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Lawsuits Against Critics

July 1, 2014

Longtime reader freedomhaha recently posted this comment:

Amthrax- Can we start a new area to follow the law suits. Those are some of the biggest things going on right now it would be great for everyone to have a spot to follow and discuss them. Thanks for everything.

Over the years, members of TEAM have engaged in litigious activity to silence their critics. Here’s a dedicated post to discuss these lawsuits.

Update July 18, 2014: LazyMan has a similar post about MLM lawsuits on his website that is worth reading.

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  1. Rascal Teamster permalink
    July 1, 2014 6:21 am

    Thanks for this cool idea, Freedomhaha.

    Amthrax, did you have a format that you wanted to follow in this thread, or do you want us to just figure it out and start posting? Not sure if you just wanted this thread to be a landing page with links to the other posts (Related Links).

    Melanie’s definitely the closest to the Peters. I would vote for transfering the Peter’s court case links from the SEC thread over to this thread and then putting a post in the SEC thread that says, “all further discussion on the lawsuits should be posted in the lawsuit thread” with a link over to this new thread.

    Is that kind of what you were thinking, Freedom?

  2. July 1, 2014 7:16 am

    Format is an open discussion. Happy digging and discussing.

  3. Melanie Morgan permalink
    July 1, 2014 8:14 pm

    Here folks is the copied comment & link concerning the public information on the lawsuits where Eric Blomdahl is suing Mark & Raquel Peters and the other lawsuit info…. Mark Peters et al vs Orrin Woodward vs et al.

    June 29, 2014 10:52 am


    We all knew….Eric Blomdahl was suing the Peters and know many people will want to read and keep up on that. I will provide the link.

    But Now there is a counter suit… Mark Peters et al vs Orrin Woodward vs et al. (listing many including Eric Blomdahl) you all interested in following can keep up at this link. 🙂

    You can find the lawsuits here under Raquel Peters, Jefferson County.

    Happy Independence Day to you all! Have a safe and memorable weekend!

    Talk with ya soon. 🙂

  4. Melanie Morgan permalink
    July 9, 2014 8:32 pm

    We could spend a lot of time linking to lawsuits brought on by the MLM industry, and I hope people start linking to these. Including the lawsuits brought on and by Orrin Woodward * Co (Signature Management Team). and how they silence the critics.

    It is extremely contradictory, not to mention hypocritical (from their rhetoric and ‘teaching’) for them to sue anyone. They imply with much pride, tout and repeat how their ’cause’ is to bring people to the Truth bring back America and the FREEDOMS… freedom of speech and am sure most have heard them call themselves hero’s, freedom-fighters and many other, heroic sounding names. They speak and write continually about the constitution, liberty, and what America was founded on and speak as they themselves are the authority and the only ones “doing something about it” and PRIDE themselves in using Biblical and “CONFLICT RESOLUTION” but continue to sue and silence critics?

    See here:

    and here

    Click to access 09-71265.pdf

    where the TEAM defended itself from what Quixtar called an anonymous smear campaign.

    Specifically, “Signature Management ‘TEAM’ LLC” or Orrin Woodward Company, most probably don’t know it by that name (unless you were higher ranked or in profit sharing and know this is the company name). They would only know it as Team of Destiny, Team, Team Monavie, or now called LIFE, depending when they got started,

    All the name changes and having it under SMT llc, helps in keeping most of the lawsuits undercover, hidden or not easily found but is as much their M.O. as suing critics is. They do not want the ‘negative press’, critic sites etc to be read or seen by anyone especially the newbie or lower ranks, (masses), The attrition.churn rates are atrocious and they don’t like to be forthright about any ‘negative’ truth. Hence, why they sue critics.

    I highly recommend everyone to do their due diligence, and asking the questions about their history of lawsuits, If they are who they claim then what would be the reason to hide or avoid any questions? Any questions that get a distracted, diversion, or blatant ignoring an no answer should be a huge red flag for anyone.

    Search Signature Management Team LLC along with the rest of the names they use. I know they tout they are transparent but from my experience their action (are not congruent) and speak a lot louder than their words. Ask, why the need for so many name changes? They clearly change their name a lot, and that is to hide any “negative” information that would deter people from getting started in their “new” same ole business.

    By searching google, you can find many different lawsuits, how they sue their “critics”, I am going to try and give links to what I find and if anyone else knows or finds any please post.

  5. Melanie Morgan permalink
    July 9, 2014 10:10 pm

    News Flash*-

    How many of you readers, commentators have found this lawsuit brought on by “Signature Management Team” v. Automatic, Inc. or AMTHRAX?!


