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Questions from Raquel Peters

November 15, 2012

This post comes from Raquel Peters as she prepares her response to Eric Blomdahl’s legal complaint against her.

We are asking everyone to please work on a detailed letter and/or comment about your involvement with TEAM over the years from 1999 to present. Here is an extensive list of questions that you can answer in your letter.

1999-2007: Quixtar/Amway and TEAM

  1. When did you get started in Quixtar with TEAM as the tool company?
  2. Were you a profit sharer in TEAM or not?
  3. Did the person who showed you the business tell you that you were joining TEAM or Quixtar?
  4. Did anyone tell you about the TEAM tool income when showing you the business?
  5. Did they tell you they were a part of Quixtar/Amway?
  6. Did they tell you there was income from the tools?
  7. If you quit TEAM, why? Did you make a profit or a loss? How much?
  8. If you quit TEAM, when and why? Be sure also to explain the attrition rate and how many quit all the time and why.
  9. How many people got started when you showed them the plan and then how many stayed long term, say over a year?
  10. Were you shocked when Orrin sued Quixtar/Amway for being an illegal pyramid scheme?
  11. Were you told to hit the customer box, when ordering your product each month?
  12. Were you told to buy 150 PV. How much did it cost you?
  13. Do you remember how much emphasis was on the sales of products when TEAM was teaching at seminars or were they selling tools?
  14. Do you feel you were trained well and often on Quixtar products or on how to get customers for Quixtar?
  15. Did you have a hard time getting customers? If yes, why? ?
  16. Did you ever hear speakers mention Quixtar/Amway in Tuesday night recruiting meetings?
  17. Were you ever told as a speaker not to mention Quixtar or told by your Policy Council to mention Quixtar?
  18. Did your Policy Council mention Quixtar while showing the plan?
  19. Was Quixtar/Amway promoted as the business or just our “supplier”?
  20. Do you feel misled by TEAM in any way?
  21. Did you believe TEAM was the business or Quixtar was the business?
  22. What type of income claims did they make?
  23. Were you ever given a Income Disclosure Statement or something to prove the income claims made by TEAM leaders on stages?
  24. Did you believe you were building passive, residual income and if you did, why?
  25. If you signed an affidavit against Quixtar, please state what you said and who asked you to do it. If you still have it, can you send a copy?
  26. Were you told to resign from Quixtar? Were you told what day to resign and by whom?
  27. Did you believe if you stayed you would still have a team under you, if not why?
  28. Did you ever know there was TEAM profit sharing income on Tools when you were recruited or in Tuesday meetings? When did you find out?
  29. Were you ever told by the TEAM office the formula on how profit sharing was decided or paid?
  30. Did you know legally the business was supposed to be Quixtar and then Monavie, and not TEAM? TEAM was just supposed to be the training system.
  31. Do you feel you were trained well to build a Quixtar business on Quixtar products or do you feel TEAM leaders were there to sell you more tools?
  32. Did you know that TEAM leaders above Platnum were being paid much more by TEAM tools than by Quixtar?
  33. When your upline took you to the tool table did you know they were being paid on the sale of tools and tickets to you?
  34. Did you believe you would get paid residual, passive income for building the TEAM community? Why?
  35. Were you at the Go Diamond Weekend in Atlanta, Georgia, where TEAM profit sharing pay was posted and then quickly taken down? What were your thoughts on that?
  36. When Orrin sued Quixtar for being an “illlegal pyramid with over priced products” were you shocked? What did you think?
  37. Did you know you were doing anything wrong by hitting the customer button?
  38. Were you asked to sign an affidavit for your states AG?
  39. Were you led to believe Quixtar was the evil empire when leaving Quixtar and Orrin was the savior?
  40. Do you now believe Orrin Woodward and TEAM had any obligation as the training company to train you on getting customers and not hitting the customer button, and on telling you up front your full expenses you would be spending, as well as not keeping you in an illegal pyramid scheme, as well as proving their income claims? or no?
  41. Did you know Orrin knew Quixtar had over priced products and wrote about it years before he was terminated from Quixtar? If not read the lawsuit.

