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LIFE Changes Policy Regarding Quitting and Rejoining

September 12, 2013

Earlier today, LIFE tweaked1 its policies regarding LIFE members who quit one team to join another. A member — described as Tony the Tiger in the email — who quits must wait six months before joining another team. The change is that downline members from Tony — such as Captain Crunch as described in the email — now face a two-year sit out period instead of six months.

I wonder what precipitated this change in policy. Was it designed to help the upline of the quitting member by preserving the integrity of his or her downline organization for at least two years? Does this apply to every downline of the quitting member? Put another way, if someone were four, five, or six levels below Tony the Tiger, would they be subject to the two-year sit out rule?

Some Ex-TEAM members on this site have provided testimonies on how their upline leaders raided their organization and stole entire groups from them. Was something like this still happening today within TEAM/LIFE? Is this the reason why the policy regarding quitting and rejoining was changed?

Ex-TEAM members, what are your thoughts?

1 In the email, LIFE used the word “tweek” instead of “tweak” in referring to its new change. Tweek has a very different meaning than tweak.

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  1. Rascal Teamster permalink
    September 12, 2013 8:05 pm

    MLM organizations always face this problem, which is why they put these rules in place. I can’t tell you if team switching is happening today. At least if it is, I don’t think it’s an epidemic. I think the rule change is more of a way to prevent future trouble.

    Let’s say Tony the Tiger and Captain Crunch do join forces under Tony’s sister. Let’s say their whole group of 15 leave and join Tony’s sister. That’s a sizable chunk of volume that Tony’s former upline is losing out on. That might take Tony’s former upline right out of his Directorship.

    Can you hear the internet chatter. “I lost my Directorship in the Life Leadership Business,” screams Tony’s upline on a blog.

    New Lifers read it and ask their sponsor, “A what? Huh? I don’t see Directorship anywhere on the IDS. What’s a Directorship? Another way to get paid? Huh? What do you mean there are more ways to get paid than just the Life business? I can get paid for speaking and for selling CDs, books, and tickets to meetings? How much? I’m confused.” 😦

    I don’t think the PC wants the demons of their past business practices to creep into their new business. Let’s not talk about Lifers losing Directorships….. “how do you qualify for that anyway? Voted in? What the …….?”

    I think I get the picture. I know the tune their playing, and it’s beginning to sound a lot like Amway.

  2. noteam permalink
    September 12, 2013 8:31 pm

    Very interesting. Don’t know if it’s true or not, but I heard a former Emerald under the Paullins left their organization and re-registered as a personal of Claude & Lana Hamilton. From what I heard, Paullins, Newtons & Tim Marks were furious that this was allowed to happen.

    I am aware that Claude Hamilton has been coming to this former Emerald’s home to do personal meetings for his group.

    This particular former Emerald is also a member of the Missouri Senate. I find it hard to believe that Orrin Woodward himself would not have known about such a visible person switching lines of sponsorship. So either Orrin allowed Claude to stab Tim Marks in the back and looked the other way. Or Claude Hamilton has absolutely no integrity stealing someone from Tim Mark’s group. How would Claude like it if someone stole such a highly visible person from him.

    Tim, can you really trust Claude & Orrin after this? Other PC & RT members, you are aware of this to. Do you really think it couldn’t happen to you?

  3. David Miller permalink
    September 13, 2013 6:22 am

    A new day, a new way, the same olé bull$¥¡t. Watch your back Chris Miller.

  4. September 13, 2013 7:47 am

    Why would the Newtons, Marks, & Paullins be mad? After all, it still flows up to Orrin & isn’t that the most important thing? There’s no “I” in “Team”! They need to suck it up & look in the mirror, it’s obviously Marks’ et al fault. They must’ve done something to make this person to want to leave, sounds like maybe they need to re-read the Top 5 books.

    I wonder how the load of crap tastes when it’s fed back? I would’ve loved to hear the whining & counter whining between the former drunk slumlord & the Saul Goodman wannabe/Used Car Saleman.

  5. September 13, 2013 8:56 am

    @noteam – is there any way you can get proof that this happened? If so, it would serve as an indication as to why the policies were changed.