    Read it; at links below. From what I can see the lawsuit is about copyright from an old 4th edition Team textbook, that he had linked to and was on the internet? And they are suing for that? How many ‘editions’ and what is the number of the last one? Umm..really?

    These guys are a real piece.

    Tweets from Orrin Woodward:

    I have seen this one from OW and Chuck Cullen :

    “I hate the guys who criticize and … whose enterprise has made them rise above the guys who criticize.

    So why do they sue and hate negative truth and critics?

    OW tweet June 11- “Two ways to NOT handle conflict resolution: Silence – the cowards way; Violence – the emotionally unintelligent way.”

    Here’s some links you can search.


    People wake up! Know the risks getting involved with guys like Orrin Woodward, Chris Brady and the rest.

    Amthrax and others like him are courageous and I thank them for all he has done for me personally, and you can read many comments where this site has helped many, many others.

    He had the guts to put up speak out and now has to endure a lawsuit brought on by SMT/ Orrin Woodward.

    Do people realize lawsuits can cost tens of thousands of dollars just to represent yourselves which is their game to try and break your bank and silence! Remember that when you get involved with them and then think you will be able to speak out load about having your own opinion or “negative experience” like the Peters or people that have websites Like Amthrax, Lazy Man and Money who I believe is also being sued by another MLM. Not only are the MLM a rigged game they will sue you!

    Orrin Woodward & co also sued another critic Scott Larsen a known critic of Amway, which I could not find a link to, but then Orrin praised him years later hmm…was it because Orrin ended up in a lawsuit himself with Amway? Appalling!

  6. Melanie Morgan permalink
    July 9, 2014 10:50 pm

    Question for those who believe they are in the Life changing business with a bunch of Christians who claim Character, Integrity, Honesty, Transparency, Supposedly world renown leaders etc..etc.. who act like they practice Conflict Resolution and yet “criticize” everything including the “critics,” Ever heard or read them repeat: “Critics are the death gargle of a non-achiever” or what about…. prove the critic wrong by your results?!!

    Do you want them to own your voice too while your in your “own business”, what about when you lose thousands of dollars and get out or worse your relationship falls apart due to the debt and stress? Do you think they would sue you? How about if you have the experience as anyone of the commenters on here?!

    Do you think they would sue YOU or anyone else who copied a very OLD outdated pdf edition of one of their books…. if you or anyone for that matter….. (other than a critic of course) copied it and then praised and worshiped them as if they have the market on the greatest information in the world?

    The audacity…. So their rhetoric, and what they claim they believe and do as with most of it is…. BS.

  7. Rascal Teamster permalink
    July 10, 2014 7:53 am

    Well, well, well…..thank you, Melanie.

    Now I get it, Amthrax…your dancing and tip toeing around the law suit thread. Thank you for your courage to face these goons and once again prove the hypocrisy of Orrin Woodward. What a slime bag.

    If I heard Orrin, in the 5 + years I was in, mention this once, I heard him mention it 1000 times.

    “Never silence a critic with your words. Let your results speak for themselves.”

    Orrin, if that is really true, and you honestly believe that, then this also is.

    Rascal Teamster says, “If you must resort to silencing someone with your words, it can only mean that your results suck.”

    You are either a hypocrite or a liar, Mr. Woodward. Which one are you? Guess a judge will decide.

  8. Melanie Morgan permalink
    July 10, 2014 8:18 am

    “The worst thing about freedom of speech is that we have to listen to it.”~ Chris Brady

    Says from someone co. who charges the ‘captive’ audience $125-175 per ticket to listen to him?

  9. Melanie Morgan permalink
    July 10, 2014 8:46 am


    How about this one, again if they said it once they said it a 1000 times, it’s a doosy:

    “Leaders apply law to themselves & grace to others. Non-leaders apply grace to themselves & law to others.”

    Does Orrin Woodward practice this or just want others to?

    Then comes off with this one?

    “Leaders turn injustices into education for growth; losers turn them into justification for failure.” ~OW

    Is Orrin speaking of himself and which one is he a “loser” or “leader?’ Astounding…. is their hypocrisy and arrogance.

  10. Melanie Morgan permalink
    July 10, 2014 9:06 am

    Are those being “recruited” told of these lawsuits and that they could too be drug into court?! If NOT they better rethink and ask many, many questions of themselves.

    LIEfers ask yourself, will it be worth it> the evidence is overwhelming… When you “join” LIEf are you willing to LOSE and know you could be forced into court…to silence you…(years more of your life and tens of thousands of dollars later)?

