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TEAM LIFE Plan Overview and Questions To Ask

February 23, 2012
Update June 3, 2013: LIFE has updated its Compensation Plan and included an Income Disclosure Statement for 2012-2013. This statement should be presented along with any income claims made during a TEAM/LIFE presentation. Read our analysis of the IDS here.

What happens during a TEAM LIFE business presentation? What questions should you ask TEAM LIFE members? A reader recently sent me some great information that answers these two questions. I’ve broken out Mesha’s post into two parts:

  1. Anatomy of the Plan: A thorough walkthrough into the presentation given about the LIFE business opportunity and the TEAM training system.
  2. 50+ Questions to Ask TEAM LIFE: A great list of questions to ask TEAM LIFE members about their business.

In addition to the LIFE TEAM Primer and the ex-TEAM and Reader Stories, these two pages are essential reading for anyone being prospected about the LIFE business and the TEAM community.

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