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Why Does Orrin Woodward Imply That LIFE Really Started 18 Months Ago?

May 22, 2013

From Orrin’s blog post, Entrepreneur as Leader (bold emphasis mine):

When my co-founders and I started LIFE Leadership, we did so with little funds or resources, but we had a superbly talented leadership team. I knew that the leadership team would quickly build the leadership products that could compete with any leadership team anywhere. Interestingly, over the last 18 months LIFE Leadership has become a $50 million dollar conglomerate through building the highest quality personal development products in the industry.

To one unfamiliar with Orrin Woodward’s history, one might assume that LIFE is a new business that went from $0 to $50 million in 18 months. They wouldn’t know that Orrin got his start in the Amway business, formed his own tools business (TEAM), got kicked out of Amway, and was with MonaVie for three years before “starting” LIFE.

Forbes noted that TEAM made $42 million around 2007-2008, with Orrin pocketing $6 million himself. That doesn’t sound like he’s been lacking for funds or resources now, does it?

Granted, when Orrin got started in Amway back nearly two decades ago, he had less funds and resources than he does now. While he might claim that people in LIFE have the same opportunity that he did, do the facts say otherwise? What is the average amount of income for each rank in LIFE? What’s the attrition rate? How are the $50 million dollars distributed within the LIFE organization?

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  1. May 22, 2013 12:20 pm

    No one in any MLM business has the same opportunities they did decades ago. MLMs were a relatively new idea/scheme and mainstream media wasn’t as prevalent/wise as it is today. Everyone knows about these MLMs businesses and how crazy they are (thank you kindly Amthrax for doing your share). MLMs and their “leaders” are being exposed… it’s the young generation and the hopeful older ones that find their way into these businesses in hopes of their dreams becoming reality with simple (but not easy) work… only to find they’ve wasted years of their lives, lost numerous close friends, and have nothing (and less) to show for it.

  2. Rascal Teamster permalink
    May 22, 2013 1:35 pm

    Oh give me a backwards flip…..seriously Orrin…the same opportunity?

    As TH correctly put it, no one in any MLM has the same opportunity they did two decades ago.

    First of all, MLMs are not new news to anyone anymore. There is no “new” thing out there. They are just different versions of other failed opportunities.

    Secondly, there is this thing called the internet, and while it’s been around since 95, blogs and posts like these were no where to be found. Anyone who wants to look for truth on the Internet is going to find forty different versions of the truth out there spanning from no truth to total truth. What this does is create doubt in the mind of any intelligent human. That doubt is a deal breaker, and the reason MLMs are build and replace businesses. It only takes one seed of doubt to destroy a team.

    The infrastructure for LIFE already existed. The tools already existed. When you just rehash old material and make a few edits, really how much startup money do you need?

    I wonder if Orrin wrote this one on his yacht or the guest house? It really doesn’t matter. It’s just more of the same. It’s the same BS that’s been going on for two decades. The rich get richer and the poor find out the truth.

    Good post, Amthrax.

  3. Isaac permalink
    May 22, 2013 1:52 pm

    I find Orrin’s comments very interesting. When I was a part of TEAM, the strategy of leveraging Content, Commerce, and Community made sense (in theory) with products that people would use everyday. However, as I found out over time the community was never able to leverage their purchasing power to lower the price of products (i.e. become the Wal-mart of internet)…everything I bought was MORE expensive through TEAM than if I bought it on my own. Again, the concept made sense and it never panned out. I also came to found out, the money maker was the tools, not so much the products. In the end, poor business model for the average person to be a part of.

    But now that it’s the LIFE business, I’m even more baffled why people think this is a good way to make money. Every book they purchase I could probably buy cheaper on my own. The CD’s are outrageusly expensive compared to the MILLIONS of podcasts I can get for free that teach me about leadership. (By the way, why doesn’t LIFE provide content via podcasts rather than CD’s? It would lower the cost for everyone…but as we know, it’s about created a false value that just shifts money from the purchaser to the seller). From a purely business perspective, LIFE an even worse way to build a business because the comparable products on the market can be found elsewhere much cheaper.