    Are you willing to sacrifice (“pay-the-price”) YEARS, of losing $$, or wreaking havoc on your finances going into more debt, friends and family (go in debt with no real return..see & understand LIFE comp plan analysis) give up your right to your opinion & voice, to spend years away from your children and family events?

    To be blamed for your non “success” (in the rigged game of MLM where they get their “success” by deceiving & mis-leading others). Ask yourselves Is this the “life you always wanted” and are “signing up for” or this “dream & legacy?”

    Do you really believe in things and people that sound too good to be true?

  11. Melanie Morgan permalink
    July 10, 2014 9:34 am

    Just curious….When you have one of those ‘loser’ JOBS (team rhetoric)…do you go to work everyday, wondering if you will be sued if you disagree or don’t agree with someone you find is unethical and speak out?

    Wonder how many of those Corporation who pay their ‘loser’ employees for working, drag them in court to sue them, silence them, and try and bury them financially if they don’t ‘agree’ or have a blog with some facts, stories etc…that would seem a bit ‘negative’ but true of facts and their experience?

    Which do you believe there is ‘more’ risk “joining” a cult like MLM or having a real job?

    Does the Liefer leaders now tout from stage that… if we don’t like what you do or say or who you talk to, we will sue you?

    But then as long as you keep buying the “materials” & keep recruiting.. sharing that info with the world you will be our “friends”… Do they tell you, they not about the MONEY and are following God’s purpose? Do they tell you their pure little hearts are realllly about getting the ‘right’ thinking, taking back America and ‘influencing’ (controlling) with their propaganda?

  12. Melanie Morgan permalink
    July 10, 2014 11:27 am

    Amthrax or anyone else~

    Are you seeing any links in my post @ 8:32, I have no idea why some of the words link to BS, I did not do that? Can anyone explain this?

  13. July 10, 2014 12:02 pm

    Which links are you referring to? The Wikipedia link and the court opinion links were both working for me.

  14. Melanie Morgan permalink
    July 10, 2014 12:46 pm

    In my post from 8:32/ July 9.

    The words that I see are highlighted and have links ….”MLM” , the word “continue”, “profit sharing” and “Monavie.”

  15. July 10, 2014 2:28 pm

    I don’t see that those words have links. Maybe you have a browser plugin that’s adding links to the page? Where do those links go? Send them to me via email if you don’t want to post them here.

  16. noteam permalink
    July 10, 2014 3:56 pm

    I had no idea Orrin & Crew sued Amthrax too. There is no level to which they will not stoop! Talk about hypocrits!!!!! To bad Tim Marks was not forthright in dealing with the court in the case in which he was fined $60,000 for no supplying information as asked in the Quixtar case regarding his and the TEAM’s anonymous blogging activity/knowledge.

    So Orrin had no problem with anonymous bloggers when it went in his favor. But now that the truth is coming out about him, look at all the lawsuits starting to fly. As Melanie said – talk about someone wanting to judge others by law, but wanting grace for himself. And judging others by their actions but wanting people looking at him for his intentions.

    Ever since I stopped drinking the Kool-Aid, I have become more and more disgusted at the depth of deception and dishonesty of these scammers.

  17. Rascal Teamster permalink
    July 10, 2014 4:20 pm

    Noteam, I agree on the Kool-Aid comment. Getting away from it was the only thing that lead me to be able to define what Team is. Thank God for Amthrax and you guys who helped.

    “Team is a business cult…an oligarchy run by a plutocracy whose sole purpose is to sell motivation to motivate others to sell more motivation.”

    Once a group like this garners so much power from it’s willing supporters it always turns corrupt. History teaches us that.

    Any system upon which more energy is applied than the system can use will always result in chaos.

    Too much energy input for too few results. Nothing will surprise me anymore. Team has crossed over the line and into chaos…..desperation is sure to follow as the web unravels.

    That’s what we’re seeing in these lawsuits….utter desperation.

  18. Melanie Morgan permalink
    July 10, 2014 4:53 pm

    No team & Rascal

    Excellent comments!!!!! You guys are Amazing! Thanks for all your help and support!

    All’s I can say is NEVER push a loyal person to the point they don’t give a damn! 😉

  19. Vogel permalink
    July 10, 2014 8:32 pm

    “The worst thing about freedom of speech is that it’s free; it should always cost at least $125-175 per ticket.”

