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MonaVie’s New Fast Track Promotion: Just Buy the iPad 2 Yourself

March 8, 2011

MonaVie recently announced a new Fast Track promotion, designed to help grow a distributor’s business by doubling the current First Order and Star Maker Bonuses. At the end of the announcement, MonaVie will be giving away a free iPad 21 to those who earn 20 FOBs and 5 SMBs or 7 SMBs during the promotional period from March 5-May 27.

Who wouldn’t want to get an iPad 2? It certainly looks like a magical device. This promotion will surely gather stir some interest within the distributor forces of Brig Hart’s R3Global, Orrin Woodward’s TEAM2 and the other organizations in MonaVie. But, before you go all out to achieve this goal, think about other ways you can get an iPad. You might save yourself a lot more money along the way!

For the sake of this discussion, let’s assume that the distributor who completes this promotion will not get to choose which model of iPad 2 he or she would receive. Let’s also make the assumption that MonaVie will be providing them the cheapest one at $499. Let’s take a look at some questions:

  1. What work is involved with completing this Fast Track Promotion?
  2. How much money will you spend to complete this promotion? This counts tools, function tickets, and bottles of MonaVie and tubs of RVL.
  3. How many hours will it take you to get 20 First Order Bonuses and 5 Star Maker Bonuses?
  4. How many people will you need to work with to accomplish this?

Seems to me if you really want an iPad 2, you should just buy it yourself. If you did nothing else aside from reducing your case purchase per month by one, you’d have enough saved to buy yourself an iPad 2 in four months. So, without further ado, here’s my promotion:

Save Your Money To Buy An iPad 2 Promotion

  • March: $120 saved by not buying a case of MonaVie bottled juice from concentrate.
  • April: $240 saved.
  • May: $360 saved.
  • June: $480 saved. Buy your iPad 2 now!

Many distributors are part of a training organization that has monthly expenditures. Let’s recalculate this promotion with a conservative $50/month in System costs.

  • March: $170 saved by not buying a case of MonaVie bottled juice from concentrate plus $50 of system costs.
  • April: $340 saved.
  • May: $510 saved. Buy your iPad 2 now!

That’s right, you could buy yourself an iPad 2 in the exact time frame of this Fast Track Promotion! Now, assume you are drinking two cases of juice each month for your family of 2-4:

  • March: $290 saved by not buying two cases of MonaVie bottled juice from concentrate plus $100 of system costs.
  • April: $580 saved. Buy your iPad 2 now!

By cutting out the juice and System for two months, you have the money to buy an iPad 2 in April! I bet this example represents the average distributor in MonaVie who is on some form of System.

Here’s my recommendation. Use the money that you would have spent in those MonaVie and TEAM/R3Global and buy yourself an iPad 2.

1 It’s interesting to note that this promotion comes on the heels of Amway’s own attempt to entice distributors with Apple products. Amway had a promotion wherein distributors who renewed their IBO membership before the end of 2010 were entered into a drawing for a free iPod touch. I don’t know if Amway gave out multiple iPod touches or just a single one.

2 Orrin Woodward’s compatriot Chris Brady is very fond of Apple products. I bet he will get an iPad 2 soon and will be pushing this promotion hard to his downline.

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  1. March 9, 2011 7:18 pm

    It is now possible to go anything from Ruby Executive to Black Diamond Executive in MonaVie with just THREE (3) teams.

    That is, a weekly income that grows from USD 2,000 to USD 29,000 simply by building numbers in the 3 teams! Go figure.

    PowerPlayer cycles develop your first 2 teams so that you can go bananas on team 3.

    New enrollees get excited too because they get to have a team built “with them, through them, for them” and they get all the money. The “problem” most of us active leaders have is that we have too many sign-ups that we want to give them away. The GUY AT THE BOTTOM BENEFITS THE MOST.

    As for the current promotion, many TEAM members may choose to opt out of it as they are NOT going 20 wide. However, it is great for their friends from R3Global who are building left/right/left/right and I am sure we all rejoice with those who rejoice.

    As for TEAM, a surprise is coming up for you all! Stay tuned. 🙂

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