    I understand LIFE is more than just the leadership products…people like the relationships and community. I would actually respect LIFE leadership if they just came out and said, “What you’re really paying for is the ability to be a part of something.” That’s okay. People buy gym memberships or participate in golf leagues to be a part of something.

    Does anyone else see it the same way? To me the business model is worse with LIFE than when TEAM was linked up with products that could be used every day. With TEAM there would be some benefit to want to buy a product I could use. With LIFE there is no incentive to buy an overpriced book or CDs…I can get all that cheaper or for free elsewhere.

  4. Melanie Morgan permalink
    May 22, 2013 2:58 pm

    “I knew that the leadership team would quickly build the leadership products that could compete with any leadership team anywhere.”

    Well, obviously they needed to have something change “guickly” ..but as their history
    reveals…nothing more than re-branding with a twist…all to keep the cash cow being milked.. “little funds?” Haha…no doubt they needed to find some “new money” many thousands quit because of their genius and ‘re- branding of numerous times before….

    It is called “down-lines” that pay dearly for their brand new being built mansion, and other mansions….second homes, remodeled yacht, boats, gaudy jewelry, lavish vacations with suites, car collections, flights just to have lunch…. takes a lot of money (multi-millions) from the down-lines to maintain the top 6 or 7 lifestyles… lest not forget…. designer clothes for their animals!

    All their material things they claim they are “NOT” about. Someone must pay for it,!!!

    Just so happens their comp plan is perfectly designed so that their lifestyles are paid for by their down- lines, all those paying to play while sacrificing and struggling their own income income that they need jobs for in order to supply the top 6 or 7 with luxury lifestyles.

    With orrin’s trouble in Amway, amongst other lawsuits they bring on themselves by trying to gag and silence, and strip others of freedom of speech, they need more down-lines money for, and atrocious attrition rate, which requires new blood money…then. yes logcally if you are using the down-line to start and ‘re- brand or pay for the ‘new’ business!

    It certainly would require a lot of other people’s money put in the pot to pay for a ‘new’ name.Re-branding…evertything AGAIN, is costly to those down-line!

    Apparently they saw the need to once again run from another stigma, this time..Monavie…their most recent greatest business on the planet, they flushed to start LIFE.

    What happened to their promised: going to help see through…. The vision of 20 billion in 20 years blah, blah, blah.. what About being “quitters?” Why would they quit what they mislead everyone else to believe was the next best greatest buiness since sliced bread?

    They are always running from their past and always will until they eventually will have no where to run to! The only way, they will ever be able to stop running from their past…is to own up and face it.

    Nothing has changed…just.selling a ‘new’ (old old) story…. that is misleading.. one of their greatest skills.

  5. May 23, 2013 12:54 am

    well douche. I spent 3 hours George tonight, I am willing to say who I am. Are you?

    [Editor’s note: This is the other Michael Collins, who is a part of TEAM/LIFE]

  6. Freedomhaha permalink
    May 23, 2013 1:23 am


  7. Former Round Table permalink
    May 23, 2013 5:22 am

    Orrin has sunk so far into the cesspool of his lies that he can’t seem to wipe the crap out of his eyes. Life is a $50 million conglomerate? The man needs a dictionary.

  8. Vogel permalink
    May 23, 2013 7:43 am

    Speaking of the fake Michael Collins (the one from TEAM/LIEf, not the good one), I followed the link he provided to his Facebook page and was absolutely astounded to see the following quote attributed to Chris Brady.

    “If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything” C. Brady.

    The quote actually is from Malcolm X, not that witless idiot Brady. It’s amazing and amusing that these imbeciles would be quoting Malcolm X at all, given that what he stood for is pretty much the antithesis of what Orrin’s crime ring represents, but even more astounding is the plagiarism. Do they do this all the time? What other epic quotes do they attribute to Brady?

    “Four score and seven years ago…” — yep, that was Brady!