    (Chris Brady Unfiltered)

  20. Melanie Morgan permalink
    July 11, 2014 8:21 am


    Right? 🙂

    Plus I believe it is $20 more bucks per month for his ‘freedom to speech’ radio station, and another 10-50 bucks per month for numerous ‘cd/book’ packages, and the thousands of now (used to be 6 buck Cd’s and have been as low as $5) but now they are $10. Oh and lest not forget their own authored books they are usually are around a whopping $25! Then you have the $10 open meetings and the now I believe it is $ 30 seminars. (used to be 25). What about all that ‘free’ speech? (propaganda) not to mention the tens of thousands of RE-BRANDED propaganda that they have sold to thousands of the same people over and over and over and over!

    These guys make a killin’ off of the right to “free speech!”

  21. Melanie Morgan permalink
    July 11, 2014 8:41 am

    How could I forget their practice of ‘free speech’….umm biggest pay day…not exactly sure what they are paying themselves now but if my memory serves it was $2500 turbo 100, either 5 or10 grand for triple 100 and some ridiculous for ‘diamonds’ like 25-50 grand! My point is they make a killin to exercise that right!

    Typical of them to say something like that tho, obviously without thinking hmm….wonder where we or the TEAM LIEF “freedom fighting”… (HA)…Where would be.. if we couldn’t charge a killin’ for that ‘free speech?!’…Perhaps standing in a soup line? Or maybe that is what people think about them when they are captive in their audience? Just sayin’

  22. Melanie Morgan permalink
    July 11, 2014 8:53 am

    Another place to search lawsuits with Signature Management Team, & Orrin Woodward Networking. I need to spend more time but it looks me like they have been sued for ‘copyright’?!

  23. Melanie Morgan permalink
    July 11, 2014 8:54 am

  24. Melanie Morgan permalink
    July 11, 2014 9:11 am

    “Modern society is information rich and wisdom poor.” ~OW



    the quality of having experience, knowledge, and good judgment; the quality of being wise.

    synonyms: sagacity, intelligence, sense, common sense, shrewdness, astuteness, smartness, judiciousness, judgment, prudence, circumspection; More
    logic, rationale, rationality, soundness, advisability

    “we questioned the wisdom of the decision”

    antonyms: folly, stupidity

    •the soundness of an action or decision with regard to the application of experience, knowledge, and good judgment.

    “some questioned the wisdom of building the dam so close to an active volcano”

    synonyms: sagacity, intelligence, sense, common sense, shrewdness, astuteness, smartness, judiciousness, judgment, prudence, circumspection; More
    logic, rationale, rationality, soundness, advisability

  25. Melanie Morgan permalink
    July 11, 2014 10:42 am

    I find it interesting or not, that Orrin just put that up. I have to agree in one way and I believe that is what MLM counts on, allowing them to “recruit” others so easily! So use your common sense… wisdom!

    Message for every single person who is being “recruited” and or already in any MLM… My hope is (before you sign the dotted line… (your life away for over a decade in our case)… DO your due diligence!

    Not only research the lawsuits and companies suing each other (to me says so much and is a no brainer for most) but even as or more important what about the lawsuits against those who were involved they call friends (while in) and are getting sued or those who have blogs such as this one that are dedicating their time to help inform of the content they want ‘hidden’… and they are getting sued! Does anyone really believe that people just want to talk “negative”…waste their own precious time just to lie, make up their “experiences” or the best… people are getting paid to talk bad??!! Does that make any sense? The ridiculousness of what they try and get to convinced to fall for.

    I personally believe if one spends some time just reading these lawsuits and few blogs they will gather everything and then compare to their “propaganda” MLM sites (where they don’t allow dissenting comments, why would that be?)… One then would get a very good idea and will become informed. Just by using some common sense!

    Don’t be ‘unwise’ 🙂 … Especially if you have been told by them trying to recruit you, not to?! Everyone senses when someone is trying to “sell” them, stay alert! The question is: WHY would anyone trying to “sell you”…. tell you not to get well informed, or ask for proof and real Business questions BEFORE you get involved in any business, if they don’t have anything to hide? Do you just “trust” what-ever they tell you? That would be a big mistake…j ust a warning. 🙂

    Do you think that what they do when making a large investment over time with their money…and how they make their ‘informed’ decision on starting any business?

    A common sense question… What would they be trying to hide if they don’t? The FTC highly encourages you do your research, ask questions etc.. and I for one, coming from Years of experience (wisdom) cannot stress it enough! It would have saved us over a decade of disaster, very long story….and could ‘save’ YOU more than you will ever know.

    Refuse to fall for their memorized/rehearsed “handling objections” or stop thinking techniques they commonly use… they will say many things to distract you from any research… like… “negative and lawsuits are out there on every company”. Anyone who has ever done anything great, has critics” and on and on….so many more of these “trained” to say handling objections! Don’t fall for any of it… Do they insult your intelligence or not think you are smart enough to discern? Or is it because they don’t want you to know?! My experience I promise you, they don’t want you to know!

