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It’s Orrin’s World, and You’re Paying Him to Live in it

July 29, 2011

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so consider the following:

Right now, the TEAM Leadership Conference is happening in Columbus, Ohio. I’ve read numerous tweets of people who have driven hundreds of miles to attend the convention. Many seem excited about the prospect of learning how to make money from a self-proclaimed Top 10 Leadership Guru. Many of them have driven the miles to hear about this new LIFE business which will lead them to money and freedom.

Most of these people have been involved with Orrin Woodward’s TEAM training organization and MonaVie, a multi-level juice company. Some older TEAM members may have been involved with Amway/Quixtar (where Orrin originally is from).

In a few months, TEAM members will join this new LIFE MLM, all the while continuing to purchase leadership training materials from TEAM and buying juice (in order to fulfill the Fitness requirement of LIFE’s 8F’s). As the diagram rightly points out, a portion of every dollar spent will go directly to Orrin Woodward.

Is it any wonder why there is such an emphasis on the monthly purchase of juice, tools, and life coaching materials? Think about it… who’s business are you really in? Your own? Or Orrin Woodward’s?

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  1. bogart permalink
    July 30, 2011 12:13 pm

    When you can’t build numbers in a the Team because it’s a scam. Continue to offer more junk for the brainwashed to buy. This gives the appearance of changes that will build numbers in your biz. Unfortunately all the money you waste will go to THE FEW .. THE CON ARTIST AND THE GREEDY.

  2. Speak Your Truth permalink
    July 30, 2011 1:12 pm

    To live in Orrin’s Narcissistic world, you must be willing to be an object ready to be USED & ABUSED, lied to, cheated, and worship him, to keep him at the top of his pyramid.

    He is morally bankrupt, but has plenty of money to keep himself and his wife in self denial. How can you ignore and deny all the self- inflicted damages to those you know you stole, cheated, lied, and slandered?

    You step on a stage and manipulate and lie to everyone about your ‘pretended’ promises, changes, and leadership skills, let everyone wait on you like a slave, everyone ‘cheers’, you keep lying, this continues to feed your already way out of line ego and false sense of bigger than life self, and then go home with your chest puffed up; glutten, wringing your hands, and count your money. While every person in the area is wondering how they are going to pay/ replace their grand they just overspent on the hyped up fantasy, false hope, and broken promises of a better future that they have no idea of yet.

  3. July 31, 2011 8:00 am

    True leaders accept accountability for the failures of their team. There are too many failures that Woodward refuses to acknowledge.

    Leadership – FAIL

  4. August 1, 2011 10:44 am

    I wish people would wake up and realize they DON’T NEED a “leader”. Especially one that only leads those who pay him exorbanant sums of money. The “followers” need to wake up and realize the leaders are dependant upon them. If there are no followers there is no $$. Take back your cash and see what your great leaders say about you.

    Think about it. Does anyone think the great leaders will give you advice that moves you in a direction that weans you off their system? NO! They can’t because if you stop paying them their income stream dries up.

    These jackwads prey upon people’s weakness and insecurities and desire for a better life. They use feelings to manipulate them into thinking the only way to success is through them. That’s earmark of a great leader in my opinion. Sigh.

  5. bogart permalink
    August 1, 2011 5:21 pm


    Going back a few years ago I remember Orrin saying that in the near future that system would be Free. And now they are setting up a seperate LOS for system. But then again the only people in Team are newbies or a few people in long enough to make money off you.

  6. Speak Your Truth permalink
    August 1, 2011 6:33 pm

    Lobotimized For The Dream~

    I have read your articles and can say, I totally relate to the anger and frustration of being betrayed and lied to. Congradulations for starting your own blog. There needs to be about hundred more of them! Also venting has done some wonders for healing! LHOL

  7. johnny5 permalink
    August 15, 2011 8:38 pm

    By the way. I left Team in July of 2008, just before the meltdown at Amway/Quixtar. I was a founders platinum with a business that went from Turbo 50 to a Team 50 overnight thanks to my uplines badmouthing my wife and I as we missed a Team Function for a the Wedding of her sister. I went from speaking at Seminars & Opens to outcast overnight. I knew at that point this was not for us, and could not keep doing what we were doing. It wasn’t right. I slinged, squeezed, and side-actioned with the best of them. Quad power-player, and Triple power player at consecutive functions. After being out for a couple of years I miss many of the people I developed teams with. We were close to some of them. Once I was out those relationships diminished overnight. I realized I was a player, but also realized I was playing others. To this day I believe I could have gone PC if I would have stayed in. I mentored with Guzzardo, and even Woodward. I spent the night at his place in 2007, drove 400 miles one way for a power player party. I remember a quote he said to me when I picked him up from the airport that night. “The only difference between you and me is what I have up here.” He pointed to his head. “The books I have read and the CDs I have listened to.” I believed him at that point in my life. Wonder how many people he has told that to?


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