    “I have a dream…” — you betcha…Brady all the way…what a visionary!

    It’s truly mind boggling. I feel sorry anyone who ever had to spend more than 5 seconds in the presence of these disgusting charlatans.

  9. May 23, 2013 8:47 am

    The big leaders always joke about making their money by copying what others have done. Nowhere is this more apparent than how the steal quotes. They used to joke around about it all the time. It went something like this…
    The first time they use a quote, they give credit to the actual person (“Like Malcolm X said…”).
    The next time, the credit for the quote was more vague (“Like a wise man used to say…”).
    Finally, the third time they used a quote, it became their own (“Like I always say…”).
    Just another form of re-branding.

  10. MemoryLame permalink
    May 23, 2013 3:09 pm

    I enjoyed this one:
    Michael Collins
    May 4 via mobile
    Champions are not made when they win. They are made by what they do when they lose. Thanks Chris.

    What do they do when they lose, Michael? Call people “douche”? Stay classy, Mike.

  11. The Truth Hurts permalink
    May 23, 2013 7:08 pm

    Michael Collins, you should spank yourself! I am sure Big O would not approve of your smutty comments!

    Excuse me, I forgot, the Adams Family of the MLM world may approve this, who knows.

    Of course, this is just my opinion.

  12. Melanie Morgan permalink
    May 23, 2013 11:12 pm

    The Truth Hurts & Memory Lame-

    Mike Collins (douche) remarks would be child story book compared to his direct physical threats he has made on here in the past.

    So he spends time with George, physically threatens and comes here to spread his “positive” right after his mentoring?

    George must be proud…3hours around the “level 4 leader” (at least that is what George liked to call himself and boldly throw in some faces… while arrogantly telling telling some others they were only a “level 2 leader” Not sure how that makes you “level 4″ perhaps it is all it takes..

    But Mike Collins is showing off the..”world class leadership” he is following?

    Great example of leadership, NOT!!……go figure.

    Vogel- yes..and thank you.:)

  13. Melanie Morgan permalink
    May 23, 2013 11:21 pm

    Do you suppose George encourages this behavior?..and if not you would think with that much leadership Level4)….the “influence” would have helped with Mike’s anger issues, no?

    “Leadersip is Influence”

  14. Melanie Morgan permalink
    May 23, 2013 11:24 pm

    Former Round Table –

    Amen to that!

  15. May 25, 2013 11:58 am

    “Why Does Orrin Woodward Imply That LIFE Really Started 18 Months Ago?”

    He ain’t got nothing else to imply or he’s lying like a no legged dog (with apology to the dog).

  16. May 25, 2013 12:08 pm

    In other words try too hard to ride FB, Twit, Google, etc 0-to-bazillions coattails, that raging phenomenon.

  17. loveofeden permalink
    May 28, 2013 11:31 am

    Wow! I’m shocked at what I have been reading in the past 2 hours. Everything is making sense now, Gosh I feel horrible as a person right now.

  18. Melanie Morgan permalink
    May 29, 2013 9:57 am


    Try not to beat yourself up, it is intentional they keep you misinformed and away from any and all information that would shed light and allow anyone to critically think.

    Trust me, it is difficult to digest and accept, I completely understand your shock factor and how you feel. It is was very shocking to find out who they really are and accept they werent the spotless, honest, Christian “leaders“, quite the contray, they tell everyone they are and want all others to blindly believe.

    They spend massive amounts of time and throw money at and it IS their top priority to damage control and whatever it takes to try and untarnish their tarnished reputations. They go to great lengths to keep others from seeing this site, to cover their shady past, and the truth to why so many leaders left…. Any other facts, that is contrary to what they would have you believe.

    Read the Life Policies & Procedures, it spells out for you the consequences and confirms their desperate need to hide information.

    So it doesnt make you a terrible person, you just fell for exactlly what they have fed you and all others. They are masters at deceiving, spinning, and misleading. It is what you do after your eyes are opened, and you have done your due dilllgence, discover the facts and decide….in my humble opinion, will reveal to yourself and others what kind of person you want or will be.

