great knowing the truth of their story is out there and helping people. It has also helped her knowing her family wasn’t the only one that experienced this!
    She is now taking a new depression medicine, which has helped her physical symptoms of exhaustion and pain drastically! She is feeling physically stronger everyday and living her true priorities, spending time with her family.
    The Peters are currently trying to sell their home to get back on their feet financially. They are starting over with nothing and have had 20 years of work and finances wiped away by their involvement with Team and the after affects it has caused, so they could use your prayers.
    She has read a lot of the books recommended on this site and they have helped her trememdously. She is seeing a counselor and understanding more how sick and manipulating the group was and hopes to use the knowledge she has gained to one day help others who have been in destructive groups.
    Raquel also said she is so thankful that Melanie Morgan’s treatment for lukemia is going well and that her diagnosis was quite the scare! She knows life is too short to chase another mans’ dream or to waste the precious time we are given. Melanie’s illness was another confirmation to her, they are on the right track in life! She knows that God has been with them on this journey and He is taking care of them both and meeting their needs in the most amazing ways. 🙂

  79. webelieved permalink
    May 28, 2012 10:48 am

    Comments copied in rebuttal to Eric Blomdahl’s article and threat made about Raquel Peters, called CRITICISM. Surely Mr Blomdahl would NEVER allow these comments on his site. Rumor has it he has not allowed disenting comments to be published under this article. Suprise, suprise, just like his upline who are known to control information.

    Finally permalink: starting at

    May 24, 2012 6:05 pm

    This site is not only driving orrin nuts but it is driving what they are doing in lief. they are changing what they say about jobs, now all of a sudden they are ok because so many of them have to or are going to have to go back to work. They are setting things up so that they can look like they care and are also trying to cover up the fact that there has been ZERO net growth in the team for at least 4 years,,…………..They always claim explosions are happening but there is no evidence of net growth.

    I have also heard and spoken to people that are still on team and have found there way on this site. Many I have spoken to are reading the stories on here and are comparing them to what they see in their own teams and coming to the conclusion that the stories on here are true. It is taking a while but this site is exposing the lies and cheating that has been going on in team and people are seeing it first hand. IT Seems as though they see it in their teams and it gets confirmed on here by people they don’t know but have the same story as them.

    On another note, i have heard about Eric blomdahls attack of a young lady on his blog. Blomdahl apparently leaped before he looked with his blog. I have spoken to legal people, I will refrain from saying in what capacity they are involved with the legal system but suffice it to say that they would be ecstatic over eric pursuing legal action. I do not think he has any understanding of the can of worms that whole process would open up not only for himself but for team as well. for him to prove so called lies a lot of team info would be brought out in the discovery process. Something no one on team wants. Also for the link he posted about a 13 million dollar judgement…………he might want to heed that warning………there is plenty of evidence, from my limited understanding, that could land him on the wrong side of something like that. Oh what a tangled web they weave when they attempt to bully people. There are dozens of people with info and proof waiting in the wings to come forward with it……..DOZENS.
    Careful Eric and you might want to check up line and make sure that is what they wanted you to do with your blog……those that know you know you were manipulated into spewing the garbage about former team mates that you have. Also……..there are plenty of people that left team that were HUGE leaders that know how the teams worked and lines of sponsorship worked…..just saying ………… I know that I have seen blomdahl speak and he could get convicted for lying about running a health and wellness business………….being that he was neither………..You can’t be 100 pounds over weight and build a team so we know he didn’t do it, someone did it for him………….LOL

    No Team For Me permalink

    May 24, 2012 7:24 pm

    Finally – I just read the Blomdahl blog article you mentioned and I normally do not use this type of language, but all I can say is ‘what a bunch of crap’. Surely he can’t think anyone outside of TEAM would actually agree with his version. It’s pretty obvious they were not acting with integrity based on what he wrote.

    How would he feel if he were the one who didn’t resign in time? Would it be okay to take his group away? Or what about the fact that Orrin technically registered after Tim Marks and several others? Shouldn’t Orrin have been downline from Tim?

    Unbelievable how they use situational ethics for their advantage.

    Amthrax permalink*

    May 25, 2012 11:14 am

    @Finally – Can you elaborate on what they are saying now about jobs? Is it basically, “Do LIFE/MFC/TEAM and you’ll be better at your job” ?

    Freedomhaha permalink

    May 25, 2012 1:10 pm

    This can’t be right… TEAM told me that job stood for “just over broke”. I doubt they would just lie to me.

    Speak Your Truth permalink

    May 25, 2012 2:03 pm

    Freedomhaha~ Hahahaha!!!!

    Finally~ I couldn’t Agree More! I’ll have to do some reading and comment later…But I am sure it is Nothing New under the Sun! These guys are way too predictable!

    Finally permalink

    May 25, 2012 6:05 pm

    No Amthrax, they are now working into their presentation that “some people may love what they do” Or you can use this business and stay working if that is what you like………It is a joke. There have been many leaders that have had to go back to work and are hiding it from their teams. I know of at least 3 former triple 100′s going back to work. Here are some of the lines they use……”Oh I am just working here to get the corporation in system ” I don’t work here full time, I am just helping these guy’s out, they were good to me so I have the time during the day so I help them out” It is funny because we called the company on the guy that said the last one and they said he was a full time employee LMAO. He is also a guy that was given a team that he didn’t earn………..Job optional my eye…….the guy needed money to support his family and he is too embarrassed to tell his team he is not growing, which by the way they always say he is exploding. I know his whole second team quit on him….they said he was a _ _ _ K head and cocky as heck. their words not mine. I guess he was very arrogant about leaving his job when he did. he would even send messages to his team during the day from a restaurant and ask them where they all were…………now…….he is back to work. He is a liberator. I was on the phone with my buddy from that team and he ran it all down for me. He said that he thought Tim Marks even bought a car for him to make it look like he was doing better than he was. Next time I get to that state I am going to meet with my buddies from that team and they are going to show me some of the stuff they have proving all of the crap that went on in that team. I assume that same scenario is going on team wide……..evidence of lies and wrong doing. I predict you will hear about how some of these team guys can’t stand the state of the country so they are going to go into corporate america and show them how they are so screwed up…….You can only hide that you are not making money for so long……and sooner or later people find out they are working so they have to justify it some way. I bet Birtles or his wife is back to work in some fashion. I could look into that I am close to some still in our team. However it shakes out mark my words they are setting the stage to explain how leaders have had to go back to work……………

    @ No teram for me, they have zero integrity, as far as I am concerned, it anything they do with team Orrin got slung it at the end above everyone and was sponsored to Ken Porter. They moved people and sponsored them to anyone they saw fit…….That is where blomdahl is gonna get slammed as he arrogantly pursues stuff……….People kept all that info, even letter from MV and evidence of sponsors being changed….there are piles of proof……not to mention if he wants to make claims someone is lying he has to prove it………..ergo the “discovery” process, not just a blomdahls word. The discover about incomes being stolen would come from the team office. I am sure they can justify things anyway they want now but do they really want the actual numbers in court documents? Orrin went ballistic when Quixtar had his lines of sponsorship on white boards in the court room for all to see during the Q lawsuit……….how would he react if the team books were opened up because they claim someone is lying about having their income stolen?? I believe the people on here…….just cuz they are anonymous doesn’t discredit their stories. Orrin wrote Qrush blog, people are witness to that…………he wanted all the anonymous bloggers that were slamming Q during his lawsuit protected and even said it was their 1st amendment right…… why does he have a problem with it now??? Because he knows the stories are true………..he know what was done………he just doesn’t want the world to know the truth about team………..hey I know that a lot of good came from who they were years ago……something changed and they have hurt a lot of people…………and hurting more every day…………….

    webelieved permalink

    May 25, 2012 9:03 pm

    Finally- I just read the article and I agree, Eric should think before he speaks/writes! I thought Orrin says not to Puke downline! LOL! Maybe Eric should tell the truth and give all of the information when he supposedly sets the record straight. From what I understand he only posted part of the Samuels letter and didn’t show other letters sent to the team office refuting their letter, got facts wrong etc. Very interested to know how Eric got the letter. Last time I heard only the Team office, Raquel, and the Samuels had copies of that letter. A question I have is how would Eric know anything about Raquel’s personal business or what she talked to Orrin about? Perhaps what Eric is saying is gossip. Eric would have no idea about her willingness to participate in conflict resolution . He is either gossiping, making it up, or Orrin is feeding him information and Eric is filtering it.
    It also seems Eric likes to withhold information , while he is supposedly setting the record straight he doesn’t explain what the deadline was for, he withholds from the readers part of the Samuels letter, and he didn’t explain what the gameplan was, that many leaders were not told about. I also didn’t see a list of the 95% of people he implied he was working with/ that were free of their 6 months, did anyone else see that? If all the information was disclosed I bet the followers may be embarassed.
    Frankly what Eric wrote is FILLED with a bunch of LIES! Funny too how Blomdahl acts like he is the authority on everything and speaking for everyone including Orrin and Raquel’s cousin. I don’t recall Orrin or her cousin Tim, speaking for themselves on Eric’s blog confirming anything he is saying.
    I wonder was Eric sitting next to Raquel the whole time she built her business? Doesn’t Blomdahl live like 6 hours away from her? He claims to know so much about her and her business, how she acted, what she did, what her mentoring with Orrin consisted of, her counseling sessions with others etc. and yet he rarely talked directly to her. He sure didn’t ever send people back to her if they had a problem with her! Did he EVER go to Raquel for her side of any story he heard? Did he seek to understand? I would guess not. Funny how he pretends he worked with everyone in her business and yet only worked with a handful of them.
    From what I hear he cannot even get easy, basic facts right, much less the story…… pretty sad for a Choleric Melancholy heh? But I guess lying is what you do when you participated in doing unethical things to your downline and you need to keep it a secret! I thought Orrin says there are two sides to every story, but apparantly Eric’s blog only allows one side to be posted.
    As far as the threat, I agree with Finally, there will be a LOT more information, documetation, and witnesses that will come out in discovery! LOL! And it is from my understanding, Blomdahl has some serious skeletons in his closet that would definitly change the way his followers view his character! I am also guessing Orrin would be in trouble when they open the books at the Team office and supenoa profit sharing pay stubs and the Team and Lief L.O.S. No hiding there.
    I also found it quite comical how commenters who call themselves Christians and the majority that had no personal, close relationship with Raquel, were so willing to slander and lie about her in their comments! LOL! It sure tells us the lies Team leaders have been spreading about the Peters all these years. For instance it has been implied over and over in Blomdahl’s article and in the comments that the Peters were supposedly all about the money?! Really? That is absolutely ludicrous if one actually reads the Peter’s story. No commenters EVER met with Raquel to see documentation /or ask about the lies they were told by their uplines and yet they have the audacity to imply the Peters only cared about following the money, after it is clear they were trying to wait for their whole team to get in, in the right order. You know what they say about projection, sounds like Eric and some commenters were more about the money, who cares about the 5-10% with no results…..right Mr Blomdahl?
    So a person with a brain and the ability to critically think asks themselves;
    Assuming Team is a Christian based organization,
    Does Team teach people to gossip about things they have no first hand knowledge of?
    Does the Bible teach people to lie?
    Would Jesus want you to just blindly trust your upline’s word and use it to slander another believer without going directly to the source, first?
    Doesn’t it say in the Bible to not bare false witness against your neighbor?
    I wouldn’t think God would look fondly on one who attempts to judge another mans heart Mrs. Stadel. It says in the Bible only God knows the intentions of one’s heart. It sounds to me like Leah is acting like God. Interesting, I am not sure how Leah can judge Raquel’s heart when she doesn’t even know Raquel and could have no idea about her spirituality or her heart. Sounds like she is judging Raquel’s heart on the rumor, hearsay and popular opinion of her new upline Hawkins ,Guzzardo and Woodward. (I highly doubt Billy Florence would have taught her to do that.)
    Based on years of personal knowledge, what I know about Raquel Peters, she is farthest from having a spiritually corrupt, stone heart. As a matter of fact, she has a very sensitive heart and loves people. It is SO obvious to anyone who knows Mrs. Peters that these people do not know her! It appears to me there is a witch hunt going on here and the Team needs a scapegoat. It is interesting to note it appears this may be the same Stadel that turned her back on her original line of sponsorship Billy Florence and her team was one that was given to the hawkins on the sly), and yet Orrin says one should stick with their upline no matter what……… did Orrin use Situational Ethics in this one, and change his mind? Also interesting to note it was reported by Leah’s team mate, that Hawkins and Guzzardo had been doing meetings in her team (Billy Florence’s group) .I heard the reason was to get their team to stay with the Orrin when Billy left!
    By the way if Mrs. Stadel’s heart is spiritually right, her prayer time would be better spent praying for her own heart and Team Leadership to stop lying and slandering people, come clean, repent of their sins and give restitution to the victims they lied to and that they created with their very own actions.
    Seems to me Eric’s letter just confirms how true the Peters story must be for Eric to be threatening her. I find it interesting he thinks he can tell her what to do, who to talk to, etc. Who threatens someone from a blog?
    I guess Eric’s article is just another confirmation of the threats and bullying people who have left Team have put up with over the years. I guess that is Eric’s idea of conflict resoulution since he hasn’t talked to the Peters since the day he did the registration coruption, way back in March of 2008.

