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Reader Thank You Letters

Here’s a list of thank you letters that I’ve received since launching the site. If you would like to post your letter, contact me.

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March 30, 2011: From Speak Your Truth

Thank You All!

I have searched for a way to express my gratitude that I feel in my heart and thank everyone on this website for the support you have given me. So that is what I am going to do. This has been a long painful journey and has been one of the most diffi’cult’ experiences of our lives. But you have all played a special an important part in helping me through this ‘illusion from hell’ and have left a lasting impression on my heart. It is amazing to meet total strangers in one little corner of the world that made such a difference in my life, I am truly grateful!

AMTHRAX~ I hope you know how grateful I am for you and your website! I thank you and respect you for your courage to stand up for the injustices and wrongs that have been done to, many people. I appreciate your attentiveness, “Jonny on the spot” as TOD says; to all the demands that are on this blog! You really have provided a safe-haven and a step in the healing process that is so needed and thanks for letting me rant, release and vent! Thank you for a place where others and I could connect and support each other. This has been an immeasurable blessing, that is beyond words. I think webelived had it right; You were once thought of as an enemy (or at least a thorn, lol) and now you are have provide a place to heal for so many! Keep up the good fight!


HUMMILATED~ You are one amazing women and your words and posts have resonated and helped me in so many lasting ways. Your wisdom, understanding and unselfish acts of kindness has been a blessing that again, is immeasurable! I know you are sincere and genuine. There aren’t even words to share what your support has meant to me. You have been an angel to me. THANK YOU!

VOGEL~ You are one incredible and intelligent person, that has give me courage and strength to keep speaking out! I am not sure what your training was, that you spoke of, but it is amazing! Your way with words and how you see clearly through this, is nothing shy of amazing to me! I appreciate the way you have everyone’s back! I can tell you have a genuine heart for the underdog! “There is no need to fear underdog is here! LOL! That is the way you make us feel. On a serious note, and even bigger than your special ops training, I really thank you for the help with your generous information and the unselfish acts to help those in need, when we need it the most!


AURORA~ I appreciate you for your playful humor! You have made me laugh so much! Thanks for participating in helping my healing, by being here and being supportive. THANK YOU!

ROCKET~I haven’t experience you on here much but your last post was awesome! THANK YOU!

JUICESCAM~You too are very intelligent and courageous. I had been reading your site for a while and appreciate your unending service and dedication to the consumer. I had very little experience building MV, so with my experience, it was with the Team system abuses. It was from a commenter on your website that I ended up on Anthrax’s site; named Dorothy who’s first line in her comment was: “Well now I am husbandless!” It compelled me because of the compassion I felt and it caused me to speak out. That was when I knew, No more, this has got to stop! I continue to read your site. THANK YOU!

DOROTHY~THANK YOU, for you honesty and courage!

Quixtar is a cult~ I am not sure who you are either but I have to THANK YOU, because it was your website that led me to Amthrax and Juicescams. I loved your writing style and was disappointed to see your site go down. THANK YOU!

I cannot leave out Pyramid Scheme Alert, Steve Hassan, Rick Ross, Eric Schreibeler and all the other websites. These people are some of the most courageous people, that I have learned from and will continue to.THANK YOU ALL! I Hope I have not forgotten anyone, if I have I will be back! LOL

Last but not least:


Each and every one of you has been so very important to my healing process and journey! I have not the words to thank you! You know you have a true friend when they have walked in your shoes. We have all been broken to our own degrees, but we have all been broken! I understand and have felt your pain! We are all survivors and I am so grateful for all of your courage, honesty, and humor! It has been tremedously healing to laugh out load and to tears by some of your comments! You are the real hero’s and She- hero’s to me! You have touched my heart in so many ways that will last my lifetime! You are the ones I respect and honor! Even though we have our continued pain to work through I know this experience will catapult you all and I forward into our true place! Be true to yourself, and continue to speak your truth! Never forget where you came from! I will always care for and pray for you ALL on this website! I have searched my heart to find some way to express what is in my heart and even though I cannot take credit for the accumulations of the words or music, I mean them from the bottom of my heart! I do have to give the credit to the Sidewalk Prophets, whom it seems wrote this song, just for me to give to you all! Know that I do care, and you have given me more than I could ever give to you, THANK YOU!

I will do my best to Pay-it-Forward! I will pray for your continued healing!

To all of you that we brought into this mess. WE ARE SINCERELY, SO SORRY. I HOPE YOU CAN FORGIVE US.



Love, Speak Your Truth

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  1. April 6, 2011 7:29 pm

    Thanks Speak Your Truth for sharing from your heart!! This blog has truly been a healing tool and I also appreciate everything that everyone has shared and knowing that we are coming out of this alive, together and thriving is what excites me most. We are no longer slaves to the man and his scheme.