    I know you will find support from those on here because they have walked where you are. Let us know if we can help in any way. Keep your chin up. 🙂

  19. fastfruit2oo9 permalink
    May 30, 2013 3:16 am

    There is a way to do leverage and mass volume purchase.
    I buy and CD (at $5 to $10) and I loan out to my leg or legs (up to 6 if you are a shooter) and they load into their ipod/ipad/phone….. so they can REALLY be with it 24-7. I can run my team for pennies on the dollar. We as a team will send simply use CDs… as they are so full of NEW information and there is zero need for any live events when things are recorded so professionally. CLEARLY any intellegent Corporation would do the same to be efficient and have ANY chance at returning money to their “bank” (the individuals funding all business activities).
    I just used:
    – Logic.
    – Efficiency of Capital (money being spent).
    – Efficiency of Time (duplicate efforts and do NOT waste a whole Saturday each month or a whole weekend away per quarter – how many families can even afford to spend the same amount on themselves and their children to get away for a weekend every 3 to 4 months??? likely less than 10% of Americans)..
    – ELIMINATION of Repeat Performances (Major ==> Seminar ==> CD…) – my new Team motto for success is “Take the CD and Run!”

  20. May 30, 2013 5:11 am

    @astfruit2oo9 Said,

    “I just used:
    – Logic.
    – Efficiency of Capital (money being spent).
    – Efficiency of Time (duplicate efforts and do NOT waste a whole Saturday each month or a whole weekend away per quarter…”

    You would think!

    But much blasphemy there against Orrin, TEAM/LIEf. Bet you can’t repeat that to him or include your full names with your post. To be messing with Orrin’s $$$ pipeline – the only $$$ pipeline in TEAM/LIEf – you are a dangerous individual to the said pipeline (i.e. Orrin’s).

    BTW Why are you involved with a “CLEARLY” not intelligent corporation, TEAM/LIEf?

  21. May 30, 2013 5:51 am

    @fastfruit2oo9 Said,

    “I loan out to my leg or legs”
    “I can run my team for pennies on the dollar.”
    “…my new Team motto for success is…”

    Hey buddy watch your language, it’s not your team, you don’t own anything per TEAM/LIEf policies & Procedures. Your membership (note, it’s membership, nothing to do with owning your own business) can be terminated by TEAM/LIEf for any reason and you cannot walk with what you think is your team. Read TEAM/LIEf P&P 3.24, 9.2. Included is that your downlines can be transferred as TEAM/LIEf whims fit after they kick you to the curb. Ouch!

    11.2 TEAM/LIEf can fold and reserves the right to terminate TEAM/LIEf members’ agreements and ain’t nothing a TEAMer can do about it.

    Mhhh….Still your team?

    11.1 Upon cancellation, a Member will lose all rights as a Member.
    This includes the right… to receive future commissions, bonuses, or other income resulting from the sales and other activities of the Member’s former Downline Organization. In the event of cancellation, Members agree to waive all rights they may have, including but not limited to property rights, to their former Downline Organization and to any bonuses, commissions or other remuneration derived from the sales and other activities of his or her former Downline Organization.

    Mhhh…Still believe in on-going pipeline residual income?

  22. Melanie Morgan permalink
    May 30, 2013 8:58 am


    WOW! Haha, that is hysterical from my point of view….What level are you and how long you been coping the CDs? Best prepare yourself for whats to come….lets just say like a lawsuit.! Dont think they are above it, they arent the nicey, nice fakers you think they are….at a minmum you probably gonna loose the business that was never yours to begin with and what you worked for!

    Funny they continually bash Corp.America…and jobs…..think of the worst case senerio…and it couldnt hold a candle to what happens or how you gonna be treated when O finds out you threaten his money….Good luk fastfruit…you gonna need it! Dont think you will hear…“keep doin what you are doin“ hahaha!

    Exambot spelled it out for you!