Fall of 2007 to Spring of 2008: TEAM as a Leadership Development Provider

  1. Did you preorder Orrin and Chris’ book, Launching a Leadership Revolution? Why? Who told you to?
  2. Was there a contest to help get the book to the Best Seller List?
  3. Did you then get it again on system? Did you end up with extras? How many?
  4. Did you ever believe we were going to the Walmart of the Internet? Why?
  5. Did you hear the Future of the Internet CD by Orrin Woodward?
  6. Did you keep showing the plan promoting TEAM as a business?
  7. Did you believe you would get paid residual income for building the TEAM community?
  8. Did you know that on the registration paperwork for TEAM as a Leadership Provider it specifically stated that TEAM was NOT an income opportunity? What are your thoughts on that?
  9. Was your Policy Council and leaders still building TEAM as a business at this time?
  10. Were you still getting paid as a profit sharer? Did your income drop since Quixtar compared to your team’s size, or did you pay become disproportionate to your team size?
  11. Do you feel you were paid fairly or unfairly in this time?
  12. Did you ever know exactly how you were paid by TEAM? Did you ask your upline about pay or the Quixtar lawsuit? What were you told?
  13. Did you know about any other company or product? What did you know? Did you see the site that accidentally showed up on the TEAM site?
  14. Did you know Orrin was under a gag order by a judge part of that time? Did he speak with you or any leader you know during that time?
  15. Do you believe the TEAM leadership follows and respects the law?
  16. Did you know they later lost a lawsuit for taking the Quixtar/Amway line of sponsorship?
  17. Did you also know TEAM was in trouble for anonymous blogging against Quixtar, but it was later dropped?
  18. Was it implied you were going to the Walmart of the Internet?
  19. Did you show the plan between Quixtar and MonaVie and promote it as an income opportunity? Did your Policy Council, even though it was stated on the TEAM paperwork it wasn’t an income opportunity?
  20. Did your Policy Council encourage you to keep building? Were you paid through that time by TEAM or anyone else?

March 2008: TEAM in Monavie

  1. Did you see the benchmarking study Orrin did when he announce we were going to MonaVie? Or just his blog article?
  2. How did you feel when you realized we were going to be selling juice?
  3. What happened in the registration to MonaVie?
  4. If you or someone you know in your team, lost your/their spot in the MonaVie registration fiasco, please explain what happened, who is your upline, your Policy Council etc.
  5. Did you sign up into MonaVie with a LLC or your real name or someone else’s name? Why did you? Who told you to do it that way?
  6. Do you know anything about a supposed deadline on getting into MonaVie? Who told you and what did you hear? Was this deadline legit or do you believe it was to rank upline like Woodward?
  7. Later, after cramming everyone in a day or so, did anyone ask you to change the week of your autoship to another week? Why? Do you think they screwed up?
  8. After building MonaVie with TEAM were you told to give up your personals, in other words the people you brought in to the business by contacting them?
  9. Did your upline hold you back from starting a second team?
  10. Did you know your second team was what you got paid on?
  11. Did you know what TEAM Approach was?
  12. Did you ever see fake recognition?
  13. Were you told who you could and couldn’t talk to in your upline? Were you told you couldn’t talk to people that you previously had worked with or had talked to your whole business in Quixtar?
  14. Were you told who you could and couldn’t talk to? Does that seem bizarre to you now?
  15. Did you know your personals helped you get paid in MonaVie?
  16. Also explain what you thought about the TEAM training that went on in MonaVie ? Did you feel it was working?
  17. Did you feel the TEAM was teaching you how to build MonaVie?
  18. Did you see your MonaVie business grow or drop off?
  19. Did you believe TEAM leaders knew what they were doing or were they changing the system all of the time?
  20. Did you ever look at other places online to learn more about MonaVie?
  21. How did your MonaVie business go and did you feel the TEAM knew what they were doing?
  22. Also did your team ever volume load/buy bulk ($1000 orders) to hit MonaVie pin levels, say Gold, Ruby or Diamond? Who taught that? Who told them to do it? How did it work?
  23. Were you told by TEAM leaders that Volume loading was actually against MonaVie rules?
  24. Did you know TEAM was paying profit sharing on the sales of their CD’s, books, and seminar tickets to some leaders, when you were first shown the plan? if you first came in to TEAM while they were in MonaVie? Or were you only told about MonaVie income ?
  25. Were you shown a MonaVie income disclosure statement when shown the plan? Were you ever shown a TEAM income disclosure statement or told by your upline they were being paid on the sale of tools that you were buying?
  26. Did you feel information was given freely or withheld from you while in the business?
  27. Do you feel TEAM leaders tell the whole truth, half-truth or lie?
  28. Have you been lied to by your upline in any way? About ?
  29. Were you told all the expenses, time commitments, and meeting expectations, financial commitments you would have to make, up front, when shown the plan by TEAM leaders? or was only a little at a time shared with you?
  30. Did you ever hear a leader say if you tell prospects, it all, up front they will be on overload and run or something to that affect ? Or that you should only give prospects a tiny bit of info at a time until they “get it”? Do you now find this deceptive?
  31. Do you believe if people knew the whole costs up front of showing the plan, gas, travel, open meetings, seminars, travel across the country to Majors, Tickets, CD’s, DVD’s, tool trunks, products, promotional meetings, time commitments, etc. to go Power Player, when they are shown the plan, that they would get into the business?
  32. Do you feel you were brainwashed or under undue influence while in the business, listening to CD’s, meetings etc? Do you think differently now if you are out? Do you feel being in the TEAM damaged you in some way?
  33. What were your expenses to build the business?
  34. Were you made promises of residual income for building communities, what type of income claims and how much money did they claim? Did they back their claims up with proof?
  35. Was your team’s line of sponsorship messed up going into MonaVie? Were people told to get an LLC? Why?
  36. Did anyone lose their business? Would they write a letter? Did you correspond with MonaVie about any problems? Did they ever do a thing? If you wrote a letter to MonaVie or TEAM, can you include a copy?
  37. Did they register you before your 6 months were up from the Quixtar contract?
  38. Also if you lost/gained teams in the TEAM or MonaVie please talk about that.
  39. If you know anything about the director’s contract or the meeting in Columbus Ohio, please share that?
  40. What was the point of changing profit sharing to a directors contract in TEAM, in Summer of 09?
  41. Do you believe it was so they could stop paying certain profit sharers that they didn’t want to pay?
  42. Did you ever hear it was because TEAM profit sharing was an illegal pyramid? If so, who said that?
  43. What were you told to do to keep your spot in MonaVie if you weren’t free of your 6 months?
  44. Did your upline give favoritism to some and give them their spots and not others?
  45. Did you keep your personals in MonaVie or give them away? Who told you to do what?
  46. Did you feel you were forced to get into MonaVie or do things that were less than above board, because there was some type of deadline to get registered into MonaVie?
  47. If there was a deadline, what was it for? Who told you?
  48. Did you see people quit the business because of the registration into MonaVie or because we were now selling juice?
  49. What were your experiences in building MonaVie? Was it easy, or hard. Did you have customers in MonaVie or was that easy or hard to do?