  2. humiliated permalink
    April 7, 2011 7:42 am

    SYT. Thank you so much for your incredibly kind words, you have NO idea what they mean to me.

    I have watched you get stronger and stronger through out this process and it really is fantastic to see how much these sites can truly help people like you in your hour of need.

    You are now helping others to avoid destroying their lives and you are relentless in this pursuit. You should be very proud of yourself, I know I am proud of you!

    For what it is worth, I am still trying to figure out how TEAM works and I continue to be blown away by what you all are revealing about them and their tactics. Keep the information coming!

  3. Speak Your Truth permalink
    April 7, 2011 8:18 am

    The process has been an amazing journey. I have went back and read some of the old ex-team comments and have seen and (know) a tremendous difference in the way I feel. I just shared this with Izzy that at first it was rage, then anger and now has for the most part I love and try to bring more light but seriousness and humor. The more the darkness that is shed through speaking, the lighter and better I feel. We have always just wanted to help others and truly believed that is what we were doing and still at times is so hard to fully understand how that could have gotten so twisted and in the end it ended up hurting so many. This is such a painful realization. I hope and pray that I can give back what has been given to me from all of you! It really is amazing how laughter is so healing. I know you understand how being able to release this garbage is so freeing. I can’t thank you all enough for allowing me the time, patience and understanding to arrive where I am now. I know you all will probably be sending me a therapy bill in the mail, I’ll just tell you the ‘check’s in the mail’ the only way I know to repay is to Pay-it-forward! LOL Thanks again there really are no words!

  4. Speak Your Truth permalink
    April 7, 2011 10:48 am


  5. April 11, 2011 10:28 am

    Hello – All you Quitters – (that was a joke!)

    I see that the lot of you have actually become the better – for having forgo the experience. I know it was no fun to admit that you were bamboozled. I see all of TEAM as a gimmick, a smooth hustle, intricately designed by intelligent criminals. It is an elaborate Flim Flam put on by some rich con men. Even though I didn’t do what you have done – by becoming a part of TEAM – I have been reading all your blogs and comments in hopes to find the answer I am looking for. I have a girlfriend that has been involved in Team since Oct.

    She talks the lingo – does the meetings – reads the books and listens to the brainwashing cd’s – but does not do the auto-ship of the product. Everything that I read here I believe – but she doesn’t want to find out that she has been lied to. I told her that my research has led me to believe that TEAM is a cult, and that the guys at top are greedy creeps, that lie.
    So – to say the least – I am now on a mission – to save her.

    But, how can I when she really believes that she is going to become a leader and help others become leaders – and make a million while doing so?

    Do you have any suggestions?

    Especially the women!

    Editors Note: Please respond to this question on this dedicated post page.

  6. Ellis Willson permalink
    August 18, 2011 5:59 pm

    I just wanted to say thank you to Amthrax and all the posters here!!! Myself and my wife were looking into the TEAM and L.I.F.E system. Our neighbors and good friends of ours are deep in team and approached us about it. My wife got into it first back when they first started with MonaVie. We began drinking the juice, thou expensive I saw marked results with myself, my Doctor took me off my Cholorestral meds. and i began to not be as tired as i usually felt. Our neighbors began to inquire to us about joining as a business, both me and the wife have jobs. I personally work for one of the Big 3 auto companies, my wife works at owning her families business so day. So as you can see we aren’t hurting in the money department. Our friends in genuine love and concern for our family ( I believe) said what if you could have more time with your kids and not have to worry about money by doing this business? i was intrigued so we went to a Saturday meeting which cost us 30 dollars each. It was at a church, wasn’t even a real speakers, was a webcast!!!! we listened, they broke for dinner and then we came back to finish up, then we were approached by our friends upline about purchasing tickets to the nationals??? 125 bucks each. if we were going to start into this business he said this speaker was a great guy and we could stay for his speech, if Not we would have to leave. He spoke to us about selling our tickets at a later date if we changed our minds. So needless to sat me and the wife bought tickets. The speaker turned out to be Tim Marks and his wife, BTW he is a funny guy has a future in stand up comedy if he chose to pursue that.