  23. Melanie Morgan permalink
    May 30, 2013 9:09 am

    BTW- Please enlighten us on the “NEW“ info…did they find a “new“ source(s) to plagiarize?

  24. Melanie Morgan permalink
    May 30, 2013 11:23 am


    Just a heads up. Orrin obviously loves the press (his own), now I know he has thousands of double standards and says he hates or the press, T.V., constant negitive news (CNN) all others, is bad and none of the followers should lay their eyes and hears upon it…but clearly his actions speak louder than his words, on this matter.

    Although I will give him some credit, he is being a bit more obvious he plugs in to it, where as before none of the PC would dare let that be known…“your group only does 50% of what you do right and 100% of what you do wrong“ and for the followers to think it be ok to watch, read, listen to anything or anyone outside of their control, oh my that would be cause for a good berating….so fast fruit, get ready, haha.

    Just a guess but them being a little more obvious on them plugging into that bad media, I think, would have a lot to do with the cultish stigma…just a guess.:)

    Wonder how much of the dowline, (profit sharing money) he spends on boostin his ego, or trying to game and spread the (false) image or of trying to protray a world renoun image of himself as thee, “leader“ an honest spot free, reputation?

    I have no doubts he reads this site daily, so here’s my point and caution to you:

    Pay very close attention to the “messages“ that will be sent, specifically to you …they are coming..:)… through all their “media“ …your upline, etc.. you are about to become real popular, now that you shared your not so secret strategy of how you “ leverage“ the copyright info. Dont think they wont figure out who you are…

    I am sure the “messages“ will have a very harsh tone, will be interesting. Side note they arent shy about calling people “whinners, losers“ and many other choice names, right to those who are donating all their time and money….now we know that isnt how you win friends and influence peoole! But….who cares, its Orrin who does it, ha!

  25. Sidelines permalink
    May 30, 2013 12:48 pm

    Did fastfruit 2009 actually say “waste” a whole Saturday or week-end per quarter ?
    It’s about time someone actually admits it !!!

  26. May 30, 2013 1:06 pm

    Psss…Does it sound like blasphemy to you like it does to me? You know, against TEAM/LIEf pseudo demigods.

  27. May 31, 2013 5:11 am

    Melanie said,

    “Orrin obviously loves the press (his own), now I know he has thousands of double standards and says he hates or the press, T.V., constant negitive news (CNN) all others, is bad and none of the followers should lay their eyes and hears upon it…”

    A little history to put this in perspective. Around 2001 a BWW EDC told a story of a TV magazine show -20/20 or something- that did a story on scAmway circa early 90’s while he was an emerald at the time. He told everybody in his group to watch, thanx to his naivete. Well it wasn’t a glowing account. To his chagrin his downlines dwindled seriously overnight.

    At the same time on the other coast Greg or Brad Duncan told a similar story and how his tool scam I mean his SOT’s went from 10k monthly to a measly 2k, thanx to the same show (Good show that was eh, it’s still on youtube).

    The EDC and all other MLM charlatans learned a valuable lesson. Not surprisingly, they of course became big preachers against the media for obviously, containment reasons of their tithing peons’ access to such uncontrolled (by them) information.

    That MLM charlatans are media attention strumpets is not lost even on a casual observer’s unkeen eye, but only when it serves their dissimulated purposes. Imagine Orrin passing up encouraging his subjacent tithing flock to print and use the Forbes article during their STP’s. What a waste use of media attention by af all, Forbes!

  28. May 31, 2013 5:14 am

    I meant …What a wasted none-use of media attention by of all, Forbes!

  29. Melanie Morgan permalink
    May 31, 2013 9:22 am


    Hahahaha! Emerald and EDC know it alls, guess didnt know it all after all. ..kunda back fired, .lmao. People wonder why they go to extremes in controling information…Their BIGGEST FEAR, is….being found out!

    I love your post, this site has been giving me some knee slapping, lol monents!

    Speaking of the negative media, seems they are bragging Fox News is talking about the 5 levels of decline (O says he came up with), funny though Jim Collins used in his book, when studiny companies, perhaps he didnt know Orrin, well Jim Collins ought to study this Industry!!!!!…Not sure how they got Fox News but Orrin & DeMille have found a way?