    What a joke.

    * All my comments are my opinions based on years of experience building the Team.

    webelieved permalink

    May 25, 2012 9:21 pm

    NoTeamForMe- SITUATIONAL ETHICS FOR SURE! It is VERY scary to me Orrin’s blind followers cannot even see this!

    Promise passive income……………………………………………………..then take it.
    Tell people to hold their spot……………………………………………….then put them at the botttom.
    Tell leaders to build it and you will get paid residual, ongoing, income ………..then take their teams after you and your bullies push them out with your unethical behavior.
    Build a line of sponsorship…………………then wreck it, change it, do whatever you want to it.
    Teach Christain principles…………………………………………..then don’t follow them yourself.
    Take a 3 million dollar loan/bonus from MV……….don’t tell your followers about it, and actually say you did a benchmarking study and this was the best company…..
    Ask leaders to sign a contract……………………………refuse them a copy when asked in writing.
    Say you are for freedom and free enterprise…….then don’t tell distributors how they are paid and get rid of people if they asked how they are paid.
    On stage pretend you are kind and giving …………….behind the scenes act like the maffia. Quote Scripture……………………………………………………………………….then don’t follow it.
    Teach conflict resoulution as if you use it……………………………………..then don’t use it.
    Sue Quixtar…………………………..then ask followers to donate money to YOUR legal fund.
    Say your a Christian……..then judge other people’s motives, hearts.
    Say your mentoring someone……………….share confidential information with others, unknown to them.
    Write an vulgar, discusting anonymous Qrush blog………………………..then bash anonymous bloggers.
    Say your a Christian………………………………………………………….then defy a judges gag order
    Say your a Christian……………………………withhold information from your followers on the pay plan and failure rate.
    Say your a Christian………………………………………………………..slander leaders who left Team.

    Say your a Christian ……………………………………………………….use deceptive recruiting tactics.
    Say your Christians………………………………………………………….treat people terribly
    Gain your trust………………………………………………………….abuse you and use information they get against you.

    Maybe you guys can think of some more.

    Freedomhaha permalink

    May 26, 2012 2:32 pm

    Great list by WeBelieved there! I really think that could be a post in itself with a link to all the previous stories on Amthrax.

    Just wanted to thank all of you guys for being true leaders and saving my life. It is amazing how much I have improved in relationships and finances sinces I’ve left TEAMSCAM. I don’t think I could have done it without you guys. True leaders using their time to help others and not make money off them.

    webelieved permalink

    May 26, 2012 9:02 pm

    Thanks Freedomhaha! I agree we also have MUCH better relationships now that we are out of Team. Hope everyone is having a great weekend truly enjoying your time with family and friends!

    No Team For Me permalink

    May 27, 2012 7:41 am

    Finally – please keep any evidence you have of group switching and lines of sponsorship being changed. And keep several copies in multiple locations. Give at least one copy to someone who was never a part of team.

    I too, have several instances of such activities. Should this end up in court, we need to make sure we all have our evidence saved.

  80. webelieved permalink
    June 1, 2012 9:30 pm

    Here is a thread concerning the lies that have been told about the Peters and rebuttals to Blomdahl’s article on the Peters called Criticism. Read the comments on the link below, you will find them very interesting. 🙂

  81. webelieved permalink
    June 1, 2012 11:00 pm


    webelieved permalink

    June 1, 2012 8:24 pm

    From Blomdahl’s Criticism Article on the Peters
    ” Thanks for sharing the truth for others to see and understand. Penny
    and I knew there were issues but had no idea just how bad they had gotten. One
    could take a leadership lesson in FTM (follow the money). Thank you and Jen for
    having the right heart that you spoke of. You are leaders of character that we
    will continue to follow.God bless”- John Graf

    I find this very humerous as after the slanderous meetings were held against the Morgans, both the Grafs met with Raquel and were told exactly why she would no longer be around the team, because of the ongoing unethical behavior of their upline! Raquel met with when she was ill, because she had kids and they had a grandchild in the same school and would see eachother daily and she didn’t want it to be uncomfortable.
    The Grafs witnessed many things that had been done to the Peters in the previous months, the slanderous meetings against the Morgans, the black listing off the speaking circuit etc. Mr. Graf questioned Raquel on some of these things at the major in June of 08 after getting into MV, and agreed they were wrong and Penny was in touch with the girls on the trip back from Orrin’s house, with Jammie Fisher, Beth Presher, and Raquel, when George blackballed her out of speaking again in @July of 08! Will they deny those things? And now he has the gumption to say “follow the money and he didn’t know it was that bad” when replying to an article he KNOWS if filled with lies?
    WOW……. John needs to scan his memory and remember that he used to know right from wrong. Maybe he should go back to the Bible he claims to follow and read what it says about lying and bearing false witness on his neighbors. I feel sorry for him that he just believes whatever he is told by his upline.

    Apparantly right and wrong change with the wind. Perhaps he needs to dig deep and figure out why he changed his mind, maybe he should look down his own money trail?


    webelieved permalink

    June 1, 2012 8:55 pm

    As far as commenter Chad Sudkay goes, isn’t his wife registered in Tim Samuels 2nd leg, a place the Peters wouldn’t have been working according to Team teachings? He spent no time with the Peters directly except the one time he met Mark, Raquel and Tim for coffee. Raquel wouldn’t even know him on the street. So how does he know the Peters well enough to judge their character?
    I find it was interesting that Chad isn’t registered in MV and yet he was building the monavie business without an id number. Or would he say he wasn’t building it?
    Funny his wife is registered but he isn’t, could that be because he wasn’t free of his Quixtar contract when the Samuels decided to register him in his wifes name? Was his Quixtar/Amway business in his name and he wasn’t free of his 6 month legal obligation just like the Samuels? Could that be why the Samuels got an llc?
    Well no need to fret…. I am sure that would come out in the discovery process.

    Funny I don’t think Chad or anyone else should be talking about the character of someone they don’t even know! But you know in the Team you just repeat whatever you were told by your upline.
    If they have a problem with the Peters why didn’t they go to them? Another one to pay lip service to their conflict resolution? I don’t remember being told the Peters got a phone call from Chad saying he had a problem with the them.

    And as far as Mr Blomdahl and his lying comments on the Peters getting bonuses and holding up the group registering into mv all I can say is ….. pretty dam funny! The Peters were registered in MV, ONLY 1 DAY AFTER MR. BLOMDAHL was registered. They were registered in their own name, no LLC, which means they met their 6 month obligation. They were in legally and resigned when they were told to by their upline. The Peters got ZERO BONUSES from Quixtar/ Amway when they left in 2007. In fact by resigning when they were told to by their upline, the Peters gave up a $10,000 bonus and a trip they earned from Quixtar/Amway! It doesn’t sound like the Peters were all about the money like Mr Blomdahl and commenters are trying very hard to imply.

    It will be very interesting when all the dates and the facts come out. So Mr Blomdahl with his bullying tactics better get his facts straight and follow his own money trail, but you know what they say about projection.


    webelieved permalink

    June 1, 2012 9:21 pm

    The Peters resigned at least 4-5 days before the Samuels and can also be proven ! In fact when the Samuels couldn’t get their LLC in place, MR Blomdahl laid off the pressure on Raquel to get people registered for a few days until their LLC came back. So again, who was holding people back? So funny I would guess the Samuels got registered under an LLC to hide that they weren’t free of their 6 month contract when they got registered into MV?! Hmmm………… is that illegal? So did Mr Blomdahl put people in illegally? I am sure that would come out in the discovery process. Funny Mr Blomdahl waited, and never called Raquel back to pressure her, until his good friends the Samuels were ready to go in. Also 95% of the team was not ready to go i, in fact how would Blomdahl even come up with this ridiculous number, when
    A. He didn’t know half of her team personally
    B. He didn’t have the Peters lesser binary leg’s paperwork including the Samuels, Preshers etc. The Peters 2nd and 3rd teams.
    C. Also wondering why would Blomdahl be calling the shots in a Round Tables’ lesser leg? Especially when all the leaders below and above the Peters were registering their own lesser legs, and these were leaders with smaller results than the Peters.
    D. How did Eric register people without the paperwork when the Peters had it? Perhaps I should tell the story how Raquel had downline coming to her, reporting that Jennifer Samuels was calling into the team asking them if they minded if they were skipped over because their date wasn’t up! This downline thought Raquel was behind it for months, until he called and asked her about it.
    Or how about the fact that when Raquel asked Jill Guzzardo what the hurry was, she never gave a legitimate reason. It was follow or else apparently. Funny how Blomdahl doesn’t tell why there was a supposed deadline, perhaps it was to get him to Florida on the 100 case promotion? OR to rank the up-line? OR maybe it was to get enough people in MV so Orrin didn’t have to pay back his 3 million dollar loan? I wonder. Or maybe it was the genius that Orrin claims he is didn’t understand in the pay plan, that volume had to spread out over 4 weeks. Or maybe IT WAS ALL OF THE ABOVE!
    Funny after everyone was registered in this mess, Jill Guzzardo called into her leaders to demand they to change the autoships and spread them out over all 4 weeks! Some people still in Team were logging into other people’s businesses by using the password of their last name and changing the person’s autoships to a different week, without their permission.

    Sadly, A WHOLE BUNCH OF PEOPLE who kept their spot IN TEAM FOR YEARS, people who bought the product, helped their upline’s income, LOST THEIR SPOTS for NO REASON! Yet Eric calls them the 5-10% who got no results and it seems didn’t matter to him! I would dare say 95% of the Team had no results and yet paid the way for the 5%! How dare him be so condescending when he was living his lifestyle off their money! One of them who lost their spot after years had sponsored Renee in the business…….and yep they lost THOUSANDS of distributors below them!
    Or how about the fact Mr Guzzardo had no problem asking leaders to take other leaders’ second teams and move them in MV into other groups, this seemed to be common practice. How about the fact that the Grafs took people out of their own leaders second teams in MV and put them in their MV taproot! SO for John Graf to comment on the Peters character is ludicrous. Effectively they were taking income from their own leaders after years of work. Do you not see a pattern here? And one wonders why certain people are coming to the aid of Eric, George and Orrin? Because they participated in the b.s. and now they have to cover their tracks!
    God only knows how messed up the LIFE line of sponsorship is, it seems it is just a free for all!
    And WHO is about the MONEY??????