    Well we started to consider that maybe we could do this business, I was blinded by the talk of more time with my young kids and more money to do things for them and with them!!! In hindsight who in life isn’t looking for that?? So my friends started loaning me books and CDs to listen to. I personally LOVE to read, so I tore thru E myth, Cash flow quadrent, the new LIFE book and the next millionares, in like 1 week. I started to listen to CDs on the way to work. That Tim marks and chris brady fellows are some funny guys made me laugh alot!! I will say Cash flow quadrent is agreat book opened my eyes to our personal Finances!! BONUS!! By this time we still haven’t signed up for system only been to 1 event and bought tickets to the next majors. I figured we aren’t out to much money if for some reason this goes south. I told my friends this to which they responded by loaning us more books and CDs to read and listen too. That should have been a warning sign but i didn’t register it. Our friends wouldn’t do anything to hurt us and our family, they love our kids and us. Well i sat down last night with my wife and we discussed signing up for system. My GREAT wife the gotta have information type person she usually is googled Orrin Woodward and up pops forbes magizine article about him. WOW does forbes HATE Orrin or what??? so we began to dig deeper looked at newsweek and fortune magazine. We couldn’t really find anything about him or team on those sites. I began to scroll down google and saw this and a few other blogs about him, his own included. So i came here and began to read, and read and the more i read the sicker to my stomach i became. Every post I read had a ring of truth to it either thru personal experince or seeing thru our friends.

    I will conclude with me and the wife have decided to not go any further with TEAM, I plan to return all the books and CDs to my friends and their upline and go take a Long shower with a Brillo pad and some comet!!! I feel dirty and violated that we were almost scammed and that our good friends are being scammed!!

    THANK YOU AMTHRAX and your dedicated posters!! I am truely sorry for the people who it took years to figure out what I was able to learn in a few short weeks, from this site and others like it. This is the true power of the internet!!! I don’t think Orrin Woodwrd and Chris brady understand that yet, but they will, in my heart I believe that.

    Now a question?? how can i get our friends to see the light? or can’t we?

  7. Speak Your Truth permalink
    August 18, 2011 8:22 pm

    Ellis Willson~

    Thanks for your story, it is a blessing and a breath of fresh air to know that Amthrax’s site has made a difference, to know you will not be left in a wake of devastation and destruction as most of us on here have been. Don’t be surprised or should I say be prepared your neighbors ‘appear’ to care about you and your kids now, but when you tell them you are no longer interested, it may shock you at how they will turn on a dime.

    As far as your friends seeing the light, it sounds like they maybe pretty deep into the thought reform process, and it will be very diffi’cult’ but read Steve Hassan book Combating Mind Control, there is a link on here to his freedom of mind website. Good Luck!

  8. August 18, 2011 9:22 pm

    Well, I don’t think you can, I know I tried and I failed horribly. I went at it like I was going to save this poor lost soul – and basically was told no thanks. You can read about me trying to get a friend to see the light here.

    Unless your friends have had enough, I think you will be wasting your time.
    BTW, you have a very good writing style – I liked the shower scene.
    Lately I have been reading the posts on this site and have been amazed of some of the writing. For instance, in the Going to a million post – well if you read it you know what I am talking about. Everyone was commenting on Witty’s reply and it was good – but up at the top John gives a very good description of what Team is all about. But what I like even more is when he said in a different post on July 29, 2011: Just talking about these things is ok, but more people need to know the truth. Who has the best idea of how to get this information before the eyes of the thousands that are being duped by this clever and sophisticated scam? This should be the Goal.

    One day there will be a movie made from this blog – maybe two!

    You know, the TEAMs tactics work so well. They use the average guy scenario a lot. Like the average guy is being brainwashed whoops! I mean the average guy watches a certain amount of TV. So they tell you to quit watching that negative crap. And that is beginning of making you want to separate yourself from the average guy. So, eventually all of the people you are hanging around with are thinking like you and everyone is so sure that the million member number is a slam dunk. But if you are not brainwashed into their “system” – you see right now, maybe, there’s around 10,000 members, a number that is down from their high of what sounds like was 100,000. All the time it was going down there has been no mention of the lost members only the rally cry Going to a Million. Pretty deceitful. I will leave you with a quote from John (the guy from Amthrax, not John Lennon) “A million people fooled and scammed. A million people lied to. A million people ripped off. A million people taken advantage of. A million people duped. A million people misled. A million people….”

  9. August 18, 2011 11:19 pm

    @Ellis – As others have pointed out, it may be difficult to change your friends’ minds if they are totally on board with TEAM. The more you try, the more entrenched they become. Still, you may want to start by asking them about their goals and ask them how selling $40/bottle of juice and motivational life coaching materials are going to do that. Ask them about their return on investment, profits and loss and time spent each month; is the return there? You could use your wife as an example since she runs a family business and has to keep track of these details every month.

    If you can show them that their investment of thousands of dollars has only made them a hundred bucks, maybe you can start them on the path to discovering that all that glitters on the TEAM stage is not made of gold. Good luck! We look forward to reading a success letter in the future!