    Do people pay for this? I cannot copy and paste it but you can look it up upor someone would like to do a little research, lol. Again the bad media seems to be good media when it is used only for their agenda. No surprise, maybe someone wants to do the diggin and check this Fox story out.

    I have no idea how anyone would get Fox News, but I suspect, knowing their M.O…Seems hypocrital to me and it looked like a news “article“, I could be wrong I didnt dig.

    Perhaps it would be like the “Success Magazine“ gig where they tried to pull a fast one, misead people to believe that was legitimate. To only find out they paid a lot of money out of profit sharing to buy the insert! Pretty sue they knew people werent falling for it, people were sick and tired of the fake purchased, hype!….Needless to say that then went away real fast and never spoken of

    It falsely make them appear like they were nationally recognized and while short lived and like most of their other programs of the month was a flop and waste of money…They certainly didnt earn it, they just threw money at it!

    Seems money is no object when it comes to reputation management or hyping and misleading to keep the uninformed believing!

  30. Melanie Morgan permalink
    May 31, 2013 9:40 am

    Think almost all of the things the industry was against now seems to havre turned their ship to follow the rest of the world…you know they claimed they werent like the rest of the world, they are proud to be “different“…they have ALL the answers to lifes problems, …but they can’t hide anymore, thanks to the hated press… shows up in their actions they are just like or worse offenders on violating those success principles and hated things about gov, press, basically everything outside themselves……guess its the old “If ya can’t beat em, join em“…philosophy they have adopted. Another warning for the reader,…do your research and be careful or chose wisely…who you run with (associate)… is highly likely you will become them…

  31. Melanie Morgan permalink
    May 31, 2013 9:59 am

    One of many of Orrins fav’s…“If ya throw enough mud at the wall, somethin will stick“ …..but wait…..thought they had all the answers? Hmm… need for that…what about the… “proven success system“….where you will certainly get all your dreams and financial freedom, …passive, residual, blah, blah, blah…your money goes into the sewage pipe..err…, I mean pipeline income, you will never have to work the dreaded job or have the hated boss again…just keep on keepin on…ya’ll will get there..amazing how we all fell forit….nothin but BS.

  32. June 1, 2013 8:32 am

    There’s a pipeline alright. As with any other MLM it collects $$$ from downline and delivers to Orrin & his lackeys.

    Any return pipeline is insignificant in comparison and serves to maintain the formers’ now notoriously infamous hope, that their success is just around the corner thus, they should hang in there, keep doing what they do i.e. meaning behind equates to tithe to the latter. Mhhh…scratch that. It should similize to “keep getting robbed” considering how much they have to part with. You just have to be not from the hermite kingdom to get that (here TEAMmunists/MLMmunists are excused from understanding that). It’s amazing Melanie how we fell for it.

  33. ageofwisdom51 permalink
    June 27, 2013 2:41 pm

    Someone oughta spank OW for making the bold blog claim that it’s now a 50 million dollar conglomerate (he sure knows how to shoot himself in the foot at times)….okay, let’s get 91.99% of LIFE’s qualified membership from 2012 to do the spanking because I am SURE they are going to want to know where the money is….BECAUSE…under what they paid out in 2012 (per their own published stats), 91.99% earn less than $2058/annum and of that 91.99%, a full 60.24% earned less than $468!!

  34. Melanie Morgan permalink
    June 27, 2013 3:54 pm


    Haha, makes you wonder how many can actually SEE the obvious doesn’t it? According to a prospects comments on this site they were told 20,000 people were at their major this past weekend. Wonder if the speakers made it simple and pointed out those facts from stage like you did? NOT..a chance. They are decsentizing the masses to accept it, they will work real hard with their mouths to blame their victims, you can count on it!

    Eventually some will wisen up and it will show up sooner or later in the churn/attrition rate, those who become frustrated and open their eyes..they will quit when they realize their income doesnt ever exceed their exspenses and they are killing themselves doing everthing they are told to do and it still isn’t working!

