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MonaVie Live Webcast from Dallas… or how Dallin is growing the business

May 16, 2009

MonaVie hosted a live webcast of the Dallas Regional today. Some of the speakers they had come on stage to “train” the distributors in the crowd were Black Diamonds Randy Schroeder and Robert Dean. Where did these amazing leaders come from? Did they start in MonaVie from ground zero?

I looked them up on the Internet and discovered both Randy (Agel) and Robert (Noni) were both huge leaders in other MLMs before they joined MonaVie within the past one to two years. There are rumors that large cash bonuses were paid to these leaders to leave their respective MLMs or to join MonaVie.

Couple this with Orrin Woodward (Amway/Quixtar), is this how Dallin Larsen is growing the MonaVie business — by dangling big under-the-table bonuses to leaders with big downlines from competing MLM businesses?

If that’s how he’s getting people to drink the juice, no thank you.

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  1. May 16, 2009 10:57 pm

    Hello pal,

    I thought we had discussed this before… that we should NOT insinuate nor allege untrue statements about MonaVie/Randy/Robert/Orrin etc. until you have the PROOF?

    Can anyone PROVE that money was given to Randy, Robert or Orrin to switch to MonaVie? Even Amway, with its vast billions of legal dollars, have NOT been able to prove any bribery in Orrin’s case, and neither does Agel nor Morinda.

    In fact, to the contrary, read the declaration letter from Dallin Larsen himself regarding these accusations on Randy Schroeder’s website and see how he has been VICTIMISED by rumours and gossip.

    Until you have the EVIDENCE, I think it is simply UNFAIR to even “hint” that there is any wrongdoing happening, or are we talking about damaging someone’s credibility so that our own would become “better”?

    I know I sound serious, but this post is NOT a personal attack, I am just asking for FAIRNESS and NEUTRALITY in reporting – until the FACTS are established. 🙂


  2. May 17, 2009 10:05 am

    Rykel: I clearly categorize the insinuations as rumors and I plainly ask the question of is this how Dallin is growing the MonaVie business? I do not require evidence to ask a question.

    What is true is that Schroeder, Dean, and Woodward all left their previous MLMs to join MonaVie. One point that was emphasized over and over again during the Dallas Regional was that at the higher levels, leaders get more and more money. My educated guess is that these individuals saw more income producing opportunity in MonaVie than their former companies. And, if Dallin dangled an extra bonus for them, it would have made their decision all the more easier.

  3. Brian permalink
    May 25, 2009 6:00 pm

    You read it on the internet, it MUST be true! Please INCLUDE FACTS, not rumors. Is Elvis still alive too?

    Seems to me you have an envy problem.

    I drink Monavie, and will continue. I have seen tremendous health benefits. It just showed me how bad my diet was before I drank it. My life was completely stressed out, and I was one bad day away from a heart attack. We ate nothing but processed foods and almost no fruit. I drank Monavie for 2 years before I started marketing it. I thought I had NO TIME.

    I watched the Dallas webcast also, and it is obvious as the nose on your face why so many people are flocking to Monavie and other MLM’s , but specifically to MONAVIE, THEIR PRODUCTS TASTE GOOD AND THEY WORK! Monavie pays me every week and delivers product to my front door when promised. Monavie goes out of their way to make it BETTER for the distributors. They are always expanding the brand (#19 INDY CAR) and making the business model and income for distributors. Monavie also gives back to the people and the environment, something the corporate world should model.

    I have tasted Noni— that stuff tastes like TAR! I couldn’t drink it again, no matter how great it was for you. And while I haven’t tasted nor heard of Agel, I went on their website, checked out a couple of products, but if they have to add sugar (fructose) and water, is it really that good for you?

    I was an Amway distributor 18 years ago.Joined Amway and quit 3 times prior from 1977 to 1988. I couldn’t “sell” soap, makeup, vitamins and other household junk at higher prices than suggested retail for any other store. Somehow we built an Amway business to a semi-successful (Ruby) level regardless. That business felt like having a second job,… product call in, product pickup, cashing checks, doing paperwork, balancing, showing the plan 3 nights week, attending functions…a pain in the neck. My ex-wife got the Amway business in the divorce ( I happily let her have it, PS. we got divorced because I wanted kids and a stay at home wife and she mis-repped me while dating/marriage). My divorce was just before Roger Siclers. I knew them well, and had been to their home several times for dinner. While you complain about how much he made, I say the guy had a great CPA! You have to get your taxable income down!

    I agree INA/Dexter Yeager/ tapes and tools were a mess … but I bought those “tools” of my own free will, and most of them made me a better person. Taught me time management, relationship building, honesty, integrity,… the $30 a month I spent on that stuff and another $100 a month average for business tools and samples was CHEAP compared to the $20k I blow a month now on keeping my “real” business open, whether a customer comes in the door or not. I spent $11k office furniture last year in my “real” business,( which was far more than I ever spent on Amway products, teaching and training tools) not one piece of thatfurniture has made me a nickel. I still use the business principles I learned from the Amway and INA tapes to this day, and to me it was a good investment.

    My net from my Monavie business after 6 months is more than my net from my “real” job, I spend 68 hours a week in my own business,plus another 30 a week worrying about it and answering the phone in “off hours”, and I spend only 6-8 hours a week building my Monavie business, and those hours are in cracks of time during the day and evening, and one scheduled evening a week from 7 pm to 9:30 pm. I have “invested” less than $2500 in my Monavie business in 6 months, including personal use product and net just more than $1500 a WEEK average now, and it just keeps growing and growing. My Monavie business is feeding my family and paying our mortgage, AND paying to keep the doors of my shop open! The last 2 months I didn’t make enough in my “real” business to pay lease NOR my business license, insurance premiums for my employees, nor my electric bill. THANK GOD FOR MONAVIE!!! My family and my 4 employees families owe their their paycheck from my business to Monavie, without Monavie I would have closed the doors April 1st. My Monavie business has steadily increased in the worst “depression” (we are in a depression in California)in my lifetime, and my cabinet business had it’s WORST VOLUME MONTHS since opening, MY FIRST MONTH IN BUSINESS WAS BETTER, and I ran that out of my garage! Since November 2008, I have not taken a paycheck from my own business, just to keep the doors open, out of loyalty to my employees and customers. Please show me ANY business where I could get that rate of return on money and time I recieved from my Monavie business. Thank God for MONAVIE! I only wish I would have started building earlier!

    So, Orrin Woodward, Randy Schroeder and Robert Dean, why would they leave the MLM’s they were in? It is called a smart business decision and seeing the writing on the wall. I don’t think you would need to “bribe” a smart businessman to move on. A great product with tons of media buzz, a lucrative and simple compensation plan, great people and company behind the product, and a program and vision for success without all the Amway baggage. They would have to be fools not to jump ship!

    My question is, WHY AREN’T YOU in MONAVIE?

    Free advice for you and any other MLM’er… DO you know why most MLM’s don’t work??? It is because YOU don’t work! You can’t make a future lying on the couch watching Dancing with the Stars and American Idol. That is what keeps people broke and why most successful people don’t watch TV.


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