Present: TEAM LIFE

  • Did you or anyone you know lose income in MonaVie because of the LIFE business starting?
  • Were you or anyone else told to stop buying MonaVie juice or EMV and instead invest into your LIFE business?
  • What do you know about the pre-enrollee ability in MonaVie that was used months before the official launch of LIFE?
  • Do you know why MonaVie would allow TEAM to raid their volume out of MonaVie and look the other way?
  • Did you know some TEAM members went against Monavie’s own policies and procedures and registered other distributors’ MonaVie personals, into their LIFE business?
  • Do you believe that LIFE products are that different than the majority of the TEAM training tools that were used in Quixtar and MonaVie with exception of specifically mentioning those companies?
  • Have you seen the same tools re-branded?
  • Do you notice people making claims that their lifestyle came from LIFE even though it has only been around a year, and it really came from Quixtar, MonaVie, or the TEAM profit sharing on tools?
  • Do you have legitimate customers in LIFE? Were you told to register your kids as customers? Or others? Has anyone in your team registered someone without their knowledge as a customer so they can get paid?
  • Is it hard or easy to build the LIFE business?
  • Is it hard to easy to get customers? Did you quit? Why?
  • Do you believe it will work long term? Why or why not?
  • We would also like to hear about how the LIFE business is growing or not growing as a whole.
  • Is your business bigger or smaller now, since leaving Quixtar?
  • How large are the seminars, opens and majors compared to 2007?
  • If you joined LIFE were you specifically shown, before signing the contract for LIFE, that in the policies and procedures it states the Policy Council can take your business/teams for no reason and you have no legal recourse? Where you aware of that and if so, how was it explained to you?
  • Did you know other leaders have had their incomes/teams taken by TEAM Policy Council, without signing a contract like that, after years of hard work and investment?