    There is a REASON for the industry and TEAM LIEF has ‘negative and lawsuits’ and I promise you if you start doing your research you can figure it out for yourself! Simple common sense.

    If they are so benevolent, Christian and everything else they claim they are including in the “World Book of Guinness Records” ( for signing the most books).. Do they do as they preach, and have nothing to Hide, then what are they afraid of? And wouldn’t it then make sense they have nothing to worry about and encourage you to do what the FTC does?!…

    Please… DO YOUR RESEARCH! Visit the FTC website and many, many others like this one Pyramid Scheme Alert, Lazy Man and Money, Seeking Alpha, there are so many I cannot even mention…just google!!! Feel free to hit all their sites to compare..the ONLY ones they want you to see, Why?… Then you will find out what you should ask and get proof and documents, a lawyer if needed!!. Good luck! 🙂

    [Editor’s note: minor spelling corrections and reformatting for easier reading]

  26. Melanie Morgan permalink
    July 11, 2014 10:48 am

    Read and follow as much as you can on Mark & Raquel Peters and the lawsuit brought against them by Eric. Get yourself a pacer account, and follow. And those who know the Peters…keep praying! What are they up against?

    I think you might get a good idea by the point NOTEAM made:

    “To bad Tim Marks was not forthright in dealing with the court in the case in which he was fined $60,000 for no supplying information as asked in the Quixtar case regarding his and the TEAM’s anonymous blogging activity/knowledge.”

    Tim Marks is one of the FOUNDERS of LIFE.

    If these “Christians” are willing to hide that much information….Isn’t that breaking the law?….the questions is…What else are they willing to do?

    [Editor’s note: added blockquote]

  27. Melanie Morgan permalink
    July 12, 2014 8:20 am

    Signature Management Team LLC registered in many different states?

  28. July 14, 2014 11:37 am

    Read the story of Stephanie Yoder, a blogger who is being legally threatened by World Ventures, a multi-level marketing company in the travel marketplace.

  29. Melanie Morgan permalink
    July 15, 2014 9:35 am

    Found another article I had not seen before, regarding the issues with Orrin W/Team….when Amway sued Monavie. (when everyone was were going to go to the Walmart of the Internet = Monavie, what a joke, and their STILL not there)

    “Amway sued a number of its former top-level distributors and MonaVie in March of 2008, claiming the distributors had violated their contracts with Amway. Amway charged MonaVie had lured away distributors by falsely advertising the health benefits of its juice and misleading them about the how much they might earn by switching companies.”

    And the most disgusting information, quote:

    ~ “Amway also alleged in court filings that MonaVie failed to disclose that the biggest ingredient in its juice was water”

    The audacity of them to charge $35=$45 and Team to expect others to “inventory load” or buy $1000 to resell back into the same people already, “buying from themselves” and remember Orrin Woodward sued Amway calling them an illegal pyramid scheme with hopelessly over priced products!!…And they want everyone to believe he is a “hero”…Seriously…disturbing… we were so trusting and brainwashed! Disgusts me.

  30. Melanie Morgan permalink
    July 15, 2014 9:40 am

    Here’s more about the lawsuits

  31. Melanie Morgan permalink
    July 15, 2014 9:53 am

    “Bosses pay just enough so you won’t quit, so most work just enough so they won’t be fired.”~ Orrin Woodward

    WOW…Unbelievable are people THINKING through, highly doubtful….but the quote from OW.. who geez…is the “BOSS” (YOU don’t own your LIEF business/ and he ‘owned’ the TEAM too) who controls and pulls the puppet strings of the “profit-sharing” (can and will change the deal) AND all the “employees” (including Chris Brady) at the team office?!! How’s that make them feel when he let’s them know?

  32. July 18, 2014 7:41 am

    LazyMan has a similar post about MLM lawsuits on his website that is worth reading.

  33. Melanie Morgan permalink
    August 6, 2014 7:12 pm

    Amthrax here is another very interesting Read and class action suit brought against yet another MLM Co. Visalus. I found this through a comment on Lazy Man site.

    I think we will continue to see more class actions; here is a quote from the link:

    “According to claims made in the complaint, brought on behalf of individuals who lost money after buying rights to distribute the company’s products, the operation was a pyramid scheme in violation of both state and federal law including the Racketeer Influenced & Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act.