    *** All my comments are based on my opinions from many years of experience with Team and it’s leaders.


    webelieved permalink

    June 1, 2012 10:55 pm

    After the Morgans and the Peters were slandered and their teams were shredded by their upline, and some downline, in late fall and they decided to have nothing to do with Team, after some time of healing, Raquel started looking at other MV systems to help some people in her team that wanted to build MV. At the time MV stated distributors could use any system they wanted to and of course the Peters couldn’t stay with Team after all they had done.
    Raquel found a few meetings on the Black Diamond University website and found a totally different system. A system that didn’t require people to spend crazy amounts of money, like Team. She found Distributors helped each other locally regardless of if they were crossline or not, which was the culture of MV. These people were helping each other with no financial gain in it! Raquel says it was a totally different feel then Team. People were kind and helpful just because .
    Raquel found a few house meetings in Madison, listed on BDU, that were hosted by a man in Billy Florence’s team. While at the meeting, ex-team people recognized her from being a Team open meeting speaker. One lady had approached her and eventually they ended up collaborating on one BDU/ MV meeting together at her house in Madison, to help others left in the same situation they were in. This couple informed Raquel that George Guzzardo and Dan Hawkins of Team were doing meetings in her team (Billy’s group which was majorly cross-line to Hawkins/Guzzardo) and destroying it. She said they were trying to get people to stay with Team, and not leave with Billy Florence, their original up-line . Raquel was willing to drive a few hours and take her time to help this lady with no financial gain in return. The funny thing is no one showed up to that meeting and most of the night was spent talking. This couple were no longer with Team and they were already working with Billy using part of BDU’s system. This was the ONLY meeting Raquel ever cohosted with anyone that previously had a different up-line in Team! Perhaps commenters on Blomdahl’s blog like Ms. Symamski should get their facts straight and tell the whole story before they slander people they don’t even know personally! And I was just wondering, don’t customers have a right according to Orrin to go wherever they please and get help wherever they want? Didn’t you get help from cross-line? Didn’t Stadel’s get help crossline, didn’t she say you don’t own anyone? Why can’t your team do the same……. or are you being hypocritical here? Just saying….
    Raquel thought BDU was much cheaper, more informative and more honest than Team and was a great way for people to help each other and share information. Besides finding people in Madison, she found people in Carrie Dickie’s team holding house meetings in Milwaukee. When a couple in the Samuels second team, Sharon and John CONTACTED the Peters for help with MV, they were invited to a meeting in Milwaukee. This same couple stated they wanted nothing to do with the Team System for their own reasons; mainly they were sick of spending so much money on tools. This would be the same couple who the Samuels lied in their letter that Raquel had contacted them! ( You know the letter Guzzardo requested they write to the Team office to take away their profit sharing income.) In fact this is the same couple that sent a letter to the team office refuting the Samuels claims in their letter! Interesting Eric also left out half of the Samuels letter, and didn’t post the other letter the Team received backing up the Peters! Blomdahl also didn’t post the letter by a former team mate of the Samuels, sent to the team office about how her team was ruined after the registration fiasco! Eric Blomdahl doesn’t sound to me like someone setting the record straight. But hey those things can come out in discovery as well.
    Raquel also attended other meetings in Chicago and Indiana to do research on how other groups built MV, as she believed she needed to help her team mates. However a few months after the Team brainwashing slowly wore off, she could no longer participate in building any MLM after seeing all the corruption.
    One of Blomdahl’s commenters, Heather Williams and her husband were in Ben Preshers second leg. Ben was below the Samuels and the biggest leader by far in that team. Mark and Raquel seen the Williams almost exclusively at group events and may have met them once for dinner. The Williams were working directly with the Preshers as they should have been. The Peters went in and did meetings when requested in Ben’s group, otherwise stayed out of his way, as he was a leader. Once Raquel did go to a jewelry party Heather Williams hosted in late 2008. Other than that, the Williams know NOTHING personally about the Peters! Once again the Williams only know what they have been told by their upline. While all the shenanigans went down with the slandering of the Morgans and the Peters, Raquel had talked to Heather Williams at a time when she was very distraught with all the corruption going on in her team, so Raquel told Heather the truth of what had happened to her. Funny Heather was in agreement with Raquel that what had been done was WRONG at the time, and somehow now has amnesia. Raquel is embarrassed for Heather, that she would talk about praying and then slander Raquel in her comments. It is obvious she believes the lies that it is apparent were told to her by her upline. The very interesting thing to ask one self, is if you read the Peters story, would you have been able to stay and promote Team?
    Ben Presher and the Peters had built the Samuels’ taproot for many years. The Samuels were only maybe @ turbo 10′s actually at the time, they may have hit turbo 25 once. Ben had passed them years before and was a few months from Platinum when leaving Quixtar, while the Samuels who were above him, were only Silvers. Truth be told the Samuels, especially Jennifer was jealous of Raquel and the Preshers results. The majority of the time in the business, the Preshers wanted NOTHING to do with the Samuels, and felt they were being managed by someone who wasn’t getting results. But the Samuels kept trying to interfere instead of go out and build their second leg which they needed to do. Jennifer had almost blown out people in her own team with her bad attitude and micro managing at open meetings, telling her grown downline who they could talk to and where they should sit. There were many ladies that wanted nothing to do with her and a few others because of their bad attitudes. But Raquel just kept trying to fix the conflict, and help everyone work together. She held parties for her teams, ladies events, had team building events at PV parties. She did all she could, but she couldn’t change people’s hearts. So Mrs Samuels being a choleric Melancholy and Raquel being a Sanguine would call up Blomdahl to complain time and time again. HE of course never sent her back to the Peters or the Preshers. I would guess he also never edified the Peters to them either. HE NEVER had a meeting in the past 4 years of their business to conflict resoulution as he so calls it. The Peters had no problem with the Samuels, had no problem that they were working with Blomdahl, unless it interfered with their team. The Peters did their job, got the Samuels to Silver-7500 PV and knew they needed to go build 2500 in their outside leg, like everyone else.
    Somehow after getting registered into mv the Samuels started building a gal in their taproot’s second leg, as their taproot, registering Raquel’s uncle there! No one ever taught that in the business. You were supposed to build your taproot, regardless a matter of fact you were taught to go to the bottom, put new people in and build depth. Get past the stinking thinking. Seems the Samuels were the ones who refused to follow conflict resolution?! The Peters know either Guzzardo or Blomdahl or both told the Samuels to do it! In fact it was later found out, Guzzardo had a secret meeting with the Samuels! The Peters were building their team MV taproot at the time, like always, the only way it is taught. The Samuels were slandering the Peters right after the registration debacle to their team. Implying the Peters were doing something wrong and not working with Orrin or George!! They did this crap until Raquel sent Orrin an email about where they were building and he said WRONG! I find it funny how Orrin says Raquel refused conflict resolution and yet there is evidence to prove otherwise. She even drove 8 hours, to a ladies bible study, just to get the chance to talk to Orrin about the situation and her being blackballed out of speaking. Here was his resolution, he told Raquel to “GO RUBY” and then she could “ point out the discrpenecies to Geroge”. What kind of solution is that? Ignore it, let your upline destroy your teams, your credibility? Really? Orrin was aware that leaders with smaller results at the time, were speaking and Raquel wasn’t allowed to. HE never cared about fairness and their was NEVER a reason given. Just maffia tactics like always. (you can read more on this under the Peters story)
    After the slandering of the Morgans and the Peters stopped attending Team events, the Samuels then started interfering in Ben Preshers (in their main leg) second team and started building that as their Taproot!!! Later when Ben Prescher saw the letter that the Samuels sent in to the team office, and it was used it to take away the Peters income, Ben was done. Ben decided if the Samuels, a nothing results- wise in the business, could write a letter and the Team would use it to take away the Peters income, after they built it, he was DONE. So the Samuels biggest leader in their taproot quit. Not too much is left of the Samuels team because of what their own actions, the Blomdahls, and the Guzzardos did. Why? Because 95% of them were working with Mark and Raquel and Ben and Beth and they were not working with Eric, as he would like to lead people to believe. Funny how Eric is trying to make himself look like he was the savior and hero in Raquel’s teams. Funny even Dan Hawkins didn’t work closely with eric after he passed him.
    There is a letter sent to MV by the Samuels/Peters’ upline, who knows the whole story. It is written how Jennifer and a few others were always jealous of Raquel’s success. Jennifer told this person right from the beginning she wouldn’t work with Raquel. It is interesting to note, before the business, Jennifer only met Raquel maybe 3 times at big family events. She didn’t know her at all and had never spent any time with her and yet she said she wouldn’t work with her. Jennifer became very jealous when Raquel built her second leg bigger than Jennifer’s leg. The Samuels were already hooked up with the Blomdahl right from the beginning because Raquel introduce them to him and edified him, just like it is taught on Team. Could they and a few other couples, who barely had results over many, many years since they got started in 2003, be the supposed 95% that Mr Blomdahl likes to imply had a problem with Raquel? Interesting Mr Blomdahl forgot to mention the hundreds of people that Raquel and Mark worked with that had no problems with them and NEVER worked with the Blomdahls. In fact once Raquel was getting more results than Eric, she could see he wasn’t practicing what he preached, going Power Player etc, she didn’t want him managing in her team. The Peters and the Preshers were the leaders building continually for years, in that team. Raquel was told directly by Orrin, in front of Pat Edwards, Eric needed to get out of her team! It seemed Pat had the same problems with Eric. Eric needed to go out and get results in his third team, his other teams were 7500 since @2004 and for YEARS he didn’t. By recognition, voicecom etc, everyone knew he didn’t.
    . Really if the Samuels were the leaders in the Peters group, why weren’t they Platnums? Why didn’t they have 3 teams like the Peters? Why did their downline, the Preshers pass them? Why wasn’t Blomdahl a Sapphire like the Peters? He had years more time to build. I guess the reader could decide, is a turbo 100, RT, Sapphire, Power Player every time except once over 6 years who walked away, to be believed or a silver 7500PV, someone who hit turbo 25 once in that time period, like the Samuels? Or how about a guy like Eric and Founders Platnum in Quixtar, who got lucky in the Binary in MV, who made and is currently making a killing off of other people’s, including the Peters’ hard work!? Could Blomdahl’s comments be a cover up to hide the truth or what he really did? Does he get paid by Team, so maybe he needs to blatantly lie to keep his money? Do the Peters get paid for sharing their story in any way? No. Do I get paid to tell you the Peters story? No. Does Amthrax get paid for this site? NO. Are their hundreds of people in the Peters team that could testify for the Peters, including Ben Prescher ? Yes. The reader can decide who they believe.
    Really……What blubbering idiot goes onto a blog lying and threatening people? More maffia like tactics that are not going to work………..threatening to sue the Peters is an ignorant move, especially when Blomdahl cannot even get his simple facts straight, like for instance the Samuels got started in Team in 2003, not 2001. An easy fact to prove yet he cannot even get that one straight!
    What a joke! 

  82. webelieved permalink
    June 1, 2012 11:08 pm

    I am guessing the Blomdahl’s article is so full of lies and slander it will make for a great court case if it comes to that. It proves the lies and slander that have been told about the Peters all these years. Easy to prove when commenters the Peters never knew personally are blatantly lying about them. Pretty easy to prove with a supenoa and witnesses, I am guessing Christians would never lie to a judge on the stand or hide info…….
    Except I have heard Orrin has done that and Tim hid docucments from the court and was fined and they claim they are Christians? Only God knows what they will do….and he will be the ultimate judge, regardless of what they do.

  83. webelieved permalink
    June 1, 2012 11:42 pm

    webelieved permalink

    June 1, 2012 11:41 pm

    I am guessing every leader had a few people in their teams, maybe even their uplines, that were pains in the butt, pot stirers who caused problems, nitpicked everything everyone else was doing and spent their time looking for something to complain about instead of doing the work they needed to do. Sounds like the Peters had a few of those, which in and of itself doesn’t make them evil like they are being portrayed. I am sure there are many formerly in the Peters teams that would testify how much they served their teams even helping the few who were complaining to Blomdahl.
    The Peters were too busy building their business to get caught up in senseless drama. They proved their leadership with their results, regardless of what Blomdahl says. If one of the leaders would get the balls to tell the truth the majority of Blomdahl’s story would fall to the floor. But they won’t as they are trained to be followers not leaders. I would also bet the leaders who worked with the Peters are very afraid to tell the truth as they know what will happen to them and their incomes. It must be terrible to live under another man’s thumb.

  84. Speak Your Truth permalink
    June 2, 2012 7:55 am

    Wow~ Guess it goes to show: You LIE about others they will tell the TRUTH about YOU!

  85. webelieved permalink
    June 2, 2012 8:20 am

    One of the reasons Raquel wanted nothing to do with Blomdahl is because twice he had given her unwanted and uncalled for sexual advice in mentoring sessions when Raquel’s husband was not around or even in the business yet! This made her extremely uncomfortable!

    I wonder where that was taught on CD?

  86. webelieved permalink
    June 2, 2012 9:40 am

    Speak- LOVE it!