General Questions

  1. Have you heard anything about why the Peters, Morgans, Raatz, Bobbie Dickie, Pastor Dickie, Abrahams, Freeze, Grangers, Tom Cullen, or any other former leader, office worker or former member left the business? Were you told they left? How did you find out?
  2. Please state who was gone from the business and what you were told about them, and who is/was your Round Table and your Policy Council.
  3. Did you ever have a gut feeling something was wrong?
  4. Did you notice big leaders were gone from TEAM and wonder? Did you make a decision to leave TEAM because of what you saw or what one specific person said?
  5. Has anything going on in TEAM been concerning to you?
  6. How did you find Amthrax’s site or the Facebook page?
  7. Did you only quit because of one commenter or was it because of several commenters or articles or what you saw with your own eyes?
  8. Did you quit because of the truth being told here or the lies you were told?
  9. How do you know what is said online is truthful and accurate?
  10. Do you feel the online sites and the comments are valuable to the public interest?
  11. Do you feel people have a right to know the history of TEAM before they get involved or should information be hidden from them?
  12. If you saw the Peters or the Morgans or any other leader who left speak at opens, seminars, or meetings or you know anything about the situation with Blomdahl, please let us know.
  13. Please mention anything you know about the Peters’ business building abilities, their leadership abilities, their character, their attitudes, etc.
  14. Let us know why you quit if you did, what happened in your team or the TEAM from Quixtar and MonaVie through LIFE.
  15. State if your teams were messed with, or anything else you feel is relevant to this case or a future countersuit.
  16. Please state how many plans you showed and how many people got started in your business, then how many of those people quit? Is it a build and replace business? Do more people say yes or no when you show the plan?
  17. Please state if you made a profit or loss while with the TEAM in Quixtar, MonaVie or LIFE.
  18. Do you feel you were misled in anyway while on the TEAM?
  19. Did you make money or lose money?
  20. Did the TEAM and its leaders live up to your expectations?
  21. Be sure to discuss if your Quixtar, or MonaVie and/or LIFE business grew or dropped off , to what extent over the last years and what caused it, if it did happen?
  22. Also state the promises that were made on income, by who, how you would receive it, the plan that was shown, the lifestyle/income claims and where they came from etc.
  23. Did you ever get a TEAM income disclosure statement?
  24. Did you ever see personality differences in your team, downline or upline? Was this common to have a few people in a large team, who wouldn’t work with their upline because of pride, jealousy etc?
  25. If you were a leader in TEAM did you ever have an upline who you passed in results, trying to manage you or part of your team?
  26. Have you ever seen jealousy by an upline for a downline that passed them in results or was getting more rewards then them?
  27. Have you ever seen upline getting accolades or rewards for the work that actually their downline leader did? Such as speaking, speaker hosting, trips etc.?
  28. Is your team your upline’s team as well? Where does your team start and theirs end?
  29. Did you believe in the no crosslining rule? Why do you think the TEAM has this rule when their business is supposed to be duplicable even on a desert island?
  30. Do you feel the TEAM is trying to hide information from their followers? Why?
  31. Do you feel the TEAM started many blogs to hide Amthrax’s website? Please explain if you know about this.
  32. Have you ever seen a TEAM leader or Policy Council lie or exaggerate about something? Who and please explain?
  33. Do you believe TEAM followers are brainwashed? Do you believe TEAM leaders will lie and why? Do you believe they will be punished if they tell the truth by TEAM Policy Council?
  34. Was the integrity of the line of sponsorship important to your business? If there wasn’t integrity in line of sponsorship then you would have no business, correct?
  35. Would you build a business if the Line of Sponsorship (L.O.S.) isn’t protected from corruption?
  36. Were distributors allowed to switch lines of sponsorship any time they had a personality conflict with their upline leader in TEAM?
  37. Did you ever see personality conflicts in your team? How was this handled?
  38. Were people allowed to switch into a crossline upline’s team just because they didn’t like their upline’s personality or they were mentoring with another one in their up line? Were you allowed to switch teams out of your upline leaders team after they showed you the plan and worked in your team for years? Were you also allowed to take your second team with you into your upline’s crossline leg?