    Read more:

  34. Melanie Morgan permalink
    August 6, 2014 7:28 pm

    More lawsuits Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady are involved in with more current information: Woodward et al v. Chetvertakov et al and Woodward et al v. Carmazzi you can find at:

    And more current information on the Mark and Raquel Peters lawsuits, that I know everyone is interested in following, you can find current information at : (their name and Jefferson county will get you to the information.)

  35. Melanie Morgan permalink
    August 6, 2014 7:39 pm

    This is just the beginning and I believe long over due, I think people are fed up and we will all see more and more lawsuits, especially the class action lawsuits brought on MLM’s… and rightfully so. The damage across the world because brought by the majority of this industry is overwhelming and has effected many millions of people in very negative ways.

    If I heard it once, I heard it a thousand times….”you can’t stop something who’s time has come!” I think the flywheel is gaining speed!

  36. Melanie Morgan permalink
    August 6, 2014 7:49 pm

    For those of you looking for consistent articles and want to keep up with Bill Ackman and Herbalife MLM. Great site Seeking Alpha, I love his articles and following it.

  37. I QUIT (and glad I did) permalink
    August 7, 2014 6:57 am

    Call me stupid but I just looked over the court info re. the Peters. What does it ultimately mean? I’m unclear…

  38. Melanie Morgan permalink
    August 7, 2014 8:48 am

    Nope not stupid…. it’s the law language and many different things going on at once, seems a bit confusing to follow. From what I understand and I am NOT an attorney and wouldn’t ever want to be, lol. This is my generic opinion and I know there are some who can articulate it way better so, please do!!!

    There are 2 lawsuits. The first Eric Blomdahl began suing Mark and Raquel for defamation and the other is Mark and Raquel Peters basically counter suing, SMT, Orrin W. Chris B, Eric B., George G. Tim M, Bill L. and then the other information it seems is about whether they are covered under their insurance (defense against Blomdahl). What I gather, from the last hearing there seems something is concerning EB getting served?

    I want to get and would love to see the actual complaint…that gives accurate details from the court on the grounds of the lawsuit and get put up on Amthrax. I believe it would become a lot clearer and would give a clearer picture of what the lawsuit is based. I am sure it would be interesting to say the least.

  39. Melanie Morgan permalink
    August 7, 2014 9:29 am

    Before it is all said and done….I believe and it has been said: “The truth always comes out.” and I have a feeling “The sh$t is undoubtedly, gonna get REAL.”

  40. Melanie Morgan permalink
    August 7, 2014 11:26 am

    “Despite the volume of lies and hype flowing from multi-level marketing schemers there is more valid, research-based and whistle-blower information available today than ever before. The truch is emerging.”~ and of course this site and Lazy Man and Money and many other’s you can find could be added to that list.

    Could be wishful thinking but I would love to see Tracy Coenen do an in depth investigation into the Team Profit sharing, numbers and the accounting books!

  41. Melanie Morgan permalink
    November 1, 2014 10:57 am

    Herbalife to pay $15 million to settle class action lawsuit…

    “Dana Bostick, a California housing inspector, filed the lawsuit in April last year, claiming that hundreds of thousands of other distributors have failed to make much money by trying to sell the products…..Go figure.

    Congrats to Dana Bostick on the VICTORY. 🙂

  42. Melanie Morgan permalink
    November 1, 2014 11:55 am

    “Herbalife to settle class action lawsuit over alleged pyramid scheme for $15M but denies any liability”

    “Lawsuit claims they company’s independent distributors earn more money recruiting new sales people than they do selling its products”….I know hard to believe, right?

    “The company has entered into a settlement agreement that would end the class action for $15 million”

    “It still needs approval”

    My favorite….”The settlement does not contain any admission of liability or wrongdoing” ?

    That statement is a Shocker to everyone, I know and oh everyone “believes” that one,,,,, riiight!…..It is simply.. Deny, Divert or distract…If they are not “Politicians” then they must have went to that “school”?

    My gosh, what ever you do…. NEVER, EVER, admit to any “admission of liability or wrongdoing”…..EVER!. That much truth probably wouldn’t do much for their already (in question) “business model”.

    . Ha!….that’s what they ALL say… Isn’t that why they all “settle”, and in this case for 15 million! Everyone just does this right? I mean isn’t that the right, moral, ethical thing that people of integrity believe, & do, especially in the MLM industry? 😉

    In all seriousness…Who the hell are they trying to kid?

    Oh that’s right….all those who got recruited who are “buying from themselves” with no real customer base.. “settling” because they are NOT guilty of any wrong doing, yea ok….. Do they really think people are that stupid? Just curious. 🙂

    Read more:
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

  43. Melanie Morgan permalink
    November 1, 2014 12:01 pm

    Oh and if there is NO “wrong doing or admission of liability”, then WHY ALL the changes to their “business” practices, websites of their distributors forced to take down etc. geez..come on!