  6. Whirlwinded permalink
    September 13, 2013 11:41 am

    Still drinking the same Kool Aid, still a puppet to Hawkins & Woodward, still shuns those that betrayed “his business”, still blaspheming, still making peanuts evidently as he & his Team / Lief roommate were evicted from their rental home earlier this year. This is his You Tube video. Maybe if he was bombarded with comments & dislikes the light MIGHT go on upstairs, but I’m not holding my breath…

  7. Melanie Morgan permalink
    September 16, 2013 8:10 am

    They are trying to take their same ole crappy selves into an even a crappier future in the same ole corrupt industry. Perhaps they are seeing that manipulating and jacking people’s “business” and their LOS tends to pi$$ people off and then they leave in droves.. Just add another restrictive forced policy now after all the manipulating and destruction they thought
    was “the right thing” to do to everyone elses LOS? Perhaps this is a sign of what goes around comes around, must not like it when it happens to them…man these guys are sharp, just figuring that one out after 4 years? A little too late! Before it was “the right thing” and ok to screw others out of their LOS and “residual income and efforts!”

    These policies and their Hypocrisy is astounding… after raking in MULTIPLE mllions for themselves through their own tool pyramid on top of the pyramid…Q/Amway, according to FORBES and ORrin who sued Q/Amway for a pyramid with hopelessly over priced products! Their comp plan and policies appears to be the same or worse, I see no difference. And they want to be viewed as hero’s? Amazing!

    Same ole Amway methods and practices that they loathed and rather than CHANGE and fix the root problem, to “better the pay for the new circle” and protect their promised “spot”…That they didn’t give a Sh*t when they did this to everyone else during MV ..nothings changed..the masses continue to lose money. They touted that THEY were changing the industry,….where is their results?!

    Just more and more the same ole desperate decisions, SSDD, contiune and revert backwards or adopt more of what doesn’t’ t work or the same thing everyone else does in the corrupt and deceptive industry, imo. Deception and losses for the masses…38.40 per MONTH according to a comment and their own IDS, That is what the masses have to look forward to making before EXPENSES? Even a moron wouldn’t work for them, if they knew this but they believe they OWN their business.. a 12 year old can make more than that in a week!. As much as they tout FREEDOM, LIBERTY, HONESTY, INTEGRITY etc..the more their policies proof contrary! This policy should have been the given but they didn’t like it when AMWAY tried holding them to it, no they sued them!!

    Next thing they will be touting their “Open Door Policy”…and “Free to go” ..BS.. except they conveniently forget to tell you BEFORE you sign up the cold hard facts, why? Because even a moron wouldn’t be stupid enough to fall for their deception…. you NEVER owned your business and according to Orrin you don’t own your customers (team we all know there was no customers everyday even went to the attorney Generals with notarized letters from everyone they solicitated stating there were NO CUSTMERS!!!!! Hypocrites!!!!

    Come to find out your “business” and efforts were for them the whole time but they were shouting the contrary, and they own your family, friends who you brought in and built their teams!)

    LIEFERS stop listening to what they say and read the policies and watch what they do or get used to it, it’s ; their M.O. They must still be scratching their heads wondering why their Lief is such a fail,;the attrition rates haven’t changed, and why majority people quit!?

    Life was suppose to be the be all end all and yet I would bet my bottom dollar after almost 2 years their isnt 1 New Pc that didn’t have an existing team or received other cross line teams or other manipulated LOS to make it happen, even in Orrins original LOS PC or even those who were haven’t became one again, such results. Many people who have been in their life changing system for a decade or more and still haven’t gone PC what’s up with that if their system is so great and produces so much success and they are such great guru leaders then Why after 4 years (really decades for some) and yet they all are not moving on?!! Can’t believe more don’t see the obvious!

  8. Melanie Morgan permalink
    September 16, 2013 12:52 pm

    No team~

    The Paullin’s were never a part of Tim Marks original team, correct? So if true, one could safely say that Tim should…count his blessings… just be “grateful” he reaped $$$ from them while he had them?