  87. Speak Your Truth permalink
    June 2, 2012 2:44 pm

    Webelieved ~
    Whose brilliant idea was it to create a libel blog post filled with lies that certainly won’t take much to prove AND ‘threaten’ the Peters with a lawsuit …for the whole world to see…from their own personal Blog?!…Let me guess…A Moron.

    Do the ‘followers’ really think this is leadership? Why don’t he post his phone records for all to see…Hmmm…perhaps he isn’t telling the truth or perhaps his memory is failing him as it seems in much of his memory of events!

    I would guess that Threatening in this manner can’t possibly help HIS lawsuit..I think it would only hurt his case. He maybe all puffed up and ‘feelin some loyalty’ adrenaline but IMO, he has only proven he can be a fall guy because he really can’t think threatening is a smart thing to do from his blog…BUT what he doesn’t consider is He just became a major liability to the Team LIFE that he is so proud to be ‘following’ Guzzardo’s & Woodwards orders and they Know it! Who would Follow a manager (I believe orrin’s words from Peters story) that would imply that the 5-10% of not only a part of his team (that he admittedly didn’t work with and apparently had no results) but a part of many others and the Peters who did work with them, according to him again!!

    Now that he has (HIS story). “Set the record straight” (threatening a lawsuit) try to send the message that he is a tough guy…could it be for damage control and to ‘hope it works for silencing with bully tactics’ … or “handle the objections”…an attempt to get the newbie’s and others to quit going to Amthrax’s blog to read the truth about the Peter’s story and instead come to his blog and just ‘believe’ what he says is the gospel…Seems like he thinks he has it all ‘covered’ and people will just jump on his bandwagon…problem solved? Not even CLOSE!

    What so called Christian Man gives explicit sexual advise to a Married Women in their downline EVER much less, without any spouse (his or hers) around? OR Threatens a lawsuit from his personal blog to bully and try to silence? Disgusting…must be that world class permanent life changing system he is learning from and gurus he proudly follows.

    Him and his severely blind followers must be so proud of their so called ‘leaders’ Eric Blomdahl, the Woodwards & Guzzardo’s, because they have sent a strong MESSAGE not only to those followers,(if they could only see it).. Hello?… but to the entire team that those 5-10% .. Who have No Results based on Blomdahls comments and judgment?
    BTW Eric.. Thanks for validating what we already knew and what many people have been saying on here for a long time.

    Perhaps they were thought of as the “property” of Blomdahl, Guzzardo’s, & Woodwards So.. they made their decisions for them whether they got to keep their teams or spot or NOT! Those people obviously meant nothing and could were not worthy of what YOU PROMISED them…their spot! Oh but one wonders..just what Webelieved brought up..Why oh why…would it be necessary and they urgently had to slam people in… a dead line?

    Were those 5-10% and the rest that got screwed out of their teams and spots told that by Blomdahl, Guzzardo, or Woodwards or anyone else they…HOLD YOUR SPOT bring in people and then you WILL LOSE IT because we think you don’t have results…or will give it away to your downline cuz we like them more…IS this what you told everyone when they PAID to get in..NO? Why NOT? Another LIE you will try …like what you didn’t know a lawsuit was coming…Right…orrin had a “game-plan” and prepared for that very thing! Oh no they were told something much much different when they got started!

    And as webelieved said…The PC, Eric his little minions… NONE of them had NO problem collecting off any of these people’s their MONEY has always been ‘good enough’ results to take from them.. Did someone say Eric Blomdahl qualified for a MV Florida trip, I remember this big bs hyped up money sucking event… to get people to blow a whole lot of MONEY.. Well you do the math…For anyone 1 person to qualify it took all those people to purchase 100 case order in their group (figure at minimum $125 per case) in a MONTH?!! And I bet for Eric Blomdahl it was some if not all of that 5-10% that he thought was a NO results group.. who spent their money plus a whole lot more to buy a total of 100 cases! Seems their MONEY was good enough to buy Eric some RESULTS!!! What a dirt bag.

    I agree with you Webelieved..and it is these reasons like disregarding EVEN 1 person… let alone 5-10% and them being screwed over royal…is exactly WHY I AM gone and will NEVER GO BACK…

    Shame, Shame, Shame on THEM for being such arrogant, selfish, greedy followers (and tyrant controllers) who apparently forgot it wasn’t just their business.. THEY totally Interfered with…it was others and they Messed with the Peters efforts and each person who did matter…every last one of that 5-10%! And since they like the us vs them cult mentality….the way I see it, if you honor your word and it actually isn’t just a bunch of lies for your own personal gain, you ALWAYS do the right thing by every last person you promised…NO matter what the circumstances or road blocks (trying to cover your arse in lawsuits) it takes care of itself!!That is the “difference”…in… us vs. you!

    …Who died and left any of them in charge to decide those good folks didn’t deserve their SPOT or Teams…What really shouldn’t matter is how long anyone had to wait to get in legally…petty sure Dallin Larson gave EVERYONE plenty of time as a matter of fact didn’t some state that orrin himself couldn’t get started legally and wasn’t it Billy F. who was at the TOP as he should be but then orrin took the spot??? Oh you mean orrin moved into the TOP spot..If he isn’t all about the MONEY? What?….A few spots down mattered to orrin? Hmmm….Why? They had plenty of time to correct spots and not screw ONE person with the exception of those they told they to put in other family NAMES that couldn’t be switched back because why would that be cuz it would be ILLEGAL to twitch to someone total different?….. NO EXCUSES!!…They Screwed People and their years of efforts, relationships AND their OWN Business and should NEVER get away with it!! NO EXCUSES!!! Leaders..Those who have integrity don’t make excuses to screw people over…they do what is RIGHT….Always, there is Always a choice to do the RIGHT thing!

    What a severely corrupted… greedy self-serving culture they have created! But again thanks, ERIC for validating the mafia-like tactics, threats, and showing to the world just how much the Woodwards, Guzzardos, and YOU…DID’T care about those who followed their strict little systematic orders and resigned when told too and still got SCREWED!! And how you all used everyone in controlling and self-serving for your money and yourselves…

    I am still blow away that people can’t SEE what others have been saying on here all along! And they just keep confirming and validating all we say! Wow they disgust me….

    Which ones on the Team LIEF NOW are wondering and questioning to themselves…Am I in the worthless no results club and can they do take my business from me? Yep…Just read the LIEF P&P!

    Just curious, would Eric Blomdahl shout from the roof tops in a court.. He is “just following George Guzzardo & Orrin Woodward”?

    I believe this is what they call the pride before the fall!

    Everything I speak of on here or any blog is based on my many years of personal experience, others who I have worked with and my opinions that I have formed because of that experience.

  88. Finally permalink
    June 2, 2012 4:27 pm

    K A P O W, great detailed post speak!!! You nailed it and him……….does he really want to go to court and have people that know, come out and share what they know??? I seriously doubt blomdahl thought this out before he blogged……….I know people are looking into it. And who the heck are they to give any kind of advice let alone sexual advice in a marriage……..sadly it is not the first time I have heard of team people over stepping their bounds in that area….boy is there going to be hell to tell one day…………

  89. Speak Your Truth permalink
    June 2, 2012 7:23 pm


    Crazy what they will stoop too isn’t it? Knowing what we all know it isn’t hard to figure out their games and Why they are trying so hard to silence the Peters story to the point of threats! Geez… So perhaps they shouldn’t have thought of the consequences when they screwed sooooo many people over, including the Peters…then they wouldn’t have to spend all their time trying to HIDE, lie and silence and cover up! So those who have nothing to hide..hide nothing!

    Did they really seriously THINK they could trash people in every area and then they were just going to fade away and NOT tell the truth and then let them continue to deceive, lie and fo that to others? Destroy finances, relationships, spiritually, create divisions in families and use thought reform and not say anything? The Peters showed true courage and wow…talk about using mafia-like conspired tactics!

    Any Free Thinker can clearly see right through them and what they are attempting to isn’t hard to see that their biggest motive is the MONEY, it shows in every move and corrupt thing they have done! So, all else is secondary or not priority…regardless of what they pay lip service to, we all know better. I am very confident the PC is still making a killing and haven’t quit pillaging the masses… while they watch the masses go broke, rack up cc, taking their hard earned bill money and turning it over to them because of imo…paying for nothing but false hope!

  90. Finally permalink
    June 3, 2012 4:21 pm

    As your name states….you speak the truth……..the whole truth not just your truth………
    Let us not forget that when the team was involved in a MULTI million dollar lawsuit with Q that orrin started profit sharing money was cut to the bone for the profit sharers …but not Orrin Woodward,,,,,,,,,he was pulling in 500,000 to 600,000 every month all the while claiming that team profit sharing was down. I heard o say from stage he would drain every bank account he had to win the lawsuit on principle……he also said he would not take team profit sharing money to fight the battle he started………..oh, and how many times did we hear that o never needed to make any more money from the business, he know did it for the good of the people………remember those comments from stage??? he could have still taken 100,000 a month and paid 50 profit sharers 10k per month, you know the loyalist team people that were perpetuating his business…..did he ? NOPE………he cut many down monthly to less than he was taking daily…..theres a leader…….sounds like the wall street bankers to me…………….

  91. Speak Your Truth permalink
    June 3, 2012 7:00 pm


    Oh boy you hit that on the head!

    He drained every bank account alright….everyone elses including the Profit-shares just as you pointed out… HIS own…making 500-600,000 per month!!!…And he isn’t about the MONEY? Anyone that has a brain cell left can SEE who he was draining!

    Would LOVE to SEE the books cracked open, the breakdown of the “legal fund” and profit sharing…huh ha…follow the money trail is RIGHT, it most definitely would tell the truth because numbers don’t LIE.

    I sincerely pray for the day to come when it ALL comes to light, every last bit. I have a feeling it would show who does or doesn’t have integrity and how Christian people are and who is about the MONEY!


    Why would Eric BlomdahL NOT put up all those OTHER letters up and WHY didn’t HE even put the full letter up that he based his blog post around?!! HMMM…. After all when someone would want to ‘set any record straight’ …wouldn’t you would bring out ALL OF THE FACTS….

    Oh but I am not surprised this is standard operating procedure with everthing they do it seems someone is trying to HIDE something or sway what others SEE so they cannot come to their own conclusion; based on all the facts! Or perhaps it would ‘change’ the whole picture and truth? Facts do MATTER, especially in a court of law! And for someone threatening the Peters with a lawsuit from his blog…So one would wonder…was he REALLY trying to ‘set the record straight’…my opinion…I think not. But then time will tell. 🙂

  92. Speak Your Truth permalink
    June 3, 2012 8:00 pm

    What I find REALLY funny (unfortunately from learning and building for too many years)
    The Peters being RT/Saphire with some big numbers, would have had much influence in building their own business with both legs over the top…most certainly had to put years in and especially ‘digging some depth’ (to put people in before they all got flushed or turned to majority ZERO’s it was a game of put them in quicker than they turned the orders off or quit..Remember this? Shameful) A builder had to get momentum and be good at ‘people skills’ (as they call it manipulation is the way I see it now)… to make it happen!

    I read in the story they drove Hawkins and some downline 7500 or Silver (most likely close to hundred levels in depth to achieve it) before the Hawkins even got off the ground in building so to speak? If so that is a builder for sure! And the Peters would have had to have many levels to make it happen in their 2nd team also.

    From our experience it is easy to recognize a builder vs manager. And what I have read the Peters were killing themselves night after night, for 6 years and anyone who knows what it takes to get to that level KNOWS that is the TRUTH!. It all adds up! Someone who goes PP month after month year after year; IS the builder, not that 2 builders don’t work together but normally one stays out of the way of a real builder!!!

    From what I read Eric Blomdahl basically said people on the Peters team were calling him complaining, implying he was working with their team. The way I read it he seemed he was not calling them and he had the tone a of a superhero.. haha, then I read the comments and thought huh ha…lol. But he says he was working with 90-95% of their team?…Is he implying that he built multiply levels in depth, did the majority of the work.. many house meetings and one-on-ones, that it takes to get someone over the top and worked with this many or is he implying he controlled and dictated 90-95% (followed the masters orders) during the corruption of the ‘registration’ into MV? I am not sure? Because what I read in the Peters story this would NOT add up in either scenario! I have to agree with Webelieved…WHY would he even be in her Second Leg at ALL let a lone… registering people without their paper work??!!! But just from my experience watching, the corruption and what went on and now know from many that it was massive corruption across the TEAM (crosslines), that does NOT surprise me 1 bit! The way I read it he was implying he both (working w/90-95%) and registering..or perhaps just managing some bad attitudes?…

    Either way, as Finally says, that is for the discovery process and I bet ALL the facts and truth about the registration and much, much more would come out, probably a lot that is what is said on here, not just a bunch of implying and some partial letter on his blog! I am totally disgusted with his ego and how he has the audacity to threaten, it is uncalled for! I do believe this…ANYONE who stayed after screwing their teams over gets ZERO respect from me and is a dirt bag in my book!