  44. Melanie Morgan permalink
    November 1, 2014 12:19 pm

    Wonder if all their investors are proud they did no wrong? Yet are willing to settle for 15 million of their dollars?!

  45. November 1, 2014 12:30 pm

    I wonder how this will affect the current investigation of Herbalife by the FTC. More information at BehindMLM:

  46. Melanie Morgan permalink
    November 1, 2014 3:33 pm


    It certainly can’t help them! Neither should their previous lawsuits…

    This is NOT the only class action settlement, according to Wikipedia:

    At that link Under “Business Model” you can find;

    “A 2004 settlement resolved a class action suit on behalf of 8,700 former and current distributors who accused the company and distributors of “essentially running a pyramid scheme.” A total of $6 million was to be paid out, with defendants not admitting guilt.”


    “In a California class action suit (Minton v. Herbalife International, et al.) filed on February 17, 2005, the plaintiff challenged “the marketing practices of certain Herbalife International independent distributors and Herbalife International under various state laws prohibiting “endless chain schemes”, insufficient disclosure in assisted marketing plans, unfair and deceptive business practices, and fraud and deceit”.[66]

    “In a West Virginia class action suit (Mey v. Herbalife International, Inc., et al.) filed on July 16, 2003, the plaintiffs allege that some

    “telemarketing practices of certain Herbalife International distributors violate the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, or TCPA, and seeks to hold Herbalife International vicariously liable for the practices of these distributors. More specifically, the plaintiffs’ complaint alleges that several of Herbalife International’s distributors used pre-recorded telephone messages and autodialers to contact prospective customers in violation of the TCPA’s prohibition of such practices”

    Herbalife management insisted they have meritorious defenses in both cases and that, in the West Virginia case, any such distributor actions also went against Herbalife’s own policies. Management also contends that any adverse legal outcomes Herbalife might suffer would not significantly affect their financial condition, particularly since they have already set aside an amount that they “believe represents the likely outcome of the resolution of these disputes”.[66] The case was resolved with Herbalife and its distributors paying $7 million into a fund for class members part of the suit.[67]:42 Herbalife International did not acknowledge wrongdoing or admit culpability for the actions of its distributors.

    It’s ridiculous. What should happen and what will happen remains to be seen. Looks like no wrong doing again, and again, and again.

  47. Melanie Morgan permalink
    November 1, 2014 4:20 pm


    I think the most recent class action with Herbalife couldn’t have happened at a more perfect time.

    When the FTC, AG’s and I believe the SEC complete their final investigation, the facts and data of what they find, and more importantly what will do with and about it!!!…Will confirm for me, whether the consumer protection agencies are really about “consumer protection,” and say more about whether there can be faith put in truth and real justice, and also the future of MLM “business opportunities”…. than anything else. This is going to either rock the MLM world or it will be just another day in court in the MLM world.

    I hope for the sake of all, I am not disappointed!

  48. Melanie Morgan permalink
    November 1, 2014 5:47 pm

    Seems there are a lot more courageous people who are finally fighting back, with class action and other lawsuits. Kudos to all of them! But sadly the problem is that these companies, for the most part, still find a way to hide the details and their past from the public.

    “A man who hides his past, has no future.”~ (will also eventually be found out) The team “leaders” have many times used the quote:

    “All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident” ~Arthur Schopenhauer

    II don’t disagree, I get the feeling Herbalife could be going through that process right now.

    I have a ton of respect for ALL those who are fighting for the truth and transparency. 🙂

  49. exTEAMster permalink
    November 1, 2014 5:54 pm

    Not defending Herbalife in any way shape or form, but it can be in the best interest of shareholders to settle lawsuits rather than continue to litigate. Class action plaintiffs (and their attorneys) are more interested in receiving money than winning a legal ruling against the defendant, so there comes a point where continuing to fight a suit just leads to more legal bills. So unfortunately, you can agree to pay millions to settle a suit and not claim wrongdoing because even a $7 million settlement can be less expensive than defending yourself in court even if you believe you are innocent.

  50. Melanie Morgan permalink
    November 1, 2014 8:28 pm


    That might make sense for the shareholders to believe it best to settle or think it better for the sake of not spending millions MORE but it is hard to believe they aren’t wondering about the ethics (maybe they don’t care) or would this not be a red flag in seeing a serious problem with the company they are “investing” in? I for one would never want to invest in any company where false promises of riches are made, the odds are stacked against you and illegal medical claims being made that could cause serious problems and the masses lose. I think Bill Ackman for not ever being behind the scenes did an excellent job of using their own information.