    And then assuming not nor were they originally in Claude’s team either? Could this cause a crack in the “trust” at the ToP? Hmm…in the dog eat dog, good ole boys club… Team/LIEF world… this could mean trouble in ‘paradise’. Or perhaps, as a very intelligent commenter once said; they inevitably will turn on each other and showed this by illustrating this concept with a picture of the snake eating his own tail! Maybe that should be the logo for the scammy MLM’s? 🙂

    Well, if that is true, then it does seem as if what goes around is coming back around 🙂 ….and again if the ‘rules’ apply to one shouldn’t they apply to all, yes? Well, yes in a ‘fair’ business, it would be so but we all know, now…far from fair or at least what they claim it is…. the “special cash deals” “special spots” given and held for certain people.. and that the “playing field is level” for ALL, is nothing but BS. Is ANYONE ever told this in their “plans?” Not in the 13 unfortunate years I wasted believing their lies, never happened!

    Isn’t it funny how quickly the ‘policy makers’ change their “policies”,….to suit themselves in an industry that is amazing and nothing like corp world…but when it effects THEIR bottom line…their $$$ , their (someone else’s) team…..then best change the policy.

  9. noteam permalink
    September 16, 2013 4:21 pm

    You are correct. The Paullins and Newtons were not part of the Mark’s organic business. They were in the Dexter Yager line of sponsorship years before Orrin even registered. However, I have to imagine Tim is quite ticked that such a highly visible leader who was a part of his group from 2007-2010 would be allowed to switch to Claude’s los. and I could be wrong, but I believe he could be personally registered to Claude.
    Maybe now Tim finally realizes he cannot trust Claude. But he also has to wonder how much Orrin knew. If I were him, I’d be questioning Orrin too. Did Orrin need to beef up Claude’s leg a little bigger to ensure that he remained top dog? Was Tim’s leg getting too big?

  10. Rascal Teamster permalink
    September 16, 2013 5:06 pm

    Does anyone happen to know which Claude team they are attached to?

  11. noteam permalink
    September 16, 2013 5:55 pm

    I believe it could be somewhere on Team Kaizen? But I don’t where on that team. I would imagine Claude strategically placed him under someone so they could boast about more rapid growth 🙂 similar to the Dan Hawkins recognition.

  12. Rascal Teamster permalink
    September 16, 2013 6:30 pm

    Like Wayne and Raylene McNamara???

  13. Melanie Morgan permalink
    September 17, 2013 10:51 pm

    I agree but also think it’s so very hypocritical…since Orrin himself stated …:” No one owns ‘your’ customers, who owns you?” and something to the effect: You are “free- to-go, shouldn’t’ your downline (now apparently customers) have a ‘right’ to stay? Yep, in black n white, in an email to the Peters.(see FB).perhaps Orrin had a conflict with himself, when this happened with Claude, since people are free…if he knew about this LOS switch? Something tells me there will be a lot of butt kissing goin on. I wonder if Orrin still considers this behavior “parasite marketing?”

    The entire team knew they manipulated the LOS, they practiced it so why would Claude sponsoring someone from Tim’s , I mean someone else’s original group be any different,?Didn’t the PC, set this “example” , in the MonaVie registration? Doesn’t’ t their policies now state if you fall out of member qualification that second team gets thrown into the traproot, so they switch lines too, right?? So seems to Me pretty much like a free-for-all game they play with no regard for any kind or respect for any LOS. And really why would Orrin care still all under him, and he is the one who could change at will that secret pay formula, no?

    They set the precedence for the LOS manipulation. I know of a PC who gave the orders to specific people who then exicuted and destructed the LOS during the MV registration…Orrin knew about it then, why should it be different now?

    That was the game plan, during the lawsuit with Quixtar or trying to hide from getting caught “raiding the downline”… was it unethical, immoral, illegal?…strategic plan was it not?.we found their word is worthless therefore, not a one of them would ever be trusted.

    We saw first hand how dirty, vindictive, self serving they become when they feel like they are going to ‘lose it ALL, ‘.. or lose those “free to go” people….They had strategic secret emergency meetings intentionally leaving out (the leaders with influence) that were their so- called “friends”… they scraped, scrambled, slandered, lied, De-Edified, backstabbed, solicited ..”whatever-it-took”.. to desperately try and “hold” those free people in, after losing droves…so they wouldn’t lose any more of their cash flow and of course they needed to hit a few ranks in MV.