  93. I QUIT (and glad I did) permalink
    June 4, 2012 6:25 am

    Hey all you Teamunists… after reading thru the minute detail of the last several posts of We Believed and Speak your truth, how can you say the info is made up? Lies? Draw the circles with the names. Study who was working where. Study the LOS. Can you still say its made up? With all the cross references with Bloomfool’s own statements? C’mon, be serious. Would anyone spend that much time and effort to set up a sham that would produce no monetary gain? Can’t you see that it’s the PRINCIPLE of the whole thing!!!!

  94. Speak Your Truth permalink
    June 4, 2012 10:47 am

    I QUIT (and glad I did)~

    Thanks for your comments and support! 🙂

    As far as I can tell after reading the Peter’s story and most recent minute details…it would appear that some of that “poop pie” has been delivered up and I would venture to say more than 1 slice..more like 2 slices.. have been eatin! If anyone would be wondering what I would be referring to, watch the Movie..”The Help”…it will become crystal clear…lol.

    On a serious note, I would also venture to say Eric Blomdahl better be willing to put HIS MONEY where HIS threats are because (He is obviously ALL about the MONEY and not someone ‘caring’ about the team… He has been collecting $$$ off the ‘fruits of many people’s labor’ for years (his downline and their tool money), including the Peter’s and those 5-10% (?) that are apparently useless and not worthy of having THEIR spots according to him!)

    BTW~ I am not sure if I believe those who stayed after they admittingly SCREWED people out of their teams and ‘spots’ are even worthy of being called ‘dirtbags’…I had to re-think would be an insult to even a dirtbag!

  95. Speak Your Truth permalink
    June 4, 2012 11:43 am

    One more thing, I believe he called Mizzzz Peter’s vulgar and said she hung up on him..Well…Who wouldn’t hang up on someone willing screwing people and their teams efforts…. that they put YEARS of blood, sweat and tears into…Cared about. Did he expect her to take his BS along with threats/bullying?

    If that is the case then perhaps he should read is master’s orrin’s very own words from his very OWN Qrush Blog….nothing more vulgar than that!! Again it validates the mafia-like tactics (threats) and dissonace that is clearly evident by the ‘followers’ comments, whom some weren’t even in that LOS or around when the Peter’s DID build it! Do you suppose Eric Blomdahl is letting any other comments (non-worshipping? oh like follower). It also proves the point Webelieved made…they are only about creating “followers”…NOT leaders!

    All the real leaders are GONE due to these very things and many more… they screwed them over…by strategically and dilberately… “the game plan”…which they would say they were helping people?.. (scratching my head)….They screwed people! Imo, Just proves they aren’t leaders nor do they even know how to build the scam of a buisness they are in!

    You don’t sacrifice ANYONE, and certainly don’t expect it not to come back on you… This would be the most moronic move ever..but then they are genius so called ‘smart button owners’ with a “game plan”… Should have KNOW you screw NO ONE!.. Everyone somehow became (overnight) THEIR “property” to do as they wish with.

    So strickly from a scamming perspective…You Especially don’t screw your builders/leaders who built your business, gave you crediblity for nothing and lead the people for YOU, who in turn created YOUR lifestyle!…That’s IF you are willing to sell your soul and would have ‘stayed in’ JUST for the “MONEY” like they did, then leaves you the managers to be babysat but most definitely the most submissive non-questioning (see his ‘followers comments) and gives the supposed ‘leaders’ a false sense that they are leaders….It is no wonder their Ego’s are bigger than real life! But then again, they don’t want Leaders who THINK for themselves!

    Back to the Screwing people and the real leaders..WOW.. that is what I call a MORON who doesn’t even how to build their own scam!!!

  96. webelieved permalink
    June 4, 2012 4:14 pm

    BLOOMFOOL! lmao!!!! I Quit, that is hilarious! What a lying fool he is, his name could be blooming fool……….haha! What a joker, i love the twisting lies he tells. Anyone with half a brain can see we are telling the truth and he is blatantly lying. Raquel’s team in team profit sharing was stolen in 2009.

    Bloomfool tried to steal part of her team into his MV group and his team profit sharing in 2008, the week they were registering into MV, but had to give them back! Apparantly he has amnesia on those facts. But Raquel’s upline saw part of her group listed under Blomdahl that for years was under Raquel! Fortunately John Morgan got that one put back.

    Raquel never held up her group by not resigning to get a bonus like Blomdahl implies, in fact she got started in MV one day after Blomdahl! By the nature of her resignation date, she never got a bonus and is no where near greedy like he would like everyone to believe!
    She also could’ve cared less who Blomdahl managed in her team, she was a builder, not a manager. She also had no problem with the Samuels, in fact helped them all along the way, even with Jennifer’s bad attitude.

    She has lots of witnesses that Eric is lying. The dates people were registered in MV prove he is lying. In fact he held up the show for the Samuels so they could get in, otherwise Presher was free before them and would’ve went in before the Samuels! But he held up the show for their LLC to come in because they resigned at least 5 or more days after Raquel! Also Gloria is STILL in the wrong place in MV, so another lie everyone was put back the next day in the right order.
    Another lady in the Peters’ team also lost her place due to all of this crap. Most of the people that were in the wrong place were put back in place DAYS after the Blomdahl corruption by John Morgan. Previously, Jill Guzzado had told the Peters that she would not move people into their spot, UNLESS they had a large second leg on system! So unless one was building numbers in the system on a second leg, they didn’t not care if you got your spot if you weren’t free by their supposed deadline!

    Blomdahl was the kind of upline who called and did a house meeting once in a while in the Peters’ team and that was it. He lived hours away and had the opportunity to collect huge paychecks off the work the Peters and others did. He wasn’t working with 95% of the Peters’ team, not even close, unless their team only consisted of 6 people. LOL! The Peters (unlike Blomdahl) were legitimate Round Tables, so we know their teams were WAY BIGGER than that!
    Also based on dates of registration and paperwork the Peters have in a safe place, most of the Peters team was not free of their 6 month date on the day Blomdahl implies.
    Blomdahl was registering the Samuels, before their 6 months were up and in a questionable/ possibly illegal way. The Samuels were sponsored by the Peters and than the Peters other personals were registered to the Samuels, by Blomdahl/Samuels. People were magically showing up in the Peters’ L.O.S. in the wrong place with the wrong sponsors, while the Peters had the paperwork! They were never Samuels personals!

    Because of something the Winklers had been told they asked Mark Peters for their paperwork back. The day they met with Mark to pick up their paperwork they would not even hear one thing Mark had to say! The next day or so the Winklers and their second leg showed up under Blomdahl’s other leg in the Team Profit Sharing Line Of Sponsorship, the week of the registration b.s.! These people were seen under Eric’s list by Eric’s own upline!

    The Winklers did eventually get put back where they belonged, in the Peters team in MV and Team Profit Sharing, and also registered their second leg back under the Peters eventually. It can be proven these things happened when the date the Winklers were registered was 4 or 5 days after Preschers, yet the Winklers are currently above the Preschers and their are also plenty of witnesses to the truth!

    Also, the Preshers and Gloria were registered the same day that the Peters recievied threats and had seen their team being raided and registered by Blomdahl, when the Peters had the paperwork!

    Registration dates, phone records, witnesses etc. prove the Peters story is the truth. Blomdahl is a blatant LIAR and he had NO BUSINESS in the Peters business!

    Even after all of this the Peters tried to build their Team Monavie business for the rest of 2008, until the Morgans and the Rodman’s were slandered and they couldn’t take anymore of the corruption. They know all action is ordered from the top of the pyramid, Eric said it himself, he’s following Guzzardo and Woodward.
    Interesting to note, the whole time while the Peters were trying to build Team MV, people on the Peters team were even given ultimatums on this before this last b.s. event had happened!
    Something to the effect of “You are either following Eric, George and Orrin or your following the Peters and the Morgans.” There are witnesses to that too. I wonder who told them to say that?

    Also funny is how Blomdahl tries to imply Orrin followed a judges order and never spoke to anyone under his gag order! What a joke! There are many that would testify he was talking to Team leaders the whole time. LOL!

    What a tangled web one weaves when they lie!

  97. Speak Your Truth permalink
    June 4, 2012 4:51 pm

    Just wondering… how that “Award Winning Chocolate Pie’ must be tasting?! hahaha!

  98. webelieved permalink
    June 4, 2012 5:00 pm

    Speak- LOL!

  99. June 5, 2012 9:23 am

    Sorry for the late approval of this comment. Been away from the computer for the past few days.

  100. webelieved permalink
    June 5, 2012 10:02 am

    Speak- Did you notice, whenever there is damaging evidence written on this site, all of the sudden a bunch of new people come on here, pro Dean or whatever article they pick and try to pull everyone away from the thread with the smoking gun?
    ………What a bunch of morons.

  101. Speak Your Truth permalink
    June 5, 2012 12:19 pm


    They REALLY do have to come up with some ‘new’ techniques and rhetoric… it is really getting old and so stinking predictable!
    A ‘game-plan of diversion & distraction’, their techniques suck and especially don’t work for those who know the game..haha!

    On a different not..Funny how some try to “justify” THEIR “criticisms” and allow ONLY the ‘condescending’ comments (from their misinformed followers; as the case from Blomdahl’s site).

    I am really curious how some pretend as if they know so much about a situation they NEVER were a part of? And they wonder why people see them as brainwashed..Umm. Because it shows!! Some of these people am sure could have some good deep down but lost it when they ‘chose’ what side they were going to ‘follow’ and by that choice they HAD to give up their critical thinking, sold their soul..imo, and ‘follow’ marching orders with NO questions. Some KNOW the truth but have intensely locked in dissonance, they refuse to see the facts… because you can’t KNOW something is WRONG and DEFEND it…hence 2 conflicting beliefs cannot be held together… It is amazing how this works and you can see how criminals can ‘justify’ what they do!

    Alls anyone would have to do is ask for and SEE the FACTS, read Amthrax site and see the facts they HIDE and if they had any guts they would!! Instead they believe EVERYTHING without question…it really is a waste of the human mind, body and spirit. What God intended for your life gets totally forgotten and what orrin & the pc say is what is suppose to be what you are ‘called’ to do. They sacrificed their God-given ability (along with so much more) to just blindly follow.

    When one of their masters leave the FACTS out intentionally, they do not question it and call it “justified” but when they are caught in blatant LIES and their hypocrisy is undeniable then they play the victim.. Fold em.. then funny it is never brought up again and even take their blog post down such as the case with Guzzardo’s deliberate default and orrin has taken many to hide his past that shows he blows with the wind… after Amthrax showed the FACTS!

    They then return to the same ole rhetoric, go back to they are ‘more’ Christian than the critics and they follow biblical principle acting all noble, as if they have EQ, AQ , IQ, (used to be just Q haha)… and the ‘critics’ are “unjustified?!”

    They talk a big talk about how they look in the mirror, they are the ONLY ones changing from the inside, having integrity, honesty, and are transparent, Christian, KNOW it ALL ‘leaders’; when clearly their actions, results and the FACTS speak for themselves!

    EE Gads it is disgusting, if people would just THINK, and use their common sense…It is as if they are brain dead to all the FACTS and promises! They can’t SEE that the Promises…were nothing but LIES…that aren’t even in their vocabulary anymore!!! Walmart of Internet, Monavie, Pay Plan, so much more etc. etc. etc. etc..I can’t tell you how MANY AMAZING Lies they promised others they were going to CHANGE the WORLD with and yet they control others thoughts to never again bring it up or even ASK about the last miraculous world changing genius move, that vanished into thin air. When does a person say enough is enough…the GAME is so obvious!!!