  39. Was it common for downline to choose their upline mentor in TEAM?
  40. Was the system supposed to be the same throughout the TEAM?
  41. Was the line of sponsorship allowed to be changed in Quixtar? Ever?
  42. Was it allowed to ever be changed in TEAM before 2008?
  43. Were you ever told you could switch who your upline Turbo 25 or profit sharer was in TEAM?
  44. Was it common practice before the Director’s Contract, for an upline to take a team or people from their own downline in team profit sharing?
  45. Would you go and speak to someone that ruined 6 years of your work?
  46. Would you talk to someone that is slandering you ?
  47. Would you talk to someone that took your team and gave it to your upline?
  48. Would you talk to someone that promised you residual income for 6 years and then took it away without so much as a phone call?
  49. Would you talk to your cousin after he wrote a letter to take away your income (after not speaking to you about TEAM for almost 9 months) and who went behind your back and registered people into MonaVie with the wrong sponsors (when you had the paperwork) ?
  50. Would you call Orrin after he lied to you?
  51. Would you call Orrin when he allowed your downline who never even went Platinum, who was only barely a Bronze, to take your team (when you were almost hit Ruby), based on lies in a letter after he allowed everything else to go on? Would you call and try to resolve with someone like that?
  52. Do you believe there is resolution on TEAM or is no resolving anything with the Policy Council, do you have to bend to them, period ?
  53. Do you have any say how the business is run? Do the Policy Council listen to their leaders or are the Policy Council the ones who make all the decisions?
  54. If you were a Round Table were you ever allowed to give your opinion on conference calls?
  55. Did your Policy Council ever listen to your ideas?
  56. As a distributor were you allowed to give your opinion on how to run your business?
  57. As a follower were you told to write on anyone’s blog? Were you told as a group to do things in rally cries to back up the group?
  58. Do you believe your upline will get paid if you stay? Do you believe your upline would say something or cover up things so you stay in their business so they continue to get paid? Does your upline or downline talk to you, after they find out you left the TEAM to find out why? Or do they just repeat whatever they are told?
  59. Do you believe your upline leader would lie to keep their business and money?
  60. Do you believe TEAM members are brainwashed or under a thought reform program? Do you believe they all say the same things they hear on stage and from their upline? Do they sound like a CD?
  61. Do you think followers can think on their own?
  62. Has your upline still in the business spoken directly to any leader who left the TEAM and looked at their documentation? Or do followers say whatever their up line Policy Council tells them to say or do they copy what they see their up line say ?
  63. Are followers on the TEAM taught to idolize leaders and speak highly of them even if it is exaggerated or over the top promotion?
  64. Do you believe that leaders are taught to speak nothing negative in the group, even if what they perceive as negative is the truth?
  65. Do they even go so far as to withhold information from their down line, to keep leaders looking good to the public?
  66. Have you or anyone you know been asked to blog or comment on public forums against critics of the TEAM with your real name or anonymously?
  67. If you did comment on a site or wanted to, why would you do it anonymously?
  68. Did you know about the anonymous blogs Orrin ran against Quixtar? Does this make Orrin attacking other people who are anonymous a hypocrite?
  69. Are followers told to not talk to members who left, especially if they were big leaders?
  70. Does team use the doctrine of speaking “no negative”? Do you believe this helps control information that if it came out might make the group or its leaders not look so good?
  71. If you have any CD’s, DVD’s and/or emails that may pertain to the case please let us know, that would include any CD’s by the Policy Council as well as the Morgans, Blomdahls.
  72. If you have any emails, recall any phone calls, comments from stage from Blomdahl, Guzzardo, or any other leader regarding the Morgans or the Peters, please let us know.
  73. If you were told why the Peters or Morgans were no longer at TEAM functions please state that and who told you. What did you believe?