    Did they do the ethical and moral thing then…when ALL those leaders left? (that never came from their teams and even those on the team?)… like send them BACK to follow THEIR upline as they have taught from the get go…but apparently that was lip service too at least when it means they lose…been teaching that since the beginning in Amway… the right thing to do?.

    What did the “hater”-QRUSH say about Bo Short? Did he call him a “parasite marketer”, or do I have that wrong, was it someone else?… When Orrin heard he was contacting those free people from our team and probably others for his new venture..and then the date line whistle-blow in- exposure? Oh boy, Orrin didn’t like that…. That was a long time after Orrin decided he is now the “whistle-blower/hero”.., what was it 15 years Defending Amway/Quixtar, breaking all the rules outrun them at legal risk…raking in multimillionaires off his own tool scam (they aren’t about the money) could that be some self deception?. and building the best business bar none-> Amway, who then apparently… all of a sudden, had hopelessly over priced products and was a pyramid scheme, but yet the entire time “it doesn’t’t matter if you have to bury it in your back yard”…”buy from yourself” then the proven success system”….You must mandatory buy those hopelessly over priced products not at the Amway qualifying bonus spending of 100 pv….but 150 pv!!….to be in power player qualification…or you just creating your business as a hobby and not a leeeeeder on the team.

    Does Orrin now publicaly or biblically ‘agree’ with Bo, call HIM a “hero” for being a “whistle-blower” and compliment him, like he did Scott Larsen? (his prior enemy and atter he sued Scott and gagged him forever it seems)?

    I cannot tell you how truly blessed we are, to be gone…when I look at all the twisted con games they played, all the contradictions, double standards, lies, misleading and misrepresenting, etc…and all the propaganda they fed, it’s hard to believe…we fell for such deception and trusted such dishonorable cons. With “friends like that…who needs enemies?”
    Wonder if Tim’s feeling it with Claude?

  14. Melanie Morgan permalink
    September 17, 2013 11:56 pm

    BTW~ no team

    When they meet their maker and can honestly say they didn’t do any of these things like damage others lives, take or ruin others businesses, friendships, cause strife in families, never meant for people to believe they had passive, residual, willable on going income, cause divorce, and can say they were fair in every case, didn’t do anything malicious to protect their money, were completely transparent, up front and honest with everyone in their business,did everything they claim they are and didn’t lie, mislead or misrepresent anything to keep people believing, didn’t know people were being financially devastated, didn’t cover up anything wrongful, didn’t do anything intentionally unethical, dishonest, immoral, or knowingly illegal and honestly believe people are just “losers” if they quit, and didn’t do the work, or they always in every case did the right thing and never put themselves and their money and ranking interests FIRST but always did things for the whole team, never themselves.. as they claim and aren’t anything about the money, or didn’t know and cover up serious things, treated everyone and their pay fairly and justly etc…….. then more power to them.

  15. The Truth Hurts permalink
    October 9, 2013 9:56 am

    I have been doing some thinking lately..Maybe we have it all wrong..Instead of a FRUIT CHECK, instead one should look for a POO CHECK.

    Now, we all know Poo smells, so when you check out ANY business opportunity, you should check to see if it smells. hence Poop check, because if it is not legit, there will be a pile somewhere.

    Some things pointing towards the pile…

    Are you invited to something by someone who wants you to “see an opportunity” but won’t tell you what it is? Poo ahead, poo under the tree, watch your step.

    Usually, during a persons first brush with any business that does have poo under the tree, things are thrown around so in the end, the new target/recruit/possible sucker cannot quite get a grip on what exactly the business is about. The “Leaders” are being promoted as having it all, they are a nice community..

    I have heard about a lot of communities..lets see Jim Jones had one in Guyana that I think he called Jones Town, David Koresh in Waco, and I seem to remember some Comet people who offed themselves in a mansion too.

    The bottom line is if the opportunity is so good, then why isn’t it mainstream.