    Even though they NEVER deliver on ANY of their Promises… the PC NEVER admits or takes responsible or hold themselves accountable for the hyped LIES… the brainwashed followers forget about it and continue on with praise & worship to orrin and the pc, (uplines) as if their ‘ideas’ and plan of the week…never existed and they are their savior???

    Blows my mind how obvious the correlation to cult leaders and the destructive cults they are and how messed up a person’s mind becomes by putting their whole lives, including their controlled THOUGHTS in the hands of some greedy (evil) scammers… artistry.

    It really is embarrassing and horrifying to watch the zombie like responses and how they control the minds of others. The hypocrisy is freaking astounding! THANK GOD…I was lost but now I am found to have my own critical thinking and Thoughts back!!!!!! I am so grateful for this. Sorry… but thanks for listening…kinda venting…lol

  102. Speak Your Truth permalink
    June 5, 2012 12:25 pm

    Sorry Amthrax…not sure how this got posted twice in the same comments…must be the commenter…haha…could you correct it so that it isn’t duplicated? Thanks for your help! 🙂

  103. June 5, 2012 12:38 pm

    Fixed it.

  104. Speak Your Truth permalink
    June 5, 2012 2:10 pm

    Wake up…. Amway is the Best Business Bar None…OPPS I lied I meant they were an Ilegal pyramid scheme with hopelessly overpriced products and now I am a HERO.. I meant to say Monavie’s was the Best and we are “all in” and have bought into the ‘unity’ and Dallins 20 Billion in 20 years…oops we really didn’t mean that either because they have bad publicity (according to a commenter) orrin got what he needed as with all things he ‘uses’ people and treats them as the ‘means’ to HIS END. What about the 3 million loan> no transparency there UNTIL it came out in the newspaper!

    How bout that Passive, Residual, On-going, Willable, B-type, Pipeline Income for the REST of your LIFE for bringing the numbers to the system.. (LIES) What they are honest, christian gurus that just say “trust me” this will be the Last thing you will ever have to get good at (LIE) put all your eggs in 7 pc baskets ( really STUPID)…you will become Financially Independent, (LIE) just follow the system and do what we did you will have what we have (LIE NO Transparentcy about YOUR Special Deals that most if any will ever get ..LIE) get all your time back (LIE).

    We will never hurt anyone, er we care about you and your business (LIE) we have your best interest at heart (LIE) you will be paid on performance (CRACK OPEN YOUR BOOKS and PROVE IT…more LIES) You OWN your OWN Business (LIE). If you build it YOU will have Control over your business decisons (LIE Our pay plan is fair (really Crack Open Your Books..LIE) We are transparent leaders (LIE)they DON”T delivered on any of it!!

    All comments and opinions are based on years of experience.

  105. webelieved permalink
    June 5, 2012 8:07 pm

    Speak……I mean Oowen……I mean Speak……. thanks for the laughs!

  106. webelieved permalink
    June 6, 2012 1:25 pm

    Comment regarding Peters and Blomdahl copied from
    “Mlm Punisher the cost of living for excellence.”

    Speak Your Truth permalink

    June 1, 2012 4:30 pm


    “YOU PAY TO GO TO WORK for someone elses lifestyle.”…Right on the money.. (pun intended)…That is the truth!

    And to You and Finally on the Eric Blomdahl article…Agreed. There is so much that could be said and as Finally said WILL come out in the discovery process…about the lies and “setting the record straight”; but it’s hardly worth the breath or energy, and I believe Webelieved, Finally, and some others nailed the points.

    IMO, Nothing but spawns that are being ‘used’ for bullying tactics and ‘hoping’ to ‘silence’ with Threats. Yes, I too agree… anyone of them would be thrown under the bus when that becomes necessary and as I see it they better have the proof and necessary documents to back their supposed truth up. Because I agree with Finally many and much would come forth. I also would think Webelieved is right in what would be revealed about Character and other facts?

    What is most appalling are the lies and even more arrogant is the Threats of the lawsuit from a Blog! What legal counsel would EVER give that kind of advice to someone to go onto their own personal blog and make a lawsuit Threats? Interesting but proves the threats are being made and just what has been said by many.

    Then the audacity of Eric Blomdahl to demand Mizzzz Peters and then threaten… Who she CAN talk And by what means she is allowed to communicate through to some undisclosed person or persons (who ever he is refering to?) about her own personal life! His arrogance is unbelievable. But it does confirm what many have said on here.

    The way I see it they are just digging their hole deeper and deeper… Eric Blomdahl is going to need many things including the documentation to prove in that lawsuit that he is threatening with; to prove the “setting the record straight”… such as phone records, lines of sponsorships, and name throwing going on.. because someone must be lying and I highly doubt they will just take his ‘blog post’ as evidence as facts or truth as some of the blind “followers” seem to be. I would guess He better be able to back up everything…in other words can’t just spew whatever you want as I have witnessed that M.O. in many situations when involved… and expect that to fly in a court of law.

    Interesting it seems from what I have read on the Peter’s story and other comments it appears MUCH of the information is being withheld…Why would that be? When people only give the information to blur and cloud the vision of others or to “set the record straight”… Interesting how some have apparently came to ‘believe’ or ‘see it another way NOW’…could there be a monetary lens they are looking through… and influenced them to justified the wrong doing and know people were royally screwed over. Very funny how the “monetary lens” is being turned on Mizzz Peters…that doesn’t even make an ounce of sense seeing according to Eric B..she is the one who wanted to wait for all her team to get in their correct spot regardless of how much time it took! Are they really “Christian” or would some lie under oath? The arrogance and display of Ego is astounding.

    Interesting coming for someone speaking for orrin about Raquel Peters…since he is speaking for orrin…he must have gotten amnesia and failed to mention what orrin said on and off stage to the masses: “NO ONE WILL BE LEFT BEHIND” and they had up to 6 months to ‘correct’ wrong placement?… Yet Eric Blomdahl in his post appears to admit that 5-10% were not worthy of having their spot because they were holding up others who desperately needed to get in NOW? Then accused Mizz Peters of trying to hold those people back and for what reason would that be?…Who had the monetary motive again? And were some of them even legal that were so desperate to get in? Seems if I am remembering right he and others are acussing Mizzz Peters of being all about the money. Seems pretty clear to me. Are the blinders that clouded for the few followers or is the dissonace at high tide? ….It seems that it is also implied Mizzz Peters only worked a small percentage of her team while he worked with 90-95% of the team? How interesting, is that right?…haha?

    NO ONE should have been left behind and lose their spot, regardless of “results”, just as “promised!” And amazing…. who does he really think he is to become the judge and jury of those who lost their spot or whole teams?..Oh that is right I believe I have read in the Peters story where there were ultimatums given!

    More amnesia I suppose.. because He must have forgotten the most important thing while willing screwing those folks over that EVERYONE was told to “Hold Their SPOT” … IT IS THEIR business and anyone brought in under them it was THEIR business… regardless of “results!”… But apparently had no problem with Lying to those people too. And what is most important to note and is a FACT.. is EVERYONE was told WHEN to resign, then mid stream told to stop and NOT resign all at once, then once again resume! Eric seems to completely ignore this FACT…while “setting the record straight!” He seems to think he had the authority to strip and destruct others business for them because of some secret “game-plan” or perhaps he thought they were HIS “property”… HE “followed” the dictated orders with NO Regard to the false promises given for years! Apparently, orrin, him, or some others thought some didn’t deserve to have THEIR OWN Business. Is that the markings of a Christian Leader?

    I wonder did Eric Blomdahl himself or any of those “followers” who participated or the commenter’s give up their whole business or.. Did they just LOSE their SPOT? Were they thrown in the bottom somewhere of someone’s lowly 2nd team and their downline became their upline?

    I KNOW of plenty who did lose their spot and much, much more along with other people who I believe were registered illegally; but that would come out I am sure in the discovery process. Funny no mention of WHY the dead-line…but apparently can speak for orrin.

    Speaking of the motivated by a money lens.. Could it be that a 3 Million dollar loan or (personal hand out) based on some mysterious number… “recruiting goals” being met… was riding on it or have ANYTHING to do with it?

    And wow… the comments from some of those (very few) “followers”, makes one wonder… if Eric B.…would be just taking a walk even though he says he was controlling 90-95% of the Peter’s team?

    It seems they have simply jumped on a libel bandwagon and some apparently were never in that line of sponsorship; at least during the majority of years during the Peters ‘building of their own business’, according to the Peter’s story… so to judge or even comment as some kind of authority and pass judgment on any of it without going to all the sources and looking at documentation or claiming some kind of ‘conflict resolution’ ..Is typical…but disturbing and absurd…based on the Peter’s Story.

    So WHERE would they be getting their mis- information from that they so confidently know about? or…Would they just be blindly “following”…. pretending with some kind of known authority and knowledge? It makes a person wonder if some of them have forgotten or perhaps chosen to forget what they participated in, would they lie under oath or do they have the documentation that proves otherwise?

    One of the comments that I believe is most dangerous and disturbing; because of the attitude in the comment, and seems to me to be some kind of divine judgment or authority…by passing some serious judgment on Mizzz Peters spiritual heart? And then throw out some superficial, insincere, prayer request?… To what..try and ‘sound’… Christian?… What a dangerous place to be. God will judge the intent of our hearts.

    No matter how it is spun, make the wrongs ‘appear’ right or lie…there is one thing I am certain of … the truth will always come out… and you will eventually… reap what you have sown.

  107. webelieved permalink
    June 6, 2012 1:44 pm

    I agree Speak. How condescending, full of themselves and judgemental they are! It is amazing how prideful they are! Exactly opposite of what a Christian is supposed to be. They are so brainwashed they cannot even see their own hypocrisy!
    Folowing blindly just like always. I find it funny that they are all so willing to expose the lies they have been told about the Peters all these years!
    The article and comments will help the Peters win a libel/slander suit proving all the lies that have been told about them over the years! We all know anyone who leaves team is put on the slander whisper campaign, but now they have been foolish enough to write it all down! LOL!
    I believe Orrin would have no problem throwing Blomdahl under the bus. Orrin knows there are so many truths on this blog, he would be a fool to come after anyone directly! What he should know is, once the can of worms is opened, a can of whoop ass called the truth is going to open up for the world to see in legal documentation, and I am sure he doesn’t want that. So use Blomdahl to do your dirty work and keep your nose clean for your followers Orrin. Just some advice before you have your henchmen write an article, you better make sure they know what the hell they are talking about, they get their info straight, and they have evidence to back up what they are saying, otherwise you have just created a liability! What a genius…….NOT!

  108. webelieved permalink
    June 12, 2012 9:14 am

    By the way it has been over a month, no lawsuit on the Peters. Go figure another worthless threat, just like the one the Peters got from Hawkins in a text message.
    Also I noticed Mr Blomdahl state the Peters were all about the money, yet I notice he is bragging on his site how he is flying his plane everywhere and talking all about dream building on material things. For someone so much not about the money, he sure brags a lot.

    The hypocrisy always finds them out.The Team breeds pride, arrogance and greed in their leaders. So sad to see them growing further and further from the Lord. Lying ,cheating, slandering, idolatry of man and material things. I am sure their God is so proud……..not.
    By the way the Peters live in a hundred years old house, drive cars with 200,000 miles on them, and certainly don’t brag about how great they are to anyone. They would rather be dirt poor then associate with the crooks and liars on the Team.

  109. webelieved permalink
    June 13, 2012 7:22 pm

    By the way the reason there is no lawsuit is because Mizzzzzz…I mean…. mr Blomdahl Knows the truth about what he has done. He knows he is blatantly lying about Mrs. Peters. He also knows that their are witnesses and hard evidence of this. He also knows that he and his upline gurus have been slandering the Peters for years, since they left Team. He also knows all one has to do is look at the MV line of sponsorship, dates registered, emails, bonuses they never recieved, etc. and they will instantly prove what his article said is lies.
    Oh to be so dumb and foolish. Then to threaten them on top of it. Either he is a fool or he has told the lies so many times he believes them himself.