I am sure we will be filing a countersuit for all the things TEAM and their leaders have done to us. I had to write a letter myself and found it easiest to make a timeline and fill it in.

What you write may or may not help our case now but will become very useful if someone files a countersuit against the TEAM.

Thank you for helping and standing up for freedom of speech and freedom of information!

Below are some additional questions from Raquel and Melanie. I’ve closed comments on this post since I don’t want people responding with their answers here. If you choose to write a letter, send it to me, and I will forward it over to Raquel.

  1. Raquel Peters permalink
    November 15, 2012 6:32 am

    As a profit sharer for Team, were you herded into a room and asked to sign a contract that was very very large and only given @5-10 minutes to review it?
    Were you allowed a copy?
    Were you sent a copy?
    Were you allowed to take it to an attorney?
    Have you asked for a copy and been denied?
    Did you even get to read it?
    Were you already being paid by Team and were you told if you didn’t sign it you wouldn’t get paid?

  2. Raquel Peters permalink
    November 15, 2012 7:47 am

    Do you believe Team was a cult?
    Do you see Team followers say the same things?
    If your loved one is in the group, do you believe their personality is different in any way?
    Do you see them acting out of character?
    Do they sound like a Team cd?
    Do they listen to Team cd’s all of the time?
    Do you believe the Team cd’s brainwash people?
    Do you believe this group is healthy or destructive to people, families, the community?
    Do you believe the Team has miled or decieved people?
    Do you see members giving up their hobbies, interests, time with their family etc after getting involved in this group ?
    Do you find any of the behavior you see bizarre?
    Have you seen families divided from involvment in the Team?
    Have you seen family members or friends turn on their own family, lifelong friends, lifelong relationships when they are involved in this group?
    Have you seen upline have more influence on a member than their own family, mothers, fathers, siblings, pastor or previous lifelong relationships?
    Have you seen families divided because one family member quit while the other stayed in the Team?
    Do you believe Team members worship their up line?
    Did you feel pressured to change your world beliefs?
    Were you told up front the Team’s religous and political adgenda? IF you were of a different religion or political belief did you feel uncomfortable or did you feel decieved?
    IF you had a different belief did it offend you that you were never told up front?
    Did you feel like when you ask direct questions, your upline was evasive or critical? Were they hiding information from you or up front in their answers?
    Did your upline leader ever show you their checks from the Team profit sharing or tell you they were getting paid up front on the tools or about Team profit sharing?
    Did you know that leaders were trained in personalities and manipulate people with that knowledge?
    Do you believe current leaders on Team will be punished by Team if they speak up against the group, even if it is the truth?
    Do you believe current leaders will even go so far as to lie to keep their money and favor with their upline Policy Council?
    Do you believe the Policy Council controls leaders/followers behavior in the group with rewards and punishments?
    Do you believe on Team there is doctrine on “no negative” speech allowed? To the extent were people will hide the truth, so they are not percieved as negative?
    Do you believe on Team there is a hierarchy that is set up like a dictatorship where the top is in charge of the rest and the small guy has no say in his own business?
    Do you believe you had a say in anything that happened on Team or with your business?
    Were you told to just follow your upline and do whatever they told you?
    What happened if you didn’t follow your up line?
    Did they use edification or lack of it to give others credibility or take it away in the business?
    If you saw a person speaking at opens did that help their business? If someone was not speaking after they used to speak all of the time, would that make you question their credibility? Did you ever see that happen?
    Have you ever seen edification or rewards, speaking etc withheld from a leader for a punishment?
    Have you ever known anyone on Team to be given teams secretly or walk for fake or trumped up recognition?
    Have you seen deceptive practices in Team recognition to get people in the audience to beleive in the business?
    Have you ever been told to walk for recognition or level you didn’t hit?
    Have you seen leaders sign up fake customers/distributors/people so they would hit a goal?
    Are you aware of any favoritism of any leaders by the PC, who were given teams, rewards, stage hosting, speaker hosting, pay, speaking privledges, etc ?
    Do you believe rewards in the business are based on numbers and results or favoritism by your PC?
    Do you believe that singles or women building the business are treated diffferently then couples building the business?
    Do they have the same privledges and respect by PC or are they treated different?
    Have you seen or witnessed leaders hyped up by their up line or downline?
    Was your upline idolized by others in a bizarre, not normal way?
    Was the Team environment of posititve over exaggerated to the point of being almost delusional?
    Was the Team environment, meetings etc. taught to be only positive?
    Were you told who you could and couldn’t speak to? IE no crossline rule
    Was information kept from you?
    Do you believe Team leadership hides information from it’s followers?
    Do you believe that the Team is deceptive in any way? How?
    Do you believe because of Amthrax’s site that the Team has changed some of their methods and ways because they were found out publicly?
    Were you ever told not to read this site or the critics? What did they say and where?
    Did your upline ever lie to you about anything to keep you in the business?
    Do you believe if Raquel Peters wasn’t on this site, you would have stayed in the business? Do you belive it is all HER fault that you or someone else quit?
    Have you ever been told by your upline they were reading Amthrax or critics?
    Have any team leaders or yourself ever commented on Amthrax with a anonymous name, against the critics?
    Do you believe that Amthrax allows both sides to comment and is fair ?
    Do you feel your upline is biased?
    Do Team leaders allow disenting comments on their websites? Does Amthrax?