  16. Melanie Morgan permalink
    October 10, 2013 1:42 pm

    The truth hurts-

    ………………. 🙂

  17. Vanessa W permalink
    October 21, 2013 6:26 pm

    WOW!!!!! I can’t believe this! This is really catching around down here and some friends of our at church had my husband come to a meeting (I had to work) he was all excited but couldn’t really tell me “WHY”? He is going to a “seminar” in November. I was curious so started doing research and do NOT like what I am hearing. Who is this guy in the video? I my husband showed me this so I could get an idea of what it was. I don’t know if this is the guys that was at our friends house or not. Is this one of their leaders? Why did he show me this guy as there are others speaking from bigger meetings on youtube? Where is this guy from? I want the dirt on all of this please.

  18. noteam permalink
    October 21, 2013 8:52 pm

    Be careful Vanessa, these thugs prey on churches. They take advantage of good Christian people by saying what the people want to hear. However, it is all an act. I have never personally witnessed a more hypocritical group of people in my life. They preach one thing, but the way they live their lives is completely different.

    Call any member of Berean Church in Michigan and ask them about the devastation caused by Orrin Woodward and his crew. The pastor of that church Pastor Dickie used to be Orrin’s mentor but has nothing to do with Orrin anymore. The pastor’s son Bob Dickie, used to be Orrin’s CEO, but resigned during the trial (the one in which Orrin & crew lost a judgement for $25 million for their deceit). I believe he resigned after learning what a bunch of lying scumbags these guys are (just my personal opinion).

    Beware the wolf in sheeps clothing!!!!

    If they had any integrity at all, why would they keep needing to change their company’s name every few years? isn’t the goal of most companies to keep their name and build on their reputation? But not if a horrible reputation keeps catching up with you, then the goal is to re-create yourself so no one knows your past.

    Run Vanessa – but have a heart and let everyone in your church know about this website. If not, your church will be devasted by this crew over the next few years.

  19. Melanie Morgan permalink
    October 22, 2013 8:22 pm

    Vanessa W-

    Can’t tell you about the guy, that is in the video never around him personally accept you can count on what he says will almost be identical to everyone else …”duplication” is what they like to call it and it’s how they are “trained”, the direction, instruction, orders given…EVERY move and training, comes from the “PC/ Founder or TOP down, try deviating if you would like to test it.. it is scripted and EVERYONE repeats what they are taught!

    Right down to “handling every objection,” (scripted answers to the critical questions). they avoid the hard questions people ask about the facts or just good relevant critical business question, you will be confronted with those scripted answers or their 3D tactics….>

    Distract, Divert, Deny….They are masters at those three D’s…You won’t even know what hit you nor would anyone recognized the answers are scripted!

    Continue to do your research, and use common sense, follow your own instincts, test to see if what you are finding on here or elsewhere rings true.

    Lastly, A good rule of thumb and pay super close attention, go prepared with the hard hitting legitimate questions (check out LIFE PRIMER at top right or come up with your own questions) but always remember “those who having nothing to hide…hide nothing. ”

    GOOD luck on your journey and getting your answers. 🙂

  20. Geebz permalink
    January 11, 2014 6:43 am

    I was in Amway from 1989-92. I had not problem with the Amway business per se, but my AMO (Yager) was another matter. I didn’t know just how profitable the tool business was, or I probably would have steered clear. The main sticking point in my side was how Yager and his people shoved their political and religious views down my throat at my own expense. Hey, I have no problem with folks having their own ideologies, whatever they may be. I don’t even have a problem with them expressing their views, but when I’m forking out $200 plus traveling expenses for a “business function”, I’m not paying for some yahoo to stand on a stage and give me his views on abortion or gays. What’s that got to do with selling LOC, honestly?

    That being said, I have no problem with MLM, as long as there is FULL AND ACCURATE DISCLOSURE. 1% of the organization controlling 90% of the money is not unusual – the same numbers apply to the American population as a whole. However, if those are the numbers, give them to me ACCURATELY, and then I’ll decide. This Orrin Woodward guy seems to want to apply socialistic numbers to a capitalistic venture in order to get more people involved, and that dog don’t hunt.