    What did Blomdahl make from MV as a diamond? Is it 10,000 a month or more?
    I wonder also what Blomdahl is currently making from Team profit sharing after unethically inheriting the Peters team?
    Add in the LIFE income, some of which he most likely got unethically by registering other people’s personals into LIFE?
    How many personals did he put in under the Peters teams after their first month (back in 2003) or so in Amway/Quixtar and in MV ? ZERO.
    Since Blomdahl stuck his nose where it didn’t belong in the registration fiasco, the Peters income dropped substantially.The Peters are currently make a pitence of their earned passive residual income.

    What does Eric earn before expenses, all together? I would estimate from experience @ $10,000 to 20,000 a month. Sounds like someone else is about the money hey? How else does he afford to fly around like one drives a car? I am sure it’s enticing to the prospects.

    One would wonder if Mr Blomdahl, AGAINST MV RULES sponsored the Samuels,Hawkins, Fishers or any of the Peters other personals into LIEF? Since he already recieved their team for Team profit sharing to count wherever he wanted, I bet he did! But hey that will come out in court too. Of course Blomdahl tries to make the Peters look greedy for collecting what was left of their MV income. THE MV INCOME THAT MR WOODWARD TOLD THEM WAS RESIDUAL…..ANOTHER LIE. Of course he later took their teams from MV into life, and of course we all know Dallin appears to be looking the other way.
    Of course this was after the Blomdahl’s, Samuels, Guzzardos and Woodward ruined most of the Peters’ business by their unethical behavior. Now Blomdahl has the gall to say a word about them getting paid the remainder of what is left of the income they built teams over years for? All the while Blomdahl has been collecting hundreds of thousands of dollars off their work?

  110. webelieved permalink
    June 29, 2012 12:45 pm

    Copied from Eric Blomdahl’s friends were right it is a scam.

    Tim Samuels permalink
    June 28, 2012 11:15 am
    why dont you spread more lies. why doesnt anyone ask Tim Samuels about wher his cosins loyalties lied, or how She hung him out to dry, or how Eric was the only one to keep his word and help the Samuels through there strugles.
    Oh ya this is not where you go to get the truith this is where you print crap!

    Amthrax permalink*
    June 28, 2012 12:25 pm
    @Tim – Welcome to the discussion. I’m sure we’ll get some good responses to your inquiries. To all, let’s keep things as civil as possible.
    webelieved permalink
    June 28, 2012 7:52 pm
    Tim Samuels- If this is really you, welcome to the site! Glad your here! Hope you get some good reading in. I would like to recommend you start with the LIFE PRIMER at the top. It will inform you of a lot you likely don’t know about the people you are following, being you are still in Team/LIFE. Before you call this site crap you should really read the facts on Orrin’s lawsuits, Team leaders’ foreclosures, George Guzzardo’s strategic foreclosure in AZ summer of 2011, Cullen’s, Darkagelo’s and Huber’s bankruptcies, shell companies Orrin had set up in Nevada under other leader’s names, the 3 million dollar deal that Orrin secretly got from MV for registering a certain amount of people (printed in the Salt Lake Tribune), the LIFE compensation plan analysis and the ridiculousness of LIFE’s P and P’s. You will also find out that many people very close to the PC have left Team, including Pastor Dickie and his whole family, Team attorney Kevin Thompson, Matt and Cheryl Abraham, Don and Chris Freeze, Jeff and Barb Granger, Tom Cullen, Mike and Christie Raatz. There is so much more information I bet you don’t know about.
    I sincerely hope you have the courage to read this whole site.
    webelieved permalink
    June 28, 2012 10:26 pm
    Did you also know way back the first year in mv the Hawkins were secretly given fifty system counts from Billy Florence’s teams when they were only Golds in Mv? Did you also know they were volume loading thousands of points to break Rubies in mv. None of their leaders hit ruby naturally, not even close from what I know.
    webelieved permalink
    June 29, 2012 12:38 pm
    Tim Samuels- ( IF you are Tim, which I doubt)
    It seems you have been less then honest in your letter. You know your cousin Raquel was your direct upline but NEVER your mentor. According to many in your upline, you and your wife chose Eric Blomdahl (hundreds of miles away) as your mentor right from the begining in 2003 when you got started with Team. It is also the truth that even thought the Peters lived close by they were fine with that. Also true in Team you can chose who you mentor with in your upline. Also true Blomdahl was ALREADY getting credit and being paid for being your upline and mentor.In the meantime the Peters just went ahead and built all three of their legs and eventually passed Mr Blomdahl in results while with Amway/Quixtar. You know Raquel built Eric’s second leg (Hawkins and Samuels) for him and much of your leg to over 7500PV night after night, for YEARS, building depth in all of her teams. It is also true that Blomdahl didn’t sponsor anyone in your team ( or the Hawkins team) after the first month or so. Raquel did a lot for your team (over 6 years) She built depth in your team, she planned Pv parties, Christmas parties, Halloween parties, Promotions, calling sessions, showed the plan for your team etc. It seems she did it all to help your team gel and grow and the whole time you and a few others did not cooperate much with her, your upline roundtable. For some unknown reason you had some problem with her. (Were you jealous that her other team was kicking butt?or perhaps that she wasn’t a melancholy like your wife?)
    It seems you also inherited Raquel’s third team that when in Quixtar was @4500 PV on their way to breaking a Platnim ( this team was bigger then Blomdahls third team).
    But from the Peters’ story, in the registration into Monavie, you and Blomdahl had no problem screwing them and your own team mates over according to you at the orders of Guzzardo ! Then after this fisaco you proceded to spread dirt about them, instead of talking to the Peters! You my friend unfortunately destroyed your own team in the process of destroying theirs.Then the b.s. you all did to the Morgans?! You cannot be serious?
    I am confused how you got hung out to dry?
    As far as your letter to the team office. In Monavie and Team Eric Blomdahl was ALREADY getting paid for years for being your upline and mentoring you and your letter was sent to the Team office only to cut the Peters out of their earned promised residual profit sharing pay! We already know you admitted to Ben P in summer of 2009 (Mark’s’ current boss) that “Guzzardo asked you to write the letter and that you shouldn’t have sent it “. You also mentioned that the Peters would be voted out of profit sharing soon anyway. Ben also said you stated you were sorry for being a part of ruining the Peters’ business! Ben quit of course when he saw their is no protection for the builders and that residual income is a lie on Team.
    I wonder if you will now say you didn’t say something to that affect to Ben ?
    Knowing the Peters’ story your victim argument seems a bit illogical. It seems to me Tim that you participated with Blomdahl, Guzzardo, Woodward in some questionable/ unethical possibly illegal things done to the Peters and/or their group. Are you saying the Peters had to stay with Team and put up with downright abuse, unequal treatment, deception and unfair business practices perpetuated on them from their own upline and PC, the ones you are following? Are you saying it would be better to bring more people into a clearly unhealthy, destructive, cheating environment where the owners are lying to people? So you believe it is right that the Peters lost their promised earned income for the communities they built for over 6 years full time, due to the fact that you and others decided to behave unethically and they had to choose between their own integrity and building their business? Seems a bit off to me.
    You have been following marching orders and direction from your upline, and you have been believing their lies all these years and most likely feel trapped. Raquel feels sorry for you and when you change your ways and leave the group I would guess she might be willing to talk to you. I am sure she would want to restore the division these people have caused in your families. Until you leave, I would guess logically she would want no part of talking to anyone that is involved in this deceptive, unethical, backstabbing group of people!

  111. webelieved permalink
    June 29, 2012 1:05 pm

    webelieved permalink

    June 29, 2012 1:01 pm

    Tim- If your cousin Raquel is so nasty as you and Blomdahl like to imply why were you hugging and consoling her at your grandma’s funeral? You know your cousin has a great compassionate heart and you have let other people come between the two of you. You know this is just some witch hunt the Team is on to cover up their lies! I really hope for your sake you do some soul searching. You know your grandma who you and Raquel both love, would be rolling over in her grave knowing deep down what you have participated in against your cousin. I pity you.

    You also know if Raquel talked to you, you would have just went back and reported in on her to Blomdahl and Woodward!
    Who does that in the real world??

  112. Sara permalink
    September 14, 2012 10:39 am

    I remember when this couple disappeared, and how confused I was. I asked around, and clearly remember the only answer I was given was something to the effect of, oh didn’t you hear? She is extremely ill and can’t build any longer. The entire family needs our prayers. I was so worried, but they never came back.
    We joined about 5 years ago, just before the split from Q/A and held on for a long time. Our upline was all in Michigan, and we are in Wisconsin, and we couldn’t make friends with anyone at our opens or seminars, because they were all cross-line. And no one in our upline knew much about the people from our recognition and vice versa. It was extremely frustrating. Our upline came three times to help us build, and slowly people disappeared, and stopped calling. It was so weird to have these people who were determined to live a life of freedom from a job and be united in a common goal and want to help you achieve your dreams suddenly disappear from your life after a few weeks. Then you’d get a call from someone who would say they were your upline and they were going to help you, and a few weeks later the same thing would happen. Sorry if this wasn’t the *proper* place to post this…

  113. webelieved permalink
    September 15, 2012 4:05 am

    Sara- this is a fine place to post whatever you like. Raquel being sick was the part of the story they wanted you to know.They left because of unethical behavior of upline including Orrin. It is also true Raqel was very ill, from stress. Don’t you love how they left all of that out. Par for the course, honesty isn’t alive and well on Team. I was wondering Who told you Raquel was sick and what upline offered to help you? It seems to be very common these days for switching of teams to be going on behind the scenes.I was wondering how you found this site and if you are in life? Welcome and thanks for sharing.

  114. RAQUEL PETERS permalink
    September 20, 2012 7:40 am

    Hi Amthrax, just wanted to say I LOVE your site! The story you have posted about our time in Team/Team MV is VERY accurate. Since Team leaders like to call critics of their business faceless, nameless, cowards, haters and quitters, I decided to link my face and my name to our story on my Facebook page. We can let the readers decide what and who they chose to believe. I believe many people are being lied to, so I have posted my Team profit sharing pay, my system counts, my speaking pay and my experiences and opinions about the way we were treated while we were involved in this group and after we left.

    Feel free to copy and share this link with anyone you like!

    I hope you don’t mind I copied some of your articles to share! I am very encouraged to see your readers speaking out to help inform others. Keep up the good fight. Happy reading! 🙂

    “Is Orrin Woodward’s Life/Team business destructive?”!/lifeteamdestructive

    If anyone would like to speak directly to me, send me a message on the page.

    It is important for me to note: Eric Blomdahl’s article “Criticism” is packed FULL of slanderous lies and the commenters do not know me personally and/or have not spent any length of time getting to know me personally. As Christians they have no business passing judgment on my heart, my motives, my character or anything else!
    To Woodward, Guzzardo, Hawkins, Blomdahl and the rest…………keep lying about us it really shows your character…….or lack there of! 🙂

  115. ageofwisdom51 permalink
    September 20, 2012 11:37 am

    Raquel: I just went over to fB and clicked “Like” on your page…am going to message you there. Am the parent of a son close to 40 who just got sucked in and it’s already destroyed our family relationship. We are WI-ites, too. Another member (“webelieved”) had wanted me to talk to you, although I don’t think there’s much to be done at this point–we have no control and there is no communication.

  116. ageofwisdom51 permalink
    September 20, 2012 12:12 pm

    Raquel: I think you need to enable messaging on the fB site you have….I had to leave you a public message because private messaging does not go through.

  117. September 20, 2012 12:51 pm

    @Raquel – Thanks for the comments. I’ve created a dedicated post about your new Facebook Group here.

  118. RAQUEL PETERS permalink
    September 20, 2012 1:12 pm

    Thanks Amthrax! I also checked the message box, it should be working.

  119. Raquel Peters permalink
    October 3, 2012 4:24 am

    Amthrax- I posted photos of our 2007 1099’s from Team and Quixtar on the FB page. If you would like to post them here that would be great. I will be posting more years and emails as time allows.