    Why did you get started and why did you quit?
    Were you promised passive residual ongoing pipeline income?
    Were you shown the ESBI? The pipline, told you would get your time back?
    Were you ever told that you could retire if you built the community?
    What was your profit or loss? Did you ever make a profit, or did your downline make a profit?
    Do you feel your reputation in your community, family, church has been damaged from being involved in this group?
    Have you seen any damage or division in families, churches, place of employment etc from involvement in this business?
    Have you witnessed or experienced any negative behavior by Team leaders when you quit, resigned, asked questions or did something they didn’t like?
    Did you ever have edification withheld from you when you did something your up line didn’t like?
    Have you ever been slandered by anyone in Team or seen others slandered?
    Have you ever found out your upline shared information about you that you told them in private? Or did they share something they were told about someone else, with you?
    Did you know your upline reports to their up line everything they hear and do?
    Did you know that nothing you say in Team is kept private?
    Did your upline want you to ask persmission or for their advice on everything in your life? Do you find this bizarre now to be submissive to another person?
    Were you told you had to be on system to be successful?
    Do you wonder why the only distributors that stayed in the business were listening to cds? Did everyone else who was not listening to cd’s quit the business? Why do you think that is?
    After leaving Team do you now believe/see this group and their behavior is bizarre?

  3. Raquel Peters permalink
    November 15, 2012 8:26 am

    Did they ever get any bad advice from your mentor/upline?
    Did a leader ever tell you to do something that actually hurt you financially?
    Did any leader ever tell you or a someone you know to NOT buy tools or products because you/they couldn’t afford it?
    Were you ever told or was it ever implied it was smart or ok to give up your retirement or cash in your retirement to keep building your business?
    Were you told to buy products or fake a customer so you could get paid?
    Did you give up your 401k because you believed you had a residual income with Team?
    Did you beleive you could retire in 2-5 years if you followed their system? Is that true for the overwheliming majority?
    Were you told the failure rate and about the thousands that have been churned through Team, when shown the plan?
    Did the leaders tell you it was mostly a build and replace business?
    Do you see that the PC are still working and do not really have their time back, but they still caim you will get your time back? Do you find that deceptive?
    Were you let to beleive once you reached the level you wanted you could stop working and get paid, and get your time back?
    Did Team leaders or the system of cds ever give you marriage counseling, financial counseling, pastoral counseling ? Does the person who did that have a liscense or proffesional training in that area?

  4. Raquel Peters permalink
    November 15, 2012 8:32 am

    Are you embarassed or ashamed of ever being involved with this group?
    Has your involvement in this group hurt your reputation or business reputation in your community?
    Has your involvement in the Team hurt your finances?
    Has your involvement in the Team hurt any relationships?
    Has your involvement in the Team hurt anyone in your family, including your kids in any way?
    Has your involvement in the Team hurt your confidence in yourself?
    Has your involvement in the Team taken time away from your kids, family or friends that you wish you could get back?
    Has your involvement in Team cost you any lifelong or important business or personal relationships?
    Do you belive Team and it’s methods are biblical?
    Do you believe Team uses God and religion to make a profit?
    Do you believe Team uses religion to control people?
    Do you belive Team only shares scripture that supports their adgenda while leaving out the rest that doesn’t support them?
    Do you belive you have been damaged spiritually from being in this group?

  5. Raquel Peters permalink
    November 15, 2012 8:33 am

    Have you seen your or others churches damaged from members involvement in this group?
    Have you seen relationships between church members damaged from involvement in this group?

  6. Melanie Morgan permalink
    November 15, 2012 8:47 am

    **Were you aware of their whisper campaign and did you use this method by passing any information from the top down to your team? Were you always told “Orrin said” or the “PC said” and did you feel this was to get others to not question and expected to; just do?

    **Did you feel like there was secrecy or did you ever question why they couldn’t put the info. they asked you to spread downline through your team, in writing, or share with the masses from anyone of their opportune venues, RT meetings etc.?

    **Did you feel this was unethical that they asked you to spread information through your team and did you feel it was because they didn’t want it in writing or anyone to find out about the information?

    **Were you told to do unethical, possibly illegal things in person for them or do you have emails, texts, etc. of anything they told you to do at any time in anyone of the business, Team, Monavie, Quixtar,/Amway?

    ** When in Monavie: Did the PC, or your upline ever disparage anyone “crossline” Black Diamonds systems or anyone other leaders in the Monavie business?

    **Did you hear the PC or your upline lie or exaggerate about the “numbers” at opens, seminars, meetings, volume and know it wasn’t true in your own group?