    Orrin isn’t speaking of the “10%er’s“ message… for the sole call to the top government leaders,, he ALWAYS sends double messages to the followers, so it isn’t just for purposes of the “Leadershift“….they always used the 80/20 rule….“20% of the leaders do 80% of the work!“ yep… so every leader is looking to “replace themselves“… 20% slave for them and they know it, now perhaps it is only the 10%..They also bash in a derogitory way…“95%’vs 5%..95ers would be who they consider the “losers“ and the 5%er’s are who they refered to themselves! Perhaps that is their way of tricking themselves into believing they were being “honest“ and telling the masses, you will always be a 95%er and will never make a dime profit with them?!

  35. fastfruit2oo9 permalink
    July 10, 2013 3:02 pm

    Much of the methodolgy described above appears simple as young go getters simply never go out without their i/smart phone. Our simple play of any talk can be instantly heard and shared and stored on these critical devices. Efficiency is exponential as there is simple learning going on with the information transfer, and the powerfull Power Playing go getters are armed with the absolute best the Tm/TOD/Tm in hiding/Tm returning/Tm-MV / Tm-LIEf have to offer – simply the best of the best. We have been taught for years the new information is the key – and we have the key immediately played before our group and they immediate obtain the knowledge transferred – YOU CAN NOT STOP PROGRESS! This simple all accessing technology allows them to constantly SHARE & SHARE & SHARE & SHARE – they are a generation WAYYYYYYYYYY to fast to waste their time to re-invent the wheel. Can you blame them?

  36. MemoryLame permalink
    July 10, 2013 6:44 pm

    What? $50,000,000/20,000 people is an average of $2500 annually!

    You mean people don’t make that much?

    But I heard from stage that some of the PC bought $500,000 Coaches for one month’s pay, so that is $6,000,000 a year, right?

    There’s like 8 of them now too, right?

    Yeah So, $6,000,000×8 people = $48,000,000 right?

    :-/ That’s weird because that would mean the average made by the other 19,992 ANNUALLY people is about $100.04. It costs more than that for one major seminar ticket.

    Maybe I’m just bad at math. I mean, these guys have “fruit on the tree” and my mentor told me to just keep doing what I’m doing, that the answers are in the system.

    Hmmm…well, Figures Don’t Lie, but Liars Sure Can Figure.

  37. Melanie Morgan permalink
    July 10, 2013 9:52 pm


    I need the LIKE button for your comments! 🙂

  38. smart permalink
    March 1, 2014 10:51 am

    all you naysayers got something better you can spend your money and time to help me with no you just talk for nothing go watch more tv or better yet play sports

  39. smart permalink
    March 1, 2014 11:02 am

    i make 4grand profit or take home a month for you people with jobs im not sending it back just because you dont think it works and by the way a couple well below me makes well more than that so much for your pirimid crap

  40. Melanie Morgan permalink
    March 2, 2014 11:59 am

    Well, someone who is so “smart” might want to check not only on the spelling of a “pyramid-scheme” and better yet check with the definition, from the FTC on what a “Pyramid Scheme” IS. It’s not about the shape nor is it about the “TOP GUY making more money than the bottom guy”, that’s a given when Woodward is involved! LOL

    No one said it “doesn’t work”…many things “work” Bernie Madoff’s scam “worked” for a long time.

    We have plenty of ideas on legitimate ways you could make a living and profit and I highly doubt you are “profiting” 4000 grand a month. Don’t expect anyone on here to take your word for it!

    Trust God, all others must have data, especially coming from an MLM/liefer, right smarty pants?

  41. Melanie Morgan permalink
    March 2, 2014 12:21 pm


    Might want to keep up on the story about Bill Ackman and Herbalife.

    If you really want to hear what the “naysayers” are saying. Study what Bill Ackman is doing, It just might have a epic impact on ‘your business’ I mean Orrin Woodward’s business, you own nothing!!