    P.S. If your readers could keep my dad in their prayers that would be great. He is very ill and is also in an advanced stage of a terminal illness. Please pray for strength and physical comfort and most important God’s comfort. May we fully enjoy every minute we have with him. Thanks a bunch. ❤

  120. Raquel Peters permalink
    October 3, 2012 4:26 am

    Also wanted to let you know our FB page has more then one administrator, so if anyone wants to send me a message, please use my personal page

  121. December 2, 2012 11:38 pm

    Anti-Amthrax / Steadfast has a rebuttal to the ex-TEAM members on his/her website. Read if you are interested (you may be tracked on Steadfast’s website):

  122. Raquel Peters permalink
    December 3, 2012 5:58 am

    Of course as usual only a tiny part of the story after twisting it. And of course the important parts left out. Typical. Lol! How about the stealing of our Team profit sharing a few months after leaving Q? AND paying profit sharers unfairly? No explanation. How about being blackballed our of speaking by Guzzardo and known by Woodward. How about the slander of the Morgans by our upline? Oh yeah and then the final theft of our team income…..and then the pilfering of our MV income last fall? Oh and biggest of all HOWABOUT never being given any rules to follow, or being allowed to read or get copies of contracts we signed for team? And biggest of all……being promised for YEARS passive residual ongoing willable income!

    By the way I was one of the fastest to Platnum… my entire state and I had no life and worked much more than full time! I missed years with my small kids! Nice try on spinning the truth for your followers. That income was when Team was the biggest and Orrin wanted us to all leave Quixtar with him! Funny how he cut many of us off at the knees after we left Q with him!

  123. Raquel Peters permalink
    December 3, 2012 6:06 am

    Should say we were NOT allowed copies or enough time to read the Team profit sharers contract. Also in writing we asked Mr. Woodward to send us a copy and he said we had to drive to Michigan to view it! It’s ok though Im sure our attorney will get them. I cannot wait for the whole truth to come out publicly in a court document! Heather Williams will most likely feel foolish for just believing what she heard. I feel bad for her. I bet she has no idea about all the publicly documented info on this site.

  124. Raquel Peters permalink
    December 3, 2012 6:10 am

    One other obvious thing antiamthrax claims that is b.s. is my pay is a good thing promoting Team. In reality one good year out of six isn’t such a good advertisement for people who claim lifestyle and long term income. Of course he ignores the profit and loss section and expenses. Give me a break! This guy is a joke! Some of his other claims are just plain b.s. but hey keep guessing. 🙂

  125. ageofwisdom51 permalink
    December 3, 2012 6:54 am

    Amthrax: LOL! So, I’m being tracked I’ve made 96 posts, eh? Don’t they have anything better to do? Does the moron actually believe that my “handle” on here is Raquel, too? I don’t get it. I see I got called an “abandoned mother”–Bwahahahahhaa! No, my friends, WE are the ones that suggested to our loved one to: go get help for the behavioral disrepect of others and delusions of non-existent grandeur in regard to LIFE/Team before contacting us again–it was a unified decision of elders, based upon what the loved one was TAUGHT to spew by LIFE/Team (by his own admission).

    I noticed that they made a point of saying I was using this forum as a wasy to “vent” my Atheism—what a joke. In reality, I was the most voiciferous against the bastardization of what Christianity SHOULD be in and to the world instead of how THEY use it to turn people into herds of unthinking cattle while they, the narcissistic “Wizards of Oz” ‘dupe for money and get their mansions for free’ (faecetious take on Dire Straits song). Seems to me more people on Amthrax say this repeatedly now, too, about how Team blasphemes their own Christianity in their discordant, hypocritical actions while in their greedy pursuit of $$$.

    Let them play on—for I know this much: I lead a life filled with more propriety, conscience and compassion than folks like PC Dan Hawkins etal, who actually spew things like this in their money-grubbing ignorance and evil: that poverty necessarily leads to crime and murder (he took that little tidbit from Randy Gage and was posted on Twitter and fB), or that if you don’t join LIFE/Team, you might piss yourself and smell of fear because of it (posted on Twitter and fB), and for which I have dated copies.

    Historical perspectives from those who quit:

    1) repetitively evangelisitic “preachings and teachings”— of everything from religion;

    2) to sex (this dates back to Dex Yager’s Amway leadership days, too);

    3) to so-called family and financial counselings (terms used loosely) since their own have gone bankrupt and stories litter the internet (not just Amthrax) about destruction of families;

    4) to hiding bottom line methods of payment via shady pay schemes (that even the FTC warns against) and lack of actual comsumable/renewable product in the latest iteration of three prior MLMs;

    5) to skewed far “right winger” philosophies while their own printing presses get double-incomes (regular retail and then to their captive LIFE audience), such as publishing marginal characters who can’t even get their own education programs accredited, etc.;

    6) and composing and taking out of context (to suit their own point of view/agenda) the true history of America and ancient Rome, etc.;

    7) the admired military tactics used to overpower, subdue and subsequently control people (that this was actually admitted to/published is astounding) etc.;

    8) but worst of all, the eventual financial ruin that can be incurred with this cult indoctrination clouding a member’s critical thinking ability………

    ……all goes to also PROVE the DIRE NEED for Amthrax and similar sites as salient necessities of differing viewpoints, thereby passively educating unsuspecting people that a seedy “Team” side exists behind closed doors (or as they call it: back office), that there is evidence of unfairness (just read the current contract) and that these problems have existed for decades (Amway owners first went to court on charges around 1983; the mind-duping brainchild of such tactics was Dexter Yager) , and who can VOLUNTARILY CHOOSE to use this data to evaluate the pros/cons of getting into an MLM scheme in the first place.

  126. freedomhaha permalink
    December 3, 2012 8:16 am

    Ageofwisdom- Glad you are back, we are thankful for your input.

  127. Melanie Morgan permalink
    December 3, 2012 8:59 am


    Thanks for your input, I appreciate the way you clearly lay it out. 🙂

  128. No Team For Me permalink
    December 3, 2012 10:04 am

    I like the way it says “Comments are closed” at the bottom of the anti-amthrax page. What a bunch of jokers. What are they afraid of? What about their supposed quest for ‘truth’? I guess truth only applies when it benefits them.

    In my opinion they operate exactly as a cult – attempting to keep followers from hearing the views of people with dissenting opinions.

  129. ageofwisdom51 permalink
    December 3, 2012 10:08 am

    Freedom and Melanie: well, I guess that was post #97, and this one makes #98….do I get to go Turbo 100 soon? LOL!! 🙂

    Oh, and to Raquel:

    not sure why post #97 showed up today—it’s a real shame the one from about two weeks ago didn’t– lot of work unfortunately got blown away. It had taken many long hours to build the “D-Day scenario” of their plans to annihilate you, both with “positivity sugar” to their members but behind the scenes venom.

    I had taken the time to research what they were all doing/blogging/commenting on their “D-R-Day” (aka: Defame Raquel Day) of on or about 11/5/12 and had it all listed in sequence. If I remember correctly, most came out with the superficial “doing good” (them, supposedly) vs naysayers (us, supposedly), all the while E.B. was “calling the kettle black” by posting libelous terms about you to the world, while also filing a legal complaint all in the same breath: claiming you, Raquel, are the reason he’s lost money in an MLM, and caused him to have a lesser character standing. I don’t think I’ve read anything that hilarious in many moons–and wait until he sees what’s coming if you follow the legal advice.

    You must be very powerful and an enormous threat, Raquel….gees, I guess people don’t drop off in droves because they realize no money’s in it for the majority? Or for family reasons? Or for just plain old common sense? Or maybe they read FTC warnings? Or maybe they got input on the convoluted pay and profit sharing volume rigamarole? Or maybe they read experiences of those who failed financially at this business after not only reaching the pinnacle, but had negative experiences of money loss and progaganda that can be read about on several other websites?

    Hey, don’t forget to petition the judge to get every single one of those supposed peoples’ names with supporting statments, i.e., those who supposedly quit THIS business (that confusingly is called LIFE/Team since 11/2011– but yet the only so-called commodity is actually Team propaganda itself, and half of which you have never been in as a “subcontractor”, i.e., the “LIFE” portion–it’s a little different than Monavie which had an actual, consumable product with distributorships but of course, had the “team side” with lots of money to be made on the team tools). Ask for legal proof to the complaint claims and see how many people quit, causing him personally to lose money (ah, yeah, get his financial records opened, too!) due to something you said which was allegedly defaming in WI. Don’t forget: get the “back office” stats opened up. Get his personal life/behavior opened up. Get the phone records out. Get the “Team” offfice books opened up.

    And maybe, just maybe, this house of propaganda cult cards will start to flutter and fall. Hmmmm, I don’t think he even realizes the potential of becoming the expendable, sacrificial lamb he could could end up to be in all of this with muckity-mucks elsewhere, especially with some of the “ammo” you have….

  130. ageofwisdom51 permalink
    December 3, 2012 11:03 am

    Raquel: remember WI statutes, too: this person cannot complain against you for anything that happened from 3 yrs prior to the November 2012 filing date. He cannot go back to prior of November 2009 due to the Wisconsin (civil or crminal) statute of limitations.

    Wisconsin law:

    Also: WI is one of 17 states that recognizes internet libel, but it usually entails, in general: “web libel is posting false information about someone that defames them, commonly accusations of criminal acts, marital infidelity, dishonesty or that you have a nasty disease.” ( article) (but WI leans heavily toward that the info has to also untrue; “opinion” us often not able to be proven false, etc.)

    Basic info from

  131. debora roach permalink
    January 23, 2014 6:34 pm

    Apparently all thoughts and opinions aren’t valued here as they are not all posted. What does occur to me in all I have read here is this must not be such a bad organization if all Raquel wants from them is an apology and her down line back. What is astonishing to me is that, she would expect that after spending a couple of years of her life doing nothing but bad mouthing this organization. It is unclear to me why, if the down line and customers were so loyal, why did they not ask to be put under her and her husband, when they changed companies. Even if they were moved, those individuals could have insisted on signing up under Raquel and Mark, had that been where they wanted to be. In all the leadership materials I have heard and read, it is clear to me that it i not smart to put all your eggs in one basket. The thing that stick out most in what I have learned is “Losers blame others”. Why an individual would give someone that much control over their life is beyond me, true leaders will tell you to learn from your mistakes, pick yourself up and wipe yourself off and move on.

  132. noteam permalink
    January 24, 2014 5:02 am

    Debra Roach (aka another Orrin plant) – You have no idea the depth of deception and mind control of this organization. It’s not as simple as Raquel’s people not requesting to be under her. This organization is the most manipulative one I have ever seen. The games they play are endless. Edification of who they want, de-edification of those they don’t like.

    As far as blaming someone else….How would you feel if you spent 50-70 hours a week for several years, missed many important memories with your kids, spent thousands of dollars on something you were told was for life, then find out that in a matter of a couple months, everything has been taken from you without warning and without recourse?

    Unimaginable!!!! These are the most unethical, unChristianlike people I have ever personally met.

  133. January 24, 2014 10:16 am


    You can’t possibly be naive enough to think that Mark and Raquel’s downlines would have insisted on being put under them. Think about it. Mark and Raquel were painted as The Bad Guy by Orrin and George Guzzardo. The very mentality the TEAM instills in their followers is that NOBODY questions the almighty Orrin (in fact there used to be a CD that made fun of some guy who thought he was “smarter than Orrin”…perish the thought!). If Mark and Raquel’s downlines insisted on being put in a particular organization, they would have ended up in the same boat as the Peters…they would have had their teams stolen and they would have lost everything they’d worked for, all without any recourse. Be careful, you are headed down a slippery slope by treating Orrin and these Bozos like they walk on water. Don’t take everything they say at face value, think for yourself!

  134. Vogel permalink
    January 24, 2014 1:08 pm

    Deborah (“Cock”) Roach said: “The thing that stick out most in what I have learned is ‘Losers blame others’. Why an individual would give someone that much control over their life is beyond me, true leaders will tell you to learn from your mistakes, pick yourself up and wipe yourself off and move on.”

    Hmm, fancy that. I learned that losers defend MLMs with threadbare excuses, just like the kind you trotted out. Your concepts about leadership, and pretty much everything, are wacky to say the least. I’d wish you good luck with your “blame the victim/protect the perpetrator” strategy”, but then that would be dishonest of me. What I’m really hoping for is that the real world gives you a swift smack upside the head as a wake up call.

  135. noteam permalink
    January 24, 2014 5:24 pm

    Debra Roach – Are Bernie Madoff’s victims “losers” and “whiners”? Those of us on this site are not whining. We are trying to save other innocent people from becoming victims of this scam and losing tens of thousands of dollars and valuable memories with their kids which they will never get back and always regret.

    It’s called a sense of responsibility.


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