    I think most people see the writing on the wall and if I were one of the investors, I would be questioning the ethics due to the type of lawsuits they are “settling”, but that is just me I guess I expect ethics and honesty when doing business and from my experience in MLM, that is as much a pipe dream as the promised riches and would be asking too much. And anyway seems most accept it as well, that is “just business”.

    But you would think it would make most at least question or re-evaluate the investment a wonder if these accusations and settlements have any merit.

    But investors aside, and although I only know of 1 person personally that was involved with Herbalife right off hand and with that said; knowing what I know now and 13 deeply entrenched years and learning from many other sources that in the MLM industry there is very little difference that I can see between Herbalife and others. The major one is Herbalife is publically traded and I wish they all were. Other than that not much difference or worth even mentioning.

    What I found was these lawsuits are a good indication of what I know to be true. And those settlements usually silence people. Too many things that are intentionally hidden from the public, controlling the information intentionally so it doesn’t allow others to come to their own conclusions.

    Another thing I have found is these companies all do the same thing, right down to the language used, books read, quotes, defenses, handling objections, LAWSUITS. settlements with “no wrong doing”, tactics used, critics gagged, innocence claimed, denial, and cult like following of the usually few TOP” guys that are all under thee, 1 guy.

    In other words imo, if you have seen one you’ve seen them all.The claiming of “no wrong doing” it seems is also standing operating procedure.

    It is clear to me for reasons I have said, but then you are right, it’s always about the money, and as long as they all these suits settle and it remains undisclosed to the public, then well business as usual, is left up to…. may the best PR propagandist & reputation manager win. 😉

    Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  51. Melanie Morgan permalink
    November 2, 2014 8:36 am

    I might add, those with the most money usually win, even if they are NOT “innocent”…let’s face it that is the “justice system”.

    This is what I have found to be true, from my experience and other sources. They hire former FTC employee’s, have lobbyist that have politicians in their back pocket, go on for decades knowing their “practices” are not on the up and up and denying any “wrong doing” and claiming it is the distributors fault if they get called out on their taught “practices”

    …Remember the “training” that you must have to be successful… from the TOP on how exactly what to do to build and follow to a “T”, “their PROVEN systems.” (I don’t know of one that doesn’t have training that you PAY for) they tout you will get all you desire (goals, dreams, lifestyle) health, wealth, and wise…. if you follow their proven teaching from the TOP in most of these MLM companies!

    Then as soon as the heat is on, (the FTC, AG, SEC) gets involved, they scramble to tweak their policies on paper and data( not in practice), as if they just discovered things need “tweaking”… and hire the highest prized law firms in the country to ‘argue’ their innocence and then well it’s left up to the “justice system”, right?

    Who has the most money to out spend to keep the truth hidden. imo. That really isn’t about the truth, or innocence, is it? I am pretty sure most people are wise enough to see through these standard court room games or is it they really want the whole truth known?

    How can it be, when “truth” can be suppressed, information can be hidden and technicalities can WIN a case, people lie under oath?! Even when the evidence is crystal clear, everyone knows that has nothing to do with innocence or truth, just the opposite. I am speaking in generalities not specifically about Herbalife.

    Then settlements can be made without disclosures to hide the real truth? It is sad state, when these billion dollar companies claim “no wrong doing”, is this how we all deal in the real world (outside the court room technicalities)? Do all these so called MLM “leeders” teach their children these “practices?” is it… When you KNOW you have done wrong, just deny it?!

    Sorry but I have been around to many of them who claim they have integrity and are changing the world (one household at a time) and it is disturbing to me how much damage I have seen.

    But when you agree to settle for 17.5 million dollars and after I am sure 100’s of thousands if not millions in attorney fees, and then decide it’s not worth proving your innocence any longer and claim “no wrong doing?”…I don’t buy it… that is my opinion and just common sense to me.

    And if these companies were really who they say they are and about truth, had a conscience and were as honest, benevolent (don’t know of one that doesn’t publicize their “charities), “Christian” and
    “innocent” as most all of them claim, then there really wouldn’t be any need to HIDE anything, settle for millions,…to me they would share it all just to shut up the critic and prove their innocence. 🙂

  52. Melanie Morgan permalink
    November 2, 2014 7:28 pm

    “The Elephant In The Room: Why The FTC Is Taking So Long To Investigate Herbalife “~ by Robert Fitzpatrick…I think probably one of the best articles ever written. He nails it.


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