    Also read all the claims, rhetoric, doctrine, the Herbalifers say…. Just a warning you might think you are listening to a liefer cd, and if you are “smart” you will wake up and I have a hunch you will experience some surreal moments & a whole lot of Déjà vu!

  42. Melanie Morgan permalink
    March 2, 2014 12:45 pm

    The copied the wrong article and now I can’t copy the one I intended to, just click on the link “issued a press release” from that article and you will find the link I intended to copy.

  43. freedomhaha permalink
    March 2, 2014 1:02 pm

    Smart- What percentage of your downline is making a profit?

  44. TruthSeeker permalink
    March 3, 2014 6:47 pm

    Smart sure is stupid! And illiterate as well. 🙂

  45. August 4, 2014 10:46 am

    I just wanted to say that as an employee for a football company, I make 8% commission on sales. This takes 12 months of rigorous selling (sometimes 17-18 hours per DAY). All of that time traded to earning $48,000. The issue is, the very next year, I have to start from $0 again.

    I became active in Life Leadership just over 9 months ago. I currently earn $1,100/month and qualify for a $3,000 trip in January. ($16,200/year residual). I did this only putting in 3-5 hours per WEEK.

    I have never in my life made more than $60 in an MLM (Amway, Quixtar, MonaVie). MLM’s, IF DONE CORRECTLY, are the greatest investment one can make with his time and money. Especially a company that has over a 72% profit share on it’s products.

  46. Vogel permalink
    August 4, 2014 12:26 pm

    LaughCoach said: “MLM’s, IF DONE CORRECTLY, are the greatest investment one can make with his time and money. Especially a company that has over a 72% profit share on it’s products.”

    That’s just crazy talk; unless by “done correctly” you meant “get plugged in as a kingpin so that you can profit from the exploitation of the ignorant and desperate.”

  47. noteam permalink
    August 4, 2014 2:40 pm

    LifeCoach – be careful of the word ‘residual’. As many former TEAM/LIFE leaders have found out. ‘Residual’ only means ‘as long as you’re on Orrin’s good side’. Refuse to suck up to him and it can all be taken away in an instant. Read your Policies & Proceedures.

  48. switch permalink
    August 4, 2014 2:42 pm

    Ahhhh yes….

    LifeCoach says-

    The “correct way” is to lie your way through them right?…. Remember all the Mona Vie ludicrous/bull$hit health claims like curing terminal illnesses like cancer???

    oh wait,…. I’m gonna venture to guess your mind has conveniently forgotten all about those sick times right???

  49. Vogel permalink
    August 4, 2014 6:26 pm

    Like Switch says — let’s never forget Monavie’s atrocities.

    They just shake the ol’ MLM Etch-A-Sketch — and poof! History vanishes. They’re some of the most pernicious propagandists the world has ever known. Downright Orwellian.

  50. August 5, 2014 4:07 pm

    LifeCoach, you just started LIEf a few months ago & are a superstar but you were unsuccessful in those other MLMs? That doesn’t make sense.

  51. Melanie Morgan permalink
    August 6, 2014 5:50 am


    Says; “($16,200/year residual). I did this only putting in 3-5 hours per WEEK.”

    Residual 3-5 hours a WEEK? Yep same ole lie….Bahahahaha! There is no one on here ever gonna believe that. Try being a little more forthright, you aren’t speaking to the gullible.

    You gonna have to try harder than that. 🙂

  52. I QUIT (and glad I did) permalink
    August 6, 2014 6:32 am

    15 plans a month. One of the power player qualifiers. PP is the only way to succeed and make money. 15 plans a month in 3 to 5 hours a week? I don’t think so. Liar.

  53. Melanie Morgan permalink
    August 6, 2014 7:03 am

    LifeCoach or LaughCoach…as Vogel says.. (haha)..his comments are the epitome of a programmed lifer..we all see nothing changed…. btw “LifeCoach”…it’s those kinda comments that getcha in trouble and the scams SHUT DOWN. Keep doin what ur doin! 🙂

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