  10. Ellis Willson permalink
    August 19, 2011 12:09 am

    Thanks for the vote of Confidence!!! I will Definitely check into those books recommended by you all. I almost want to call the local news media and clue them into this kind of thing that is going on in our local neighborhoods and communities !!! but figure it won’t do no good since the people i would want to see it “my friends” are deep enough they abhor all outside influence already IE: tv, radio, any information that is non team based. My heart breaks for “my friends” becasue they may be deep into TEAM but they have only been for like less then 2 yrs. We’ve been friends with them for 6 yrs. DAMN our children are best friends, theirs sleep over our house, ours sleep over theirs etc.. HELL their kids call us Aunt and Uncle so we have a close bond with them and hope this hasn’t caused a rift between our families. How do you explain to a 5 and 7 yr old that they can’t see or play with their best friends anymore??? if it comes to that on their part, by disallowing their kids to see ours, or as stated “turn on a dime”. GOD i hate what this thing has done to our family in such a short time as I have experinced it. On a side note I contacted our friends “upline” to tell him we weren’t intrested anymore and was told that Amthrax was invited to his house and that he would have Mr. Orrin Woodward their and amthrax was quoted as saying no thanks not intrested in hearing what I already know. He went on to call Amthrax and all you bloggers “cowards” for not using your real names or being “Transparent” And called me an Idiot for reading this stuff posted here. Oh and according to him this site is comparable to a Bathroom wall or some S%^T like that

  11. Speak Your Truth permalink
    August 19, 2011 12:35 am

    Hang in their Ellis, but be prepared, you may hear exactly from your neighbor what you heard from their upline. That would be a huge clue to what you are up against.

    Check out the lastest post on here Orrin-Qrush, this will give you something to tell their upline that Orrin, HIMSELF was an Anonymous blogger, and is not ‘Transparent’, now what? 🙂

  12. Steve (Peachy) permalink
    August 19, 2011 4:21 am


    I know its going to be tough. When we were in Team, all of the things you are saying about your friends was unfortunately true about us. For me personally it took some things that I heard from stage once we moved from Quixtar to MV. When I went to tell my dowline, who was like a son to me, I knew that I couldn’t explain the reasons to him because it would have sounded like sour grapes. I’ll explain the moment that I started questioning what they were saying from stage. When we made the move from Quixtar to MV, I remember one of the leading ladies stated that once they saw the money that could be made in MV they were in. Now I gave her the benefit of the doubt, thinking it was just a slip, because she had always said that in her 5 min. dialogue before the night owl would start while we were still in Quixtar. Not two months later she was back on statge and said the very same thing. It got me thinking at that time wait a minute, they are misleading the new attendees into believing that they made all of their money in MV, when all of their money was made in Amway before it became Quixtar. This lie started to open my eyes, then the flood gates were open and now I started to question everything. You see they will use the same verbage from stage as if they are still in MV when the switch is made to L.I.F.E., and hopefully your friends eyes will start to open to the misconceptions, misleading statements, and outright lies that they would want the new person to believe.
    We all here thank you for sharing your story, and we wish you the best. You did the right thing by running away from this business. Please read the books that are mentioned above, and try to direct your friends to the Amthrax sites. Please keep us posted.

  13. August 19, 2011 9:23 am

    @Ellis – I was invited over to the upline’s house? I must not have gotten that invitation. It’s also kind of hard when we’re thousands of miles apart, both literally and figuratively.

  14. Ellis Willson permalink
    August 19, 2011 11:59 am

    the direct upline to our friends is a man named Richard Kroill (last name is possibily misspelled) the up line to him is a man By the name or Mark Miletello ( that 2 might me misspelled) I know they were touting at the Saturday we went to that he was the newest PC or something like that. It was all disjointed, now that i think about that night Both me and my wife felt we were in a strange alternate Universe. People standing and clapping at a movie screen as people came to stage, doing the whole sunday chruch thing praising god and saying how go directed them to team etc..etc.. some of the people we met, how do you put it nicely… didn’t look like they had the income to be getting into this type of business. If they approached me at a mall or called my home i would shut the door or run away!!

  15. John permalink
    September 18, 2011 9:41 pm

    Ellis, what church did you first hear the Team business presented to you and your wife? You said Tim and Amy Marks were there. Was it in Florida? These con artists are good at using the church to draw people into their scam. It’s hard to think you are being scammed when you are hearing the business presentation at a house of God. Is it just me or does anyone else think that these deceivers love to hide behind the pulpit of their favorite church to try to give their lousy business credibility? Are there any pastors or Christians out there that will speak to these issues? Ellis your story is unusual. Most get sucked in and don’t leave until they have been burned badly. Great job finding the truth.

  16. November 9, 2011 8:27 am


    The Rosa post turned out to be a spam post. It looked suspicious from the start, since all of the text was italicized, and the clickthrough link on the name went to a link-farm site about hotels. I’m going to moderate the comment and remove the thread (to keep things on point).

    Thanks to @Speak for policing and investigating this fake post.

  17. Speak Your Truth permalink
    November 9, 2011 9:17 am

    Thanks Amthrax! 🙂


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