    **Were you ever allowed to make decisions on your own for your business or were you ever allowed to ask questions and give imput in the Round Table Meetings?

    **Did the Team tell you, “you own your own business” and did you believe that, and did you sign a contract that stated that with Team.

    ** Before the “directors contract”…Were you ever told you could not make earn an income from ANY endeavor or opportunity, outside of the TEAM and if so, did you ever sign a contract from Team that stated you could not?

    **Were you ever told to “put all your eggs in one basket and then protect or hang onto that basket”, in other words, the TEAM is the only place you will become a millionaire and financially free?

    **If you ever disagreed with a method or practice they use and you tried to do something different, how did your upline respond and what did they do?

    **Were you led to believe you would become a millionaire if you followed their teaching?

    **Were you ever told by Quixtar, Monavie or Team that you would loose your business if you used or applied information given by any other “system” within those organizations?

    **Were you expected and followed whatever your upline told you to do?

    **Were you given teams that you did not build and were paid from Team Profit-sharing for them or were you aware of others given teams secretly and took recognition for them?

    **Did you know of other leaders that were earning an income outside of Team and still getting paid through their profit-sharing?

    **Were you led to and believed you could “retire” from building the business at anytime and still collect your passive, residual, ongoing, will-able income?

    **Have you ever been told there was a “Ron Day Rule” and if so, what did it mean?

    ** Did you ever qualify for their promotional rewards and if so did you believe it was going to be paid for by the Team because it was an incentive trip?

    ** Did they tell you upfront that it would be at your expense after you earned it, such as the Fun in Sun trips etc? How much did these trips cost you, trips to the “pc houses” etc?

    **Have you ever witnessed any unethical, illegal or felt it immoral behavior by the PC, or anyone else in the team?

    **Did you see any of the PC or upline ever do anything contradictory to their own leadership teachings?

  7. Melanie Morgan permalink
    November 15, 2012 9:11 am

    I sincerely hope that people will send and answer any questions related to their experiences that will help the Peters. Raquel has stuck her neck out and on the line to help expose to help educate the public and because of that they are being sued by the Peters own Upline, Eric Blomdahl.

    I believe the main goal is to gag, silence and scrub the internet and then obviously the Peters are in a financial crisis but Eric is asking in the lawsuit for money and more money? Has he not made enough off of the Peters and obviously, still is?

    Eric is still making money off of the efforts of the Peters 6 years of dedicated and hard work (5-6 nights per week) going Power Player over and over, the Peters have sacrificed the most precious thing and contributed a large part of why Eric even has the lifestyle he now has to brag about…they sacrificed too much TIME.. away from their children and families that they will never get back, so please help out if you can!

    So if you have any information to help the Peters, please share it.

    Enough of the bullies, they will just keep bullying.

    Thank You. 🙂

  8. Melanie Morgan permalink
    November 15, 2012 9:18 am

    Were you ever told: “This IS the only thing (the business) you would EVER have to get good at?”

  9. Melanie Morgan permalink
    November 15, 2012 9:42 am

    ***Were you ever told, or it implied and/or did you believe that you would have a passive residual, residual, ongoing, will-able, pipeline, income, for the rest of your life, from the TEAM if you built it and if you brought the “numbers” to their “system?***

    ****I think we should make an electronic PETITION or hard copies of this question on it and get all those who left sign it that were told this. Possibly add a couple other most talked about questions on it!

    Does anyone recall any cd’s they talk about residual income on?

  10. Melanie Morgan permalink
    November 15, 2012 9:47 am

    You never know we may reach a Million “QUITTERS” to sign the Petition? 🙂

  11. Melanie Morgan permalink
    November 15, 2012 9:51 am

    Were you told When & How to RESIGN from Quixtar? 🙂

  12. Raquel Peters permalink
    November 15, 2012 10:50 am

    Do you believe in Freedom of speech?
    Do you believe since we were prominant public figures in the State of Wisconsin while promoting Team, we have a right to clear our name of misconceptions or slander said about us?
    Do we have a right to tell the public that we saw unethical possibly illegal/fraudulant behavior while with Team?
    Do we have a moral obligation to educate the public?
    If we believe Team has blatantly lied to people for many years, do we have a right to say it?

  13. November 15, 2012 4:20 pm

    I’ve closed comments on this post since I don’t want people responding with their answers here. If you choose to write a letter, send it to me, and I will forward it over to Raquel.

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