    Also, people who are considering getting involved in something like LIFE (which I declined, seeing no viable product or service in it) have to be aware of the language that is used. Do they say you “will” get rich, or that you “can” get rich? If they use the latter term, they are being accurate. Also, do they use the word “promise”? If they do, they’re being unethical, since nobody can promise anybody anything in business.

    I can’t stress enough that anyone who considers these things take the time to read what they are signing beforehand. If the contract seems too lopsided in favor of the organization, don’t sign it. I would be especially leery of any contract that states your “business” can be taken away from you “at will”. Employees are subject to the will of an employer. A business that you truly own should only be at your will. The problem with the AMO tool business, from what I understand, is that there are no written contracts, and everything is done on a wink and a handshake, so there is no recourse if someone gets locked out. Also, the tool income and its ratio to product income is not disclosed to lower-level Pins (we didn’t even know there WAS a tool business back in the day, let alone that was where 70-80% of the dough came from). This is lying by omission.

    IF there is full disclosure, and you still want to get involved with an MLM, be my guest. However, make sure you’re going in eyes wide open, and that you have done your homework using CREDIBLE sources. Also, define WHY you want to be involved. Are you really interested in building a business, or are you just looking for a social club of like-minded people, because there are social clubs out there that you can join for free and get just as much out of. From my point of view, LIFE fails in both departments, because 1) there is no viable, marketable product (why do I want to listen to some guy paraphrasing someone else’s book when I can just read the book?), and 2) the cost of being part of their “club” is way too steep. Start a Meetup group instead and save the money for breakfast at Mickey D’s.

  21. noteam permalink
    January 11, 2014 4:44 pm

    Geebz – Loved your comments. Trust me, Orrin Woodward and his LIFE business make Dexter Yager look like a saint. The depth of deceit in LIFE and the amounts of money people spent on tools were many times worse than I ever witnessed with Yager.

  22. Vogel permalink
    January 11, 2014 7:40 pm

    Geebz said: “That being said, I have no problem with MLM, as long as there is FULL AND ACCURATE DISCLOSURE.”

    Isn’t that a bit of an oxymoron? When in history has there ever been an MLM that was fully transparent? With full disclosure, the MLM industry would cease to exist.

    “I can’t stress enough that anyone who considers these things take the time to read what they are signing beforehand. If the contract seems too lopsided in favor of the organization, don’t sign it.”

    People who are targeted by MLMs don’t necessarily have the wherewithal to decipher those purposely complicated contracts. That’s why MLMs target the elderly and uneducated. How are they supposed to “do their homework” given their own limited abilities and the massive efforts of MLMs to be deceptively coercive. It’s like sending lambs to slaughter. Not only that but the people doing the coercion are often friends or family members, or very convincing professional con artists. That makes judgement even more clouded. All together, it’s a rat’s nest of ignorance, desperation, greed, deception, and emotional blackmail.

    “However, make sure you’re going in eyes wide open, and that you have done your homework using CREDIBLE sources.”

    Well of course people should keep their eyes open, but the problems don’t get solved if we simply say ‘caveat emptor’ and leave it at that. Putting all the onus on the consumer to guard against MLM fraud is basically a decision to change absolutely nothing — just maintain the status quo and continue to let people get massively screwed, while evil conmen get rich. Advocating much stricter regulation of MLM is the best way to go to protect the public interest.

  23. SpaceHamster permalink
    January 12, 2014 11:29 pm

    Why do MLM’s exist?

    First, a quick admission. At this point in my life I feel I can’t call myself Christian. My exposure to the teachings of the bible is quite limited. Since leaving LIFE I have been introduced to some of the teachings via my brother and I’ve come to the conclusion there is good life advice found within. That said, my mind does not yet accept the spiritual so it has difficulty believing many of the events. I like to keep an open mind so I continue to observe.

    Last night I was at a service where the speaker discussed the story of Samuel and the time the people of Israel requested for a King to reign over them. God provided them with a King, Saul (sp?), knowing things would fall apart. Why did God provide the people with a King even though he knew better? The speakers answer, to teach the people a lesson.

    Why do MLM’s such as LIFE exist? To teach us a lesson. I know I learned from it. 😉

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